Noob vs Pro Unicorn Cake Challenge! w/ Rosanna Pansino

Ro and I bake Unicorn Cakes in this Unicorn Cake Challenge! Who do you think won? Leave a comment down below and let me know what PRO I should challenge next! ❤️
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  • Joey Graceffa
    Joey GraceffaÅr siden

    Who do you think won?! 😂

  • Sunny Playz

    Sunny Playz

    15 dager siden

    I think rosanna

  • Irvin Cobarrubias

    Irvin Cobarrubias

    2 måneder siden


  • Meghan Shepard

    Meghan Shepard

    3 måneder siden


  • LIE Kaxla

    LIE Kaxla

    3 måneder siden

    Joey Graceffa U DEFINITELY WON

  • Emily lova

    Emily lova

    3 måneder siden


  • Nicole Yiannou
    Nicole YiannouTime siden


  • jessica ford
    jessica ford2 timer siden


  • Triniti Owens
    Triniti Owens2 timer siden

    PRO PRO AKA RO but omg Joey yours was so cute

  • chitra viswanath
    chitra viswanath7 timer siden

    Both the cake was good

  • Susana Cardenas
    Susana Cardenas16 timer siden

    The Pro

  • Mary Weathers
    Mary Weathers22 timer siden


  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez23 timer siden

    Hmmm The girl so yeah HEHEHEH >:3 do a part two but with a different person:3

  • Madison Hunt
    Madison Hunt23 timer siden


  • amanda craycraft
    amanda craycraftDag siden


  • Nicol SolisRamirez
    Nicol SolisRamirezDag siden

    laek 2

  • Stanley Demas
    Stanley DemasDag siden

    I think Ro won

  • Jump To It!
    Jump To It!Dag siden


  • Gabriel Lim
    Gabriel LimDag siden

    16:26 omg ro's reaction im dead

  • June Parada
    June ParadaDag siden


  • Oh Yo
    Oh Yo2 dager siden

    Ro won

  • irsa javed
    irsa javed2 dager siden

    Why has that guy put nail Polish on his nails?

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez2 dager siden


  • The B Crew
    The B Crew2 dager siden


  • Rhonda S
    Rhonda S2 dager siden

    Professional one for sure 😄🐱🤗

  • tanisi bhaduri
    tanisi bhaduri2 dager siden

    both of you i love both

  • Skye Altmann
    Skye Altmann2 dager siden

    Def rose

  • My doggo barks
    My doggo barks2 dager siden

    Rosana 10/10 Joey 8/10

  • Bronagh Graley
    Bronagh Graley3 dager siden


  • Anja Wayman
    Anja Wayman3 dager siden

    I meant rosana

  • Anja Wayman
    Anja Wayman3 dager siden

    I think to won

  • Annika nicole Canonizado
    Annika nicole Canonizado3 dager siden


  • Kate Seely
    Kate Seely3 dager siden

    not to be mean but i watched ecap the night and had to sleep with my sister for a week

  • Emiliano De Luna
    Emiliano De Luna3 dager siden

    I cryed when ro day because of the witchis

  • Jaycee Shirley
    Jaycee Shirley3 dager siden

    i ship joey ang rose

  • Moira Ware
    Moira Ware4 dager siden

    Ro made a sleeping unicorn cake once it fell over

  • Samreen Khalid
    Samreen Khalid4 dager siden

    Rosanna cake..omg gorgeous..beautiful😘😘 I dont know her namr correctly😂😛😜

  • Phoebe Gardner
    Phoebe Gardner4 dager siden

    Pofeganal won

  • Fatima Minha
    Fatima Minha5 dager siden

    rossana pansino won the challeng joey

  • Tanjila Farzana
    Tanjila Farzana5 dager siden


  • Pavithra JS
    Pavithra JS5 dager siden

    rosana won i think it looked amazing but even jeoys was good

  • Pavithra JS
    Pavithra JS5 dager siden

    when i saw both of ur cake i felt hungry

  • Pavithra JS
    Pavithra JS5 dager siden

    i think won

  • Adriana Moscoso
    Adriana Moscoso5 dager siden

    perfetional wines

  • Andrea Charmaine Cabatuando
    Andrea Charmaine Cabatuando5 dager siden


  • shelbie cain
    shelbie cain5 dager siden

    Them nails

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez6 dager siden

    Joey’s cake looks like that phone from toy story

  • Alyssa Parke
    Alyssa Parke6 dager siden

    XD XD XD when she's mixing up the batter with dye he looks so offended XD

  • Diane Evans
    Diane Evans6 dager siden

    the pro won.

  • Moeung Iyean
    Moeung Iyean6 dager siden

    I think the pro won

  • FnafFanPhil
    FnafFanPhil6 dager siden

    She’s my favorite character tho also I’m from the future and I’m VERY upset about them dinosaurs >:(

  • shelbie cain

    shelbie cain

    5 dager siden

    "I was so upset you got sacrificed to those witches that I'm going to sacrifice you to dinosaurs"

  • Jazmalice Gonzalez
    Jazmalice Gonzalez6 dager siden

    hi joey

  • Max Show
    Max Show7 dager siden

    I think you won

  • Max Show

    Max Show

    7 dager siden

    I do

  • Diane Evans
    Diane Evans7 dager siden

    Rosanna won

  • Kaylie Dodson
    Kaylie Dodson7 dager siden


  • Sarah Santillan
    Sarah Santillan7 dager siden


  • Magnolia Amabile
    Magnolia Amabile7 dager siden

    ro won

  • Scarlett Bryan
    Scarlett Bryan8 dager siden

    I think Joey's cake was cute but Ro wun

  • Shehryar Mujeeb
    Shehryar Mujeeb8 dager siden

    Stop reacting like girls you dump

  • SDB Tichio
    SDB Tichio8 dager siden


  • Summer Montgomery
    Summer Montgomery8 dager siden


  • Jason Sweeney
    Jason Sweeney9 dager siden

    Ro won

  • Marice Vaz
    Marice Vaz9 dager siden

    The pro

  • Waleed altaly
    Waleed altaly10 dager siden


  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith10 dager siden

    I think we all now who won. The Pro won avesly

  • Maja Woeck
    Maja Woeck11 dager siden


  • Sara1234 Alsaeedi
    Sara1234 Alsaeedi11 dager siden


  • Sara1234 Alsaeedi
    Sara1234 Alsaeedi11 dager siden

    Morgez love you

  • American girl doll Videos
    American girl doll Videos11 dager siden


  • Jennifer Castelan
    Jennifer Castelan11 dager siden

    i think the pro won i also think the to of you have the best cakes

  • Luna Angel Rosewood
    Luna Angel Rosewood11 dager siden

    Joey: lets cut the cake! me: *remembers that he left the parchment paper in it* also me: 😮

  • Addison Harris

    Addison Harris

    9 dager siden

    I am honored to be your first like and comment

  • Avery’s Corner
    Avery’s Corner12 dager siden

    WOW Joey “definitely” won

  • Lynx Lauren
    Lynx Lauren12 dager siden

    21:39 *its ok Ro you don’t have to lie* (Sorry Joey)

  • It’s Juju
    It’s Juju12 dager siden


  • Dennis Trujillo
    Dennis Trujillo12 dager siden

    Oh and Joey I like your friends cake

  • Jacob Ski
    Jacob Ski12 dager siden

    why does joey look like brad mondo

  • Elizabeth Rodríguez
    Elizabeth Rodríguez13 dager siden

    its both cant tell 😓

  • Miamii Redd
    Miamii Redd13 dager siden

    It’s the floaty in the back for me 💕

  • Aurora Schooler
    Aurora Schooler13 dager siden


  • Aria Williams
    Aria Williams13 dager siden

    The pro

  • Melanie Krapohl
    Melanie Krapohl13 dager siden


  • Nkulu12
    Nkulu1213 dager siden

    Joey love you but Rosana won from my side

  • Ashley Xiao Qiao FANG
    Ashley Xiao Qiao FANG13 dager siden

    I love the proffesers

  • Monique Lide
    Monique Lide13 dager siden

    pro win

  • Victoria Maximin
    Victoria Maximin13 dager siden

    The pro

  • Julia Caserta Baster (Student)
    Julia Caserta Baster (Student)13 dager siden

    sorry joey but i didnt like the face

  • Julia Caserta Baster (Student)
    Julia Caserta Baster (Student)13 dager siden

    pro won

  • mildred willis
    mildred willis13 dager siden


  • Shaunquita Austion
    Shaunquita Austion14 dager siden

    Rational rational

  • Fluffspimp
    Fluffspimp14 dager siden

    Giv a lik if ur wochin dis in 2020

  • ajalae L
    ajalae L14 dager siden

    Duh professional one⛑

  • Bewitched73
    Bewitched7314 dager siden

    Joey was the winner

  • Evie East
    Evie East14 dager siden

    How do u make ur cakes like fluffy and not dense rosanna

  • Sophia Richa - EIS CE2
    Sophia Richa - EIS CE215 dager siden

    Ro wan

  • Merry Mary
    Merry Mary15 dager siden

    “You can’t make a cake without cake mix”

  • Jump To It!

    Jump To It!

    Dag siden

    You can

  • Tanjila Farzana

    Tanjila Farzana

    5 dager siden

    Make it yourself

  • Tanjila Farzana

    Tanjila Farzana

    5 dager siden

    U can

  • Elizabeth and shinsou
    Elizabeth and shinsou15 dager siden

    I have ro's whole baking line

  • Madisyn Roth
    Madisyn Roth16 dager siden

    Ro : chuckles Joey : whats funny Ro : I just looked over at your cake Joey : Looks offended I died omg I think Rosanna won by a landslide

  • Ava Garv

    Ava Garv

    13 dager siden

    Nice comment. :) I love the fact that you copied it :(

  • ashmita ray
    ashmita ray16 dager siden

    pro won

  • gigi john
    gigi john16 dager siden

    Both cakes are beautiful

  • Shelley Maceda
    Shelley Maceda16 dager siden

    Friend amateur you did good Joey

  • Sarah Conover
    Sarah Conover16 dager siden

    How are your dogs doing Joey

  • Sarah Conover
    Sarah Conover16 dager siden

    I have seen both of you and Rose chance I have seen all of your videos I love them all

  • Jordan Henning
    Jordan Henning16 dager siden

    I love ro does anyone else thinks she’s so cute especially in escape the night season 3 I think when she was running

  • PVA Glue
    PVA Glue16 dager siden

    Rosana definitely came first

  • Ocean ùwú
    Ocean ùwú17 dager siden

    Me, a baker; (Watching Joey) iN pAiN