NEW Tesla Model S to Launch Soon


The Refreshed Tesla Model S & Model X appear to be coming very soon. We get into all the evidence we've seen leading up to Tesla's Q4 2020 Earnings Calls.
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  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan ShawMåned siden

    Best Model Y Accessories: ► Teslarati Model Y New Owner Bundle: ► Screen Protector: ► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider): ► Quick Bandit License Plate Mount: ► Center Console Wrap: ► Jeda USB Hub: ► Jeda Wireless Pad: ► HEPA Filters: ► Pure Tesla 500GB SSD Drive: ► Pure Tesla SD Card Drive: ► Tezlab: ► Lightweight Model Y Wheels: ► Model Y Tow Hitch:

  • Quake proof a house Taylor Devices Viscous Dampers

    Quake proof a house Taylor Devices Viscous Dampers

    29 dager siden

    Car shock absorbers, can be placed in the walls of a timber house, to absorb earthquake energy.

  • Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards

    29 dager siden

    TeslaLeaks published a report on the abandoned oil and gas holes used for compressed air storage, and 100 other methods, as necessary, using the potential energy of the rigidity of a mountain or rock. Based on that new info on air storage from those wells they purchased, Tesla did hit 900 today, starting at about 2:15 est. The unused wells are where they can dump the Texas Wind overcapacity or solar or other at negative price energy. No need for large batteries and free the Lithium for other needs.

  • Geo Cyo

    Geo Cyo

    Måned siden

    I am a non-owner Tesla enthusiast but the fact that I need no explanation for your shirt makes me feel like I'm in the know. Great content, sir.

  • Amir Namazi

    Amir Namazi

    Måned siden

    model s estate

  • Flannigan Flintson

    Flannigan Flintson

    Måned siden

    Great video, but just a note, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the cause of the recall will be fixed for free, and then when customers have their car in, anyway, they have the 'option' to grab an update that /buffs the performance and specs of the display and things, for the 1500 USD.. By no means am I an official source of info, but that's just what I read elsewhere

  • Goran Kovacevic
    Goran Kovacevic9 dager siden

    Fisker Design?

  • pickle '_'
    pickle '_'11 dager siden

    The new model s is damn hotttt

  • tesla products 2021
    tesla products 202119 dager siden

    Tesla products ( is a site that specializes in offering various types of Tesla electric car accessories such as model 3,model s, model x, model y

  • unexplained wearenotalone
    unexplained wearenotalone22 dager siden

    Foul copying by fisker e-motion fail elon mask only copyright he know like names by nikola Tesla

  • Big D
    Big D24 dager siden

    Post model S,X after these speculations. No real info . Waste of time

  • NomoreChina in the world. Xasungvaobonchung
    NomoreChina in the world. Xasungvaobonchung24 dager siden

    Dear all American stand up to take over US government..

    FLASH HACK25 dager siden

    Tesla fan

  • Purple Cream Official
    Purple Cream Official25 dager siden

    Where is the Roadster what a sick joke it's now turned into the mythical 5000HP scam from Arabia called the Devil 16 BS Thank Goodness I have not given him a deposit

  • benz500r
    benz500r25 dager siden

    Why doesn't Tesla use magnetic suspension?

  • Sky Art
    Sky Art25 dager siden

    more trash

  • Gilles Chirignan
    Gilles Chirignan25 dager siden

    I paid the $2500 for the mcu upgrade and lost my radio. Hope I get a refund.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose25 dager siden

    Still waiting for the awesome roadster

  • eden5260
    eden526026 dager siden

    well seems like random renders on the internet can do a better job than 10 years of tesla's design team

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    25 dager siden

    is it just me, or do these render look a lot like the new supra?

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan26 dager siden

    Please add the subtitles or transcript for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I watch your videos, but this one is without captioning.

  • Nicolai
    Nicolai26 dager siden

    7:33 if the new tesla model s looked like that, I would get one!

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    26 dager siden

    look badass.

  • Somewhere South of Minnesota
    Somewhere South of Minnesota26 dager siden

    A lot of people don't realize that Elon's bleeding edge FSD Tesla is also bleeding edge AI!! The car is learning about the world and soaking up knowledge and experience like a very impressionable small child.🧠🧠🧠

  • Sam G
    Sam G26 dager siden

    That 2-door Model S Convertible made by Ares looks like a Jaguar to me.. Am I alone on that?

  • Zane BRp
    Zane BRp26 dager siden

    tesla like if aint broke don't fix it

  • Zane BRp
    Zane BRp26 dager siden

    7:33 new exterior on point

  • Lavoye


    26 dager siden

    It's a fan creation, not official. There is no official concept or confirmation of any modification.

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith26 dager siden

    Selfie camera code for big brother watching you

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor26 dager siden

    Nice vehicles, to bad no one can afford them, hopefully the price goes down!

  • maysiderr
    maysiderr27 dager siden

    Infantile steering wheel: just for infantile iPhone owners and fans = lower and lower sales of S and X. IdiotHauzen, Model S is a FAMILY CAR, NOT FOR TRACKS! ;)

  • Geoff Evans
    Geoff Evans27 dager siden

    Looks very much like my Lexus 300ih to me

  • KY 21
    KY 2127 dager siden

    Tesla is like never before.....

  • mybro727
    mybro72727 dager siden

    Tesla just showed us they aren’t to be trusted. Intentionally using parts that they knew would prematurely fail within a generally short, insufficient life expectancy timeline is just trash for a manufacturer to do. Especially a brand new manufacturer that’s fresh on the scene. Then they’re refusing to issue the recall to fix the problem, instead charging customers for the now discounted fix? That way of thinking just rubs me the wrong way. If this was GM or any other American manufacturer people would have much more to say about the bad business.

    KB UBUNTU27 dager siden

    Bro did you just forget about Tesla arcade getting a massive upgrade with a power if 10tf man is disappointed

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu27 dager siden

    The nebulous justice fascinatingly gather because stomach conclusively announce beneath a phobic santa. massive, pleasant sign

  • JustJorick
    JustJorick27 dager siden

    is it just me, or do these render look a lot like the new supra?

  • Bob Jordan
    Bob Jordan27 dager siden

    Out of curiosity, are Tesla prices set in stone, or is there room to negotiate? Stop laughing!

  • 주식으로 2025년 5억
    주식으로 2025년 5억27 dager siden

    Incredible design, I expect to be owner of tesla myself

  • Brian Kellahan
    Brian Kellahan27 dager siden

    The 2 Door Model S that was showed, was pretty awesome and Telsa should really consider making a limited number of those. The rendering(s) of the Telsa Model S refresh look badass.

  • Long Drive Gold Coast
    Long Drive Gold Coast27 dager siden

    The UGLIEST CARS EVER MADE. and stop sneaking up on me. NoiseLESS cars are DANGEROUS

  • Eranda Janaka
    Eranda Janaka27 dager siden

    03.33 Is there any effect to vehicle dynamics according to the location of the break calipers? If you mount it front to the center point of the break disk, it tries to go towards the ground as soon as break ON and vice versa. If mounted rear to the center point of the break disk, it tries to go upwards with the disk lifting the shock absorber with entire vehicle lowering the tire friction. Any explanation.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin27 dager siden

    tesla is not counted as a car since it doesnt have petrol or diesel engine lmao

  • Yaz ThaPrince
    Yaz ThaPrince27 dager siden


  • Shanghainese
    Shanghainese27 dager siden

    Thank god I saw this as I was thinking of getting the X soon but now I know to wait for the new refreshed version

  • Walter Esese
    Walter Esese27 dager siden

    I think that white model S convertible looks absolutely gorgeous!! I love the accents! It helps the interior not feel so bland so to speak.

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson27 dager siden

    This man is a genius and visionary. Every penny in the stock market should fall into his pocket . One man who cares about the earth, humans, animals and the ozone layer. Making harmless cars, so tell me why i wont putting my money in anything that has to do with Elon Musk? Give the man a noble price already.

  • Mr Moore

    Mr Moore

    27 dager siden

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    Vargas Kenneth

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    Mr Moore

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    @Vargas Kenneth In the stock market there is no room for try and error, that is why is seek the professional opinion of a F.A.

  • Vargas Kenneth

    Vargas Kenneth

    27 dager siden

    @Mr Moore How did you come up with the assurance that investing in tesla stocks was a good move? Knowing where and when to invest is my biggest challenge when it comes to the stock market.

  • Mr Moore

    Mr Moore

    27 dager siden

    I like it when people like this get the credit they deserve. A while i ago i invested in tesla stocks and today i can say i am happy with the amount of i have raked in so far. I really aspire to be like Elon Musk in wealth and in character.

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht27 dager siden

    Remember the new roadster. Feels like it’s never going to come even though it will

  • luke fasullo
    luke fasullo27 dager siden

    The possible maria subsequently juggle because gymnast firstly haunt regarding a noiseless regret. terrible, tame crook

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    27 dager siden

    structural battery pack version. Very exciting!

  • David Humphries
    David Humphries27 dager siden

    If I wanted to look at Telsa car ads I would buy one but Who gives a frick!

  • Kent Trader
    Kent Trader27 dager siden

    Please add the subtitles or transcript for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I watch your videos, but this one is without captioning.

  • R Alexander
    R Alexander27 dager siden

    going from 2009 Mazda styling to 2015 Mazda styling. Truly a leap forward.

  • Sanahas Kuranage
    Sanahas Kuranage27 dager siden

    I hate the wheels.

  • Curated Visuals
    Curated Visuals27 dager siden

    For the Australian market, Tesla are now allowing orders for the new, redesigned style for the Model S, 3 and X. The model S and X have a completely different steering wheel which I find really odd! Here's the url for the aus tesla model page-

  • bentenn
    bentenn27 dager siden

    Lol watching this in 4K,,,,, you gat to respect

  • Affliction7j7
    Affliction7j727 dager siden

    Who's here after the refresh was announced???

  • J024
    J02427 dager siden

    Build quality should be the main priority.

  • rcpmac
    rcpmac27 dager siden

    First time viewer, took me a minute to notice the T-shirt!

  • azpro
    azpro28 dager siden

    we had 1 in the shop it is coming

  • Steve Earley
    Steve Earley28 dager siden

    The Ares convertible looks to have SAAB93 convertible DNA - very elegant!

  • Carl Cooper
    Carl Cooper28 dager siden

    Convertible is slick.

  • Douglas Watt
    Douglas Watt28 dager siden

    I think you're right and it's part of the evidence that Tesla can be maddeningly obtuse and sometimes does not take responsibility for what are obvious designed in product failures. Sometimes their service is great and other times, like this case, it looks like they're offloading the service problem to the end user to cover the costs. People should stand up en masse and say no thanks Tesla

  • Delmar Longwell
    Delmar Longwell28 dager siden

    It's time the world should appreciate the development of crypto currency, coz the way it makes good returns within a short period of time to, makes it so much lucrative and profitable

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    Donald Hager

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  • Elijah Carr

    Elijah Carr

    28 dager siden

    Lmao! Why do I feel like this is a conversation between bots

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong28 dager siden

    structural battery pack version. Very exciting!

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    28 dager siden

    the windshield, not screen in the usual gauge cluster place behind steering wheel

  • Jaime Lichi
    Jaime Lichi28 dager siden

    Just picked up my 2nd Tesla. The model X is not as well finished as the Model 3. The X is full of panel issues and it is very disappointing. This is over 100K for a crappy car.

  • Rodrigo Sousa
    Rodrigo Sousa28 dager siden

    Tesla will swap your emmc memory for free, they can change the emmc and not the mcu, changing the emmc memory only should fix the problem, if you check the tesla website you can see that they offer free emmc updrage (not mcu).

  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry28 dager siden

    It’s the roadster

  • Florian K
    Florian K28 dager siden

    Still waiting for the awesome roadster

  • eternityminded34
    eternityminded3428 dager siden

    I want a Tesla but I will wait until they are cheaper. Tesla could sell more cars if they weren't so expensive. Nowhere near as many mechanical parts, but still more expensive than most gasoline engines.

  • Simon Isbäck
    Simon Isbäck28 dager siden

    So since the production of Tesla's new and better batteries will start kinda small and scale up over time, wouldn't it make sense to put the first batch in their most premium cars?

  • Lynden Haineault
    Lynden Haineault28 dager siden

    I hope they keep a option for a vertical display with a dash display because I have vision problems with my left eye so I’d be extremely uncomfortable having to look to my right when I need to check something like my speed, temp auto pilot, etc... I find having something to look down at quickly way more easier and less frightening for me. I actually prefer the model s the most due to just the interior. I would love to get a roadster mk2 but the minimalistic design is off putting to me. I love tesla cars in general but the model s is what I prefer the most it’s balanced with everything I like about a car. Regular interior, sedan, electric, full (like full of characteristics like the displays, non minimalistic design), smooth exterior, amazing storage. I would love for it to be refreshed but if it’s changing it’s display to be like the 3 and y then I’d rather tesla just not update it at all tbh.

    WILLIE WILLIAMS28 dager siden

    There go Tesla making it hard not to own an Tesla 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cy_Cube
    Cy_Cube28 dager siden

    Great video

  • Dreadog
    Dreadog28 dager siden

    Love the new look

  • Monte Simpson
    Monte Simpson28 dager siden

    The two door convertible Model "S" looks nice. Every grandmother in Boca Raton will want one.

  • Monte Simpson
    Monte Simpson28 dager siden

    What idiot would buy a car from the existing inventory for anything more than half price when they know a new model is right around the corner? No one is ever going to want one of the older models the minute the new one comes out.

  • Veronica B
    Veronica B28 dager siden

    Make sure you test drive it in the rain as serious problem with screen smearing badly, making visibility seriously dangerous at night to drive. Tesla's response to customer.... Well don't drive it at night 😱😕 Appalling customer service BRISTOL. 💩❎

  • sokhoms
    sokhoms28 dager siden

    I liked the convertible 2-door Model S

  • Chris F
    Chris F28 dager siden

    "Top prize in JD Power's ownership study". That's unintentionally hilarious. Where's Mahk when you need him ? :)

  • ymcpa73
    ymcpa7328 dager siden

    I believe those are called dashboard instrument cluster, not a heads-up display. Heads-up displays are projected on the windshield.

  • geemy geemy
    geemy geemy28 dager siden

    not sure air suspension on 3 and Y would be smoother. more likely just an adjustment to ground clearance. also heads up display term is usually used for display projected on the windshield, not screen in the usual gauge cluster place behind steering wheel

  • 1sheinz
    1sheinz29 dager siden

    With the new indicator on the screen it is More likely that TESLA will share screens with ALL MODELS. Being that Elon's thought are that fewer parts is good No Parts is best. So the indicator would only be of use in the S and X models. CHEERS Steve h.

  • YJM Strat
    YJM Strat29 dager siden

    What do you think about the possible production of the Lucid Air this year will that be the first competitions for Tesla?

  • TeeDee87
    TeeDee8729 dager siden

    about the interior of that convertible. Can't say if this photo is showing right but for me the leather work quality just doesn't cut it. Look for example left side of the steering wheel....

  • Aurora Jones
    Aurora Jones29 dager siden

    Musk has said directly he has no plans for a HUD.

  • W R K
    W R K29 dager siden

    "Refreshed model S" at 9:55 looks like something Toyota would design. Barf!

  • W R K

    W R K

    27 dager siden

    @Adam Smith No. Sorry. Does not look good at all (outside). But I know that is NOT anything Tesla would ever consider.

  • A.


    27 dager siden

    @Adam Smith What would make it illegal?

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    27 dager siden

    The outside looks good, that interior though is God awful especially that "steering wheel" how the fuck is that thing even legal?!

  • Hans Horst
    Hans Horst29 dager siden

    who is here because whatever?

  • Bob Jordan
    Bob Jordan29 dager siden

    If your "previews" of the model S are real and not just someones wet dream, I may actually buy one. Overdue for a facelift imo, and not just different fog lamps, new wheels etc.

  • Farhan Usmani

    Farhan Usmani

    28 dager siden

    Nope it was just a render

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing29 dager siden

    I think I wanna leave a voicemail ????

  • MattOGormanSmith
    MattOGormanSmith29 dager siden

    UI redesign effort is a poor excuse for switching to a horizontal screen. Most tablet/phone apps can dynamically rearrange themselves for current screen orientation, and the effort needed by the coder is very low. Personally, I'd like the screen mount on all models to offer a swivel, so everyone can have the orientation they prefer.

  • yuitr loing

    yuitr loing

    29 dager siden

    i love his laugh

  • huss1205
    huss120529 dager siden

    The work on preparing this video is appreciated, a quality work...

  • Broken Arrow
    Broken Arrow29 dager siden

    New model S,X and roadster

  • Jake Lauer
    Jake Lauer29 dager siden

    Would love a video about the passenger experience, like what you can control on the touch screen as the front seat passenger. Can you use the voice controls? How does that all work?

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.29 dager siden

    10:55 You missed the Model S Shooting Break aka Station Wagon

  • Jérôme Denis
    Jérôme Denis29 dager siden

    Another ugly Tesla.

  • Rick Bernhardt
    Rick Bernhardt29 dager siden

    About half way through your informative but monotonous videos you start to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher....wah wah wah wah wah...

  • austin1839
    austin183929 dager siden

    A perfect example of when you can't impress them with information then dazzle them with bullshit.

  • Ivan Kuljis Music
    Ivan Kuljis Music29 dager siden

    G'Day Ryan, _As always, AMA2!NG_ _Do you believe they'll ever catch Tesla?_ _Greets from Oz_ _We're celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY now!_

  • passionczar
    passionczar29 dager siden

    Hi Ryan! Just wanted to let you know that I took delivery on my Model Y on December 20th. and completed my aftermarket upgrades January 12th. I'm completely happy! Thanks for the inspiration and awesome Model Y info. ~Antonio

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos29 dager siden

    Wait, so the plaid model s will have the same design as the current model s, but the regular model s will have a fresh new design?! Ok, if they di what I just said, they NEED to do something with the exterior design to make it stand out, a lot. For the p100d, they didn't do anything to make it look really exciting besides add some red brake calipers and a small carbon fiber spoiler. For this kind of money for a car that will be using a somewhat outdated platform, it had better look exclusive and exciting that's shows how fast and insane it is.

    MARXTACET29 dager siden

    Thumbnail looks a lot like a Mazda 3

  • Mark Morrissey
    Mark Morrissey29 dager siden

    Another great video Ryan. Thats why i buy a Model Y in year 3. New battery, suspension and finished product quality.

  • Jefferson Eagley
    Jefferson Eagley29 dager siden

    When you look at ordering a model S, the plaid version is visually independent and has a significantly higher range listed that is coming soon. My bets are that's the new structural battery pack version. Very exciting!

  • The French Nerd
    The French Nerd29 dager siden

    Either that... OR - they are planning a landscape screen for the model S/X (yes please Elon), and then this icon would be there to support S and X.

  • David Finn
    David Finn29 dager siden

    Me casually waiting for next month to get tesla model 3 for $35,000,00 and they're all in my investment on crypto..

  • Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor

    29 dager siden

    @David Finn thanks for the info

  • Devin Turner

    Devin Turner

    29 dager siden

    @MLM AMAN 🤭 Crypto is the future: XDC by XinFin

  • David Finn

    David Finn

    29 dager siden

    @Andrew Taylor his availability is on Watsapp 👆👆👆

  • David Finn

    David Finn

    29 dager siden

    +1 7 1 8 6 7 5 5 3 8 5



    29 dager siden

    Trading crypto has become a lucrative way of making money online

  • Roman Santana
    Roman Santana29 dager siden

    Well. The convertible one is the coolest I have seen. That is a great concept because it gives customers more options to buy. Not just the alian look-like one. To tell you the true, that is the nicest I've ever seen.

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl29 dager siden

    Like ??????

  • Yattaman
    Yattaman29 dager siden

    All storage devices will eventually fail.

  • Yattaman


    29 dager siden

    @annag cocl This should be right up your ally 😜:

  • annag cocl

    annag cocl

    29 dager siden

    would be a fun video!!