Our 6 month old Secret - Sailing Uma [Step 250]

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  • Scott Tilden
    Scott Tilden4 dager siden

    Lose shrouds can really cause damage to the overall rigging. Always good to have it taken care of.

  • Christian Page
    Christian Page5 dager siden

    Why not just buy a proper stainless shackle and call it a day?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    4 dager siden

    It’s our rig. Second most important part of the boat, after the hull. No point half assing a repair.

  • Sailing Jiggers
    Sailing Jiggers5 dager siden

    With all this electrical equipment you will need a diesel engine again... 😂

  • Ryan Barr
    Ryan Barr10 dager siden

    No dyneema standing rigging?

  • Ryan Barr

    Ryan Barr

    10 dager siden

    @Sailing Umapersonally I'm waiting for more feedback from those that have it. I can see a Gale stretching it out.

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    10 dager siden


  • Ryan McMillen
    Ryan McMillen14 dager siden

    It is common to have loose shrouds to lee. Be careful not to over tension your rig.

  • blckjedi
    blckjedi16 dager siden

    Video quality is amazing!

  • And nam
    And nam18 dager siden

    I just love ❤️ to see the CANADIAN FLAG 🇨🇦 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Nick Ruiz
    Nick Ruiz20 dager siden

    I would’ve guessed they were married.😳😁👍🏾

  • Olov Brandt
    Olov Brandt21 dag siden

    With the old-fashioned galley (don't try to imagine the discussions...)

  • Olov Brandt
    Olov Brandt21 dag siden

    And I simply love the way you are designing things - I'm from a family of architects.. And I build a boat in - 82- Together with my uncle, a Marieholm 33...

  • Olov Brandt
    Olov Brandt22 dager siden

    Ciao guys, i just shot this into The magic carpet channel -- Well, i have been following both you and that don't buy a couch couple for some time now... And your storytelling is so forceful, i would not dare to make any judgements between you and sailing UMA.... I simply love both channels...

  • michael warlick
    michael warlick22 dager siden

    What is the problem with having a shackle in the stay?

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore22 dager siden

    Yeah,I was hoping you'd get that fixed...being a gent,id never bring it up. Good on you two.

  • Etienne dk
    Etienne dk23 dager siden

    The sunlight is so beautifully soft, a nice counter to the stress of hoping that cut wasn't to short

  • 7051CWO
    7051CWO23 dager siden

    How cool that you got to test it for them!

  • Howard Hudson
    Howard Hudson25 dager siden

    That's the best product endorsement I have ever heard. Much better than a baby...

  • funnyglow
    funnyglow25 dager siden

    Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

  • Lehmann Peters
    Lehmann Peters26 dager siden

    Measure 10,000 times and cut once with great trepidation! Hey, I see the adjustable wrenchs and cringe. Get a good set of metric wrenches!

  • Mike Ehrman
    Mike Ehrman26 dager siden

    Great video and yes the production standard is amazing. Can you give me the name of the video editing software you guys use?

  • Rob P
    Rob P26 dager siden

    “10-14 cm” as you speak primarily to those of us who specialize in inches. Come on now...

  • Rob P

    Rob P

    21 dag siden

    Sailing Uma: Maybe I spoke without thinking that through. I’ll play your game. I (and many Americans) do, in fact, admit to using metric! 5.56mm, 7mm, 9mm, 10mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm and even 12ga-7.62mm. Although, I’m pretty sure my point carries... If the majority of my crowd was German, I wouldn’t speak English or Spanish because more people speak the language. Nevertheless, I enjoy the channel. 👍🏼

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    26 dager siden

    We speak to the world, and every country used metric, accept America. Which actually uses metric too, they just don't admit it.

  • gasfree2
    gasfree226 dager siden

    When are you guys coming back?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    26 dager siden

    Coming back? To where exactly?

  • irench
    irench27 dager siden

    Slainte math!

  • Tim Allen
    Tim Allen27 dager siden

    Haha . “Measure twice, cut once”, I still get it wrong though! I do love Sta-loks 😊 Congratulations on the new addition ‘ Max@48’ and on not being preggers.

  • Story of Stargazer
    Story of Stargazer27 dager siden

    You guys inspire me! Fellow Canadian currently building my own boat to sail around the world too! Check it out!

  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta27 dager siden

    👍😂Oooh I noticed but there was no need for me to say something you already knew. I’ve learned that people will shoot the messenger & they don’t usually argue with their own data.😂 Glad you guys are doing well. Safe sailing.🤗💝🤗

  • Nathan Daniel
    Nathan Daniel27 dager siden

    Still one of the best series out there. The video edit and music are total boss. One of the coolest couples on the water. Cheers 🍻

  • Feraeond Foxrunner
    Feraeond Foxrunner27 dager siden

    When I converted to all electric and only wanted one battery bank, I figured out I could power my 12v Lewmar windlass using two 760w DC stepdown converters in parallel after seeing that only one of those wasn't enough with an anchor load on the windlass. Nothing I found online in research prior confirmed if that would work but I'm a year in almost and no problems yet!

  • DJ undadirt
    DJ undadirt27 dager siden

    What’s upper from Las Vegas. NOlocal/DJ undadirt. and. NOlocal/F a Mask 😷

  • Manisha Sinhababu
    Manisha Sinhababu28 dager siden

    How are tehy still in EU ? How are they getting the visa ?

  • Kayak Amy
    Kayak Amy28 dager siden

    Congratulations on the innovation. Just shows, you never know when serendipitous success may arise from a frustrating experience!

  • DOXA - Adventures Of Boudica & Q.
    DOXA - Adventures Of Boudica & Q.28 dager siden

    You guy have done such an astonishing job with Uma. As a Lady in her 60's I'm only starting with my journey, shopping for the make, year, price, length, draft, engine, electronics, and sails etc. Safe sailing you two! Love your channel!

  • Sailing Catamaran Element
    Sailing Catamaran Element28 dager siden

    I have to say, I'm a little concerned that you have cyclically loaded your mast without the standing rigging being tuned properly and have possibly weakened the aluminum mast wall...hopefully all goes well for you in the future...

  • Phantomthecat
    Phantomthecat28 dager siden

    Great to see the industry bringing new equipment to the market to cater for these types of systems. It sometimes seems like sooo many people are stuck in one way of doing things. 👍

  • David M McCulloch
    David M McCulloch28 dager siden

    awesome video guys. the only channel that doesn't just blah blah blah through tutorials. Dan's explanations are always clean and concise. I love this channel man!

  • Stephen Meredith
    Stephen Meredith28 dager siden

    What equation did you use to determine how much to cut the forestay?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    28 dager siden

    All of them ;) We have gathered pretty accurate rig dimensions over the years, measuring for sails and such. So it wasn't hard to model everything and make adjustments in the computer before actually cutting any cable.

  • Spartan2x
    Spartan2x28 dager siden

    I read this as "Selling Uma"

  • Quickflip 7
    Quickflip 728 dager siden

    I got here because I watched Simple Alaska Living on youtube. Someone on that channel recommended Sailing La Vagabonde and now I'm here. I have zero interest in living off the grid or sailing, but these videos are addictive! Just waiting for Kevin Bacon to show up and connect the dots. Haha

  • Happy Island
    Happy Island28 dager siden

    Impressive job with the rig. Well done!

  • Nino Röka
    Nino Röka29 dager siden

    So much more interesting than a baby.

  • Mark H
    Mark H29 dager siden

    Instead of a longer back stay is a longer turn buckle an option?

  • Mark H

    Mark H

    29 dager siden

    @Sailing Uma - Much easier to install though....lol But, I get what your saying.

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    29 dager siden

    The turnbuckle is the expensive part. Cable is much cheaper.

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez29 dager siden


  • Larry Boles
    Larry Boles29 dager siden

    Hot Damn!! Y'all are rolling with the big boys now. PROPS TO MAXWELL!!

  • Fifi CH
    Fifi CH29 dager siden

    The awesome windlass wish we had it!! W changed last summer for a Leroy Cayman, although we are not an electric boat and still have the classic installation, by if we ever decided to change who knows🙌 Just an observation, our windlass is covered under not sure the electric one would fit or they are working on other styles. As always very informative content. Love you guys!!!😍🙏😂⛵⛵⛵💪

  • Scramasax
    Scramasax29 dager siden

    I guess you have done some test sailing already with your new rig tuning? I'm sure the balance was completely off, but what is your experience now? Did it turn from an up wind sailor to a down wind sailor? An adjustable backstay is often used also in a masthead rig, allthough not as much a key element as in a fractional rig. Leeward shrouds are supposed to hang a little loose (not too loose of course), so don't ower tighten. If you can't seem to get the rig properly tightened, check that the chain plate area of the hull and deck is still "hard". edit: link www.northsails.com/sailing/en/2016/10/how-to-tune-your-rig?ext_publisher_id=101248&aaaid=6010904d46b38329b7202e18

  • nina kim
    nina kim29 dager siden

    If you ALL are sailing around the world and that you all do NOT have a high-powered rifle aboard then it is over. That is too crazy. I can not bear to watch any more episodes.

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    29 dager siden

    ??? Keeping a gun on-board is a sure way to end up in prison with your boat impounded.

  • Victor Raymond
    Victor Raymond29 dager siden

    We have Maxwell 3500 on our boat and I must say it is very reliable. Maintenance is easy except for topping off the oil which requires a major disassembly. Loved your rigging work. Very profesional. I worked with Brion Toss rebuilding our mast so I learned a thing or two about rigging.

  • Jean Mondeau
    Jean Mondeau29 dager siden

    HA...The first thing I mentioned to my girlfriend was “look honey, he’s going up the mast way to easy. Something changed”. And yes there you have it. I’ve been using that method also until I recently purchased my 1/2 inch right hand Milwaukee M-18 Super Hawg dual range variable speed drill with a windlass bit in it. Now all my winches are electric. I don’t hand crank much any more. Great job Dan.

  • Gates Stephens
    Gates Stephens29 dager siden

    Hey Dan, love the channel. Why no backstay adjuster? Why don't you want to adjust the main sail draft while going upwind and downwind? That would have more than made up the difference in the backstay length.

  • Gates Stephens

    Gates Stephens

    29 dager siden

    What kind of adjuster are you buying??? Some multi purchase blocks and line doesn’t cost $2000.

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    29 dager siden

    A $2000 dollar fix to a $100 problem ....

  • Alex
    Alex29 dager siden

    Congrats on the new baby....the windlass!

  • John Lynch
    John Lynch29 dager siden

    Great job on the rigging. Well done. Was there not a swage on the foot that had to be made or did I miss something..? Thanks again. Great job..! Another great video once again.. 👍👋

  • SOVEREIGNDesigns
    SOVEREIGNDesigns29 dager siden

    longer turnbuckle

  • John G. Adams
    John G. Adams29 dager siden


  • Islander 30 Adventures
    Islander 30 Adventures29 dager siden

    Love the ad placement. So on point

  • world best cars
    world best cars29 dager siden

    Why everybody thought that Kiki is pregnant while I was here thinking about how they found titanic treasure and they hide it from us🤭

  • Angus McAllister
    Angus McAllisterMåned siden

    Why do architects always write in UPPER CASE? My bro's one, and he always writes like this! ;)

  • John F
    John FMåned siden

    I am always amazed that subscribers think that people on NOlocal are their real friends. Would you walk up to a lady at a mall and ask her personal question? (Wait, some of you would like the lady who asked my wife if all three of my boys had the same father.).

  • SV Freedom
    SV FreedomMåned siden

    Looking awfully like McKinnon lately. I like the old Uma style. I like McKinnon for McKinnon and Uma for Uma.

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    29 dager siden

    PM makes some of the best looking videos on YT. So we’ll take that as a compliment.

  • MyRCComedy
    MyRCComedyMåned siden

    Isn’t a secret supposed to be a secret? Shhhhhhh.....Why don’t you just go with dyneema riggings?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    29 dager siden

    Dyneema has its pros, but also some real cons. Most of its pros would go to waste on our boat, since the weight reduction would go unnoticed. We much prefer the durability of SS. Also, by using Sta-Loks, we can just as easily work on our rig we could with dyneema.

  • AwakeInAnacortes
    AwakeInAnacortesMåned siden

    We also have an electric boat with a 48V bank. So happy to finally see a 48V windlass on the market! Thanks for sharing!

  • AwakeInAnacortes
    AwakeInAnacortesMåned siden

    If you have a baby boy someday you really have to name him Maxwell.

  • Mark Bailey
    Mark BaileyMåned siden

    Slack shrouds are normal when under load.

  • Erel Maor
    Erel MaorMåned siden

    Hey come to Israel once ;)

  • NO JOB
    NO JOBMåned siden

    Kika grew an Inch ? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Montgomery Beaumont Cracklebottom
    Montgomery Beaumont CracklebottomMåned siden

    Dan, where did you learn to do all this stuff? I wouldn't know where to begin on my boat!

  • Montgomery Beaumont Cracklebottom

    Montgomery Beaumont Cracklebottom

    Måned siden

    @Sailing Uma I feel I’ve got 20 years of reading and viewing to do ha!

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    Books and NOlocal videos. Then a lot of trial and error.

  • Tom Martinez
    Tom MartinezMåned siden

    Married! I saw the wedding ring

  • Mark Roman
    Mark RomanMåned siden

    Love you guys! Great video. Very cool rigging tune up and windless upgrade. What an advancement for all the “electric” boaters out there!

  • GhostRider
    GhostRiderMåned siden

    zzzzz...dial tone.

  • Matthew Garland
    Matthew GarlandMåned siden

    Great video guys. Love the technical stuff. Super happy your mast is happy and you got an amazing windlass. I remember the trials with the scooter motor burning out or a switch/relay issue. Quite the journey yall have had.

  • David C
    David CMåned siden

    Awesome surprise and video! Thanks Dan and Kika! Well Done. Cheers!

  • Hans Schweikert
    Hans SchweikertMåned siden

    Very interesting windlass discussion. Now how does that work as far as wire sizing when you go up to 48 volts? Larger or smaller? Thanks

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    Much smaller wire. We can run 8 AWG to the bow instead of 2 AWG. Saves a ton of money too.

  • Henry Potter
    Henry PotterMåned siden

    "Because skillshare was specifically created as a learning platform you don't get interrupted by ad...".... Sailing advertisement plays.....

  • Klaudia Skyes
    Klaudia SkyesMåned siden

    Hi Dan & Kika, I've watched just about all your vids with great interest, well done both of you. However, at the end of this one you asked "How's that?" Honestly? I've noticed a gradual increase from the start in the speed you deliver your message, that for me, it's almost too fast to understand and I find that I have to rewind and listen again to catch your drift (no pun intended). Maybe my ears are getting slow?! Not a criticism, just a personal observation and I hope it is received as it is intended. Still a great channel and one of the 3, no 2 that I watch regularly. I'm currently refitting my boat to set off this year (inspired in part by you) and who knows, our paths may cross on the seven seas. Fond wishes Klaudia x

  • Victoria Moore
    Victoria MooreMåned siden

    Yep sneeky....😜

  • Dwayne
    DwayneMåned siden

    Dyneema rigging. why not?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    It has it's pros and cons. Our rig is still quite new, so for the next 10-15 years we'll keep it wire. When it's time to replace it, we'll look into Dyneema again. But honestly, we prefer the durability of SS and won't get any performance increase from less weight aloft.

  • philiep van nuffel BODYMORPH
    philiep van nuffel BODYMORPHMåned siden

    Engineering the exact lenght of the stays is very difficult if you work with the old cables. Did you calulate the bending and the stretching of the cable in it? Anyway nice job.

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    Yes, cable does stretch, not much, but a little. But that is also what turnbuckles are for.

  • Chris Denny
    Chris DennyMåned siden

    I hope you show how you tune your rigging in the next videos! You guys are great teachers when it comes to sailing and sailboat maintenance.

  • dirt knocker
    dirt knockerMåned siden

    Now that you've sailed northern latitudes. It would be nice to have an episode talking about what you like or dislike about sailing the North or sailing the tropics?

  • Max Pruett
    Max PruettMåned siden

    Did you 2 have really any sailing experience when you decided to sell it all and try this life style?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    nop. Uma was the very first sailboat we've ever stepped foot on.

  • N K [Nate] Wood
    N K [Nate] WoodMåned siden

    +Sailing Uma: You know the old saying, Dan... _If it ain't broke, _*_don't fix it._*

  • Christoph Moser
    Christoph MoserMåned siden

    Norway is full of ice and snow these days and has been for the last 3 month. So what is your real secret?

  • Olga Danes-Volkov
    Olga Danes-VolkovMåned siden

    Very interesting video. I loved

  • TheQueenIsWithin
    TheQueenIsWithinMåned siden

    Just when you spoke about ads an ad popped up and just when you spoke about cat videos I was like 'I wonder what pet vids are up now'? Umm yep.

  • Darren Munsell
    Darren MunsellMåned siden

    Loved it, while you was plugging skill share a YT add interrupted you .. guess your really needing that $ bling

  • David Morgan
    David MorganMåned siden

    The video editing on this is very refined Kika. Little touches, like the way the first diagram is shown greyed out behind the second diagram, really make a difference.

  • SV Nowhere Quick
    SV Nowhere QuickMåned siden

    I love your channel, you're such an inspiration to so many of us. I learn so much from your experiences.

  • Chris Howard
    Chris HowardMåned siden

    BBQ grill (high heat) paint is very durable. I use it on automotive hardware.

  • Dinsdale Piranah
    Dinsdale PiranahMåned siden

    My favourite type of vid with boating systems being fixed/installed. Would have liked even more detail.

  • Ronnie Lovett
    Ronnie LovettMåned siden

    Keeping it real! Love you guys! Y’all have one of the most informative channels not to mention you both have become superb sailors of the sea. Keep these videos coming it helps when I’m out back chocking of fiberglass dust and paint. Hope to see y’all out on the water one day in the future

  • Piet Lanser
    Piet LanserMåned siden

    Congratulations you too.

  • Craig Garrison
    Craig GarrisonMåned siden

    Hydraulic backstay adjuster!

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    $2k fix to a $50 problem. Not really our style.

  • hardlyred621
    hardlyred621Måned siden

    You guys are definitely engineers.

  • Dan O
    Dan OMåned siden

    I just figured your thingy was supposed to be crooked. ;)

  • mBlyden vLogs
    mBlyden vLogsMåned siden

    which camera do you guys use for your vlogs? the picture is so crisp n clean!

  • Victory Won
    Victory WonMåned siden

    Also I wanted to add what's the whole story behind the name UMA for the boat? Whose idea was it?

  • Victory Won
    Victory WonMåned siden

    What's the story behind your Logo, (don't buy a couch)?

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden


  • Brian Boys
    Brian BoysMåned siden

    Focky yeah. Thats my grandsons new shirt.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank SmithMåned siden

    Captain Rick Moore did a complete rebuild on his electrical system. Look like something you might need to do later

  • Sailing Uma

    Sailing Uma

    Måned siden

    Our entire system is already new. We've spent the last 6 years slowly upgrading it. The last thing on the list is to replace our 12V panel, but for now it works fine.

  • Schooner Kiva
    Schooner KivaMåned siden

    Uma is our inspiration. We just started our own sailing channel in British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦. Your footage is world class, as is your integrity. We hope to see you out there one day! Thanks for being yourselves! Schooner Kiva Vancouver Island, BC, Canada 🇨🇦

  • Kama Ringwood
    Kama RingwoodMåned siden

    I really appreciate how you two solve problems- and congrats on the fixed rig and new windlass.

  • Patrick Poe
    Patrick PoeMåned siden

    So well done. I ACTUALLY watched the Skillshare ad. Really funny.