My 68 Mustang’s first time!


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This is the story of my 68 Mustang Fastback who arrived in France from LA! And this is the actual day I finally got to pick her up from the transport company. Lots of things going on that day, and my emotions were at reaching their highest, that's for sure!!
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Huge thanks to my friend my cousin ( damiortega1) for driving me around the whole day like a true chauffeur.
And huge thanks to my friend Florian for the incredible iPhone clips at the end the video ( florianmerckx)!
Mostly filmed on the Canon EOS R5 thanks to my friends
Music I use:


  • SoCal Frenchiez TV
    SoCal Frenchiez TVMåned siden

    So happy to see you enjoying your car, thanks again Benni 🙏

  • Benjamin Ortega

    Benjamin Ortega

    Måned siden

    Thank you so much again for helping me find her!! 😎❤️

  • Bittery Tsui
    Bittery Tsui4 dager siden

    how much for this car

  • Real M
    Real M13 dager siden

    It felt like I had just bought a car.

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man15 dager siden

    So happy for you Benny. The Mustang is gorgeous. May your driving days be safe and wondrous ! 🔥🤘

  • Brooks
    Brooks23 dager siden

    my dream car. One day I will buy one 🙏🏼

  • Nina S
    Nina S26 dager siden

    Hello! est-ce que tu prévois de mettre des hood pins ? Il paraît que c'est conseillé car l'attache n'est pas fiable.

  • Jesica Rodriguez
    Jesica Rodriguez27 dager siden


  • Hugo Andreu
    Hugo Andreu28 dager siden

    Incroyable ! Un rêve

  • Manuel Erik Gauper
    Manuel Erik Gauper29 dager siden

    What a beauty! Congrats Beni!🤙🏽

  • Hub Noten
    Hub NotenMåned siden

    Amazing!!!! I want that car!!! Also, how did you do that sick Monaco -> Marseille transition??? 🤩

  • J su
    J suMåned siden

    8:44 I would not be able to sleep, if it was me having to wait a day to drive the car

  • Beverly Crowder
    Beverly CrowderMåned siden

    She's a bada$$ little Vixen!

  • manuel aguiar
    manuel aguiarMåned siden

    How its going to the bakeriiii ????

  • Thomas Cox
    Thomas CoxMåned siden

    So beautiful!

  • Mohsen digital
    Mohsen digitalMåned siden

    this video is so old dud

  • Migs Santino
    Migs SantinoMåned siden

    Congrats Benni! No one more deserving than you!

  • Newbeach
    NewbeachMåned siden

    Love the coffee cup! Whats the brand?

  • Dirk Richards
    Dirk RichardsMåned siden

    Great car and year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Hoelzl
    Michael HoelzlMåned siden

    Please Help Jon With His Vlog.... As The Last One Was Sooooo Bad! Congratulations To Your Mustang!!! I Got The Same Engine In One Of My Boats

  • Wiz EL
    Wiz ELMåned siden

    Advertisements for capitalusm-go shopping everyone a car and sweatshirt wull make u happy

  • oopy


    Måned siden

    ok, your on your iphone responding?

  • Dan Frederiksen
    Dan FrederiksenMåned siden

    The lut burns the blacks. I get the americana but try a Tesla Model 3P. White car with white interior. Women love it, it's just better :)

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas AndersonMåned siden

    just pure beauty. congratulation

  • John Davey
    John DaveyMåned siden

    I can tell how underwhelmed you are !😂😂😂 Steve McQueen eat your heart out ! Being at least twice your age l would have preferred a manual but hey ! I would be very happy with any '67 Fastback . Thanks for sharing . I did see your previous video. Take care and stay safe.

  • Nils Håvar Høgset
    Nils Håvar HøgsetMåned siden

    The cleanest Mustang out there, no doubt! (Pun intended) But seriously though, it´s an absolute masterpiece!

  • Marcus Friessner
    Marcus FriessnerMåned siden

    which song do you play via Bluetooth in the car

  • Jeff Hutton
    Jeff HuttonMåned siden

    Drive it in good health Benji! Windows down and crank up the Stones baby, that's the pony car life.

  • Adrian
    AdrianMåned siden

    10:33 Name of the Song: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

  • Etienne Motz
    Etienne MotzMåned siden

    you should have also bought the pickup next to it! they match perfectly XD

  • Diego Sosa Tribut
    Diego Sosa TributMåned siden

    Automatic 🤮🤮

  • Ahmed Dhahir
    Ahmed DhahirMåned siden

    yeah that's my dream car right there

  • J0RAKU
    J0RAKUMåned siden

    The Slow Mo reveresed whasing are some insane shots! Congrats to the car! Amazing! :)

  • A _Texan
    A _TexanMåned siden

    The most beautiful car in the France or Monaco, This car has a soal if you treat her right she will last forever. Well done Benni Well done. Give her a good name.

  • Angus Oksesteg
    Angus OksestegMåned siden

    It is the most amazing looking mint condition 60'ies Mustang I have ever seen. I really don't hope you are using it as a daily driver! especially here in European winter, it will deteariate fast and rust. It is off course your car and your choices. But I mean you are ambassador for the Mercedes EQ brand. So I hope you are getting a good deal on an EV as daily driver, and are preserving this perfect example of history Ford Mustang! Also to even out your emissions a bit.

  • booo
    boooMåned siden

    Do a full presentation on your Dacia MCV :)

  • Y J
    Y JMåned siden

    What music is used for the car wash?

  • Calin Marino
    Calin MarinoMåned siden

    Everything it's cool about the car , especially where you put the fuel .

  • Calin Marino
    Calin MarinoMåned siden

    Very happy for you 😊🤗! Congrats!!

  • cobb4201
    cobb4201Måned siden

    WOW....Nice ride...

  • Max Cayestanio
    Max CayestanioMåned siden

    congrats benny, these cars are soo sought after around the world. pls keep a close eye on her as much as possible, that car is too beautiful for Monaco. true diamond on wheels!

  • A _Texan

    A _Texan

    Måned siden

    @Max Cayestanio Great minds think alike.

  • Max Cayestanio

    Max Cayestanio

    Måned siden

    @A _Texan lol that's pretty much what i wanted to say.. hope stupid ppl dont try to steal it!!

  • A _Texan

    A _Texan

    Måned siden

    The first real car in Monaco. Everyone there will talk about your car so get a great alarm system on it an maybe a kill switch to stop it from being stolen.

  • Anthony Michael Knipp
    Anthony Michael KnippMåned siden

    I can’t pick my jaw up from the floor 😵

  • Broken Silvia
    Broken SilviaMåned siden

    Yeeeeeah Benni!

  • Shalva Zaridze
    Shalva ZaridzeMåned siden

  • Shalva Zaridze
    Shalva ZaridzeMåned siden

    Not even close to a topic lool but , ever wanna visit a country who gave birth to wine called georgia . I will link a video . Just let me know

  • Shalva Zaridze

    Shalva Zaridze

    Måned siden

    Take jon with you tough. Love your videos and your editing 👃

  • Chillee
    ChilleeMåned siden

    Great car..........

  • Neil Patching
    Neil PatchingMåned siden

    Congratulations so so happy for you. 👍👍😊😊😊

  • Throttle Body Media
    Throttle Body MediaMåned siden

    So happy for you!

  • Cristi
    CristiMåned siden

    Song at 10:33?

  • Adrian


    Måned siden

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

  • LetsMesch
    LetsMeschMåned siden

    Whats the song at 10:33?

  • Adrian


    Måned siden

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

  • Sticky Gusman
    Sticky GusmanMåned siden


  • Adventuretaco
    AdventuretacoMåned siden

    So so so so happy for you man!!! Now you’ve go me searching for one myself!

  • Emanuel Rahmanan
    Emanuel RahmananMåned siden

    So happy for you Benny enjoy the new car

  • Delune Outdoor
    Delune OutdoorMåned siden

    So happy for you Benni, really nice car.

  • Imba
    ImbaMåned siden

    This car went from ordinary dirty to D.I.R.T.Y. This car should be illegal just from the looks of it, not to mention the sound. You're almost breaking youtube ToS by posting this benji OMG. Be safe on the road my guy.

  • Tom vdSt
    Tom vdStMåned siden

    I am also interested in one. Benni could you do a list with all the costs that you had buying and „tuning“ the car

  • Tom vdSt
    Tom vdStMåned siden

    Congrats on the car

  • Droning around
    Droning aroundMåned siden

    So beautiful 😍

  • Pedro galler
    Pedro gallerMåned siden

    hi Benni, great video. Congrats for the car. It look a killer!!! take care and I look forward for future videos!!

  • Smith Mendonsa
    Smith MendonsaMåned siden


  • iBrows1
    iBrows1Måned siden

    Dude, this is the perfect video to capture your excitement of getting this amazing car. I got my '67 Mustang in September last year, so I know the feeling! What exhaust setup is on yours? It sounds perfect.

  • Christian Andersson
    Christian AnderssonMåned siden


  • Saro Frenda
    Saro FrendaMåned siden

    Sick video!! Just one tip: don't go to the carwash with it, the brushes and high pressure will scratch it instantly. This will cause micro-scratches which you'll barely see in the beginning. Better spend a couple more and go to a hand or soft carwash.

  • kinardo salazar villela
    kinardo salazar villelaMåned siden

    i´m proud of you men...!!!! You are my inspiration cgrts :)

  • Hariz Hilmi
    Hariz HilmiMåned siden

    benny...can i know what brand of your cuff bracelet?

  • Oster Louis
    Oster LouisMåned siden


  • Flipper
    FlipperMåned siden

    This are REAL HAPPINESS we love it !

  • KR team
    KR teamMåned siden

    i know your filling for the car. it take 8 years to find my dream old car. Godspeed Benni

  • John Martin
    John MartinMåned siden

    What a beautiful car! Congratulations.

  • Paulo André Carvalho
    Paulo André CarvalhoMåned siden

    What do you think of #Shorts on NOlocal? Started experimenting them yesterday! 🤟

  • SHAM
    SHAMMåned siden

    15:07 tenet hahahha

  • SHAM
    SHAMMåned siden

    you like your car thats awesome but i like cardboard benni in the back 7:22 haha

  • danielhorvathofficial
    danielhorvathofficialMåned siden

    I am so envy! Congratulation! I hope I have the chance to buy a Mustang (maybe Fastback) soon. Once I have I will visit you. :) Enjoy your car!!

  • The Surfer Adventurer
    The Surfer AdventurerMåned siden

    Trop content pour toi, elle est magnifique !!! hâte de voir plein de VLOG avec elle !!!

  • Oliver Parnis England
    Oliver Parnis EnglandMåned siden

    Please make more car content loving the vids

  • Максим Рассказов
    Максим РассказовMåned siden

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  • Pedro Miguel Neves
    Pedro Miguel NevesMåned siden

    Love the car so much, such a beauty!! Congrats Benni!!! (: p.s. a small critique, music was quite annoying on some broll

  • Pelle
    PelleMåned siden

    Damn that is an absolute beauty!

  • Mike Haller
    Mike HallerMåned siden


  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay JoshiMåned siden

    Congratulations once again, Benni! The car washing b-roll at the end looked great :)

  • Vegashift
    VegashiftMåned siden

    Congrats Benny, amazing muscle car choice and spec. Hope to see you drive it on road trips and rallies!

  • Leslie Holt
    Leslie HoltMåned siden

    Congrats Benni you deserve it! Now go tear up the streets.

  • planetLilah
    planetLilahMåned siden

    intro like a hollywood movie

  • Bram Copermans
    Bram CopermansMåned siden

    The title got me stressed out! :o Hope nothing happened to the beast!

  • NKC
    NKCMåned siden

    Congrats on fulfilling your dream, Benni. Godspeed :)

  • Justin Paolo Van Ommeren
    Justin Paolo Van OmmerenMåned siden

    I am confused why this video come 2nd to your last video.

  • Mink Spaan
    Mink SpaanMåned siden

    i like the style of this video! the subtitles and titles in yellow and the laidback vibes

  • ABV
    ABVMåned siden

    Félicitations Benji. Attention, les vieilles n'aiment pas les jets à haute pression (ni les rouleaux). L'essuie-glace droit a pris cher. Et pas bon pour les joints. Que de l'huile de coude pour les nettoyer !😉

  • Noah
    NoahMåned siden

    Wow, congrats, it's an amazing car!

  • Sam Tavs
    Sam TavsMåned siden

    Fantastic, Benni -- Proper, proper inro to the Mustang!

  • Mojjz
    MojjzMåned siden


  • Walid El laoun
    Walid El laounMåned siden

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  • שי הראל
    שי הראלMåned siden

    Enjoy the vehicle and most importantly drive carefully.

  • Jontus
    JontusMåned siden

    Congrats on a beautiful car Benjamin !!!

  • Carlos
    CarlosMåned siden

    Beautiful. Can't wait to get my 67 delivered!

  • Martin Geldart
    Martin GeldartMåned siden

    Who's that guy with the Red Bull hat at the end? I know him from somewhere 😬

  • Marisol Jackson
    Marisol JacksonMåned siden

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  • SkyriderBond
    SkyriderBondMåned siden

    There is no way i can put into words the way i love that Mustang man. What a beautifull car you got there. I'm in love and in the persuit of mine. I hope soon i'll have my own classic Mustang. Greetings from México!!!

  • Jocke S
    Jocke SMåned siden

    Beautiful car Benni! Love it!!

  • kiiVy
    kiiVyMåned siden

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  • Julian Steffen
    Julian SteffenMåned siden

    I am soo happy for u👌🏽 u did it congratulations 🎉

  • kovacshuni
    kovacshuniMåned siden

    Still the best picture of the car is the one at the end of this video, despite the french riviera video coming out earlier and in beautiful sunset. This one at the car wash is real, so shiny in those neons, in big contrast, and with Benni’s real impression of seeing it first time. It’s beautiful. Priceless is the happiness we see projected from you :)

  • Benjamin Ortega

    Benjamin Ortega

    Måned siden

    You made my day ❤️