Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021


Tune in to a Nintendo Direct presentation featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.
#NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch
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  • SHRK. Volt
    SHRK. Volt4 minutter siden

    Fall Guys is cool and all, but SKYWARD SWORD ON SWITCH

  • Mekrob
    Mekrob23 minutter siden


  • gameandwatch909
    gameandwatch90936 minutter siden

    Not sure about you guys, but I'm getting: Pyra and Mythra DLC Mario Golf SuperRush Neon White And the Skyward Sword remake since I have never played it before until now. Along with the joy cons.

  • Fox 00One
    Fox 00OneTime siden

    Me: literally knows nothing about anime or anything lol Nintendo direct 2/17/21: hippity hoppity you are now a simp (I know I didn't want it to rhyme)

  • mattronimus
    mattronimusTime siden

    Zelda 42:40

  • Panda Productionz
    Panda Productionz2 timer siden


  • Trent Hall
    Trent Hall3 timer siden

    I thought we were bout to get a new xenoblade game 😑

  • Trent Hall

    Trent Hall

    3 timer siden

    Then it was just "I GOT SN INVITATION TO SMASH"

  • Jaquinton Nearor
    Jaquinton Nearor3 timer siden

    When Mario Kart 9 coming out??????????

  • Amy toppat vigilante
    Amy toppat vigilante4 timer siden

    nintendo you can make a Mario 2d RPG? And you can join the games Mario and Luigi superstar saga paper Mario 64 and Mario and Luigi Bowser inside story please, I want to play them for switch please if I grab it thanks

  • Dumb_boy30
    Dumb_boy304 timer siden

    Devs:how many rpgs do you want Nintendo:yes

    RACHEAL4 timer siden

    Yay... Splatoon daughter and I can not wait....more so her than me....glad it is finally coming

  • Twist Changer
    Twist Changer5 timer siden

    Nintendo Direct 2022 Nintendo VR Zelda OoT

  • Weed Ghost
    Weed Ghost6 timer siden

    No love for alien hominid? That’s fine 😔

  • AlleyStar Growley
    AlleyStar Growley6 timer siden

    Good if you like anime stuff I guess..

  • quezcatol
    quezcatol6 timer siden

    60 dollar for skyward sword coming in summer? ....

  • stea m
    stea m7 timer siden

    Wher's silksong

  • stea m
    stea m7 timer siden

    No silksong

  • ebony davis
    ebony davis8 timer siden

    Nintendo pls remake twilight princess 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Papa Z
    Papa Z9 timer siden

    Hey.. where’s the Pikmin 4, Metroid 4, Mario Kart 9 or some new Donkey Kong game? I know, there is potencial to earn more money from past games, but there are a lot of fans which are waiting for something new, because we have games for WiiU and we have games for Wii and yes we are still playing with past systems, but we have also switch for some news.. isn’t this Direct a little small for all of us?

  • asier
    asier9 timer siden

    now we just need tomodachi life

  • Stacey Farmer
    Stacey Farmer9 timer siden

    Why is everybody getting angry on TwitterAbout the direct

  • Indoor Crossing
    Indoor Crossing9 timer siden

    I hope they fix there controls

  • Lucky
    Lucky10 timer siden

    why are people mad about a smash character I mean they look cool.

  • Lee
    Lee10 timer siden

    Fans after this released: Nintendo ERECT

  • 2 Train
    2 Train10 timer siden

    Remake NBA street volume 2!

  • Cristian Notaro
    Cristian Notaro10 timer siden

    We all know that Nintendo doesn't give a damn about cutting edge graphics or 4K and for the most part that's fine. Gameplay is key after all. But I've got to say, most switch games, especially those that are not 1st party Switch exclusives, are starting to look super dated due to the weak hardware they have to run on. It's baffling that we still don't have an enhanced Switch by now.

  • Jolz
    Jolz11 timer siden

    So when are we getting a new Nintendo Land?? Man that was such a fun party game.

  • Jerry Seinfeld
    Jerry Seinfeld11 timer siden

    The Ghost and Goblins art style is abysmal

  • itay ost
    itay ost12 timer siden

    this direct is the worst one 35th r.i.p super metroid remake !!!

  • tipo das teorias
    tipo das teorias12 timer siden


  • Daryl Baxter
    Daryl Baxter12 timer siden

    Nintendo has motion control and still hasn't made another punch out game

  • sammycapri
    sammycapri13 timer siden

    Dear Nintendo stop putting anime characters in smash please put more characters like steve and banjo please a least one more non anime character

  • Gisèle Ngimbi
    Gisèle Ngimbi13 timer siden

    Where is Mario Kart 9 and Tomodachi Life 2? Honestly all im about is Miitopia. Smh

  • Dewott Gen5fan
    Dewott Gen5fan13 timer siden


  • DJRedFire
    DJRedFire13 timer siden

    Splatoon 3 is going to explode my mind

  • EBReggie
    EBReggie13 timer siden

    I can take nothing about a Mother 1+2+3 remaster, new F-Zero, new Kid Icarus, etc. But this time, I thought it was pretty fair to expect Mario Kart 9, a new full Kirby game, or a new DKC if, and only if they didn't show Prime 4.

  • Michael Gable
    Michael Gable13 timer siden

    Can the legend of Zelda get the Mario 3D all stars treatment? I was really hoping it would be in here somewhere. I just want Majora’s Mask, ocarina of time, and wind waker. Please

  • Skip
    Skip14 timer siden

    I missed this due to me being asleep, sorry nintendo!

  • Brady Griffin
    Brady Griffin14 timer siden


  • Luke Gaming
    Luke Gaming14 timer siden

    Pyra: I got a invitation to smash bros Waluigi: How dare you

  • lol HadStroke
    lol HadStroke14 timer siden

    Woah since when was PvZ garden warfare an offline game 0_0

  • lol HadStroke
    lol HadStroke14 timer siden

    Where's undertale sans or papyrus or literally anything undertale in smash :'( Not including the Mii costume/music

  • It's me, Guggi
    It's me, Guggi15 timer siden

    Zelda/Sheik are Back in smash 😀😀

  • UpcominLegend
    UpcominLegend16 timer siden

    Do a Donkey Kong 64 remake!

  • MrGoodWick
    MrGoodWick16 timer siden

    hey hey hey nintendo my buddy add roblox thanks bb :)

  • KingVenom703
    KingVenom70317 timer siden

    No F-Zero. This was a failed event

  • Emilguh
    Emilguh17 timer siden

    I remember the live chat and everybody was spamming about smash bros, splatoon, zelda and Mariokart.

  • saadani brahim
    saadani brahim17 timer siden

    Sakurai: Super Smash Bros . Ultimate is for good boys and girls NO MORE.

  • Jonalda
    Jonalda17 timer siden

    Among us 2

  • KumoDoesStuff
    KumoDoesStuff18 timer siden

    "You have 22 minutes before the solar system is destroyed."

  • Nördisk
    Nördisk18 timer siden

    The new PvZ and the triangle game were the only things I was even remotely interested in. In fact I was kind of disappointed that there even was going to be a *third* Splatoon and I care little for Smash as it is, despite how Pyra's reveal trailer caught me off guard. And my brother was absolutely hyped for Miitopia, so I'm happy for him. Overall an okay direct.

  • blue
    blue18 timer siden


  • Krami
    Krami19 timer siden

    Best Direct ever :-)

  • Migs
    Migs19 timer siden

    Skyward sword!!!!

  • Griseo
    Griseo19 timer siden

    Interesting story based rpgs?? Please. Let’s talk about a Tomodachi life 2...

  • crazy_ant 007
    crazy_ant 00720 timer siden

    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  • Sheik S
    Sheik S22 timer siden

    Amazing Animation

  • Fox 00One
    Fox 00One22 timer siden

    3:43 uhh what spectacle? Weird thoughts go through mind* Oh yeah heheh (sweating) yup exactly what I thought you meant...

  • Craig The Dank
    Craig The Dank23 timer siden

    What a disappointment

    POP*SWEETS23 timer siden

    Need a miracle that could save franchises like Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid & Earthnound/Mother.........all of you please don't give up HOPE!🙁🙏🏾

  • Blanca Reyes
    Blanca Reyes23 timer siden


  • Me the awesome guy

    Me the awesome guy

    15 timer siden

    Which game and wym by other units

  • {May -o}
    {May -o}Dag siden

    Nobody: Nintendo: *now...let us grace you with splatoon 3...*

  • gator king151
    gator king151Dag siden

    I am hyped for the animal crossing 1

  • Ian Cruz
    Ian CruzDag siden

    I wish they implemented Pawns in MH:Rise.

  • accountforteststuff
    accountforteststuffDag siden

    Pyra immediately got OP in her first time joining Smash great........

  • fredd jay's bad chanl
    fredd jay's bad chanlDag siden


  • Rene
    ReneDag siden

    if only Etika was here to see the announcement of Splatoon 3... Man i still miss that guy

  • What if I don't want to

    What if I don't want to

    5 timer siden

    miss him too homie 😔✊

  • FlamingBro2445
    FlamingBro2445Dag siden

    I’m glad we got another xenoblade rep. At least we don’t have 1 xenoblade rep anymore. If Etika was still here he would be happy to hear that Pyra and Mythra made it into smash. I’m glad they made it to smash.

  • Ethan Ruiz
    Ethan RuizDag siden

    45:16 🥵🥵🥵 beautiful

  • theuntitledproget
    theuntitledprogetDag siden

    All right now I'm convinced I want Arthur Morgan in smash but it's not my decision

  • Lil Jimmy
    Lil JimmyDag siden

    I want tomodachi life on switch

  • Will Garcia
    Will GarciaDag siden

    I'm just waiting for Pikmin 4

  • Derpy Watermelon
    Derpy WatermelonDag siden

    Nintendo I love you but where is rhythm heaven port for switch

  • 카틀tv
    카틀tvDag siden


  • pikachunow gamez
    pikachunow gamezDag siden


  • bepzer
    bepzerDag siden

    I’m mad because of this cause it’s all anime

  • Maroon ring

    Maroon ring

    12 timer siden

    Woah a Japenese company making things centered around Japanese media, how bizzare!

  • Hércules Dias
    Hércules DiasDag siden

    Mixed feelings about Pyra/Mythra in Smash... Yay for more Xenoblade repesentation, yawn for yet another sword user. They could've at least taken an example from the Fire Emblem series and have Master Driver Rex instead. It'd be nice to see him use the main blades' weapons (and even some common blades's weapons as well) for different attacks...

  • Hola Seguro
    Hola SeguroDag siden

    Así me quede esperando a que saliera un nuevo Zelda 🤡🤡🤡

  • Callisto
    CallistoDag siden

    12:04 The way how the water mixed in with the sand reminded me of mandalorian season 2 ep 1

  • GeneralFatman27
    GeneralFatman27Dag siden

    The world has enough anime RPGs. It doesn't need any more. It never needed any to begin with.

  • Lady Anna
    Lady AnnaDag siden

    NO WAY!!! 47:17

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro KamadoDag siden


  • MLGneighborboy 69
    MLGneighborboy 69Dag siden

    Nintendo: fall guys is coming to Nintendo switch Boy: finally i have been waiting for months i can finally play this game Nintendo: you have 22 minutes before the solar system is destroyed Boy: 🤨 Bruh

  • deadspider82X
    deadspider82XDag siden

    How come Sakurai hasn’t presented Pyra and Mythra like he did with the other fighters

  • MINI Wah

    MINI Wah

    15 timer siden

    He will do it March 4

  • Zachary Correa

    Zachary Correa

    Dag siden

    In march

  • Zachary Correa

    Zachary Correa

    Dag siden

    He will soon

  • Weeb Queen
    Weeb QueenDag siden

    At some point, i would really like to see a Pokepark remake for the switch. 1,2 or both. And maybe a third one?

  • Martin Lindner
    Martin LindnerDag siden

    Same old games remade WOW but at a higher price, How lame

  • Dex386
    Dex386Dag siden

    36:00 Poggers

  • subzero
    subzeroDag siden

    18:49 is it me or this is just gta 5 low quality

  • chris michael
    chris michaelDag siden

    When will you make a shadow Luigi plushie.

  • jimy Armijo
    jimy ArmijoDag siden

    Splatoon 3 💖😄💖😄💖

  • Sebastian Garcia Ayala
    Sebastian Garcia AyalaDag siden

    why another anime charecter for smash

  • Robert G
    Robert GDag siden

    Nintendo: byleth in smash Fans: NO MORE FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS Nintendo: Fine then here’s another sword character

  • Ash Youtube
    Ash YoutubeDag siden

    the only thing i was hearing in the direct is miitopia and you wouldn't expect a game like THAT to be remade even though i,ve never played the original im exited :D

  • Joe Mama
    Joe MamaDag siden

    Put Doom Guy in Smash or we will riot

  • son kirby
    son kirbyDag siden

    We could have gotten majora's mask remake for the switch smh

  • Anomalocaris Lover
    Anomalocaris LoverDag siden

    Still holding out for Metroid Prime 4.

  • S T X N K
    S T X N KDag siden

    Jotaro/Dio for smash when

  • Amazon The Rainwing
    Amazon The RainwingDag siden

    *you have 22 minutes before the solar system is destroyed.*

  • Jaydeep Mukherjee
    Jaydeep MukherjeeDag siden

    So wait, does skyward sword have bomb bowling? I’m hearing some conflicting report.

  • Adam Glory
    Adam GloryDag siden

    Ngl, I was hoping for a Zelda 3D All-Stars to be announced over the weekend. At least we’re getting Skyward Sword, though, right? Haha...ha...