NAV - Don't Need Friends feat. Lil Baby


Official music video for NAV "Don't Need Friends" feat. Lil Baby from NAV's new album Emergency Tsunami available everywhere now:
Produced by Wheezy
Music Video Directed by: Amir “Cash” Esmailian
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  • Lashawn Phat
    Lashawn Phat5 timer siden

    Baby dead ass wrong for eating up these people songs 🔥🔥🔥 nigga said “ I gave a round of applause to myself “ MOOD ALL 2021

  • Vint Beatz
    Vint Beatz5 timer siden


  • BadkidRich 223
    BadkidRich 2239 timer siden

    If u didn't come from tik tok you are a legend

  • Danny Mimms
    Danny MimmsDag siden

    Like sure NAV was good, probably one of his better parts but that Lil baby verse goes in the top ten verses of all time IMO

  • DarKo SenSeii
    DarKo SenSeiiDag siden

    Lil Baby a littéralement surfer sur la prod comme si il surfer sur un tsunami

  • SÜMMËR e.t.c
    SÜMMËR e.t.cDag siden


  • Justin Alford
    Justin AlfordDag siden

    Sounds like a sound cloud rapper with a good feature

  • Jose Granado
    Jose Granado2 dager siden

    Nav snapped like always ima groupie sue me !!

  • Kerolos Besaly
    Kerolos Besaly2 dager siden


  • Ferguson
    Ferguson2 dager siden

    NAV's best the day after my birthday (its lit)

  • Juice WRLD - unreleased
    Juice WRLD - unreleased2 dager siden

    On god this got slept on

  • Bandamount Pictures
    Bandamount Pictures2 dager siden

    This nigga nav so cold the coldest Mexican we as a music black community ever had he definitely one of us

  • Bandamount Pictures

    Bandamount Pictures

    21 time siden

    @Deep Kumar even better✊🏾

  • Deep Kumar

    Deep Kumar

    21 time siden

    He’s indian!

  • Azlan Shareef
    Azlan Shareef2 dager siden

    0:22 me leaving Restaurant after having Biryani

  • Ruhaan Savant
    Ruhaan Savant2 dager siden

    Mann this littttt🔥

  • Angie Masilela
    Angie Masilela2 dager siden

    1:43 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Fazer
    Fazer2 dager siden

    Lil babys clap is better than playboi cartis Whole career

  • Zo Zo
    Zo Zo3 dager siden

    1:43 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽I gave round of applause to myself 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Rapper ??
    Rapper ??3 dager siden

    When a sport player do something great for his team The manager/coach: 1:43

    12AB GOTGAME3 dager siden

    Lil baby really the Michael Jordan of the rap game☝🏾💯

  • Sam M
    Sam M3 dager siden

    Why does this beat have “no lie” vibes.

  • Brett Shuffler
    Brett Shuffler3 dager siden

    My bitch Latino my choppa is Russian wheezy on beats that’s expensive percussions.

  • Hidden Garden
    Hidden Garden3 dager siden

    I’m trying to get my paper pushed back and lined up like Nav hairline.

  • Kinqdro XV
    Kinqdro XV3 dager siden

    It’s something about nav + gunna + lil baby synergy

  • Kenneth Lopez
    Kenneth Lopez3 dager siden

    I could play Baby's verse all day

  • Harrison Higgins
    Harrison Higgins4 dager siden

    Baby saved the song!

  • Harry Wang
    Harry Wang4 dager siden

    If y'all only knew the amount of times we jammed NAV at Brampton basement jams for faulty banging 😂

  • charlie cook
    charlie cook4 dager siden

    Lil baby was good but what was nav doing bruh 🤦‍♀️

  • Izzy HarbourCity
    Izzy HarbourCity4 dager siden


    CB2 VIBES4 dager siden

    any new songs or collars you wanna put on a mixtape

    CB2 VIBES4 dager siden

    IMAGINE A NAV CHRIS BROWN JOYNER LUCAS LIL WAYNR YG GAME MONTANA OF 300 JADAKISS Augusta alsina DJ Khalid Khalid Mollato Andre 3000 future drake album all brand new material and verses not from other songs

  • Brian supreme Car
    Brian supreme Car5 dager siden

    We do don’t need friends

  • Edgar Ugalde
    Edgar Ugalde5 dager siden

    Lil baby carried nav ruin the song

  • 6lack Maji
    6lack Maji5 dager siden

    Yeaaaaaaa Yeaaaaaaaaaa...

  • migs chillin
    migs chillin5 dager siden

    Hoodville sent me here

  • Rich Robin
    Rich Robin5 dager siden

    This nigga Nav trash. He literally relies on features. I dead ass don’t even listen to his music for him, his features just be fire. I always be wishing they would have just gave the whole beat to his features

  • gotta pray
    gotta pray6 dager siden

    Tbh baby is outgrowing rap it's not even fair no more.

  • Youngin Raa
    Youngin Raa6 dager siden

    Both Rappers 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Mistaa Ali
    Mistaa Ali6 dager siden

    Lil baby really the 🐐

  • Conner Dawson
    Conner Dawson6 dager siden

    Lil baby carried

  • Happy Guy
    Happy Guy6 dager siden

    1:43 here is the part u are looking for

  • Mendes Folha
    Mendes Folha6 dager siden

    Nav is like Mussuluman

  • jonas amorim
    jonas amorim6 dager siden

    *foda demais 😎🇧🇷💪*

  • Brook Corp
    Brook Corp6 dager siden

    i could achieve more than they can dream

  • Brook Corp
    Brook Corp6 dager siden

    you the best ma nigguh

  • Brook Corp

    Brook Corp

    6 dager siden

    yeah man he the best

  • Nomaan Amiri
    Nomaan Amiri6 dager siden

    I keep a mil cash for the best lawyer ain't worried about going to jail 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Playboipalmy
    Playboipalmy6 dager siden

    I don’t need friends they don’t wanna see somebody like me doin better than them And they disappoint me

  • Muizz Muhammad
    Muizz Muhammad6 dager siden

    Like before tik tok claim this one

  • Gametecher 200
    Gametecher 2006 dager siden

    NAV please go back to old NAV

  • Hussien Haddad
    Hussien Haddad7 dager siden

    This song is nothing without lil baby

  • Sawyer Bix
    Sawyer Bix7 dager siden


    AYO MUFASA7 dager siden


  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez7 dager siden

    This song too hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The Flavour Of India
    The Flavour Of India7 dager siden

    Metro booming on beats 🚬

  • Poop Dealer

    Poop Dealer

    Dag siden

    U good

  • Dakure
    Dakure7 dager siden

    Wheezy starting so much fires in the production world right now it looks like the apocalypse 🔥

  • Raul Castillo
    Raul Castillo7 dager siden

    I be ain’t gonna lie , I only came for lil baby

  • Ariel Betancourt
    Ariel Betancourt8 dager siden

    Baby bodied tf outta this beat. Carried

  • Poop Dealer

    Poop Dealer

    7 dager siden

    Nav hater

  • Marcus D'Auria
    Marcus D'Auria8 dager siden

    I shoulda shot this but fire

  • adriana paulina
    adriana paulina8 dager siden

    esta rola ,me tiene

  • melvin walker
    melvin walker9 dager siden

    This sound like the old nav flow love you nav been listening for years! You ain’t need friends if they fake!

  • Hotfeet
    Hotfeet9 dager siden

    Nav my habibi 💯🇱🇧

  • Navii Anjum
    Navii Anjum9 dager siden

    Nav 💯👑

  • Nnamdi Derp
    Nnamdi Derp9 dager siden


  • Yavuz Selim
    Yavuz Selim9 dager siden

    dude,baby still fuckin player man he s gone firee

    POISON KVG9 dager siden add me

  • 2Hollyhood4Hollywood Pop
    2Hollyhood4Hollywood Pop10 dager siden

    And it cost a hundred thousand cause I left the shit running 😷🔥

  • Kid Kalla
    Kid Kalla10 dager siden

    The wat lil baby hopped on was more fye when uzi hopped on commercial

  • Ko Ko
    Ko Ko10 dager siden

    Straight Fayaaaaaaa

  • nozotv
    nozotv10 dager siden

    Baby with the epic entrance

  • Prod. by Lemz
    Prod. by Lemz10 dager siden

    Only here for the baby 🐐

  • Prod. by Lemz

    Prod. by Lemz

    5 dager siden

    @Poop Dealer nah bro i be skipping straight to his verse

  • Poop Dealer

    Poop Dealer

    10 dager siden

    So u ain’t gonna listen to the hook

  • Scotty Pitzele
    Scotty Pitzele10 dager siden

    Shout out cash

  • Coast Ent
    Coast Ent10 dager siden

    bruh just keep goin . hit the gas on em 4 life

  • luca brasi
    luca brasi10 dager siden

    I don’t think nav needs friends

  • Richforever Leaks 2
    Richforever Leaks 210 dager siden

    I made the 7th Million View 🥸

  • Jay Barker
    Jay Barker11 dager siden

    DJ Khalid looking good after that weight loss.

  • Dilawar Abbasi

    Dilawar Abbasi

    10 dager siden


  • Pranav Mehta
    Pranav Mehta11 dager siden

    🔥🔥XOTWOD 🔥🔥

  • Tia Bates
    Tia Bates11 dager siden

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I gave a round of applause to myself💯

  • Tokyo
    Tokyo12 dager siden


  • DedSec
    DedSec12 dager siden

    México presente ❤️

  • Mai Sakurajima
    Mai Sakurajima12 dager siden


  • randomly poster
    randomly poster12 dager siden

    1:45 listen does everyone hear the chains smacking around his neck or is that just me?

  • YNC


    9 dager siden

    Nah you trippin

  • yeser gutierrez
    yeser gutierrez12 dager siden

    Baby clap was better den nav verse

  • Mal gocrazzy
    Mal gocrazzy12 dager siden

    It’s scary because this guy didn’t miss at all in 2020.

  • Hashko2620
    Hashko262012 dager siden

    Lil Baby went fuckin stoopid on this, sheeesh

  • Awakened BA
    Awakened BA12 dager siden

    This nigga hard

  • Abdurahman Abubakar
    Abdurahman Abubakar12 dager siden

    I'm missing

  • Abdurahman Abubakar
    Abdurahman Abubakar12 dager siden

    Selina i love u

  • collin G
    collin G12 dager siden

    headset required

  • Kamiyah Green
    Kamiyah Green13 dager siden

    i listen to this song every freaking lil baby so freaking fyeee bruh😭😭😭💘💘

  • TTG Jett
    TTG Jett13 dager siden

    Can someone tell me why people hate on NAV so much ? He’s nice af in my opinion ! Super consistent

  • cute_ tay
    cute_ tay13 dager siden

    Not rey lie lil baby carried this song because whoever this arabic looking guy is I wouldn't have listened to him like at all💯

  • Swozup
    Swozup13 dager siden

    is this his best featured song or tap

  • matthew wright
    matthew wright13 dager siden

    I agree with every word

  • Oppressed gaymer
    Oppressed gaymer13 dager siden

    I just listen to this song becasue of lil baby. He killed it.

  • Joel On 60 FPS
    Joel On 60 FPS13 dager siden

    Lil Baby actually tried on dis one. Unlike on lil mosey's back at it, but lil baby and Nav did good on this track. Props to Lil Baby and NAV

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah14 dager siden

    2:11 lil baby hit that 😂

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah14 dager siden

    Who else listening to this in 2021 😂

  • Dohoon LEE
    Dohoon LEE14 dager siden

    If you’re listening to this you’re not black.

  • Dohoon LEE
    Dohoon LEE14 dager siden

    I miss the bag the nav that used to throw out the racial slurs

  • Tizzy T
    Tizzy T14 dager siden

    Collab with DDG PLEASE

  • Viswanathan L
    Viswanathan L14 dager siden

    Cash xo .... full drip😂😂 Man this Nigga😂