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  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul21 dag siden

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  • Ivan Navarro

    Ivan Navarro

    Dag siden

    No fuck Pokémon

  • soicyy_ frankie

    soicyy_ frankie

    3 dager siden

    What should I do with my Chinese charzard halo graphic card

  • Rachel Christensen

    Rachel Christensen

    4 dager siden

    Literally love you.

  • Todes Luftpump

    Todes Luftpump

    13 dager siden

    Hey Logan, Would be Really nice of you react to PAPAPLATTE‘s Video about you Packing his Charizard !!! Like this comment for Logan seeing this ❤️🙏🏻

  • Grucci G

    Grucci G

    16 dager siden

    You Should get Pokémon go

  • Lulita Mañacap
    Lulita MañacapTime siden

    :logans bird : feed me :wallmart : dont buy bird food buy pokemon cards :) :logan :ehh ok :)

  • Igor Leśniak
    Igor Leśniak2 timer siden

    1:02:13 charizard

  • youlikepoo2 Person
    youlikepoo2 Person4 timer siden

    *inhale* A CHANSEY

  • Jan Mariin Kasalo
    Jan Mariin Kasalo5 timer siden

    Garados is my favorite pokemon holografic

  • K K
    K K5 timer siden

    Mike annoying af

  • Ninjagamer 176
    Ninjagamer 1769 timer siden

    i have 2 of these and im from india and yes they are first edition

  • Ful-O-Gold
    Ful-O-Gold9 timer siden

    Your trying to raise money by spending 200k on Pokémon cards and only got like 10k donated. Yeah makes sense

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker10 timer siden

    I wonder what the total value of all the cards pulled out of that box was? Since the Charizard alone is worth more than the box and they pulled 7 of the big 4, I think it was well worth it but I still want to figure out total value counting all the starters and Pikachus

  • The Frost Army
    The Frost Army12 timer siden

    I have three charmanders what are they worth?

  • Qt_Yandel
    Qt_Yandel12 timer siden


  • JK_Merkz
    JK_Merkz12 timer siden

    Did JJ rlly ruin ur career to a point where you do Pokémon now

  • CaseyJones RidingthatTRAIN
    CaseyJones RidingthatTRAIN14 timer siden

    have you ever seen logan paul and pewdiepie in the same place the same time? i havent.

  • HuberTwinToyTalk
    HuberTwinToyTalk15 timer siden


  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan16 timer siden

    Why doesn’t he have his mother under mom on contacts

  • DL senseless
    DL senseless17 timer siden

    This video is fucked if you have a surround sound headset

  • Bananen beschwörer
    Bananen beschwörer18 timer siden

    POV : you are hear from PAPAPLATTE

  • Bananen beschwörer

    Bananen beschwörer

    3 timer siden

    @Shauka Hodan 😬

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    16 timer siden

    I’ll give you 20 bucks for the charizard

  • Gavin Sprague
    Gavin Sprague20 timer siden

    The audio is not good....:

  • BBG 4WayDee
    BBG 4WayDee21 time siden

    Lol your rich you should donate us money lmao😂.

  • A life with Pierre
    A life with Pierre22 timer siden


  • xthedoctor06x online
    xthedoctor06x onlineDag siden

    i have a picachu,charizard,and Blastoise EXs' but thats just 3 of one pack full of EXs'

  • Iron wotplayer
    Iron wotplayerDag siden

    How is this a 200k box when the cards are worth 400k total lol

  • meme guy
    meme guyDag siden

    you know the bix you destroyed at the beggining of the video is worth more than the latest iphone

  • Christian Blake
    Christian BlakeDag siden

    buy one now for the 50th annoversary

  • cottonpatch2000
    cottonpatch2000Dag siden

    2:22:22 the fraudster is all over the place

  • Anthony Soto
    Anthony SotoDag siden

    1:02:11 charizard pull🥸

  • Cooper Doucette
    Cooper DoucetteDag siden


  • Matei milu
    Matei miluDag siden

    Keep it up

  • Chad Kelsey
    Chad KelseyDag siden

    I watch one off your old video and kong was in the video I all most cried

  • lil DJ
    lil DJDag siden

    bro my brother got hella pokemon he be having them like when he was a kid like bout 7 and now he 21 bout be 22

  • ladyangel801
    ladyangel801Dag siden

    12:41 rip

  • Brian Bravo
    Brian BravoDag siden

    I’ll give you 20 bucks for the charizard

  • gaby20gamer I
    gaby20gamer IDag siden

    Lohan's mic off or whay


    This is how many times he said fantastic ⬇️

  • Soul
    SoulDag siden

    Who’s here after Logan got scammed?

  • Soul


    Dag siden

    @FreeZ you can find other clips of his fake charzard online

  • FreeZ


    Dag siden

    scammed ?

  • Gaming with D2
    Gaming with D2Dag siden


  • Florez Sergio
    Florez SergioDag siden

    He gave away his cards ?

  • Alexis Pereyra
    Alexis PereyraDag siden

    It’s ok not to be ok 😂😂

  • Angel Loredo
    Angel LoredoDag siden

    I really wish pokemon was real

  • Edwin Recon
    Edwin ReconDag siden

    Dang you guys need a better audio crew

  • Ninja Bird

    Ninja Bird

    Dag siden


  • Anthony Soto

    Anthony Soto

    Dag siden

    Fr this shit hurting my ears lol

  • King Cobra
    King CobraDag siden

    I dislike out of principles

    SKLODO TEAMDag siden

    well i just go to a random minute and i found venusaur 31:59

  • hassam seo
    hassam seoDag siden


  • Fabian Aguilera
    Fabian AguileraDag siden

    Why doesn’t he have his mother under mom on contacts

  • Mason Vanderver
    Mason VanderverDag siden

    1:01:02 is when he pulls it

  • Justin Runski
    Justin RunskiDag siden

    do you still hate santa

  • Brandon Vazquez
    Brandon VazquezDag siden

    Logan I have a lot of Pokemon I have even the rarest Mewtwo and I have the one that you wanted the charge

  • Elsy Guevara
    Elsy GuevaraDag siden

    Logan im not hating I don’t even watch ur vids I just came to a vid u spent two mil on a car wow and I was like how far is this going but this is crazy I just want to show u what ur doing

  • Swagity Swooty
    Swagity SwootyDag siden

    Could only hear his voice from my left part of the headset I almost went batshit! Fix your mic

  • Sam C
    Sam CDag siden

    Woulda been nice to wear gloves w the value and COVID..

  • Nicholas Too
    Nicholas TooDag siden

    I’m corn fused.

  • Glorious 08
    Glorious 08Dag siden

    Watched a grown man play with Pokémon cards for two hours

  • Meansue
    MeansueDag siden

    Donating $2 when I only have $12 left in my is wrong with me

  • hassam seo
    hassam seoDag siden


  • Kyle Littleton
    Kyle Littleton2 dager siden

    All of these cards need to be sleeved.. especially all pack fresh.

  • Whinzey
    Whinzey2 dager siden

    Where can i get my hands of one of those charizard pillows?

  • Soss Quatch
    Soss Quatch2 dager siden

    Where do you sell these cards for that much though? I see them going for way less on eBay and tcg

  • Jonathan Houle
    Jonathan Houle2 dager siden

    Isnt Logan able to recognise Shadowless cards?

  • Gaming Abdullah
    Gaming Abdullah2 dager siden

    Don’t want it now it’s broken

  • Leigh Xaveira Lomonsod
    Leigh Xaveira Lomonsod2 dager siden

    My God i am a big fan hiii

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    2 dager siden

    I still wait for some videos where peoples playing with this cards

  • Kajus Ragulskis
    Kajus Ragulskis2 dager siden

    Omg Pokemon

  • yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    2 dager siden

    Are the cards he pulled his or no? I’m confused is it a giveaway?

  • guan huang
    guan huang2 dager siden

    time for yugioh

  • cobes29
    cobes292 dager siden

    When these boxes came out was there a lot of them released? Like were this 1st edition Pokémon boxes in all the stores easily buyable or was it a limited run of these 1st edition boxes ?

  • Electronic
    Electronic2 dager siden

    This turned out so good man, not everyone can be a winner but you pulled all 3 starter holos, a GM Bulbasaur and a bunch of rares, crazy.

  • Bryan Esquivel
    Bryan Esquivel2 dager siden

    Dudes spent over 200k on usless Pokémon cards and doing a fundraiser,like bro all u had to do was not buy Pokémon cards and donate the 200k instead of using others money

  • Peter Gunnarsen

    Peter Gunnarsen

    Dag siden

    Yea stop being an idiot

  • KC Strecker

    KC Strecker

    Dag siden

    quit bitching.

  • Kristian Gonzalez
    Kristian Gonzalez2 dager siden

    Take a shot every time Logan Paul says “fantastic”

  • bababoey
    bababoey2 dager siden


  • Michael Doan
    Michael Doan2 dager siden

    Is this a live?

  • Damien Morales
    Damien Morales2 dager siden

    Bro he’s spitting on all the cards

  • Auto Trend Channel
    Auto Trend Channel2 dager siden

    To all Biden's supporters , We LOVE YOU!!! Please ,join us , to Defeat the SWAMP, time is running out!

  • Sk8_09
    Sk8_092 dager siden

    Let’s bring Pokemon back !!

  • Tom Gillman
    Tom Gillman2 dager siden

    Was anyone else yelling at the screen besides me, when Logan was shoving his fat thumb on the corner of the Charizard??

  • Simp Control

    Simp Control

    Dag siden


  • DrakkonGames
    DrakkonGames2 dager siden

    Pokemon gets popular again next up is pokimanes name will be pokimon

  • FatBoyAbe
    FatBoyAbe2 dager siden

    Are the cards he pulled his or no? I’m confused is it a giveaway?

  • LowBudgetFab


    Dag siden

    He bought the whole box but he sold the individual packs to people and he was just opening the peoples packs on his live stream

  • Mate Pavlovic
    Mate Pavlovic2 dager siden

    I still wait for some videos where peoples playing with this cards

  • Prewien Shiva
    Prewien Shiva2 dager siden

    Who want's to buy my charzard

    T.I.M. BROTHERS2 dager siden


  • Trevin Smith
    Trevin Smith2 dager siden

    Yo Logan I have a card that’s like that

  • Yanskie 2132
    Yanskie 21322 dager siden

    Petition for logan to get a pet turtle and name it squirtle

  • Victor Mashburn
    Victor Mashburn2 dager siden

    How's it feel Logan dealing with a scammer?

  • Arturo Mendiola
    Arturo Mendiola2 dager siden

    I have that same exact chansey

  • Quaweds
    Quaweds2 dager siden

    Me: Someone who plays TCG with friends and has fun pulling nice GX's. Logan: IDK what that card even is... DAAAMN this card is worth 30k wooo.

  • Pavinos
    Pavinos2 dager siden

    Now the charizard is worth even more because it was Logan Paul who packed it. 💴

  • theGREY JOE
    theGREY JOE2 dager siden

    I love how the packs say trading card game while its like a 200,000 dollar gambling game right now😂😂

  • Anthony wwe
    Anthony wwe2 dager siden

    Yo i want one

  • CD-_-Weird
    CD-_-Weird2 dager siden

    Is it weird that I have most of these cards

  • Downsy


    2 dager siden

    You dont have any of these cards

  • Leo & Leanna
    Leo & Leanna2 dager siden

    the dwarf is a bit-

  • Joe Kay
    Joe Kay2 dager siden

    you can tell hardly any of this donated money will be going to its intended cause, will most likely end up in this losers bank account

  • Joe Kay

    Joe Kay

    Dag siden

    @Wise youre probably 9 and u have no idea whos talking so how u know lol

  • Wise


    Dag siden

    he did more the you ever will

  • Joe Kay
    Joe Kay2 dager siden

    was on full volume and still couldnt hear this

  • Shlok Tiwari
    Shlok Tiwari3 dager siden

    Who thought Mr.beast was in the video

  • CrossVolt
    CrossVolt3 dager siden

    Our boy lachy

  • gary clark
    gary clark3 dager siden

    14k people thoughts this was pogs

  • WIliam Bishop
    WIliam Bishop3 dager siden

    So your telling me the Pokémon cards I had as a kid that got lost in a house fire are worth thousands of dollars?.....!!!!???...!!! Fuck me

  • Sara Campos Avila
    Sara Campos Avila3 dager siden

    Max duds tu mayor fan

  • Phuk Khfh
    Phuk Khfh3 dager siden

    Hello this is Phillip I wanted to say hi and I was wondering if you can help me out my dad broke his back while working construction like 5 years ago and now all he does is truck driving but he does daily trips like from the morning to evening and doesn’t make that much for are whole family I wanted to get him a truck the Ford F-150 rapper twin turbo but I’m only 16 and I don’t work and don’t make money but he is usually at work and tiered and usually doesn’t see us often and thanks for reading this.?

  • Phuk Khfh

    Phuk Khfh

    3 dager siden

    I’m only 16 but I want to get my dad something

  • james calderon

    james calderon

    3 dager siden

    Buy a pokemon card keep it after 10 years make sure u graded the card if its PSA9 or PSA10. Ull be rich

  • Golda Samuel
    Golda Samuel3 dager siden

    After watching this I was temporarily deaf 😭😂

  • Lee Bentley
    Lee Bentley3 dager siden

    And your hair

  • Lee Bentley
    Lee Bentley3 dager siden


  • Eric Linder
    Eric Linder3 dager siden

    i havent played pokemon in at least 9 years but this was hype af

  • Derek Lynch
    Derek Lynch3 dager siden

    Logen poul u cool