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  • Chris Namaste
    Chris NamasteMåned siden


    CJS GMA7 måneder siden

    Sir, thank you..for facing the beast and giving it the 🖕. All the souls you saved from ....thank you. 🙏🙇‍♀️

  • Truth time With Tamzen
    Truth time With Tamzen7 måneder siden

    I love you from the bottom of my heart. I used to live in Knaresborough in the UK, here in Colorado the last 16 yrs I watch everything. Thank you for your service 💋💋💋💋❣️🙏

  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers7 måneder siden

    I too love cheese

  • Shady T
    Shady T11 måneder siden

    Dude sounds like Murdoc at the beginning

  • J P
    J PÅr siden

    You're a brilliant man.

  • Velvet Aeon
    Velvet AeonÅr siden

    More bath videos!!!

  • Joe Archer
    Joe ArcherÅr siden

    Thanks for taking us back to real comedy at the golden globes.

  • Twisted Dark Joey 2004
    Twisted Dark Joey 2004År siden

    Are you still alive Ricky gervais

  • Jay Lee
    Jay LeeÅr siden

    Such a fantastic guy. Yep I’d scrub his back 🤪🤣

  • Truth time With Tamzen

    Truth time With Tamzen

    7 måneder siden


  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCÅr siden

    Fuckin vegan now!

  • Sacheen Lake
    Sacheen LakeÅr siden

    Keep up your great work for animals in need!

  • Woodrow Elias
    Woodrow Elias2 år siden

    Karl pilkington'st worst fear

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR2 år siden

    Well, there are bunch of nobodies and weirdos that upload their nonsense to You Tube eventually get a following just like you. In fact, I find it weird that you don't have a bigger subscriber count!

  • Sarah Allen
    Sarah Allen3 år siden

    No bruv if you werent famous I'd still follow you cos you'd nevertheless still be fucking hilarious

  • Stephanie Hartsock
    Stephanie Hartsock4 år siden

    "drunks who eat their own shit"..... You are so funny. Please go on Howard Stern. You two are my favorite.

  • William Pope
    William Pope4 år siden

    Where's your orange??

  • perliva
    perliva4 år siden

    Is he in the bath?

  • Don Jones
    Don Jones4 år siden

    God I love Ricky Gervais and I feel like a bit of a celebrity as when he was walking on our beach in Toronto with a girl he was laughing at buddy running beside me on the boardwalk and I said ‘Hi Ricky. Your awesome!” and he looked up and smiled - (this really happened) and honestly I have never been the same since. I know he thinks of me as a creative partner now, someone that he could turn to when he is down, and should that girl ever fall off his big strong arms, he knows I am someone who would welcome being his date at the Oscars. - Oh Hi its me Ricky - remember the guy with the dog on the boardwalk in the beach in Toronto one Saturday morning about 11ish and you looked like you didn't shave and I was wearing a blue jacket and my brown poodle dog buddy (so cute) was running off leash and it was a hot blazing Toronto morning and you smiled at me and everyone was happy and you seemed so happy that I knew you and we connected when you said hello back and I could tell by the look in your eyes that you wanted more so much more in our relationship but that you were with the old ball and chain and couldn't say more so we let it go and here I am at your doorstep ready to rekindle our relationship and you don't seem to be answering but I saw you go into your place last night and no one left all night so I know you are in there so its confusing to me and hurtful and I wonder whether you were just trifling with me and you didn't really care about me and your hello to me was simply a fake because you hated me and you were disgusted by me and wanted to rid yourself of having to deal with me and people like me that are not rich and pampered like you and your fat little body with the weird teeth, and I wonder if you are a threat to me having used me up like that and I have lost all energy and empathy for you and I wonder whether I should break in now and finally confront you and finally put the ongoing issues of our relationship on the table since you are not courageous enough to do that and seem incapable of having a conversation a simple conversation like two mature comedians around what we want from each other and whether we are able any more to sustain this because I think we have to face that fact that we cant and if you ever had the guts to step out of that door things might change but you don't so I might have to break in now and then I won’t be responsible for what happens because you have pushed me to brink of my own sanity and most people could not have have held up inside the intensity of our long distance relationship and the shit you have given me by first saying hello in exactly the way you know you did and then never calling never coming back to the beach never smiling at or seeing buddy again and never answering my calls or letters or gifts or song-grams or xrays that I sent to you I hate you more than I have hated anyone in my life and I will take the next logical step in ending this pain and ending our relationship and I think I will save many other victims out there of your really disgusting and abusive and seductive behavior I am a survivor of Ricky Gervais and I am proud of that and I don't care what they do to me as so many others will be saved but for once in my life I am really strong and I am happy and I am whole and you are scum and worse than scum to me. Yours sincerely Don (the runner on the beach in the blue jacket with the cute dog Buddy - remember - you wouldn't remember you scumbag!)

  • Jamie Brennan
    Jamie Brennan4 år siden

    hahaha the face after saying golden globe nominated, i nearly spat my toast over the laptop

  • moscow 04
    moscow 045 år siden


  • Lori Sugai
    Lori Sugai5 år siden

    What no tub toys? How can I start a contribution project ? Tub toys for Ricky " art project. Codename : flotsum sendingyou some fun animals , and other strange objects for your bath

  • CMDR razorlight
    CMDR razorlight5 år siden

    hi ricky

  • Bert
    Bert5 år siden

    Haha plumplard. Nice!

  • manxman
    manxman5 år siden

    Didnt know you had a hairy chest friend, thanks for sharing, me tot but greyish. Your head looks a bit squashed. Worlds first bath blog eh? Do one when having a poo next - yay!

  • Shel K
    Shel K5 år siden

    I am so glad I follow you. You make me laugh when there is nothing in my real life to laugh about ❤ Thanks for being you!

  • Xoelocath
    Xoelocath5 år siden

    My kids and I love you. You're kinda fab or whatever. Sweet hairs. Hugs.

    RZAJW5 år siden

    Start streaming on twitch ricky xd

  • toufangle
    toufangle5 år siden


  • Robin Cattani
    Robin Cattani5 år siden

    'Drunks who eat their own shit', man you crack me up ,always thought you were a great comedian actor etc but the work you do for the animals has made me kind love you(not gay) ,you can do no wrong in my eyes .Science bless you.

  • Sarah Lehl
    Sarah Lehl5 år siden

    Ricky, Thank you for having a beautiful voice for the animals. You rock!

  • Greg Shaw
    Greg Shaw5 år siden

    Just watched the Derek series. I do not understand why the mixed reviews. I thought that the series was very well made and had me on an emotional roller coaster. One minute I was laughing and the next minute crying. Wish there was a 3rd series. Thank you for making it.

  • brn2wld
    brn2wld5 år siden

    Man but you bring out the pervy side of me. :) Wicked Naughty thoughts. Have a great evening. ;)

  • eruj erag
    eruj erag5 år siden

    Hello ricky. Congratz on your success from sweden!! :)

  • TheGreatGelbo
    TheGreatGelbo5 år siden

    haha "im in the baath". cant wait for the david brent movie. Im hoping he gets on parkinson. but in typical brent fashion mucks up all the answers to his questions and gets thrown off haha. we need a trailer...

  • ChinchillaInTheHeat
    ChinchillaInTheHeat5 år siden

    What happened between you and Karl?

  • Candide Thirtythree
    Candide Thirtythree5 år siden

    Derek is BRILLIANT! You already know that though. I don't have Vine or instagram or pintrest or whatever but I do love me some NOlocal and Netflix so I will be able see your silly videos and brilliant shows and movies and I would subscribe to your NOlocal channel even if you weren't famous. :-)

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden5 år siden

    He reminds me of my dads dead now. But y'know! Memories and that!

  • Muttley
    Muttley5 år siden

    I like Ricky and yes I do wish he was my friend...or I had a friend like him...or I had friends :(.

  • Cocominga Handmade Cards
    Cocominga Handmade Cards6 år siden

    I think your amazing.

  • Andrew Snowden
    Andrew Snowden6 år siden

    Elvis was never this fat...

  • Mason Cusack
    Mason Cusack6 år siden


  • Kyle H
    Kyle H6 år siden

    Yay make it regular!

  • Alala News
    Alala News6 år siden

    My favorite part of this is that he filmed it vertically. Like, he is a fucking comedic genius... and he films his youtube videos vertically.

  • peoplewholoveyou
    peoplewholoveyou6 år siden

    God I fucking love you Gervais. Cheers for two decades of comedy for me.

  • Kimtothekizzo
    Kimtothekizzo6 år siden

    You are so freaking funny. I love Derek so much and just found out it ended with a movie soon to be on Netflix. I was so disappointed. I know shows can't last forever but I never wanted to see Derek go away. Such a sweet character. Love everything you do!

  • Realmof Tartaros
    Realmof Tartaros6 år siden


    ROBERT CROWE6 år siden

    Your Bathwater is a bit Dirty Ricky

  • hobanagerik
    hobanagerik6 år siden

    Non-content at its best. Crendor would be proud!

  • Josh McDonald

    Josh McDonald

    6 år siden

    He'll make a video about what's in his fridge next.

  • Stephen B
    Stephen B6 år siden

    most comedians lose their humourability after their 4th paycheck. Ricky has avoided this somehow. Using a hedgehog on a rope would spice it up though.

  • Stephen B

    Stephen B

    6 år siden

    I just watched the netflix bloopers.. Fick the HH, You're good bro

  • mike miller
    mike miller6 år siden

    Force Karl, and Steve to do a podcast next to you in the tub if that's what's keeping you from it. PLEASE get in a room with those two again.

  • Jimmy Gillies
    Jimmy Gillies6 år siden

    I think, your a funny, humorous guy, sitting in the bath, taking on youtube, because you have to. On the subject of bollocks, yours must be freezing, judging how much your submerged in the bath.

  • john bantick
    john bantick6 år siden

    Your always in the

  • Adi
    Adi6 år siden

    more podcast please... it's been a while. i have all of them and i know most of it by heart. i know karl does not like to do same things, and likes to "move on" :D but if anyone can do it it's you. its not hard to do, just stick karl and steve in same room with you, and press record :D i mean all yours, steve's and karl's fans love all things you do, the office, extras, derek, idiot abroad... but your podcasts are something we can listen anywhere, anytime, and we all love it. when i only remember number of times i made strange grimaces trying to hold my laugh out in public, listening you podcasts, sometimes not managing to do it... i miss that :D

  • irishmanonthecan
    irishmanonthecan6 år siden

    The transition from the first line "im in the bath" to regular ricky, with the sigh and all. is hilarious

  • Craig Hynde
    Craig Hynde6 år siden

    get brett back please m8..equality street was fantastic

  • ??
    ??6 år siden

    Of course it's nonsense, since the only things you've been posting on this channel for the past year are derek-related.Come on man, I've seen everything you've ever done and I want more.End derek and move on. (apologies to the people who actually like derek)

  • Hunter Hemingway
    Hunter Hemingway6 år siden

    gervais, news flash. You're not funny anymore

  • KL Nguyen
    KL Nguyen6 år siden

    You look extremely hot :''>

  • Andrey Ivanoff
    Andrey Ivanoff6 år siden

    Derek sucks, bring back Karl.

  • Andre' Barker
    Andre' Barker6 år siden

    Thank You for bringing back Derek,Its the best show on Netflix

  • Andre' Barker

    Andre' Barker

    6 år siden

    P.S If you were not famous you most likely have maybe only 10 or 11 views.

  • Scum_of_the_earth
    Scum_of_the_earth6 år siden

    I hope Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant, or Just Ricky and Karl can perhaps host a radio show one last time, for 1 hour and 45 minutes, in support of a charity, fund raiser campaign. Alongside Someone like Greg, or Zane Lowe. That would be great fun.

  • sugelanren
    sugelanren6 år siden


  • Mr. Sensible
    Mr. Sensible6 år siden

    It was very good of Steve to film this for you.

  • 240p
    240p6 år siden

    I'm an actor but I still look at the bog roll after I've wiped my arse.Just to make sure it's as clean as I can get it , before I flush.

  • noyearold
    noyearold6 år siden

    Look at that fookin head!

  • brn2wld
    brn2wld6 år siden

    I'm a pervy thing. You of course make me laugh but I think sheer naughtiness when you get in the tub. :)

  • Hennersthedeafmute
    Hennersthedeafmute6 år siden

    Drunks who eat their own s***, I'd watch that, not in weird way, more out of curiosity than anything.

  • Terry Overall
    Terry Overall6 år siden

    I was a listener to the XFM shows before the Office became a success & I doubt Ricky, Steve or Karl will ever do anymore radio or Podcasts as much as I (and lots of others) would want them to do so. We don't know the background (or perhaps I missed something) but it seems that Ricky & Steve have severed ties and Karl has finally ducked out of public life entirely now that the mission of making him famous has been accomplished. Note the Learn English series which ultimately went nowhere. Such a shame there won't be any new audio material by the 3, because it's ironically the thing I enjoyed most in their careers despite the success of the TV shows and Movies that followed.

  • Terry Overall

    Terry Overall

    6 år siden

    No worries. Moaning Of Life 2. Just seen a synopsis. Nice to see him back. Still thing the interaction with Ricky & Steve makes for funnier listening / viewing tho. Still, some Karl is better than no Karl at all. Cheers.

  • Terry Overall

    Terry Overall

    6 år siden

    Good to know. Is it another Sky travelogue type show?

  • dedpxl


    6 år siden

    mate you're out of the loop. karl has a new show coming out, he hasn't ducked out of the public life at all.

  • MrJimmyBeat
    MrJimmyBeat6 år siden

    This made me laugh so hard still got tears in my eyez

  • KittyArya
    KittyArya6 år siden

    I really wish you were my friend

  • Jubach
    Jubach6 år siden

    Why do you take so many baths?

  • WiseauWarCriminal
    WiseauWarCriminal6 år siden

    hey, remember when ricky was still funny about 8-12 years ago? holy shit, he done fell off. extras was a while ago, m8. maybe you should retire.

  • らいどう
    らいどう6 år siden

    hey amazing job in galavant. really hope it does not get canceled i love that show. if there is a season too please return your type of comedy it just hilarious. i love derek so much i watched the whole thing in a day. that was proper man real bloody proper (mean it in a good way)

  • Zebht
    Zebht6 år siden

    Ricky, you had me at Bollocks.

  • JiMPeasy
    JiMPeasy6 år siden

    Can't tell if Ricky wrote the description of this video himself... in 3rd person...

  • Barrett534
    Barrett5346 år siden

    Need to hear you steve and the k man back on the interwebs

  • 2pmpabutterfly
    2pmpabutterfly6 år siden


  • Andy English

    Andy English

    6 år siden

    He's sat at the tap end

  • Missi West
    Missi West6 år siden

    You're not famous you're funny as shit!

  • Mike G
    Mike G6 år siden

    Hey ! Ricky " Brent " Life on the road !! thats gonna be good mate

  • Joshua Gilroy-Rossi
    Joshua Gilroy-Rossi6 år siden

    I was taking it seriously then I realised he was in the bath.

  • Cromey
    Cromey6 år siden

    Fingers crossed for the "Brent Movie" - that's about it really ....

  • Zed's Dead
    Zed's Dead6 år siden

    Looking forward to seeing the new series of drunks who eat their own shit #channel5

  • jakemybigblackdog
    jakemybigblackdog6 år siden

    Rick...will there be another season of Derek??

  • Jerome Burks
    Jerome Burks6 år siden

    are you will be making the movie Altered States ?

  • jim
    jim6 år siden

    This felt like a suicide video lol.

  • unRheal


    3 måneder siden

    I was depressed from day 1, and suicidal as soon as I figured that out.. until I turned 50, and I thought of something. I wish I knew how to contact Ricky, as he did at least once say something like the thing he'd like the most is to be able to save the world (and then made a joke about it being something else or other.) But if he was momentarily serious, he could probably have a shot at making the world a much *much* better place When the idea came together around when I turned 50 a few years ago, I was much less depressed, and if I can pass this idea to the right person, the chances of it happening go way up. It gave me hope, and I'm working on it, but I'm no longer suicidal - now there's not enough time! But he seems like he is very likely a truly decent human. I love his humor, and I watched the British Office before the US one, and it was great.. I got through a few episodes of the US version, but couldn't keep going. Ricky if you happen to read this - msg me if you're curious.. there's so fair detail, but you aren't stupid (like the majority of the general public?) so I think no only are you a person I could possibly trust with the idea, but that you could understand it enough to make a rational decision.. because I can't tell you much on the net, or the phone.. but probably enough to take the next step if you want to seriously make the world better. A large part of the reason I was *so* depressed is because the world really really needs fixing... and even tiny hope of that is worth living for.

  • Tracy Kenealy

    Tracy Kenealy

    5 år siden

    +jim jimjim a little lolol

  • Tolstoievsky


    6 år siden

    i know, right?

  • Dom W
    Dom W6 år siden

    One more podcast ricky :') for the people!

  • BriscoRP
    BriscoRP6 år siden

    this is vintage Ricky Jervase! premium quality. having a good toke on a dooby before taking a bath is mellows times and talking s**t!

  • JSJ23
    JSJ236 år siden


  • Loocjan Trzebachlebanieba
    Loocjan Trzebachlebanieba6 år siden

    It's disgusting, Ricky.

  • Strych Nine
    Strych Nine6 år siden

    "Most" of it is bollocks?

  • The Dude
    The Dude6 år siden

    Gross. Big cup of hairy tea.

  • Sam Curry
    Sam Curry6 år siden

    I love you Ricky

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris6 år siden

    You are the best.

  • Boi Banana
    Boi Banana6 år siden

    Most of it is bollocks. This is the internet mate, the only reason we're all here is for the bollocks.

  • Vahan Zakharian
    Vahan Zakharian6 år siden

    Ricky is in the Monolith from 2001

  • Art Is Freedom
    Art Is Freedom6 år siden

    I guess this was meant to be a little sincere kind of thank you video but I abandoned all these prerequisites early on in place on laughing until I have to apoligise for the noise to members of the same 2 story builiding.

  • Skeptical Simmy
    Skeptical Simmy6 år siden

    Try to get your hands on some Pecorino cheese from the Cheesiry in Alberta. I just tried some last week and I dream of that stuff. Quebec cheese is also amazing, try some next time you're in Montreal. You can't stop eating it. Cheese is my personal Kryptonite. Man, if I lived in England, I'd be eating that Guinness cheddar from Ireland and smoked gouda from Holland and I would never leave the house until they knocked a hole in a wall and hauled me out with a crane.

  • Mubble Mann
    Mubble Mann6 år siden

    Vertical video fail.