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People in this vid:
@Noah Beck
@Blake Gray
@Vardan Antonyan

Outro song by
Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Camera man
@Christian Guiton

Kyle Carper

Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis


  • Ahmad Bin Usman
    Ahmad Bin Usman40 minutter siden

    "you go to in and out and u never come out" 💀

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty4 timer siden

    This show is now just a way for Jeff and Nick to flirt with each other.

  • Marco Mendoza
    Marco Mendoza5 timer siden

    Jeff hella almost just made me throw my phone across the room I really thought that was a actual spider on my phone💀🤣🤣

  • Nancy Lamothe
    Nancy Lamothe6 timer siden

    8:43 why he look like a high version of Josh Richard 😂

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    4 timer siden

    I-I’m glad I skipped my zoom class for dis

  • Lizette Rosas
    Lizette Rosas6 timer siden

    Vardan looks older already 🥺🥺

  • Uhlac
    Uhlac8 timer siden

    idk why i lost it when i saw jonah staring behind the door

  • **Erica **
    **Erica **12 timer siden

    I crack up everytime at how confused the guests are. This is like a barbershop Eric Andre show

  • Topraksz
    Topraksz18 timer siden

    6:22 I almost shit my self

  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips19 timer siden

    I like how Jeff’s show is literally the perfect representation of my brain cells trying to do literally anything

  • Emma Rowe
    Emma Rowe21 time siden

    Idk why but this video triggered my anxiety in so many different ways lmao

  • Nikki Smith
    Nikki Smith22 timer siden

    Damn... my boyfriend asked me while cuddling "what is this thing .. are you feeling the way that im feeling" no rose petals or lifeguard post...

  • big boy gamer
    big boy gamerDag siden

    literally every single tik toker cut the sides leave the top bruhhh -_-

  • Curtis
    CurtisDag siden

    Vardan was actually a good co-host

  • Siddhant Kaushik
    Siddhant KaushikDag siden

    Upload! Upload! Upload!

  • Big Bush Pubes Galore
    Big Bush Pubes GaloreDag siden

    "Ya pissin off the spider!" Haha. Don't know the tik tok guy, he seemed nice tho. This was the best episode yet along with brother nature.

  • BigBoodyBattle -_-OP
    BigBoodyBattle -_-OPDag siden

    Vardon has grown so much😌

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoyDag siden

    "Blake gray- Charli damelio's sisters boyfriend's friend"

  • Faith Gamer
    Faith GamerDag siden

    Idk if u guys got it too, but there’s so many cleaning ads and the studio is just ass LMAO

  • Vivid Huddy
    Vivid HuddyDag siden

    The guest on this show are always so Shy lol

  • Mister Tombs
    Mister TombsDag siden

    I-I’m glad I skipped my zoom class for dis

  • Isobel Billingham
    Isobel BillinghamDag siden

    Ok, I'm really tired and I am very dehydrated because I don't know what self care is....BUT is it just me or does Jeff kinda look like fricken Flinn Rider from tangled?? also why can't I un-see it???

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Dag siden

    and u cheated on her less a week later... lol

  • Billyy99
    Billyy99Dag siden


  • Billyy99
    Billyy99Dag siden

    Invite Santea

  • EN3RGY Unfit
    EN3RGY Unfit2 dager siden

    Vardan face when jeff witteck is talking some big boy words he looks like he doesnt know wtf is going on

  • DuhItsNathan
    DuhItsNathan2 dager siden

    I almost threw my MacBook at 6:20 when the spider crawled across the screen

  • Fine Lines
    Fine Lines2 dager siden

    Dang, is Vardan taller than Jonah now? He's growing up fast.

  • Andres felipe
    Andres felipe2 dager siden

    Bring back jojo

  • Cory Holl
    Cory Holl2 dager siden

    Man why have not watched this before time to go down the youtube Jeff's barbershop rabbit hole and watch every ep.and leave a like

  • rita riza
    rita riza2 dager siden

    i feel bad 4 da keds dat dunt understend did type uf humur

  • Jazmene Ramirez
    Jazmene Ramirez2 dager siden


  • Sameer Hussein
    Sameer Hussein2 dager siden

    He is not that good looking

  • Ava K
    Ava K2 dager siden

    this is so funny

  • leslie garcia
    leslie garcia2 dager siden


  • Steph M
    Steph M2 dager siden

    Jeff wtf man I almost had a heart attack with that fake spider in the screen ☠️☠️☠️

  • Sarah k23
    Sarah k232 dager siden

    and u cheated on her less a week later... lol

  • Reuben
    Reuben2 dager siden


  • Cory-Louise Pickering
    Cory-Louise Pickering2 dager siden

    I would of just said “fucking hit me get this spider off of me 😂” or would of started crying and ran for my life

  • Prod. Pizer
    Prod. Pizer2 dager siden

    Eric Andre meets Tim and Eric Meet my local barbershop ... im not complaining

  • Shamith Silva
    Shamith Silva2 dager siden

    You can tell Jeff gets a lot of influence from the Eric Andre show.

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty2 dager siden

    This show is now just a way for Jeff and Nick to flirt with each other.

  • Chloe Murphy
    Chloe Murphy2 dager siden


  • Deepa Pandey
    Deepa Pandey3 dager siden

    Jeff should go on the eric andre show.

  • Miss keisha
    Miss keisha3 dager siden

    why is this so funny everyones so confused

  • JamesyFPS
    JamesyFPS3 dager siden

    what u mean she is mine

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    2 dager siden

    what I want to see is jeff giving tony lopez a haircut confronting him ab underage girls

  • Behzingas Dad
    Behzingas Dad3 dager siden

    Get the fat guy off the show he ruins it

  • Nini
    Nini3 dager siden

    Can you do vinnie next pleasss🥺😌

  • Collin Tijerina
    Collin Tijerina3 dager siden


  • yoselin
    yoselin3 dager siden

    charli damelios siters boyfriends friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Caylem Farquhar
    Caylem Farquhar3 dager siden

    I hate spiders too

  • Bryana Charles
    Bryana Charles3 dager siden

    You can tell some of these questions made Noah a little uncomfortable..

  • Pranjalchopra
    Pranjalchopra3 dager siden

    get anna shumate

  • Luca Di
    Luca Di3 dager siden


  • KingOfAnime
    KingOfAnime3 dager siden

    I can never tell if they’re acting or not.

  • Daniel Cude
    Daniel Cude3 dager siden

    Why is Noah just staring at him the whole time?

  • Experticus
    Experticus3 dager siden

    Jonah and Jeff may be the best duo in the vlogsquad

  • Daniel Cude
    Daniel Cude3 dager siden

    Is anyone else bothered that there are cockroaches in the cabinet?

  • FinTheBin
    FinTheBin3 dager siden

    Why is nobody talking about vardan pissing on the chair than sitting in in? (am I just stupid, like was it fake piss cause it looked pretty real)

  • lIl lIl
    lIl lIl3 dager siden

    what I want to see is jeff giving tony lopez a haircut confronting him ab underage girls

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon3 dager siden

    Why tf is no one talking about vardan he’s so funny.

    CABRÓN GACHAOU3 dager siden

    You need to get Steezy Kane on the show !!😤

  • n.s
    n.s3 dager siden

    I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your channel but glad I did! Your humor is so rare and that's amazing 😍! You're also the most gorgeous man I've ever seen!

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    3 dager siden

    kyle with the nike box 😂😂

  • cambria
    cambria3 dager siden


  • Rhiannon Camp
    Rhiannon Camp3 dager siden

    No one talking about Blake cuddling up with the rat😂

  • Claire Stott
    Claire Stott3 dager siden

    HOW THE HELL IS JEFF 30????????????????????????????? HE LOOK LIKE HES 22

  • allie verity
    allie verity3 dager siden

    no one else jump with the spider running across the screen? nope? just me? ok.

  • Jehu chavez
    Jehu chavez3 dager siden

    can you bring louie castro please

  • Hanga
    Hanga3 dager siden

    What did I watch rn

  • Sami Achouche
    Sami Achouche3 dager siden

    This show is amazing lmao I love Jonah and Jeff's banter.

  • idenia Arias
    idenia Arias3 dager siden

    Omg I’m scared I’m 15

  • Naomi Harris
    Naomi Harris4 dager siden

    Dixie = charli damelio sister Noah= charli damelio s sisters bf Blake = charli damelio s sisters bfs friend

  • Raphael Luis Torres
    Raphael Luis Torres4 dager siden

    Conversations with grandpa got me good

  • JC Vlogs
    JC Vlogs4 dager siden

    I am angry how he put CHARLI OLDER SISTER BOYFRIENDS . .like df say dixie damelio

  • Diya Aneesh
    Diya Aneesh4 dager siden

    “Charli d’amelios sisters boyfriend “ she has a name

  • Jaden


    2 dager siden

    Guessing you're new to this channel huh

  • Sergio Aguilar
    Sergio Aguilar4 dager siden

    6:45 vardan just staring at Blake

  • Naari G
    Naari G4 dager siden

    Jeff is so funny and hot and beautiful and sexy and also so funny

  • Tilak Patel
    Tilak Patel4 dager siden

    Keep Vardan forever on the show but keep johna for jokes

  • Aubrey Jade
    Aubrey Jade4 dager siden

    kyle with the nike box 😂😂

  • Jacob Galvan
    Jacob Galvan4 dager siden

    Get rid of the mullet, trim your beard, and lose another 10 lbs and you'll be back to your old self

  • Evan Atkinson
    Evan Atkinson4 dager siden

    Bro that fuckin spider that walks on the screen had me trippin

  • xanarcy Death
    xanarcy Death4 dager siden

    Ah yes

    THE ODD YT4 dager siden


    THE ODD YT4 dager siden


    THE ODD YT4 dager siden


  • Joe G
    Joe G4 dager siden

    Vardon is an idiot

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke4 dager siden

    I’m not even hating on Jonah but vardon lowkey is funnier make him permanent

  • Big Bush Pubes Galore

    Big Bush Pubes Galore

    Dag siden

    I want vardan on here more too but look up "paper boy" by jonah. It's good! It made me see how him and Jeff are friends

  • Joe G
    Joe G4 dager siden

    Vardon doesn’t look like vardon

  • Yung Jed
    Yung Jed4 dager siden

    6:21, literally thought a fukin spider was on my screen 💀 😭

  • Diana Faith
    Diana Faith4 dager siden

    Who else threw their phone when the roach showed up on the screen? 😅

  • Alexis Duarte
    Alexis Duarte4 dager siden

    Where new video at

  • Køwaii
    Køwaii4 dager siden

    He should do Danny Duncan fr

    CAS OUWE4 dager siden

    Can we het flight on the show?

  • Will Hammer
    Will Hammer4 dager siden

    Fucking love vardon

  • edwin delamerced
    edwin delamerced4 dager siden

    No one talking about “ Matt the rat king “

  • Mahd
    Mahd4 dager siden

    Eric andre show type vibe

  • Jadan Gonzalez
    Jadan Gonzalez4 dager siden

    Not the fact that he actually looks like russel from up😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Conan's Maniac
    Conan's Maniac4 dager siden

    Noah is too pure for this show

  • AkaPeegly
    AkaPeegly4 dager siden

    I dont like tiktokers but as far as these two go, they were either baked as hell, or they are pretty chill lmao, which i like lmao

  • AkaPeegly


    4 dager siden

    @Ailsa Ni that too, he is a better co host lmao, this video was so chaotic and funny at the same time lmao

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    4 dager siden

    Why tf is no one talking about vardan he’s so funny.

  • logan cormack
    logan cormack5 dager siden

    “Charlie D’amelios sisters boyfriends friend”😂🤒

  • Yassin Hanafi
    Yassin Hanafi5 dager siden

    vardan get uglier growing up

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    4 dager siden

    I love this show so funny

  • Madisyn H
    Madisyn H5 dager siden

    Bryce looks good with blond hair