One Dip Makeup Challenge!


HI SISTERS! I was recently challenged by my friend NikkieTutorials to try out to the One Dip Makeup Challenge. I put my skills to the test and use only ONE squirt or dip of each of my normal makeup products to see if I can somehow put together a glam look! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • GIGI
    GIGI42 minutter siden

    You are probably wondering how did this comment get so many likes...

  • Ariella
    AriellaTime siden

    i love your makeup !! Keep up the great work (: (:

  • Evelyn Littleton
    Evelyn LittletonTime siden

    James: “I dIdNt PuT aNy ExTrA DiPs “ me :hmmmmm -.-

  • Jada Johnson
    Jada JohnsonTime siden

    Me: Beauti- James:ITS SO BADDDDDDDD Me: What u talkin about? I cant even do makeup lol

  • ꧁ Strxwberry Cow꧂
    ꧁ Strxwberry Cow꧂Time siden

    OMG you posted this on my birthday!!!

  • Presley That Gamer
    Presley That GamerTime siden

    Let’s see yo double chin James!

  • Stacy Landis
    Stacy Landis2 timer siden

    Omg LOL my cats name is roxie you may spell it roxy thoe

  • S A M
    S A M2 timer siden

    :0 hi jamessss! I love your work ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻⭐️🥺🥺🥺! Your are such a big inspiration in my life and I wish to be like you :))) I’ll always be a sister :D (though you probably won’t see this 😭😭)

  • x o-JELLO Ryan
    x o-JELLO Ryan2 timer siden

    Dur hello sister pppp so annoying

  • Malea Waltafara Sunyoto
    Malea Waltafara Sunyoto2 timer siden

    She slayed it once again doe-

  • SiimplyStar
    SiimplyStar2 timer siden

    Is it me or have I got to use to seeing James with no makeup cause I use to be like :0 that James he looks so different without makeup’ but now I’m so use to it!

  • Isabella Felix
    Isabella Felix2 timer siden

    Yessssss queen

  • Trinity Psalm
    Trinity Psalm2 timer siden

    James: “sister isabelle” “sister Isabelle”: literally @sistermeesha

  • Roblox Ambxr
    Roblox Ambxr2 timer siden

    u r the reason i say hey sisters to my friends and they say no :/

  • Hailey Bruhn
    Hailey Bruhn2 timer siden

    I’m not that much of a makeup lover but I’ll watch this for my sis

  • Hailey Bruhn
    Hailey Bruhn3 timer siden

    I wish I could have that much views gg

  • Hailey Bruhn
    Hailey Bruhn3 timer siden

    Hi James my sister loves your videos and she moved to tx so I’m watching your videos for her😭😭😭I’m so sad she moved btw I’m 8 years old

  • Lily Lemon
    Lily Lemon3 timer siden

    do ariana grandes makeup and billie eilish and taylor swift

  • HappyGurl Paints
    HappyGurl Paints3 timer siden

    I love people who can pull of the crazy colorful eyeshadow because it looks TERRIBLE on ME

  • Elisabeth Forcellati
    Elisabeth Forcellati3 timer siden

    Omg my friend name is mila

  • Dylan Does It All
    Dylan Does It All3 timer siden

    Hi, I’m Dylan and I love James Charles. I’m trying to make good content like James. Pls subscribe to my channel too

  • Phoenix Star
    Phoenix Star3 timer siden

    James is marshmallow

  • Riverlyn Frank
    Riverlyn Frank5 timer siden

    7:53 WHY DOES HE ACTAILLY SOUND LIKE HIM😅😅😅😅😅😅😅!!!!!!!!😳😳😳😳😳😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ttv_ Oliverbaker
    Ttv_ Oliverbaker5 timer siden

    Darkest font challenge

  • Beth Phillipson
    Beth Phillipson5 timer siden

    Ilike Eve

  • Kaiden Gibson
    Kaiden Gibson5 timer siden

    This looks like the first look u did on char

  • Elena Grace
    Elena Grace5 timer siden

    James, you look so good!!!!!!

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    4 timer siden

    For the eyes you dipped multiple times

  • Rethabile Tlali
    Rethabile Tlali5 timer siden

    James you should do a challenge where you put on your makeup but not blend anything in until the end😀

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    4 timer siden

    When he blended tha consiler in my eys he lookd like a bembe LOL

  • yo its lily
    yo its lily5 timer siden

    this looks so good!!

  • Andrew Gleason
    Andrew Gleason5 timer siden

    I cants calllls

  • Gabriel Andrade
    Gabriel Andrade6 timer siden

    Color corrector by flaming hot Cheetos I love it

  • *. Kasidi Mosby .*
    *. Kasidi Mosby .*6 timer siden

    me after james finished his eyeshadow: WOWWWWWW AMAZING! james: meh. me: I-

  • Noelle
    Noelle6 timer siden

    James: “that was a nice juicy squirt”

  • McKenzie barnes
    McKenzie barnes6 timer siden

    did anyone else notice that James said that's not manly of me... Kirishima also says manly... JAMES DO YOU WATCH MY HERO ACADIMEA

  • Sahir Ali
    Sahir Ali6 timer siden

    James Charles number don’t work

  • Shiny_Hunter_Usagi
    Shiny_Hunter_Usagi6 timer siden

    Now do the reverse and do double the amount you would normally use

  • R Cordova
    R Cordova6 timer siden

    hold up did James highlight? btw love u James

  • gogo Soso
    gogo Soso7 timer siden

    imagine huda beauty filming a video whith you James 🤔🤨

  • Sparkles BFF and super sweet playz !
    Sparkles BFF and super sweet playz !7 timer siden

    oki I am not dreaming. James did use Nikki’s palette

  • Danilo de Almeida Poggio
    Danilo de Almeida Poggio7 timer siden

    If His Is Bad, Mine Is Garbage And It Looks Like A 3 Year Old Did It.

  • Heidija Jarmalavica
    Heidija Jarmalavica7 timer siden

    When he blended tha consiler in my eys he lookd like a bembe LOL

  • Sophia’s Life
    Sophia’s Life7 timer siden

    For the eyes you dipped multiple times

  • Stephanie Joseph
    Stephanie Joseph7 timer siden

    Pretty smart for using cream product only!! WOWWW 💜💜

  • XxCreamy Wolf PlayzxX
    XxCreamy Wolf PlayzxX7 timer siden

    bich you look great love you sister

  • evergreen_studios
    evergreen_studios7 timer siden

    Anyone else notice that his eyeshadow looks kind of like the pansexual flag? 💗💛💙

  • Auguste Uzemeckyte
    Auguste Uzemeckyte7 timer siden


  • Mrs Raven
    Mrs Raven8 timer siden

    I always use only one dip for skin products, foundation etc it’s how it should be used...

  • Eh Lel
    Eh Lel8 timer siden

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls do vinnie hackers makeup.

  • Le Badger
    Le Badger8 timer siden

    Hey james I think you really should do the one stroke challenge but with makeup, like you can’t do the eyeliner with more than one stroke or each brow or foundation with more than one stroke, I think that’ll be pretty hard!

  • Ela plays
    Ela plays8 timer siden

    He still did a better Make up Look then me

  • alishba afroz
    alishba afroz8 timer siden

    James' side profile is prettier than my whole face😳

  • Nahla Johnson
    Nahla Johnson8 timer siden

    1:06 is that you real number

  • John Tucker
    John Tucker9 timer siden

    Bruh this is amazing how does James think that its bad🙄

  • Katarina
    Katarina9 timer siden

    My biggest wish came true the day you pinned my comment. I first didn’t know what that means but then I asked my brother and I was so happy cuz you pinned MY comment. The comment was about how nice and good you are at make up, how bad I love you and about my birthday(31.10), it’s in a few days and my other wish would be for u to wish me happy birthday. I would literally cry if that would happen! Okay, what I wanna say too, James I live your videos. You literally are my inspiration and why I learned to do make up better. I practise on my mums face because I can’t do my make up yet, and I don’t want to because I am too young and I love my face. You are amazing, don’t ever stop with make up and don’t ever cry about some haters. Be confident and stay just like you are now!! Love you Kati❤️❤️

  • Abby Stevens
    Abby Stevens9 timer siden

    He has Instagram eyes. Eyeshadow colors are the same colors Instagram

  • Valerie Anne
    Valerie Anne9 timer siden

    Nikkie wasn't lying, if anyone can kill it BESIDES HER is definitely you, this should be fun to watch

  • Kaylee brown among us
    Kaylee brown among us9 timer siden

    Yesss u did good 😌

  • Kendra Crook
    Kendra Crook9 timer siden


  • Alivia Dannhe
    Alivia Dannhe9 timer siden

    How Did u do that I could never ur amazing

  • Pix says Hi
    Pix says Hi9 timer siden

    Am I the only one who got that Smash reference? xD

  • larrystylinson 2828
    larrystylinson 282810 timer siden

    Idk why but please do harry styles makeup

  • Abigail Beaton
    Abigail Beaton10 timer siden

    hi i love your videos you are my fav NOlocalr on this platform and on tic tok

  • صدقه جاريه
    صدقه جاريه10 timer siden


    Omn ABDULLAH10 timer siden

    What is the brand of the orange corrector???

  • Lauran Digmam
    Lauran Digmam10 timer siden

    James you nailed that sis

  • 1k sub's before November Challenge.
    1k sub's before November Challenge.10 timer siden

    everyone whos reading this,,,,may you and your parents have long life.

  • Sarah Gates
    Sarah Gates11 timer siden

    James should do a video where he uses candy to do his makeup Like if you agree 👍🏻👇

  • billiebobbyschnapp 1
    billiebobbyschnapp 111 timer siden

    Can u do a Billie Eilish Makeup video?🖤🖤 Hope ur haveing a great day couse u made my day while i was watching this🥰 Luv u idol❤️🥰

  • Marnie Ghalati
    Marnie Ghalati11 timer siden

    It’s not time for free

  • Marnie Ghalati
    Marnie Ghalati11 timer siden

    I like your videos and I have the scratch and it was you please post more with me tutorials

  • Julia Adamiec
    Julia Adamiec11 timer siden

    I would love to see a fan challenge. Like, do the makeup of one subscriber :) I think that would be so lit.

  • Gacha Narcissa
    Gacha Narcissa12 timer siden

    Congrats on 23 million 👏 🙌 ❤

  • Jayli Cando Santellan
    Jayli Cando Santellan12 timer siden

    Even with all the freaking challenges james makeup ALWAYS looks better then mine does without chanllenges WHY btw I LOVE u James ur makeup is soooooooo good

  • A.B.
    A.B.12 timer siden

    Now this is a good challenge

    Gaming with BTSMEMESOFFICIAL12 timer siden

    ok but can we appreciate how good he actually looks even without makeup?

  • Sophia Keefe
    Sophia Keefe12 timer siden

    He should do Soffi Dossi

  • Leo Cat
    Leo Cat12 timer siden

    James trying to blend in his vein 😂

  • Kaniz Miah
    Kaniz Miah12 timer siden

    3 of the eyeshadows you dipped in twice

  • Lxrdi Tea
    Lxrdi Tea12 timer siden

    My dirty mind this whole video: 👁👅👁

  • EmmaTheBreadStick


    12 timer siden

    Same :')))👁️👄👁️

  • Katrine Spanggaard
    Katrine Spanggaard13 timer siden

    Am i the only one that thinks that your eyelook kindta looks like a Instagram theme🤔❤️ Soooo cool video i love!! to see your videos🥰😘

  • Jerahmi Ronelle
    Jerahmi Ronelle13 timer siden

    You should put a black rinse in your hair.

  • Sabrina Babar
    Sabrina Babar13 timer siden

    James do billie eilish’s makeup!!

  • Amyybells
    Amyybells13 timer siden

    the paperclip earring omg i just noticed when he looked to the side alfjalfjcal the eyeshadow is so cute tho what does he mean it's horribleee 🥺🥺

  • Eep!
    Eep!14 timer siden

    Only people who think James is beautiful without makeup can like this.

  • Eep!
    Eep!14 timer siden

    omg hi james i love your channel!

  • Mony Butt
    Mony Butt14 timer siden

    I wish I could do makeup like you😭😭

  • Maryam El Abdi
    Maryam El Abdi15 timer siden

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  • Addison Booth
    Addison Booth15 timer siden

    It won’t let me text youu

  • سارة الكنتي
    سارة الكنتي16 timer siden

    And the thought of the day kids is , that you can save a lot of sister's

    LAU XING YU Moe16 timer siden

    My fav

  • Mang Samte
    Mang Samte16 timer siden

    Hi sister i tried to text u but it failed umm and i really wanna text u so do u mine sending u my phone number...comment my comment pls James

  • Leah's Davis's
    Leah's Davis's16 timer siden

    Challenge - do ur makeup backwards

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    Carl Cavenett17 timer siden

    How much does James spend on makeup a year

  • Sofia Lorraine Dequito
    Sofia Lorraine Dequito17 timer siden

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    RH avani17 timer siden

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    angel s19 timer siden

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  • angel s
    angel s19 timer siden

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  • Life as Jeané
    Life as Jeané19 timer siden

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    Ang JiaYi19 timer siden

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  • Kylie Harmon-Hernandez
    Kylie Harmon-Hernandez19 timer siden

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