Ninja CALLED Out FaZe For FAKING Clips...

Come on Ninja :(
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  • Hx7 Salty Broシ
    Hx7 Salty Broシ4 måneder siden

    This is how many times adapt said good shit | | V

  • drxpxoxoツ
    drxpxoxoツ4 måneder siden


  • drxpxoxoツ
    drxpxoxoツ4 måneder siden


  • kevvv !
    kevvv !5 måneder siden

    good old days when the faze house played fortnite

  • dr.A trioper
    dr.A trioper5 måneder siden

    Ninja is right.

  • Eriberto
    Eriberto5 måneder siden

    when all the tryhards started to come

  • Clout God
    Clout God5 måneder siden

    ninja says that was bad when he had never even tried to hit a clip on bo2

  • Fusion7rexy
    Fusion7rexy5 måneder siden


  • Pedro Huerta
    Pedro Huerta5 måneder siden

    orba needs to pickup shotguns wtf

  • silly sun pack
    silly sun pack5 måneder siden

    Ninja probably said it cause there was a freeze in the clip but that shot was nice

  • Ethan Simmons
    Ethan Simmons5 måneder siden

    Ninja a bull shitter

  • Phoenix jack 279
    Phoenix jack 2795 måneder siden

    Fake you miss easy snipes but hits good trick shots

  • ツLazerTrxpzツ
    ツLazerTrxpzツ5 måneder siden

    Kavariboy 23

  • 3 DL
    3 DL5 måneder siden

    Ninja be talking shit but can't back it up🤷‍♂️

  • OrangeWhite
    OrangeWhite5 måneder siden

    Dude Fortnite was so simple then Me being a sweat now, this is kinda painful

  • FaZe Scooby666

    FaZe Scooby666

    5 måneder siden

    no seaso n 6 was ass

  • Jayquan Simmons
    Jayquan Simmons5 måneder siden

    Anyone else miss the oh pump

  • Europe
    Europe5 måneder siden

    The face cam😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charlie
    Charlie5 måneder siden

    Ninja getting killed by someone: sTreAm sNipInG Ninja when he jealous: FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • KuhKrazy
    KuhKrazy5 måneder siden

    can we get adapt and someone vs jarvis and kay. is orba still in faze

  • Ahlam 1

    Ahlam 1

    5 måneder siden

    Orba is still in FaZe

  • xXAnime GegeXx
    xXAnime GegeXx6 måneder siden

    Ninja is just jealous that the FaZe doesn't have a big fore head ninja has a BIGGGG forehead he's stupid as fck

  • Diego Granillo
    Diego Granillo6 måneder siden

    if this was the middle or end of season 6 then 12:53 was me😂 have the clip

  • Antonio Gamer
    Antonio Gamer6 måneder siden

    In my opinion orba is trash and also ngl it look staged

  • janet kuang
    janet kuang6 måneder siden

    Bro ninja is good but ninja can’t even hit a trick shot like damn so stop complaining ninja

    ABDULWAHID KHAN6 måneder siden

    Ninja cant even hit a trickshot he sucks at trickshoting faze orba is a pro god trickshoter

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia7 måneder siden

    Ninja is just mad because he is not in faze

  • Awarded
    Awarded7 måneder siden

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  • MrBear895
    MrBear8957 måneder siden

    i love faze adapt facecam LOL

  • Daniel Amador
    Daniel Amador8 måneder siden

    He is mad cause he is so trash

  • Muhammad Uwais Mulla
    Muhammad Uwais Mulla8 måneder siden

    Ninja tooooo jealous man

  • Ckf Bigboi
    Ckf Bigboi8 måneder siden

    Even if they did fake it they can still hit it

  • Jag .84
    Jag .848 måneder siden

    Ninja is a fucking bot dude orbas treakshots are way better then ninja ninja doesn’t even hits treak shots

  • AMG 63
    AMG 638 måneder siden

    Ninja just mad that he can’t hit a trick shot on keyboard

  • Some2 Scary
    Some2 Scary8 måneder siden

    Was staged

  • Alex Macias
    Alex Macias8 måneder siden

    What is he talking about

  • HV Plays
    HV Plays8 måneder siden

    Tfue and cloak RIP

  • Dar Dar Lee
    Dar Dar Lee8 måneder siden

    👍 if your watching in 2020 👊🏽👊🏻

  • Antony Tome
    Antony Tome8 måneder siden

    theres no end screen my guy

  • Petrify Gaming
    Petrify Gaming8 måneder siden

    I love you and your vids it would mean so much if you sober and gave me a shoutout plz love you 🤗

  • Kane Lidgard
    Kane Lidgard8 måneder siden

    Ninja is a Fuckwit

    NTH THEEBOINOAH8 måneder siden


  • StarZz
    StarZz8 måneder siden

    He’s jellies because he’s not on a team

  • StarZz
    StarZz8 måneder siden

    How do you stage a shot

  • SPTheProGamer
    SPTheProGamer8 måneder siden

    He is toxic cus he is not in faze Like if ur watching in quarantine

  • Jabe Tajones

    Jabe Tajones

    8 måneder siden

    Ninja hated that trickshot cause he cant hit trickshots

  • SPTheProGamer


    8 måneder siden

    @Tech Clan NAH bro wait how did u assume that

  • Elijah Reyes
    Elijah Reyes8 måneder siden


  • Freedom Of Speech
    Freedom Of Speech8 måneder siden

    When fortnite was actually good

  • Iconic Dickerson
    Iconic Dickerson8 måneder siden

    I know We are at chapter 2 season 2 , but I play on mobile season 6 I get more sweats than them in season 6

  • TTV_reflex_gor
    TTV_reflex_gor8 måneder siden

    Look at adapts face when he is playing with orba



    8 måneder siden

    Thats a picture, and he even said he doesnt have face cam on first game dumb

  • Realmz1xFN
    Realmz1xFN9 måneder siden

    I think

  • Realmz1xFN
    Realmz1xFN9 måneder siden

    Wait nvm

  • Realmz1xFN
    Realmz1xFN9 måneder siden

    Tbh Jarvis is the one playin as adapt

  • Matty Conn
    Matty Conn9 måneder siden

    Ninja being toxix

  • Xile 4orce
    Xile 4orce9 måneder siden

    Ngl ninja is trash 🤣 can’t play fortnite or war zone the cry baby

  • 31 fortnite
    31 fortnite9 måneder siden

    I mean who does that tho?

  • Elijah Ramirez (Student)
    Elijah Ramirez (Student)9 måneder siden

    Can somebody caption that when ninja was eating and faking a trickshot

  • Stacey Gladysz
    Stacey Gladysz9 måneder siden

    Ninja is just being toxic to Faze because he is too bad too be in Faze

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum9 måneder siden

    Only reason y’all lost the 1st game was cuz Orbas dumbass would rather have a pistol than a shotty..smh

  • xSmoothiesx
    xSmoothiesx9 måneder siden

    Watching this can’t remember why we could glide whenever

  • Slurpinnq


    8 måneder siden

    ahh yes grammer must be your strong suit

  • Hughie Mcginley
    Hughie Mcginley9 måneder siden

    ALEX: u guys were so sweaty ME: thats what she said

  • Matthew Jose
    Matthew Jose9 måneder siden

    Ninja is fake

  • Ulna
    Ulna9 måneder siden

    Is this why or a hates it when somebody stands still when they try hitting a trick shot

  • hayden fortnite
    hayden fortnite9 måneder siden

    I feel like the ninja calling the clip fake is *fake*

  • IcyOGs
    IcyOGs9 måneder siden

    Ninja is never I mean never going to FaZe I don't like him

  • Kenxenyt Stereamer
    Kenxenyt Stereamer11 måneder siden

    What Do you want ahh? Ninja IS SO MUCH BETTER than YOU ALL 🎉

  • Mysticc Pyro
    Mysticc Pyro11 måneder siden

    Lol faze does fake clips

  • Spade Scythe
    Spade ScytheÅr siden

    Ninja always does this to people when they hit a nasty shot because he cant get off his fat ass and hit it himself

  • BULK powders
    BULK powdersÅr siden

    13:54 love that sound

  • Galaxy Scout
    Galaxy ScoutÅr siden

    Ninjas just a jelous price of garb

  • Hypebeast Filipino
    Hypebeast FilipinoÅr siden

    He’s just jealous asf you guys can hit them but he can’t lmao

  • Ayshea Hill
    Ayshea HillÅr siden

    Orbas videos all so real ninja is a ego

  • Mt Farms
    Mt FarmsÅr siden

    Can Yall Help Me With My Goal

  • mike
    mikeÅr siden

    This vid is on my b-day

  • Slick_Bunny
    Slick_BunnyÅr siden

    Don't listen to that ninja bot that can't even do 90s

  • Wiz Khalifa
    Wiz KhalifaÅr siden

    Ninja suck and He is jealous he sucks and. Tfue is so go in Fortnight what

  • Hugo Ibarra
    Hugo IbarraÅr siden

    Ninja is just mad cuz he’s not the best anymore and he’s one of the worst now 😭

  • Young money Kids
    Young money KidsÅr siden

    Ninjas trash

  • j0rdan
    j0rdanÅr siden

    He is faking his shots you guys suck bro

  • Fort Nite
    Fort NiteÅr siden

    Faze adapt is the type of nigga to sharpen a led pencil

  • BisunFN
    BisunFNÅr siden

    Ninja is jealous cause he’s a bot

  • Felix Chavez
    Felix ChavezÅr siden

    2019 anyone

    DREWFUSÅr siden

    Ninja is a bot he’s just jealous that he can’t handle hit and trick shot

  • S.I.D.
    S.I.D.År siden

    Y does orba not pick up a shotgun. He passed like 5 of them.

  • Ghost
    GhostÅr siden

    And ninja think he is in faze clan 😂😂

  • Ghost
    GhostÅr siden

    Faze ahdapt who is Better trickshot ninja or faze Orba

  • War God
    War GodÅr siden

    Ninja is a bot he should shut the fuck up cuase he doesn’t do trick shots and he jealous

  • FlixFNb
    FlixFNbÅr siden

    Ninja is just hating because he is not in GaZe clan

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    #Victory for Fraze Alex and Orbia

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Ninja

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • TS Hypers
    TS HypersÅr siden

    Hi adapt

  • Mohamed Majed
    Mohamed MajedÅr siden

    Smh this is in my recommendation

  • Alexis Escobar
    Alexis EscobarÅr siden

    They have different edit keys

  • Alexis Escobar
    Alexis EscobarÅr siden

    You can’t be the best trickshoter if it dosent take skill -_-

  • Zleep Ram
    Zleep RamÅr siden

    That honestly looks like some stage

  • curry muncher
    curry muncherÅr siden

    He did stage it cause it paused when he shot

  • zZotac


    År siden


  • Ana Munoz
    Ana MunozÅr siden

    I love you guys can you tell jarvis i said hi

  • Hyperz Clipz
    Hyperz ClipzÅr siden

    Ninja can’t hit those

  • DJFPs
    DJFPsÅr siden

    Ninja is jealous

  • Jayd3n
    Jayd3nÅr siden

    His name was not true brother

  • NL Gamers
    NL GamersÅr siden

    Ninja sucks Like if u agree

  • chris nak
    chris nakÅr siden

    Tfue is better or worse than ninja If u think tfue is better like right now If u think ninja reply