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Ricky's promo ad for Netflix


  • Maria Ianas
    Maria Ianas9 måneder siden

    Now this is what makes life. life :P

  • Dr Donald Blake
    Dr Donald BlakeÅr siden

    I remember seeing these ads thinking *"What the fuck is Netflix?"*

  • Dean
    DeanÅr siden

    Derek bit killed me 😂😂

  • Junkyard Justice
    Junkyard Justice2 år siden

    so is it just me or is the blonde chick at 0:31 hella hot and i need her name

  • Sheila Hunter
    Sheila Hunter2 år siden

    Lol I love Netflix✅💯♥️

  • Andre Carlos Moretti
    Andre Carlos Moretti2 år siden

    Add me on facebook and get 2 months free of netflix. #NetflixFree #Webcindario

  • MargPL sr
    MargPL sr4 år siden

    so great :)

  • The Movie Buff
    The Movie Buff5 år siden

    One of the best adverts I have seen

  • Dapper
    Dapper5 år siden

    who did you get to do your screen replacement. either they only had a day to do it or they are terrible. great ad none the less

  • Faustin Empis
    Faustin Empis5 år siden


  • Rich West
    Rich West5 år siden

    Ricky Gervais is David Brent. All his sarcasm and wit about how other celebrities act, are mirrors of his own lifestyle and actions as a celebrity. Funny guy though all the same.

  • Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt6 år siden

    I'm from Reading what up

  • fatalizade
    fatalizade6 år siden

    Absolutely love this man

  • Billy Bob Joe
    Billy Bob Joe6 år siden

    Wow, the humor in this ad is so creative. 5/5

  • wesmatron
    wesmatron6 år siden

    Can't wait to see what you have on the cards for your next series. Derek ticked all of the boxes.

  • FMPlaya
    FMPlaya6 år siden

    lol awesome

  • Ian Wood Cycling
    Ian Wood Cycling6 år siden

    So, what's Netflix then???

  • paulie w
    paulie w6 år siden

    fuck, even his ads are much love for the big R.G

  • Sarah Louise Edwards
    Sarah Louise Edwards6 år siden

    Love this advert, especially orange is the new black advert

  • Ellen V
    Ellen V6 år siden

    orange is the new black

  • Gez
    Gez6 år siden

    I remember XFM Ricky who refused to do adverts.

  • D RM

    D RM

    6 år siden

    "Even the most principled man will take a cock if it is big enough" Gandhi

  • Controversy Owl
    Controversy Owl6 år siden

    Didn't Ricky say he wouldn't do commercials?

  • D RM

    D RM

    6 år siden

    @TheSludgeMan how do you explain his Audi advert then? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

  • Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

    Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

    6 år siden

    He is part of the netflix gang. Derek.

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman6 år siden

    haha funny as hell thanks ricky u still got it. Was original ;)

    TEE VEE6 år siden

    I swear to god that's Sonic Generations' intro music drums.

  • Ricky Gervais
    Ricky Gervais6 år siden

    I love @Netflix

  • Fiwen96


    5 år siden

    I loved derek in the end all confused and dissed, big fan :)

  • SST


    6 år siden

    @***** More like 3rd or 4th. He did some for Audi.

  • Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

    Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

    6 år siden

    Ricky Gervais in Lillyhammer?...

  • Lasse Sørnes

    Lasse Sørnes

    6 år siden

    @Ricky Gervais , you should share your priceless Emmy award speech this year:) It was good!

  • Lynn H

    Lynn H

    6 år siden

    Too funny!

  • lordfuture1
    lordfuture16 år siden

    Netflix's advertising is as entertaining as some of TVs shows!

  • Marty Procter

    Marty Procter

    3 år siden

    thats either a compliment or a burn, i honestly dont know???

  • Danny Foster
    Danny Foster6 år siden

    Next put Kevin Spacey in Derek.

  • Marty Procter

    Marty Procter

    3 år siden

    'Spacey in Derek' takes on a completely different meaning theses days

  • Josh Watkins
    Josh Watkins6 år siden

    The whole picture moves at 0:08 inside the TV. Either thats fucked up 3D or the motion tracker guy needs sacking.

  • UncleEvey
    UncleEvey6 år siden

    Ricky's work is worth shit now that he is a Corporate sellout... sold his soul to the devil. Bill Hicks and George Carlin kept it real.

  • JDGG1993
    JDGG19936 år siden

    0:08 you can see green screen on the right side of the tv

  • Adam Foster Jacobs
    Adam Foster Jacobs6 år siden


  • Teknolaiz
    Teknolaiz6 år siden

    Wait does this really have no comments or did my youtube explode?

  • Teknolaiz


    6 år siden


  • n00dlesformabr00dles
    n00dlesformabr00dles6 år siden

    This is great. Shouldve included BB too :)

  • Alvin Ainsworth
    Alvin Ainsworth6 år siden

    I like his twitter because it's full of atheist humor!

  • lord


    6 år siden

    *tips fedora*

  • Alvin Ainsworth

    Alvin Ainsworth

    6 år siden

    @Pat Mifsud It adds legitimacy. Like I'm saying "I'm here to play!"

  • Pat Mifsud

    Pat Mifsud

    6 år siden

    Genuine question, what is it with 20 something atheists and fedoras? Why did you choose to buy/wear one?

  • Bitte
    Bitte6 år siden

    The last one, It isn't on netflix yet right?

  • 4PixelCorner
    4PixelCorner6 år siden

    That ending was brilliant

  • SurfTheMusic
    SurfTheMusic6 år siden

    I love this ad

  • Big Man
    Big Man6 år siden

    What was the 2nd show after 'The house of cards'

  • Kaïs Chaabouni

    Kaïs Chaabouni

    År siden

    I think it's Lilyhammer

  • Angelica40005
    Angelica400056 år siden


  • Alper Calisir
    Alper Calisir6 år siden

    We want Netflix in Turkey

  • Josh Gibson
    Josh Gibson6 år siden

    Who did the motion tracking for adding the video to the TV at 0:08? It's awful... Like so bad. Am I just seeing things?

  • Joe Berth-Jones

    Joe Berth-Jones

    År siden

    Josh Gibson shut up you geek

  • Alexander Stevens

    Alexander Stevens

    3 år siden

    It hurt so bad

  • Bjørn Vind Abildtrup

    Bjørn Vind Abildtrup

    4 år siden

    wow, how didn't I spot that

  • Scott Russell

    Scott Russell

    5 år siden

    plus 1

  • Josh Gibson

    Josh Gibson

    5 år siden

    @Scott Russell #youknowit #taylorswift

  • Tom Weisner
    Tom Weisner6 år siden

    Solvio beast

  • hayderimran7
    hayderimran76 år siden

    Ricky Gervias Fucking Corporate sellout...does anyone remember Goerge Carlin doing any ads for these fucking corporations?? perhaps the only true comedian who had 'dont-give-a-fuck-to-corps-and-govt' ..miss Carlin :( rest these fake assholes like gervais, louis ck, all suck up to corporations...fake eggs!

  • Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

    Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy

    6 år siden

    So if Carlin had a Netflix show, would he be excused?... I think it`s cool that the guys on netflix stick together and stick it to the man(crappy tv)! This is fucking culture, you twat!

  • Jay Co

    Jay Co

    6 år siden

    Except that Gervais and Louis C.K's.... SHOWS, are not sell-outs. C.K's often dark subject matter, and Gervais making a show consisting of elderly and his characters capacity are both breaking through the norms of commercialism. So that makes your comments void, and seem more like the ramblings of a person who is just jealous. Or a nutter. Good day.

  • Pat Mifsud

    Pat Mifsud

    6 år siden

    I get your sentiment, but I think you'd do the same. Plus, he genuinely likes the brand so why not.

  • 93-ford-aerostar


    6 år siden

    @reddevil100 truth hurts. :D

  • reddevil100


    6 år siden

    lol yeah Carlin the sell out never went on HBO right?

  • TheGopoundsalt
    TheGopoundsalt6 år siden

    im so fucking pissed that netflix was snubbed at the emmys

  • Iris Lavy
    Iris Lavy6 år siden

    Thank you for improving my health! laughter is good!! lol

  • Deborah Marsh
    Deborah Marsh6 år siden

    Great advert, luv it

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy6 år siden

    Too funny

  • nathan074
    nathan0746 år siden

    Give me more Derek allready!!

  • emil gebl
    emil gebl6 år siden

    this was boring as fuck, wtf?

  • karlzone


    6 år siden

    Have you watched any of the shows?

  • Guy C
    Guy C6 år siden

    What happened to "I'll never do adverts their beneath me"

  • Rubicium
    Rubicium6 år siden

    If all ads were like this..

  • Adrien P
    Adrien P6 år siden

    Would have been 1000X better if they included Ricky in a clip from "The Fall"...maybe him getting strangled by Jamie.

  • Michael McVeigh
    Michael McVeigh6 år siden

    Haha! Ricky as Kevin Spacey!? Mad! LMFAO More of this please.

  • Charlie
    Charlie6 år siden

    *Netflix shits all over Amazon Prime Instant Video*

  • hughesa827
    hughesa8276 år siden

    If any of you lot haven't seen Ricky Gervais in Derik I highly recommend it. Truly a brilliant series.

  • L T

    L T

    5 måneder siden

    Yes just watched all again!even more funny are the utube bloopers cos ricky still wipes that greasy fringe away even outa

  • MargPL sr

    MargPL sr

    4 år siden

    yes, everyone has to see it - world would be better place

  • lov2aclr8
    lov2aclr86 år siden

    Ricky Ricky Ricky. U silly git. Get us another special! Not this crap. What? Are you running out of brew and cheese money you sausage??

  • E Ivo De
    E Ivo De6 år siden

    That greatly missed motion tracking of the tv where you can see the green bg on 00:08 is the only thing I can see :S

  • Josh Gibson

    Josh Gibson

    6 år siden

    Ha, yeah and at the camera pan at the end too. They didn't even bother to add motion blur to the pan. Awful.

  • Sam Riley
    Sam Riley6 år siden

    that is some shabby vfx work on the TV

  • Mr. Sandman

    Mr. Sandman

    2 år siden

    Someone can't use basic motion tracking LOL

  • Joseph Heinbachle
    Joseph Heinbachle6 år siden

    Netflix is the best. Seriously, I can't live without my Netflix.

  • Skidmark Steve
    Skidmark Steve6 år siden

    Derek Season 3 please!

  • Collaborator
    Collaborator6 år siden

    nice ad :)

  • ilker yoldas
    ilker yoldas6 år siden

    If we can't escape ads, at least make it funny. Good job mate!

  • Snipersight00
    Snipersight006 år siden


  • ApertureInc
    ApertureInc6 år siden

    Great ad Ricky, loved the Derek bit :D would you ever do youtube videos as Derek?

  • Justin Yau

    Justin Yau

    6 år siden

    Derek Says, he'll try

  • Thomas Lund

    Thomas Lund

    6 år siden

    @KigreTheViking He does. Source: his lates facebook status update: 'If ever you think Facebook is full of morons, read some of the comments on NOlocal. When you come back to Facebook it seems quite intellectual'

  • ApertureInc


    6 år siden

    @KigreTheViking Theres always hope :)

  • Sam Lay

    Sam Lay

    6 år siden

    Ikr awesome

  • KigreTheViking


    6 år siden

    Don't think he reads this comment section. Just a hunch.

  • Hiphopopotamus
    Hiphopopotamus6 år siden

    That's more David Brent than Ricky Gervais.

  • David Hinde

    David Hinde

    9 måneder siden

    Hiphopopotamus David Brent is Ricky Gervais. Or at least he was in Life On The Road.

  • Lauren Johnston
    Lauren Johnston6 år siden

    Awh DEREK!!! :')

  • Square
    Square6 år siden

    Just got NetFlix yesterday. Loving it so far.

  • time to deliver a pizza ball
    time to deliver a pizza ball6 år siden

    ahaha Derek

  • Nilguiri
    Nilguiri6 år siden

    0:41 That "attitude" was hilarious!

  • Gaming Git
    Gaming Git6 år siden

    Ricky becomes a bitch for U.S. corps... wow, sellout.

  • pleasant phucker
    pleasant phucker6 år siden

    This is amazing!!!

  • td
    td6 år siden

    Love it haha, specially the ending :P

  • James Stephenson
    James Stephenson6 år siden

    Man's a legend.

  • Gary McCaffrey
    Gary McCaffrey6 år siden


  • Hazed
    Hazed6 år siden

    first omg

  • AppleTechKid
    AppleTechKid6 år siden

    Haha that's a great advet!!

  • gottalovetheinternet
    gottalovetheinternet6 år siden

    AMAZING! So clever.