Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu (Official Video)


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Co-starring - Talia Ryder
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Director - Allie Avital
Production Co. - SMUGGLER x north of now
Executive Producer - Elizabeth Doonan
Creative Producer - Daniel Yaro
Producer - Matisse Gaillard
Assistant Director - Lynna Baculo
Cinematography - Logan Triplett
Steadicam - Renard Cheren
Gaffer - Cole Pisano
Grip - Colin Stoye
Art Director - Jake Tremblay
Production Designer - Natalia Brito
Editor - Lindsey Nadolski
Colorist - Kaitlyn Battistelli
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing deja vu. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  • Janet Sminten
    Janet SmintenMinutt siden

    Olivia Jade sounds so bitter and pathetic in this song. Move on already, the obsession over your ex is creepy

  • Nina -
    Nina -2 minutter siden

    All her songs represent the stages of a breakup 1.Drivers License- Depression 2.Deja Vu-Anger 3. What next feeling better

  • Charlotte Hazelwood
    Charlotte Hazelwood2 minutter siden

    the vibes this video gives off are too fruity to explain-

  • cat bones
    cat bones3 minutter siden

    this song sucks what

  • Karla Gonzalez
    Karla Gonzalez9 minutter siden

    I am OBSESSED with this song

  • JeremyBoPhone JJB
    JeremyBoPhone JJB16 minutter siden

    **I've been here before twerking**

  • christen ward
    christen ward16 minutter siden

    Is it just me or does she sing better than Joshua?

  • Cherry Forrest
    Cherry Forrest19 minutter siden

    Most aesthetic music video ever. Fight me.

  • Sohhシ
    Sohhシ39 minutter siden


  • Hyper Bunny
    Hyper Bunny54 minutter siden

    Plottwist:Sabrina confesses she loves olivia and then they elope together 😍

  • Aaron Estrella
    Aaron Estrella55 minutter siden


  • Sophia Nicholson
    Sophia NicholsonTime siden


  • Alda Kurnia Savitri
    Alda Kurnia SavitriTime siden

    its just me and my bf. we're dating for 2 years in long distance relationship and i think its all okay. we'll meet again in 5months from that day after my graduates. but i found out that he was with another girl just bcs that bitch's friend tell him to start dating that bitch bcs shes near with him. i lost weight abt 10kg in a month. and then he found out that bitch just sucks! she cheated with 3 another boy behind my bf's back. and he finally realize that he can't lose me and we're going to dating back. 5months after we came back together, my father just push me away from his house bcs I was so depressed and suicidal. so my bf taking me to his town and now we're living together. im so happy that his whole family loves me and I became a bestie with his mom. im so happy now


    this song brings such a good vibe

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria GarciaTime siden

    Yea everything is all ✨reused✨

  • Emily Cooking
    Emily CookingTime siden

    When I played this song to my dad he said: “Is that the one that made *passport?”* I was in fits of laughter! 😂

  • Mxelle Éva
    Mxelle Éva2 timer siden

    les francais vous etes la?

  • Uniter_by_heart
    Uniter_by_heart2 timer siden

    Yeah I feel I watched this MV somewhere... o_o (@_@) Cuz you come here everyday!!! 💃💃💃💃

  • The Daily Melvinlytical
    The Daily Melvinlytical2 timer siden

    Imagine a Taylor Swift collab

  • Sophia
    Sophia2 timer siden

    this mv gave me chills now after watching the behind the scenes and understanding the message

  • nina tanaka
    nina tanaka2 timer siden

    supera olívia 😭

  • Bradalls Hudson
    Bradalls Hudson2 timer siden

    Why does she sound like billie eilish and Taylor swift at the same time.

  • Analucia Berenz
    Analucia Berenz2 timer siden

    She is amazing

  • rapha games
    rapha games2 timer siden


  • Analucia Berenz
    Analucia Berenz2 timer siden

    I'm so proud of her

  • Paulo Robson
    Paulo Robson2 timer siden

    Ela é afrontosa, ela.

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart2 timer siden

    **HA HA HA HA HA twerking**

  • Lauren R.
    Lauren R.3 timer siden

    I love you

  • *BTS ARMY*
    *BTS ARMY*3 timer siden

    **Do you get deja Vu**?

  • 多伦多地产余浩
    多伦多地产余浩3 timer siden

    She is so talented in actress and singer. Also she is so young. Maybe she is next Camila or Arianna good luck

  • Milagro Campos
    Milagro Campos3 timer siden

    nota: siempre se quedan con la rubia

  • itskrish
    itskrish3 timer siden

    cant wait till this song blows up and becomes one of the top songs

  • hun ginnshie
    hun ginnshie3 timer siden

    Song : ulalala Singers : Randy, Daniel and Yahaira plasencia Listen to the music

  • Pavlo Nazarenko
    Pavlo Nazarenko3 timer siden

    We all know which DEJA VU you were searching for

  • Karrot Cake
    Karrot Cake3 timer siden

    So dreamy 💙🤍

  • alya
    alya3 timer siden

    what was deja vu mean?

  • alya


    2 timer siden

    @Victoria Acevedo-Gabin ohh.. thx haha

  • Victoria Acevedo-Gabin

    Victoria Acevedo-Gabin

    3 timer siden

    it means when you think you remember something that didn’t happen or when you see something you thought already happened (i think if you want a better description search it up on Google) :)

  • Itsme_ Jordyn
    Itsme_ Jordyn3 timer siden

    Great job Olivia! Love this it’s amazing 💕

  • Quinn Arndt
    Quinn Arndt3 timer siden

    all this drama is like bad and all but the songs they have made about it are really good songs😂

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart4 timer siden

    Imagine the EX waving to her on all those TV's??? LOL

  • Soumya Sood
    Soumya Sood4 timer siden

    There’s something really creepy about this music video....no hate tho the song is amazing

  • Doge_Star 9
    Doge_Star 94 timer siden

    So you played on....DISNEY!!! Wow such a fan Olivia 👏😍 and you played on that aardvark show ;) you were page and the other one Frankie that was a very good show oh and I here you on 106.9 k hits!

  • Lady Devildog
    Lady Devildog4 timer siden

    Words of song, the different rhythms to each part. Even her voice... all make me think of Taylor Swift. Not knocking her, or taking anything away from her, because this song is amazing and she sings it beautifully. Just when I first heard the song, I really thought it was Taylor Swift.

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart4 timer siden

    Could you imagine a video of the EX showed up on all those TV's??? & stayed on the last TV left??!!! Lol

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart4 timer siden

    I wonder the reasonsss for the 37K dislikes???

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart4 timer siden

    **uniquely twerking**

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart4 timer siden

    **HUUHH twerking**

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart4 timer siden

    **twerking to Billy Joel** 💃💃💃✨✨

  • Jalen Renae
    Jalen Renae4 timer siden

    *sadly twerking*

  • Arabella Bajo
    Arabella Bajo4 timer siden

    olivia rodrigo duterte

  • [방탄 소년단][블랙 핑크]
    [방탄 소년단][블랙 핑크]4 timer siden

    omg it was only like 2 weeks ago she had 200k subscribers look at her now❤️ i have a feeling she's gonna be a big artist in the future

  • Tun Chin
    Tun Chin4 timer siden

    Me shipping Olivia & that girl 👁️👄👁️

  • Hillary Bringuela
    Hillary Bringuela4 timer siden

    She looks like Catriona Gray.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra4 timer siden

    i cant believe this is the same girl from bizardvark

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra4 timer siden

    i suggest olivia getting with his gf

  • jaewon choi
    jaewon choi4 timer siden

    single and never been dumped but singing along with the song?

  • brianna skye
    brianna skye4 timer siden


  • Darcey Musson
    Darcey Musson4 timer siden

    She's not another Taylor Swift She's a new Olivia Rodrigo

  • _marsnaut_
    _marsnaut_4 timer siden

    I’m so proud of oliva for expressing how she feels with her break up and I love when she was breaking the TVs at the end! So satisfying

  • Arnau Guti
    Arnau Guti4 timer siden


  • Arvin Jay Fatal
    Arvin Jay Fatal4 timer siden

    Wait the last part is the new gf, idk if u guys noticed

  • thank u, next
    thank u, next5 timer siden

    this song is so gold i love it sm

  • Gala Stankovic
    Gala Stankovic5 timer siden

    this gives so much olivia vibes tbh

  • mugume malte
    mugume malte5 timer siden

    Is taylor swift her role model

  • 채랑이에요
    채랑이에요6 timer siden

    i'm still here everyday wow

  • Charli McKenzie
    Charli McKenzie6 timer siden

    Omg yes

  • MaxTheAxe
    MaxTheAxe6 timer siden

    *_lol i already know when I'm her age i'm gonna be crying over a math test_*

  • Bubbly_ snowflake
    Bubbly_ snowflake6 timer siden


  • Khan Mantasha
    Khan Mantasha6 timer siden

    The fact that Talia Ryder is so prettyyy

  • ellexo
    ellexo6 timer siden

    driver’s license part 2

  • Debby Marg
    Debby Marg6 timer siden


  • 吳彥佑
    吳彥佑6 timer siden

    Initial D?

  • Melissa Mosqueda
    Melissa Mosqueda6 timer siden

    Girl your like badass you go

  • Ashman Singh
    Ashman Singh6 timer siden

    Deja vu I have been in this place before higher in the street higher on the street and you know it's my time to go.

  • H M
    H M6 timer siden

    Your so talented

  • Subur Waris Mualim
    Subur Waris Mualim6 timer siden

    Why do I feel like I've heard this song way before

  • Peachy aesthetic!

    Peachy aesthetic!

    6 timer siden

    Deja vu

  • Krita Shah
    Krita Shah6 timer siden

    2:19 cruel summer anyone

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson6 timer siden

    Another actress hmmmm WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE

  • Armando Álvaro Arroyo
    Armando Álvaro Arroyo7 timer siden

    I love It

  • Y/n 🌸
    Y/n 🌸7 timer siden

    Listening to this wile bathing-

  • Zinguin Ziree
    Zinguin Ziree7 timer siden

    Break ups do suck, but when in a new relationship you’ll make new memories in those old spots you use to go to with your ex. It’s not about who you went to those places or did those things with first it’s about who you had the most fun with when going to that spot or doing that thing. The relationship didn’t work out that’s why it had to come to an end. And with this new person it could be going 10x better. Just be happy for them and yourself. You’ll always find love again, and when the time comes the next person you choose will most definitely be 10x better than the ex. Just choose wisely, have standards, and learn from these relationships so that you can grow and use them in your next. Everything happens for a reason.

  • cookie crumbs
    cookie crumbs7 timer siden

    olivia’s voice is really soothing.

  • Hiraya Premiums
    Hiraya Premiums7 timer siden

    Your songs are all making sense 😭

  • Cvdm._ 079
    Cvdm._ 0797 timer siden


  • Sydney Phillips
    Sydney Phillips7 timer siden

    Did anyone else’s think of the deja vu song that was a big meme

  • joud kabariti
    joud kabariti7 timer siden

    thats why in the tik tok they do set back ohhh

  • Devanshi S
    Devanshi S7 timer siden

    yall can u guys believe its been 3 months since the whole joshua sabrina drama

  • Jilianne Tribiana
    Jilianne Tribiana7 timer siden


  • Bunny Boo
    Bunny Boo8 timer siden

    I heard this song before? may be just a deja vu!

  • RandomThings might delete later
    RandomThings might delete later8 timer siden

    This has a IV of Spades song vibe

  • RandomThings might delete later
    RandomThings might delete later8 timer siden

    "you play her piano but she doesn't know that I was the one who taught you billy joe" uhh 👀 ohhh

  • Hana ponnanna
    Hana ponnanna8 timer siden

    Olivia is the most beautiful person inside and out I love deja vu and drivers license she is a brilliant singer I love her voice and her as a person congratulations on the new song deja vu 💛🧡💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  • yourgurlpia SB19
    yourgurlpia SB198 timer siden

    After watching the BTS of this MV, I have looked at the plot in a new angle. So basically, the character of Olivia tried to be like the girl, and not what we all first thought 😂

  • Benokh Attirach
    Benokh Attirach8 timer siden

    *The lyrics are so relatable I can't*

  • Noobie gaming
    Noobie gaming9 timer siden

    Replacing truly hurts❤️👍

  • RKJ Fishing
    RKJ Fishing9 timer siden

    Deja Vu, like I've been in this place before, higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go-ho!

  • Molly Lewis
    Molly Lewis9 timer siden

    This video is even better after seeing the behind the scenes

  • Kenil Monpara
    Kenil Monpara9 timer siden

    Who else thinks this better written song than driver lincese

  • Hana Riaz
    Hana Riaz9 timer siden

    Pov: your here from a tiktok with this sound

  • Maicrayola Prima
    Maicrayola Prima9 timer siden

    Can't get this out of my head❤️😭

  • Ruth Villca Medrano
    Ruth Villca Medrano9 timer siden

    Olivia me encantan tus canciones son muy realistas y con tu voz le dan el toque perfecto .❤️