Noah was searched by the FBI? | True Confessions

Did Noah get searched by the FBI? Courtney and Damien, will get the answer that in True Confessions, the game where only the best liars win!
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  • Damien Haas
    Damien HaasÅr siden

    The only truth in this video is that we’re all just a bunch of lying liars. Except for the parts where we’re honest.

  • my channel

    my channel

    4 dager siden

    Did Jeremy know that he was also shoplifting?

  • Vxnom10


    9 dager siden

    7,800th like

  • DryBones271


    11 dager siden

    You know what she's got between her thighs and her ankles? Courtknees!

  • Emelia Fixter

    Emelia Fixter

    15 dager siden

    i love ur allmight shirt bro

  • D-boi


    17 dager siden

    That’s a lie

  • Adriel Alexandrei Sulima
    Adriel Alexandrei Sulima19 timer siden

    when they ask how many feet was then i guess it was 12 then i was right

  • King Slayer
    King SlayerDag siden

    Not the All Might shirt nooooo

  • Outtathepark Gaming
    Outtathepark Gaming2 dager siden

    dude I literally had the same thing happen to me(in damiens 1st story) I went to a hardware store, and I saw a cool flashlight so I picked it up, and my parents called me over, and me not realising that I had it in my hand(somehow) I slid it into my pocket, and didn't realise till we were in the car on the highway, and my parents got pretty mad at me(I was around 7-8 at the time) just like that I learned not to shoplift.

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer5 dager siden

    I love Damien shirt

  • enanomations
    enanomations6 dager siden

    She said the pool was 12 feet but she was 50 feet deep???

  • Sonic
    Sonic7 dager siden

    yoooooo damien is wearing a my hero shirt

  • -_JustSophie _-
    -_JustSophie _-10 dager siden

    As soon as I saw Damiens All Might shirt I just said- *yes*

  • gacha mika
    gacha mika13 dager siden


  • ThrasherMurat
    ThrasherMurat15 dager siden

    Bleeping out someone’s name to make it more believable is so damn smart

  • Boomerplays
    Boomerplays15 dager siden

    Does anyone realize Damian and Courtney have anime shirts

  • ShadowWolf_Ops
    ShadowWolf_Ops16 dager siden

    Damien on J14 they called him "one of the anime brothers"

  • Samantha Caron
    Samantha Caron19 dager siden

    i didn't know that Damien watched MHA/BNHA wonder who his fav character is- love your guys videos!!! mine is bakugou katsuki or as deku likes to call to him Kacchan! ( i sometimes call him kacchan ngl-)

  • potato unicorn
    potato unicorn24 dager siden

    I love damiens all might shirt its amazingly immaculate

  • cons g
    cons g24 dager siden

    voy a poner esto en español pq me da roche y así menos gente lo entiende pero la voz de DAMIEN ES TAN CALMANTE FUCK env

  • Heidi Storey UwU
    Heidi Storey UwU24 dager siden

    0:05 Kokichi Oma be like

  • Cassythe Weeb
    Cassythe Weeb24 dager siden

    The all-might shirt.I love it.😊

  • Potato Feet
    Potato Feet25 dager siden

    Nice shirt Damien I love animes

  • I'm A Disappointment
    I'm A Disappointment25 dager siden

    I knew the scuba diving one was a lie because at 50ft she would have gotten the bends

  • Mr Grant
    Mr Grant25 dager siden

    jimmy Fallon watching this: mm sueing time

  • Slasherxr8
    Slasherxr826 dager siden

    BOTS!! from Zylon gaming, i use to play that game ALLL THE TIMEEE it was so hard and i recenlty played it again.

  • Bakuhoe’s Waifu
    Bakuhoe’s Waifu26 dager siden

    All Might on Damien’s shirt: 😃

  • Sillypplproductions2
    Sillypplproductions228 dager siden

    BIONICLE mention 👀 glad Noah has been enlightened lol

  • Audrey H
    Audrey H29 dager siden

    I love Damien’s shirt!

  • Alexis Campbell
    Alexis CampbellMåned siden

    wait so how old is Noah

  • Lillith Townshend
    Lillith TownshendMåned siden

    My respect for damien and courtney rose after seeing the cowboy bebop and all might shirts.

  • tjerkblijtje
    tjerkblijtjeMåned siden

    I dont think scuba instructors will even allow you being 50 ft deep on your first dive after only training in 12 ft..

  • Alex Rose quartz
    Alex Rose quartzMåned siden

    Damien I love you all might shirt

  • Konrad Paczek
    Konrad PaczekMåned siden

    I have a similar story to Damiens fake story, I was doing groceries because I lived not that far away from target, when I used to live there I forgot to pay for I just sort of packing it and then I left and then I got to embarrass my mom went and paid

  • Abigail Rick
    Abigail RickMåned siden

    I miss these little true confessions videos😭

  • Monica Quattrocelli
    Monica QuattrocelliMåned siden

    Damian has allmight on his shirt

  • Elizabeth Robinson
    Elizabeth RobinsonMåned siden

    I shoplifted a little trinket of a eifel tower from a paris shop and never got caught

  • Ochaku Uraka
    Ochaku UrakaMåned siden


  • Reese & Chase
    Reese & ChaseMåned siden


  • Reese & Chase
    Reese & ChaseMåned siden

    1is lie

  • Reese & Chase

    Reese & Chase

    Måned siden


  • Reese & Chase

    Reese & Chase

    Måned siden

    I was wrong shit

  • Poolside Toilet Productions
    Poolside Toilet Productions2 måneder siden

    A True Confessions episode where someone tells three stories that everyone on Smosh has heard, but they have to figure out if they've been lying their whole relationship.

  • Abigail Rick
    Abigail Rick2 måneder siden

    I miss this, I want to see another one

  • K McIntosh
    K McIntosh2 måneder siden

    Huh, possibly the one thing Noah and I have in common is crashing into a tree and getting buried in snow and almost dying while skiing as a kid.

  • Ryuu
    Ryuu2 måneder siden

    Jeez they like anime just look at there shirts and there other videos.

  • dragonoyxd
    dragonoyxd2 måneder siden

    15:54 Clearing the air way to smell some lies

  • Vixina
    Vixina2 måneder siden


  • Embla Moberg
    Embla Moberg2 måneder siden

    5 minutes into the video i realised that Damien has an All Might shirt on

  • Misty Niko
    Misty Niko2 måneder siden

    I just love that Damien is wearing an all might shirt from mha

  • Snipperbee
    Snipperbee2 måneder siden

    Damien & Noah: questioning Courtney Courtney: answering their questions Me: is that all might on Damien's shirt

  • Christiangirl727
    Christiangirl7273 måneder siden

    Y’all J-14 was my jam

  • Mafia Rat Jr
    Mafia Rat Jr3 måneder siden


  • hollirichards
    hollirichards3 måneder siden

    Noah I knew you were being truthful..damian i would never trust. He is too good at lying!

  • Lego wolf
    Lego wolf3 måneder siden

    Noah knows nothing about Lego

  • DbzInflux 8696
    DbzInflux 86963 måneder siden

    I wanna know where Courtney got that Cowboy Bebop shirt. Seriously. Where? I WANT IT.

  • Nick Cosimano
    Nick Cosimano3 måneder siden

    I lived next to Cozumel for 6 years is this true the world will never know

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson3 måneder siden

    Courtney’s red hair, Damien’s blue hair and Noah’s normal hair... yup, this was definitely before the world went turtle.

  • Azeron
    Azeron3 måneder siden

    Noah has the cutest smile.. My heart melts!

  • Wolfy playz83
    Wolfy playz833 måneder siden

    All might shirt is good

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin3 måneder siden

    19:15 "yeah so fun I almost died "

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin3 måneder siden

    15:33 I think that's true bc I watched a video and it showed he was on it Edit: I was right

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin3 måneder siden

    15:09 I'm confused. Who said anything about dating one?? Did I miss it?

  • Zoozoo
    Zoozoo4 måneder siden

    Easiest way to win:ask if it’s true

  • Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter4 måneder siden

    wow just wow

  • dam boy690
    dam boy6904 måneder siden

    What's a Dean? I'm from Australia and don't know wtf a 'dean' is

  • patrickhasachannel
    patrickhasachannel4 måneder siden

    Noah is so precious..."Bionicle is LEGO?"

  • HappyTrails 1
    HappyTrails 14 måneder siden

    8:17 that story you made when you were in trouble, and your story worked

  • andres lopez
    andres lopez4 måneder siden

    Hey ho Courtney, when you are lying I noted that you use way more arm gestures than regular. I saw your videos and know that you talk a lot with your hands but when it comes to a lie you use your body way more

  • Francisco james
    Francisco james4 måneder siden

    It’s a 3 country 😂😂

  • Becky Quinn
    Becky Quinn4 måneder siden

    J14 wasn’t wrong though. Damien is eye candy 👌

  • Lord Trey180
    Lord Trey1804 måneder siden

    Okay if anyone sees this can you please tell me what courtny said courtney at 19:14

  • Logan Alvarez
    Logan Alvarez4 måneder siden

    I’ve actually been scuba diving in Cozumel funnily enough and a tank rupturing or bursting is probably one of the least likely things that could happen but her talking about sharing regulators and all that is good but you would not be diving at 50 feet that’s very shallow😂 but I still like the story💜

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta4 måneder siden

    Noah forgot to wear an anime shirt

  • iMyri faKyri
    iMyri faKyri4 måneder siden

    6:38 Task failed successfully

  • Zoe Rae
    Zoe Rae4 måneder siden

    I don't know if its just me but I REALLY wanna hug Damien. Like come on, he has to have good hugs. :)

  • Jessica Haleigh
    Jessica Haleigh4 måneder siden

    I love Damians shirt

  • Chanikant Boonma
    Chanikant Boonma4 måneder siden

    OMG I had that magazine when I was 6 it was my first magazine that I bought in the air port

  • Sam Parkinson
    Sam Parkinson4 måneder siden

    I got all six correct, yay. Although, they're all really good at this 😂

  • Katrina _Offlin3
    Katrina _Offlin34 måneder siden

    i like Damien's shirt

  • Oragami
    Oragami4 måneder siden

    why does the sound in the backround remind me of minecraft when they picked the cestions

  • Spencer Callister
    Spencer Callister4 måneder siden

    15:55 courtney freaking Miller picked her freaking nose! Love it!

  • Blayne Jongeward
    Blayne Jongeward4 måneder siden

    She's wearing the same shirt as me XD

  • Elion Guri
    Elion Guri4 måneder siden

    Lok at cortys shirt cowboy bebop

  • Gaming RoBruh
    Gaming RoBruh4 måneder siden

    I see Damien with the all might t-shirt

  • Jobob Joestar
    Jobob Joestar5 måneder siden

    I love how they just dont acknowledge how good Damien is at lying. He told them a super specific story about his childhood which turned out to be a lie and they were just like "haha! Ok, lets move on now!" This is great

  • JLaFs
    JLaFs5 måneder siden

    Bots by Acclaim? Now that's a game that hits me right in the nostalgia

  • - SilentHowl16 -
    - SilentHowl16 -5 måneder siden

    Is Damien a bnha fan?

  • Khyan Lui
    Khyan Lui5 måneder siden

    Also i have noticed the All Might shirt on Damien too

  • Khyan Lui
    Khyan Lui5 måneder siden

    Has anyone else noticed the Cowboy BeBop shirt? Im talking to all you weebs out there

  • gretchen miller
    gretchen miller5 måneder siden

    When your name is said in a video 😅

  • Matt Bradley
    Matt Bradley5 måneder siden

    The scuba thing is called PADI

  • funy2xxc
    funy2xxc5 måneder siden

    the fbi took my laptop because some hacker was selling drugs from it this is when i was 6 when i use to click every single link and i got a virus then the hacker had access to my laptop

  • Sasanth Bollineni
    Sasanth Bollineni5 måneder siden

    The way damien placed his guns: AKIMBO BABYY!!! The way Courtney put her guns: (Mexican gang leader voice) Alright you tell me truth we go number one, you say lie we go number two. (Pls don’t make poop and pee jokes) The wa6 Noah placed his guns: (Old Russian ‘fought in the war’ man voice) Umm yeah tzis iz ze assembly line, would you like a gun?

  • Holo Swan
    Holo Swan5 måneder siden

    Almight shirt (:

  • Taegan The Emerald Tooth
    Taegan The Emerald Tooth5 måneder siden

    I didnt realize damien liked mha, it fits SUSPICIOUS

  • Taegan The Emerald Tooth

    Taegan The Emerald Tooth

    5 måneder siden


  • Taegan The Emerald Tooth

    Taegan The Emerald Tooth

    5 måneder siden


  • Taegan The Emerald Tooth

    Taegan The Emerald Tooth

    5 måneder siden


  • Dakota Tessier
    Dakota Tessier5 måneder siden


  • The Puppeteer Nyx • 69 years ago
    The Puppeteer Nyx • 69 years ago5 måneder siden

    Noah’s second story, the exact same thing happened to me when I was 8 XD

  • Natalie Chop
    Natalie Chop5 måneder siden

    I was listening to the story of Courtney wen her tank burst. Is it just me or didn't she say that she was in the MIDDLE of where she was diving which she said was 50 feet in, right, well then she said that the pool was only 12 feet down! So she was clearly lying! duh!

  • Noxicity
    Noxicity5 måneder siden

    I’ve went snorkeling in Cozumel so I thought it was true lol

  • leeChMSI
    leeChMSI5 måneder siden

    Court Bourt is so adorable...

  • lindsay koch
    lindsay koch5 måneder siden

    can’t believe noah and courtney don’t know about j-14. uncultured.

  • Chase Woodrum
    Chase Woodrum5 måneder siden

    Wtf happened to Smosh

  • mysterious Deoxys
    mysterious Deoxys5 måneder siden

    Didn't know courtney and Damian liked anime( coboy bebop and my hero academia )

  • Among us Raw
    Among us Raw5 måneder siden

    Why does Damien look older in the picture than he does now

  • Among us Raw
    Among us Raw5 måneder siden

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited And so did you

  • LaserAgentRyan
    LaserAgentRyan5 måneder siden

    I just want to say isn’t getting held at getting in trouble