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Outtakes from Ricky's Netflix promo ad


  • Antony Baker
    Antony Baker8 måneder siden


  • Kris Patterson
    Kris Patterson9 måneder siden

    Rick doing an ad?? Times have changed

  • praca zzp
    praca zzpÅr siden

    Uuuhaaaaa- Al Pacino

  • The Gaming Break
    The Gaming BreakÅr siden


  • Simsim X
    Simsim XÅr siden

    Why do they bleep what he is saying, takes the fun out of it

  • Xxxsorrow
    Xxxsorrow2 år siden

    It's probably both a nightmare and a dream to work with him.

  • Oliver Klozov
    Oliver Klozov2 år siden

    This is so much better knowing what we now know about Spacey. 😂

  • antonsdefrancua
    antonsdefrancua2 år siden

    Ricky Gervais as Frank Underwood = Brilliant!

  • JP Gorys
    JP Gorys3 år siden

    I thought there was going to be an actual show where Ricky Gervais goes on Netflix shows :(

  • HostDisorder
    HostDisorder4 år siden

    He looks so old clean shaven. I've only just realised that he's nearly fucking 56....still got jet black hair apparently. I know it's possible to not go grey or bald but cmon. An insecure little fucker like Gervais, there's intervention going on. The guy to this day still claims 5'8". But then again so does Joe rogan --

  • SomeNiceMovies


    4 år siden

    He's actually losing his hair, as stated on a recent interview. I think it was one of the Jimmy's's talk show.

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie5 år siden

    Alright alright alright. Nailed it.

  • C Graham
    C Graham5 år siden

    Hello. I remember ricky saying in xfm he would never ever do a commercial. If someone could find that quote for me...

  • C Graham

    C Graham

    5 år siden

    well a commercial is a commercial...

  • OTCmethod
    OTCmethod5 år siden

    Ricky is so funny, yet ``Derek`is such a terrible show

  • Sonny Layton

    Sonny Layton

    5 år siden

    In your opinion

  • A Disappointed Horse

    A Disappointed Horse

    5 år siden

    @BandanaP Derek tried far too hard to be moving and emotional. It was better with Extras and the Office.

  • Keith Rose

    Keith Rose

    5 år siden

    @BandanaP I love Derek, its funny yet can make me cry at the same time. I guess im a little partial because I work in an old folks home

  • Daniel Korolev

    Daniel Korolev

    5 år siden

    Derek is his best creation. You need to have a heart for it though, no worries.

  • haku
    haku6 år siden

    what does ricky say at the very end?

  • haku


    6 år siden

    @Pascale Lahad thanks :)

  • Pascale Lahad

    Pascale Lahad

    6 år siden

    He's gonna have us both killed :)

  • o0thx11380o
    o0thx11380o6 år siden

    "It allows me to fulfill my other projects you know, shakespeare and shit"

  • Dan Turner
    Dan Turner6 år siden

    Was that Stephen Merchant and Barry from Eastenders in black face? Genius.

  • Jason Waggoner
    Jason Waggoner6 år siden

    I have enjoyed all of the series you have produced / directed / starred in Mr Gervais. I really like Derek. You are one of the funniest writer/comedians around today. Keep it up sir.

  • Anik Dey

    Anik Dey

    År siden

    What a lovely comment!

  • NickMach007
    NickMach0076 år siden


  • UncleEvey
    UncleEvey6 år siden

    Ricky Gervais, ah yes, that's the prick that did the netflix's ads...

  • UncleEvey
    UncleEvey6 år siden

    Corporate sellout...

  • Simon O'Hagan
    Simon O'Hagan6 år siden

    sorry, how did you make it through whole films with this many outtakes?

  • Leonard Shelby

    Leonard Shelby

    6 år siden

    Search on NOlocal "The Office UK - Funny Outtakes [MUST SEE]" and then you come back to reply this...

  • Angelica40005
    Angelica400056 år siden

    that laugh just kills me, i luv it. it cheers me up, no matter what! :))

  • Gary
    Gary6 år siden

    what's the show at 1:20? thanks in advance

  • Mr. K Dilkington
    Mr. K Dilkington6 år siden

    OOooh Kinky!

  • CarterArts
    CarterArts6 år siden

    Much betetr than the actual ad! x3

  • iiiiivirusiiiii
    iiiiivirusiiiii6 år siden

    I miss Zoey haha

  • John Ottaway
    John Ottaway6 år siden

    The outtakes are longer than the actual advert. It must be so expensive to work with Ricky

  • eddy friday
    eddy friday6 år siden

    ooh no :( why is he doing adverts! ita nice to see him on tv again but not on a fucking advert :/ will he be on eastenders next?

  • Liam J Foster
    Liam J Foster6 år siden

    "Ah! Ricky Gervaisy!" That had me in stitches xD

  • SurgicalGlitch
    SurgicalGlitch6 år siden


  • OrbitalAngel Nebula
    OrbitalAngel Nebula6 år siden


  • Muttley
    Muttley6 år siden

    'Make a little spaghetti' LOL.

  • jonrowley1
    jonrowley16 år siden

    Comedy gold

  • Emma Fitz
    Emma Fitz6 år siden

    Haha brilliant! I think the outtakes are better than the actual advert!

  • Snipersight00
    Snipersight006 år siden

    You make me cry with laughter. So amazing.

  • icepopo
    icepopo6 år siden

    And they say acting is a profession :D

  • Mr T
    Mr T6 år siden

    Common Spacey you could have at least popped your head in you smooth talking shit-cake.

  • Angel Peña
    Angel Peña6 år siden

    Ricky seems such a laugh on set :)

  • Harrison Buckley

    Harrison Buckley

    2 år siden

    MegaDonGallo I’m a year late but love this comment so much. 🤣😂😂

  • MegaDonGallo 1981

    MegaDonGallo 1981

    3 år siden

    You're avin a laugh saying he's such a laugh

  • Angel Peña

    Angel Peña

    4 år siden

    Why so mad? 😂 you're not changing my opinion to my post from two years ago. gtfo .

  • Greg Jaskiewicz
    Greg Jaskiewicz6 år siden

    so where can we see the ads (don't have a tv, obviously :P)

  • Greg Jaskiewicz

    Greg Jaskiewicz

    6 år siden

    I found it ;)

  • JansenM


    6 år siden

    It's the previous video uploaded on this channel.

  • Crystal3lf
    Crystal3lf6 år siden

    I could listen to Ricky laugh all day

  • Gregory Ashton

    Gregory Ashton

    År siden

    How has this comment not got 4k likes?? It’s 4 years old ffs.