Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)


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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  • Hasiba Mahmood
    Hasiba Mahmood11 sekunder siden

    I hate how ppl dont know olivia but when this song came out everyone magically had knew her for for a billion years :/

  • Juanita Morgan
    Juanita Morgan12 sekunder siden

    it is a beautiful song and a voice sounds so emotionally broken and sad but beautiful at the same time I seriously want this on my playlist

  • EmmaJean Jones
    EmmaJean Jones25 sekunder siden

    This. Is. The. Best. Song. EVER.

  • Koolminer1243
    Koolminer124337 sekunder siden

    This songs makes me want to be on a mountain, and try not lose the moon while counting the stars

  • Sarahi Anacleto
    Sarahi Anacleto49 sekunder siden

    So good

  • Ryan Henao
    Ryan Henao57 sekunder siden

    Is this about jake Paul and tana monugoul

  • Lauti Dumé
    Lauti DuméMinutt siden


  • I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!
    I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!Minutt siden

    Why everyone hit female artist now sounds like calbie calliat

  • Kishi Villaroman
    Kishi Villaroman3 minutter siden

    this is my new favorite SONG!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Riley
    Mark Riley3 minutter siden

    Been more than 7 years since I’ve been in a relationship..thanks for the reminder..:/

  • Tyler Watson
    Tyler Watson3 minutter siden

    Whose here because of TikTok?

  • Milonie Rosas
    Milonie Rosas3 minutter siden

    This is deep😔

  • ruben hall
    ruben hall4 minutter siden


  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson4 minutter siden

    I literally just realized that she is from bizarvark

  • MyLightB4Sunrise
    MyLightB4Sunrise4 minutter siden

    I admire how her heartbreak doesn't consist of any hate or disrespect towards the other person

  • Mehrana Nazari
    Mehrana Nazari4 minutter siden

    If you are reading this stop being lazy and get your drivers license

  • Baby Penewine
    Baby Penewine5 minutter siden

    Who knew an actress from a bad TV show would get to #1 on Billboards

  • Zachary Raymond
    Zachary Raymond5 minutter siden

    Drop an album or 10 and some happy songs ?! Also, let's collab lol. My Instagram is Zacharyraymond007 if you care to look Paige 😁🙃 lol.z or foor any13ELssseeeeee who's niice and brings good vibes just say hii lol

  • lil baddie
    lil baddie5 minutter siden

    omg i'm speechless.

  • Ny'Jai Tv
    Ny'Jai Tv5 minutter siden

    Cute song tho

  • maya
    maya6 minutter siden


  • Francheska Roxybless Banico
    Francheska Roxybless Banico6 minutter siden

    It hurts so much.... thinking about the person u like but he doesnt feel the same towards u...

  • Helena Clark
    Helena Clark6 minutter siden

    Pov: you don’t have ur driver’s license but u still love this song

  • Sam's_ Animations
    Sam's_ Animations6 minutter siden


  • kiiery
    kiiery6 minutter siden

    me being on larrays live : O.o

  • Sam's_ Animations
    Sam's_ Animations7 minutter siden

    Who else was on Larrays live? 😝💅 Also this song is very beautiful it's too sad 😭

  • Nick Khan
    Nick Khan7 minutter siden

    Why does this song banggggggg

  • Maggie Farrell
    Maggie Farrell7 minutter siden

    That's such a good song!!!

  • Cam Singer
    Cam Singer7 minutter siden

    Ngl, I relate to this so much

  • royal purple neverpink
    royal purple neverpink8 minutter siden

    This hits way to fucking close to home for me like wayyyyy to close like she was there the whole time 🥺

  • ShannenS
    ShannenS8 minutter siden

    This song makes me emotional.

  • Ky_Franz
    Ky_Franz9 minutter siden

    Just in 1week its already 51 million how about when 5months is 100million plus

  • Cecilia Farias
    Cecilia Farias9 minutter siden

    Nunca pensé que está chica iba a llegar tan alto.

  • fabiana ferreira
    fabiana ferreira10 minutter siden

    New star of pop 😍😍😍 Who agrees like

  • kaylin nichols
    kaylin nichols10 minutter siden

    the one person we thing about when you listen to this song i mean.....

  • Allae Syed19
    Allae Syed1910 minutter siden

    You don't need him! You have more talent than anyone I have ever heard!

  • Johnny Ross
    Johnny Ross10 minutter siden

    Umm is anyone else bugging that the girl from High School Musical, the Musical, the series is blowing up?

  • jafur
    jafur12 minutter siden

    here before 1 billion views

  • Saisha Sikka
    Saisha Sikka12 minutter siden

    I cried like crazy, an amazing singer with an amazing voice

  • Franco André Sáenz
    Franco André Sáenz13 minutter siden


  • Its_Me_Ash
    Its_Me_Ash14 minutter siden

    I don't get the hype ._. *I take that back I'm crying*

  • linda cameron
    linda cameron14 minutter siden

    The same thing happened to me😭

  • Seek Olivares
    Seek Olivares14 minutter siden

    7 years. I still miss you J. 😭😭😭

  • Addyxx Mae
    Addyxx Mae14 minutter siden

    Not me listing in repeat

  • Effie Chalda
    Effie Chalda15 minutter siden

    Someone else that DIDN'T CAME FROM TIK TOK?

  • H P
    H P16 minutter siden

    Dashboard banget bor

  • jorfred martin
    jorfred martin16 minutter siden

    you're never gonna cry over me pick me please huhu HAHAHAHAHA

  • Hannah Star
    Hannah Star16 minutter siden

    I keep coming back because i love this song and how olivia makes more

  • jorfred martin
    jorfred martin16 minutter siden

    wag nalang yan ako nalang hehe HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ad di
    Ad di16 minutter siden

    yall are at the bottom of the food chain if you cried to this- pls. 😭😭

  • Maple Leaf
    Maple Leaf17 minutter siden

    Her voice is like an angel, her high notes are perfect and this song is so beautiful

  • Mj Johnson
    Mj Johnson17 minutter siden

    I have cried every time I have heard this song

  • Lauro César
    Lauro César17 minutter siden

    Chloe e Halle mil vezes melhor q essa catarrenta

  • kerly g

    kerly g

    6 minutter siden

    bueno nadie te pregunto!!!

  • Mrs potato head
    Mrs potato head17 minutter siden

    I just thought if this but driver license and I love you by Billie Eilish mashup

  • DamionD 12
    DamionD 1217 minutter siden

    this song is so ass

  • Steven A
    Steven A17 minutter siden

    Stay single > have my heart broken again

  • Nola’s Randomness
    Nola’s Randomness18 minutter siden


  • Mochi lala
    Mochi lala18 minutter siden

    2:30 just stuck in ma head

  • RileyDa Lil’ chessepanda
    RileyDa Lil’ chessepanda18 minutter siden

    Wow, think she expected to make this song the most popular bc of all the drama

  • Nevaeh Hartz
    Nevaeh Hartz18 minutter siden

    Who remembers her from bizardvark🤣

  • Are Reyes
    Are Reyes18 minutter siden

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas :)❤️

  • Live Your Best Life -Tia
    Live Your Best Life -Tia18 minutter siden

    Excuse my language 🤭, but 👀... Dammn this song hit different, I kept hearing about it and finally thought "okay - I'll give it a listen" but yo this totally lives up to the hipe for me 🤗😍. Yep like 10 seconds in she gained another fan. 👀😂😍

  • Urlilbadi Ari Underwood
    Urlilbadi Ari Underwood19 minutter siden

    If you have not cried to this song, you don't actually understand it.

  • Riya singh Parihar
    Riya singh Parihar20 minutter siden

    Next 👇👇👇 nolocal.info/have/video/nayJpM-AxHCRlng

  • Dina Maysa id
    Dina Maysa id20 minutter siden

    i love it this song ❤️❤️❤️

  • vinnyciws Ferreira
    vinnyciws Ferreira20 minutter siden

    Mano to viciado nessa música

  • Fadli Shari
    Fadli Shari21 minutt siden

    Congrats olivia for 53M views and 1M subscribe

  • Ava Kay
    Ava Kay22 minutter siden

    Favorite song!❤️

  • Victoria S
    Victoria S24 minutter siden

    This promo of this song is huge. All streaming platforms are playing this song and it has a a lot of commercials. But I don’t understand really why? This song is good but also not that great like other songs you probably know. Can someone explain me why they throw this to our throats so much?

  • Demxnbxyxo_999
    Demxnbxyxo_99925 minutter siden


  • Betzabe Escalera
    Betzabe Escalera26 minutter siden

    olivia when are they comig out season 2 of high shcool the musical the series

  • Who_Dis
    Who_Dis26 minutter siden

    This Song is Dog shit she made this at 17 Tay-K made the Race while fleeing the police at 17 SMH 🤦🏻

  • Reecko
    Reecko27 minutter siden

    i bet the boy in the love triangle regrets breaking up with her now

  • scriblezfn
    scriblezfn28 minutter siden

    This how i think I sound in the shower

  • Mels Bakery
    Mels Bakery28 minutter siden

    Y’all cry to this?

  • Val Luna
    Val Luna28 minutter siden

    This is so amazing 😭🤍

  • Germain Carl Daniel
    Germain Carl Daniel28 minutter siden

    I love you so much

  • Lily's Dreqm
    Lily's Dreqm29 minutter siden

    Who else thinks she deserves better :(

    MARIA FE HERMOZA29 minutter siden

    I listen to this song almost 3 times a day

  • jafur
    jafur30 minutter siden

    the dude who broke her heart watching this like :I

  • jasmin van der Lei
    jasmin van der Lei30 minutter siden

    why do you people eat up such mediocre music... this is just lorde but bad

  • lettuuce *
    lettuuce *30 minutter siden

    Damn, i felt that

  • jaazzie
    jaazzie30 minutter siden

    sometimes when im bored i reply to my own comment

  • jaazzie


    30 minutter siden

    omg same

  • KAYLEE.REYES 102572
    KAYLEE.REYES 10257230 minutter siden

    I LOVE james charles version! watch it!

  • John Anthony P. Palmos
    John Anthony P. Palmos31 minutt siden

    Pretty sure this song will be on “Top 40 hit songs” for 2021

  • Toca Jinggle.B
    Toca Jinggle.B31 minutt siden

    Elle: hello we would like you to play song association with us

  • anna yeye
    anna yeye31 minutt siden


  • Lily Mullins
    Lily Mullins31 minutt siden

    Im not crying you are

  • Lornz BR
    Lornz BR32 minutter siden

    #FilipinoCommunity least make it 100M

  • 44 - Duke
    44 - Duke32 minutter siden


  • Jordan Love
    Jordan Love32 minutter siden

    Miranda ruined this song for me😂Me and this song was so tight, I still love this song though Olivia sus

  • Fred
    Fred32 minutter siden

    She should split the profits with him cause if he never broke her heart she never would’ve had this chart topping song.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • strawberry frog
    strawberry frog33 minutter siden

    I love how we all keep coming back

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker33 minutter siden


  • Katrina Carandang
    Katrina Carandang33 minutter siden

    This song has so much emotions. I can't relate but it did make me cry. I just felt her pain. Damn.

  • xXShadow Night81Xx
    xXShadow Night81Xx33 minutter siden

    I hate myself for not listening to this the day it came out 😢

  • Jack Beast
    Jack Beast34 minutter siden

    So basically she dated a guy who was 21 years old and she was 17....yikes

  • shayla anderson
    shayla anderson34 minutter siden

    I’ve never had a relationship but this song hits different

  • Melody Valdepeña
    Melody Valdepeña35 minutter siden

    Is it just me? Who thought she's a mix of American and Spanish blood when in fact she's a Filipino and German/Irish descent? Filipino from her dad and Western European from mom. Okay just me.

  • Julian Finley
    Julian Finley35 minutter siden

    Here comes all the self diagnosed 12 year olds sayin this is the best song they ever heard