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Debunking more viral videos and the google v news media fight.
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Hi, I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode we are debunking crazy viral food hacks and discussing the controversy surrounding the google v news media code. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  • How To Cook That
    How To Cook That15 dager siden

    Let's Debunk some weird and wonderful viral videos ... and of course Dave's our taste-tester 😍PS. want your own DEBUNK definition mug? nolocal.infostore

  • Minara abbas Khan

    Minara abbas Khan

    Dag siden

    Upload new video plz🙏🙏🙏🙏😔😭😟

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    deepa badole

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    Pls give more videos , i am desperate

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    Brock Temple

    3 dager siden

  • The Golden Angel

    The Golden Angel

    3 dager siden

    I have a challenge for you! The challenge is.... the 100 layer challenge! Some examples are 100 layers of fondant on a cake, 100 layers of chocolate on some ice cream, 100 layers of caramel on an apple, 100 layers of cake, and 100 layers of jello. I would really like to see this one day!

  • Kijin Seija

    Kijin Seija

    4 dager siden

    As an Asian I can safely say that not only have your ruined our trademark noodles.... You ruined dave’s stomach

  • cbmtrx
    cbmtrx10 minutter siden

    I love your vids. Please get a better mic setup-the room reverb gets quite trying on the ears after a few minutes and I want to watch more!

  • werty grinbery
    werty grinbery49 minutter siden

    3:35 I think you were accidentally summoning the devil xD

  • _미카엘이지롱
    _미카엘이지롱Time siden

    This ain't minecraft... putting sand in ur oven won't get u glass, u'll end up with hot sand. As u would expect

  • Lantz Reinheld
    Lantz Reinheld4 timer siden

    Wonder in 14:35 how it could fail? 1. Wrong batter, Anything but Tapioca and Rice flour mixed batter is discouraged, i personally have made thousand of spring roll wrapping for my cafetaria contracts for years and it went smooth and without a hitch. Taste good than pre-fabricated wrap and also at fraction of costs. 2. Wrong Utensils. The one has non stick layer is imported from Korea, not your regular pan, it has ceramic coating in the bottom, contrast to pancake pan that has it upside, this utensil quite fragile, a method must be mastered before even tried to commit this endeavour. Also using a wooden or bamboo utensil is a must, metal while damage your utensil. 3. Wrong Method. Okay, you got your self a pan and figured out the right batter, but still fail? How miserable it is. The method is precise timing, correct temprature and regular coating. First you need to heat the pan at certain degree (trade secret), warm enough while still safe to touch, then using brush apply a very thin fine layers of cooking oil at the layer of pan, enough to see it is oily while not dripping off due to excess amount. For every batter the time is around 30 to 45 second no less, no more, for each sides, otherwise it fails. Use chopstick or flat spoon made out of wood, to flip other side, just once no need to flip again unless it is not well enough, of course with asian proefficiencies, learnt how to flip each side under 35 second using wooden tool to master this method. If the resulting wrap is smooth, moisture, and smell of ingredient is present, Congratulation you just learnt how to cook like Asian. 4. Wrong Recipes. The batter is not Pancakes, but it is General Chinese wrap for Spring roll, Dumpling and Dimsum, they all basically same batter but with minor addition and different ratio of batter, egg and water. If i might said, the method is not a sham, but it is a precise one with material and timing, not an everyday cooking or easy cook hacks, I spent almost decades live in a Chinatown, and past 3 years i just getting used to this cooking method. Good Luck,

  • Nah
    Nah6 timer siden

    I had NO IDEA the extent of googles evil. This will change my choice of search engine

  • Percabeth Forever
    Percabeth Forever7 timer siden

    10:24 ramen brownies why?

  • Matthew Norman
    Matthew Norman7 timer siden

    But then you go to the New York times link and it's a whole page of ads... I understand their frustration - but the reason Google is more successful is because they care about the user experience. Google is in the right to not be willing to front the costs for other businesses when they are simply making information more easily accessible - they likely get more clicks and more recognition being on that page of google even with the people passing over the link to their website with their own ads. Google started out small like many of those media companies - there's no reason they shouldn't be able to hone their user-interfaces and create better websites so that when someone DOES click on the link they aren't lost in irrelevant info unrelating to their search topic for monetary gain. I use google by choice - it's easier and has more information more user-friendly than any other search engine. Google doesn't force you to use their search engine - so this wouldn't solve any problem except maybe give a few non-strategic administration executives a few more years to figure out how to save their failing business with a unfair stipend from a search engine .com... Just seems like a nation known for it's white collar crime - and harboring white collar criminals from around the world - WOULD do something like this if their nationalities companies were struggling against a foreign one.

  • What ?
    What ?7 timer siden

    I love your videos!! I really look forward to all the information and debunking videos. The google information was surprising and I’m really happy you shined a light on that subject.

  • Pups Can Game
    Pups Can Game8 timer siden

    Microwave plate: **Please no more**

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    P o t a t o o シ10 timer siden

    I need that mug but I’m broke-

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    xLovelyTeaGacha11 timer siden

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    parisa pourmostofi11 timer siden

    Do you have to try the disgusting parts?!

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    8 timer siden

    I was really thinking about trying that pasta recipe...but,well, it ended up like this..but anyway thank you so much for not making me waste my ingredients 👍❤️❤️☺️

  • goldfish1871
    goldfish187112 timer siden

    I really appreciate the information about Google at 14:55 this is important for people to think about and really question

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    8 timer siden

    Please do a Fireman's hat cake or something for a fireman. please!!

  • Official_ miffy687
    Official_ miffy68714 timer siden

    There’s something called sea glass. It could be found NATURALLY at the shore

  • Mishal Batool • 50 years ago
    Mishal Batool • 50 years ago14 timer siden

    5 minute crafts: lets creat fake hacks 5 minute crafts: debunking blossom 5 minute crafts: any other video ideas? Ah yes, lets debunk ourselves

  • Capslock Gaming
    Capslock Gaming14 timer siden

    Don't get me wrong,your videos are great,but Dave is the hero of your show :D

  • Big Man Dan
    Big Man Dan15 timer siden

    Being Vegan, Moving to an Electric Car, Refusing to use Non-Recyclable Plastics and Fighting Google. All concepts that only work if everybody unanimously does them. Otherwise it's a drop in the Ocean.

  • Kat coookiess
    Kat coookiess16 timer siden

    LOL right as the ad that you put ended i got a ad from yt

  • Mariam Siddiqui
    Mariam Siddiqui16 timer siden

    Be honest here people You came because the title said debunking

  • Kat coookiess
    Kat coookiess16 timer siden

    so i think the macoroni would work if you added less water so it didnt boil over and didnt get all liquidy i tried it and it did work but the noodles were not cooked very well they were kinda hard but i bet if i added it longer then it would work well

  • Kuryuu Iterio
    Kuryuu Iterio16 timer siden

    5 minutes of craft: makes pasta and cheese Italians: ok 5 minutes of craft: on microwave Italians: this is worse than pizza with pineapple

  • SirJMDDK
    SirJMDDK17 timer siden

    I kinda get the bitching about Google, but seriously.. if a site is worth anyhting, people will visit it. It's not like Google does a 1:1 copy. And you'd rather they didn't use your data, you can opt out. As simple as that.

  • Zombification101
    Zombification10117 timer siden

    I wasn't expecting that segment about google but I'm glad I saw it! I've never heard this mentioned before (I live in the USA which basically worships supermonopolies) and I'd never really thought about the implications of being able to read information straight from a google search without going to the site.

  • Heb725
    Heb72518 timer siden

    After watching several of these, I'm sad for the quality of education our generation has... The fact that these videos are popular means people believe these things.. There is really cool science they miss if they were done right...

  • kervin cortez
    kervin cortez19 timer siden

    Omg do not try at home

  • bach pham
    bach pham20 timer siden

    Rule of thumb: If cooking videos ask you to use the microwave, it's fake.

  • P. J. Arvidson
    P. J. Arvidson20 timer siden

    Please do a Fireman's hat cake or something for a fireman. please!!

  • All in one Makerz
    All in one Makerz22 timer siden

    I was really thinking about trying that pasta recipe...but,well, it ended up like this..but anyway thank you so much for not making me waste my ingredients 👍❤️❤️☺️

  • Becca G
    Becca G22 timer siden

    I feel like 5 Minute Crafts/Blossom are starting to make crap videos with the actual plans of debunking them later. Because double the views🙄

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiueDag siden

    discover how to make glass

  • Elicia Bertsch
    Elicia BertschDag siden

    Man, I'm really glad you talked about the Google vs. News thing on this video. I would probably never have known about this issue otherwise! I hope too many people don't get tricked by their ads :/

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Dag siden

    They only debunk themselves because it’s what’s popular now. Liars rarely stay consistent.

  • dnanything
    dnanythingDag siden

    Thanks for working for honesty, kindness and yummy food.

  • Goher Irfan
    Goher IrfanDag siden

    I started watching your videos and liked it but please don't use thumb nails that you're not gonna explain about it's a bit disappointing and it's just a suggestion. Otherwise great content.

  • Enticement Gaming
    Enticement GamingDag siden

    I am SO glad to see you still doing you thing... Congrats and blessing on you!

  • Deepak Shinde
    Deepak ShindeDag siden

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    Vratsuka UminoticaDag siden

  • LTNetjak
    LTNetjakDag siden

    These fake "hacks" prove millions slept through high school science.

  • Paragon Diamond
    Paragon DiamondDag siden

    Hello, I want to make macarons but i don't have almond flour so can you please make mocarons without almond flour ( if possible ).

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    PantryMonsterDag siden

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    Mahmud HasimDag siden

    3:50 *NEW* 5 Ways to make a fire

  • Draconomicat
    DraconomicatDag siden

    That last is I think derived from Brazilian lemonade! We take the skin and seeds off but we just beat everything with water and suger (and condensed milk depending on where you are) and it's pretty tasty, but it gets really bitter after like an hour, so we usually have it fresh. It's really tasty!

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    c.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.eDag siden

    Really enjoying these videos. Quality content

  • Lάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ
    Lάτε KαςτιγιανόζDag siden

    They only debunk themselves because it’s what’s popular now. Liars rarely stay consistent.

  • Yiani Zhang
    Yiani ZhangDag siden

    Don't forget to sign Murdoch royal Commission petition folks:

  • Alice jiachen Cui
    Alice jiachen CuiDag siden

    I love her videos, but I really miss her tiny cooking ones :) They were so cute and I even tried one! It's amazing.

  • Aaron Nwobidike
    Aaron NwobidikeDag siden

    The sand one really works I did It in minecraft step one get sand step two get furnace step 3 get coal step 4 smelt then u have glass

  • BarkY
    BarkYDag siden

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  • BarkY
    BarkYDag siden

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  • Rebecca Dry
    Rebecca DryDag siden

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  • NuNu ReDs
    NuNu ReDsDag siden

    Ann is excellent at explaining things in a way I can understand her! And thanks, Ann, for taking the time to inform us 👍

  • Steve Brindley
    Steve BrindleyDag siden

    Wooow, encouraging people to put graphite in the microwave is about as bad as that chap who did a tutorial on how to make a homemade AC unit using dry ice..

  • Overthinking
    OverthinkingDag siden

    I finally have a YT channel, so I'm going on a commenting spree. I really am thankful that you provide us with all these wonderful videos. I used to watch 5 minute crafts and other hacking channels, but as I got older I began realizing how ridiculous everything was becoming. I really liked the kind of things that were on these channels, but the fun was all taken out of it because I knew it wasn't real. I'm grateful that you are continuing to keep YT genuine.

  • endah sufianawati
    endah sufianawatiDag siden

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    seeni gztyDag siden

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    seeni gzty

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    Lilo Estrada OrtizDag siden

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    MyriakoDag siden

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    mattDag siden

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  • Frankie The Cat
    Frankie The CatDag siden

    Ok. As a college student that lives in a dorm and eats startling amounts of microwaved pasta, i know 2 minutes isnt nearly enough time, that wasnt enough water and that was too much milk... that said... microwave pasta is very good and hard to mess up. 10/10 recomend when the dining hall is closed

  • Todorinka Georgieva
    Todorinka GeorgievaDag siden


  • 1kili2
    1kili2Dag siden

    about the google vs other media thing, the whole thing about videos though i can see where it comes from makes no real sense since youtube is owned by google, you literally log into youtube using your google account, and ads can and often are still displayed on those videos, since those ads use googles own ad service i would assume the revenue also still goes to the content creator. Secondly with the weather thingy what google does is pull free available data that everyone can use, they dont go to the site and rip the numbers of the site and display them in the search thing, im sticking with the weather example because its most common, but plenty of sites that offer informational data also provide a free raw data source with the only requirement being a mention/link to where the data came from, if i wanted to i could make my own weather app, go to any of the million free weather data sites/resources and use those numbers in my app, and im assuming that with the covid data the exact same thing is going on, the ONLY thing valid there is the preview snippets that can sometimes contain all the info you need so you dont actually enter the site, but if news and other media sites would just provide their information clear instead of burrying the 3 lines of actual content and interesting information in a 5000 word essay google probably wouldnt even have that preview snipped. and lastly, besides the search result ads, which are websites that pay google to appear on top when certain terms are searched, theres no ads in the search engine it self.... so if we go back to the bus restaurant analogy the best way to fraise it would be like: ads = ice cream parlor media sites = restaurants google = bus the icecream parlor pays the restaurant to serve their ice cream in the hope of attracting potential clients that visit the restaurant, the restaurants just open their doors for clients except for maybe 2 or 3 who pay the bus service to be the first on the route, the bus service only gets paid by a fraction of the restaurants for a small privilege and makes most of its money with other side businesses that dont carry their name but most definitely form part of the overarching company

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  • Octogon Smuggler
    Octogon Smuggler2 dager siden

    I mean, to be fair, sand can turn into glass... But, like, you need it to be around 3k°F. On top of that, you typically only see people make glass like that for the purposes of creating art like, glass blowing for example. On top of that, glass on the industrial level requires high compression. It's the same with Diamonds and crystals in rocks. The insane temperatures in the earth and the fact that they're able to be compressed and slowly heated up over hundreds of years is what forms them naturally. I can't believe anyone other than children don't already know this. We learn about it in grade school. In fact, the mere idea that a diamond could be made from pencil lead is moronic in itself, since diamonds aren't formed from any kind of lead. They were mostly formed in the mental of the earth.,and%20turns%20into%20a%20liquid.&text=It's%20like%20a%20cross%20between,molecular%20randomness%20of%20a%20liquid.,melt%20sand%20(crystalline%20silica).,hollow%20cavity%20within%20the%20geode.,sought%20after%20by%20diamond%20prospectors.,sought%20after%20by%20diamond%20prospectors.

  • Lord of Pestilence -
    Lord of Pestilence -2 dager siden

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