I don't normally do Icon Roulette packs, however the new base/mid Icon pack is back on FIFA 21 and I had no other way to open it...
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  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel GonzalezMåned siden

    Pie says on twitch “it going to be a chill stream.” Proceeds to do 2 icons packs and packs someone insane. Love the vids

  • Issac Hock

    Issac Hock

    Måned siden

    How do you cure anxiety pie face?

  • Jxcob1


    Måned siden

    @Fraser bro do you not get he’s clearly being sarcastic 😂

  • Fraser


    Måned siden

    @Jxcob1 he said thanks for NOT spoiling it?

  • Jxcob1


    Måned siden

    @Caio Wyn Jones why go to the comments before watching it

  • Habib Ashraf

    Habib Ashraf

    Måned siden

    @Caio Wyn Jones oof

  • j g
    j g14 dager siden

    i did a roulette and got 95 pele xd

  • Cesar Gachon
    Cesar Gachon16 dager siden

    Fantastic video

  • Alex Boyce
    Alex Boyce17 dager siden

    Pieface is fat

  • JenteP
    JenteP20 dager siden

    you girl or boy?

  • Matthew Manwaring
    Matthew Manwaring29 dager siden

    The face of realisation when he realised he got zidane 😂

  • Liam O'Hare
    Liam O'HareMåned siden

    POV: you thought it was Pires not zidane

  • Harry Grant
    Harry GrantMåned siden

    10:27 mate weah was American was he not

  • The Honeyman
    The HoneymanMåned siden

    Talk about a delayed reaction

  • Jacob Corbett
    Jacob CorbettMåned siden

    Picked up fifa a few days ago. First one in years. How does he have so many packs?

  • Zackary Smith
    Zackary SmithMåned siden I PACKED PELE IN A BASE/MID ICOM PACK CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!😁

  • Mr Potato
    Mr PotatoMåned siden

    Pie they need to put a Plymouth argyle icon in the game just for you. Imagine the scenes🤣

  • Fraser Pickering
    Fraser PickeringMåned siden

    Just did icon roulette for base or mid pack. I eliminated all the nations and positions except for the Netherlands and CF. It had to be Cruyff. No. It was Dennis fucking Bergkamp.

  • Dylan Tudor
    Dylan TudorMåned siden

    I acc love Pieface so much 😂

  • Raamyn
    RaamynMåned siden

    I was thinking zidane or veira the while time and would you lookie here 😧

    ELITE_ SUARESMåned siden

    He got 94 Zidane 👍

  • Cahal Doherty
    Cahal DohertyMåned siden


  • A1
    A1Måned siden

    Shout out from Newquay

  • mayco ortiz
    mayco ortizMåned siden

    Omg i was biting my nails the whole damn time 😰 this was so exciting

  • frankie joseph
    frankie josephMåned siden

    Gotta do more icon roulettes pie that was mental

  • Way2hyper X
    Way2hyper XMåned siden

    That was so exciting 😂

  • aryan8patel
    aryan8patelMåned siden

    12:00pm: School is a pain *Pieface is live* What more can you want in life

  • Kieran Freeman
    Kieran FreemanMåned siden

    You went past Nigeria 🇳🇬, hope your well lad been busy at the new house missing the streams

  • TheJazmeister
    TheJazmeisterMåned siden

    ‘Oh that’s not gone well’ 😂😂

  • Sean
    SeanMåned siden

    That is nuts

  • Andrew Carvajal
    Andrew CarvajalMåned siden

    You cant do it like two sync...two thumbs down

  • WMDZ
    WMDZMåned siden

    That had my heart racing the whole time

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaaMåned siden

    what a video mate, you have a real knack for entertainment mate;)

  • Bossun JR
    Bossun JRMåned siden


  • Piers Henderson
    Piers HendersonMåned siden

    i got pele in my icon roulette...

  • Marc Henderson
    Marc HendersonMåned siden

    can anyone tell me wtf fodder means

  • Noah Calbert

    Noah Calbert

    Måned siden

    players high rated but barely usable, its high rated to put in an sbc

  • Baderphotography Alzahrani
    Baderphotography AlzahraniMåned siden

    I like ya cut g

  • Broken Silence
    Broken SilenceMåned siden

    How much have u spent on fifa ?

  • Steef Teeuwen
    Steef TeeuwenMåned siden

    Do another one mate

  • beth rixon
    beth rixonMåned siden

    Pie I packed base ronaldo from that pack woop woop

  • Issac Hock
    Issac HockMåned siden

    How do you cure anxiety pie face? Just don’t worry about it mate 🤣

  • Dezy
    DezyMåned siden

    ur sound🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Dhiaan1904 _
    Dhiaan1904 _Måned siden

    Everyone hear me out, don’t you think pieface could be daz games son??

  • Daniel Flemming
    Daniel FlemmingMåned siden


  • Daniel Gram
    Daniel GramMåned siden

    You forgot Best

  • Goosevich
    GoosevichMåned siden

    I am Goose

  • Mezo Gamer
    Mezo GamerMåned siden

    dont waste your time he got zidaneeeeee 94

  • Ivan Kulola
    Ivan KulolaMåned siden

    I got that card last year during team of the year opening

  • blackett /
    blackett /Måned siden

    Come to the NOlocal videos for the insane content and just pie in general , but us real troopers come to the streams for the itty bitty stuff and of course the predictions and of course pie best content creator ever

  • Sebbchett
    SebbchettMåned siden

    yeah pie

  • Joseph Gold
    Joseph GoldMåned siden

    One of the most underrated NOlocalr, We love you, you chunky meat pie.!!!

  • Charlie Pearson
    Charlie PearsonMåned siden

    Would love to see more roulettes

  • Charlie Pearson
    Charlie PearsonMåned siden

    I would say that roulette is better for yt but on a live stream opening it straight up is probs better

  • Jonathan Rojas
    Jonathan RojasMåned siden

    What game is this? I don’t understand

  • Drew Puckett
    Drew PuckettMåned siden

    Today I packed 88 inform pogba no cap I have proof

  • Shomari
    ShomariMåned siden

    spolier.. he packs 94 Zidane

  • Phone Gamer202
    Phone Gamer202Måned siden

    I love how sheldons entire base card stats are 73 from that episode he explains why that is the best number.

  • RaidAnime 13
    RaidAnime 13Måned siden

    Some one paid 199,000$ for totw hakimi when there were other you can quick buy for 47k

  • Robbie Mcbride
    Robbie McbrideMåned siden

    He sounds English and Scottish

  • Gary Pugh
    Gary PughMåned siden

    The icon is a waste for a player as bad as you

    TOBEZMåned siden

    Watched this during English today. Guess Shakespeare can wait he’s not going anywhere.

  • Conor Murphy
    Conor MurphyMåned siden

    What days do u stream on twitch

  • joseph scowen
    joseph scowenMåned siden


  • Matty Rose
    Matty RoseMåned siden

    How class would it be if they did player pick packs, instead of 24 players in a 100k pack, get 24 player picks

  • Momo alzeir
    Momo alzeirMåned siden

    Wassup booiiss

  • Nico Havia
    Nico HaviaMåned siden

    More these

  • Ryan
    RyanMåned siden

    Did you let stevie wonder open any of the packs? Or was he just there to do your haircut

  • Toxic Exho
    Toxic ExhoMåned siden


  • qwelxy
    qwelxyMåned siden

    Pie face: you like my cut Me: oh I like that cut g

  • Ian Copleston
    Ian CoplestonMåned siden

    Well done Mr pie... Best I've seen

  • Jamie Thompson
    Jamie ThompsonMåned siden

    It made me smile seeing u pack zidane,love u pie 🥧

  • Kayden
    KaydenMåned siden

    Is it just me or should ea bring the icon cards that used to be here for example George weah and put them in packs for a couple of weeks it's just a thought

  • Harry Sorensen
    Harry SorensenMåned siden

    Lad is an absolute hero, soo much time for his content. Genuinely someone you’d sit and have a pint with

  • Aiden McAloon
    Aiden McAloonMåned siden

    You should really upload fut champs highlights! Be brilliant

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel RodriguezMåned siden


  • Mark Jenko
    Mark JenkoMåned siden

    Pie mate! I seen you rage on compilations! 😂 you are the same as me mate 😂 no matter how shut this game is I’m back for more!

  • HC7 c
    HC7 cMåned siden

    up the pie

  • Brian Gilligan
    Brian GilliganMåned siden

    WILDDD piece the goat

  • Topform 6
    Topform 6Måned siden

    All These Good Players And He Still Trash

  • x8w x8w
    x8w x8wMåned siden


    GAYBZZ REEDMåned siden

    Who doesn’t love pie ❤️

  • Lank_Valence
    Lank_ValenceMåned siden

  • Roster Hd
    Roster HdMåned siden


  • Scott Waring
    Scott WaringMåned siden

    Another one!!!!!!

  • remyarsenal
    remyarsenalMåned siden

    A truly intense and excellent video 👍🏻

  • Darren Chipp
    Darren ChippMåned siden

    That's up there with twosyncs for sure mate! You and Chris deserved that💪

  • 100 Sub
    100 SubMåned siden

    Today I found out George weah isn’t American

  • Hamas Khan
    Hamas KhanMåned siden

    Pieface Pack opening Yes

  • X.Josh_Oliver. X
    X.Josh_Oliver. XMåned siden

    Fresh trim 💇‍♂️

  • Scott Griffiths
    Scott GriffithsMåned siden

    Who’s cutting your hair lad?

  • Velsz
    VelszMåned siden

    Ur a legend pie

  • Ste Thompson
    Ste ThompsonMåned siden

    anyone remember him out of big brother 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris AC
    Chris ACMåned siden

    You didnt check costa rica, so when you did all of the french positions i said it had to be rui costa or a cam french cuz that was the only position you hadnt checkes lol

  • Sipho Maleka
    Sipho MalekaMåned siden

    Thank you pie for suggesting this SBC cause for the first time in playing fifa for a decade I got champions league CR7 my most favorite player of my Era. Also Eden Hazard and Gaya LB. Damn it also Edison the Brazilian goalkeeper.

  • Kieran Lawton
    Kieran LawtonMåned siden

    You could of cut the tension with a knife!

  • keo carno
    keo carnoMåned siden


  • Matt Demita
    Matt DemitaMåned siden


  • modestben
    modestbenMåned siden

    Nice that was a fun build up

  • Brxndino
    BrxndinoMåned siden

    glad your argyle

  • Young_Jay123
    Young_Jay123Måned siden

    Ice in the veins!!

  • Leefitout Cityboy2016
    Leefitout Cityboy2016Måned siden

    Yes pie about time

  • ZeroZero
    ZeroZeroMåned siden

    Insane pull & well deserved!

  • #NebisHere
    #NebisHereMåned siden

    Wow that wasn’t clickbat

  • Kurd gamers
    Kurd gamersMåned siden

    wassup boys❤

  • Sym2265
    Sym2265Måned siden

    Pack was that good he lagged before reacting