overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077


All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
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  • TNR 50YT
    TNR 50YT13 minutter siden

    Gta san andreas a game that came out in 2004 is better than cyberpunk, change my mind

  • No Name
    No Name43 minutter siden

    The only companies I respect are Rockstar and Valve.

  • Infinity Peaks
    Infinity Peaks53 minutter siden

    I wish they just gave the game a year or 2 more of development. Would’ve been so much more better for everyone including the devs and ppl buying the game.

  • ninety
    ninety59 minutter siden

    I really feel bad for Keanu... he is suuuuch a awesome dude and it feels like he was betrayed....

  • thebrokenrifle
    thebrokenrifleTime siden

    Bugs are everywere in this game

  • Frostoise
    FrostoiseTime siden

    I knew this game would be a disaster the moment Keanu overhyped it to the moon. The lack of unaltered gameplay footage, the increasing pressure from the shareholders, the delays and lack of transparancy in the development only reinforced this foresight.

  • GB bTd
    GB bTd2 timer siden

    i wish to see rockstar reaction played this shit first time :D

  • yrtomin
    yrtomin2 timer siden

    22:43 when you want Keanu Reeves but you get critikal instead

  • GB bTd
    GB bTd2 timer siden

    well done, Turner!

  • PaperClip
    PaperClip2 timer siden

    If you look at Cyberpunk and then at Witcher 3, you can hardly believe those games come from the same company... Witcher 3 a masterpiece, Cyberpunk 2077 a garbagepiece.

  • Eugenario Shek
    Eugenario Shek3 timer siden

    Feels kinda sad what happened to potentially great game.. We all had expectations but reality is always cruel.

  • Jeff Jr
    Jeff Jr3 timer siden

    Such a shame. I was actually looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 but after seeing all the bugs and glitches I refuse to buy this game.

  • Dwayne W.
    Dwayne W.3 timer siden

    Even if they somehow manage to make the game better than it currently is... their reputation has been tarnished IMO. People will immediately think back to the Cyberpunk debacle whenever they release another project.

  • picxela9
    picxela93 timer siden

    Thanks cd project, now we will respect more other open world games

  • Daniel Alves
    Daniel Alves3 timer siden

    This is the saddest video I've seen in a while

  • kingspore5000
    kingspore50004 timer siden

    Absolutely disgusting

  • acoustic boy
    acoustic boy4 timer siden

    1:47 made me laugh so hard

  • Francesco Berta
    Francesco Berta4 timer siden

    Anyone knows the music used in the first ten minutes? It's really beautiful and haunting.

  • SketchyChips


    52 minutter siden

    Been good to know ya

  • Crip Jiip
    Crip Jiip5 timer siden

    Cyberpunk2077 = PURE SHIT !!

  • Vladimir Zadornov
    Vladimir Zadornov5 timer siden

    Oh... stop whining! How often such ambition large-scale and completly new games releasing? Good projects need patience! However, you can always play EA/Ubi template games.

  • MKI


    3 timer siden

    one of the worst game ever and not just because of the bugs lol.

  • Philitron128


    4 timer siden

    @Vladimir Zadornov Polish? The game is missing the entire branching story arc. The world is dead. The AI is broken. No customization. Driving feels like Ghost Recon. Level progression is generic. Choices DON'T matter, like at all. Etc... Etc. They straight up lied about this game.

  • Vladimir Zadornov

    Vladimir Zadornov

    4 timer siden

    @Hans Alanson it's true. For now CP2077 is like early access game. Need to wait about a year for it to be polished as in The Witcher case. However, even now you can complete the game without crashes and serious bugs (read about release of many players beloved S.T.A.L.K.E.R.).

  • Hans Alanson

    Hans Alanson

    4 timer siden

    Originality ≠ Quality

  • Hamid Bnj
    Hamid Bnj5 timer siden

    Man I was so pissed with the game comparing to the 2018 gameplay, I didn't even care about the bugs,bugs can be fixed but all those cut content mechanics and feature they are not comming back. I feel like people that are happy with the game are the ones who didn't follow the game development. This vid chilled my nervs , now I know enough people understand how messed up the game is. Got to say one thing though,the only thing they did not under deliver was music and sounds, those are awesome.

  • Chinmaya Singh Rawat
    Chinmaya Singh Rawat5 timer siden

    This makes me want to cancel these reviewers as well. They should be held accountable for lying about the game to increase pre-order numbers.

  • Code Zero Group
    Code Zero Group5 timer siden

    looks like shit

  • goole cauc
    goole cauc6 timer siden

    That one guy on that ONE ad

  • goole cauc
    goole cauc6 timer siden

    Oh yeah sleeping dogs was fun

  • nfx
    nfx7 timer siden

    I´d like to imagine, that they put this sht out just to make a point at how toxic marketing and all this preorder bs is, just to release the real game later.

  • Tafaovale
    Tafaovale7 timer siden

    Rockstar is the king of open world games

  • Юра Синёв
    Юра Синёв8 timer siden

    26:25 That should be motto of the 2077

  • Kaptain Obvious
    Kaptain Obvious8 timer siden

    34:58 look at his facial expressions.. He knows he's just a liar. Lol ( we put quality over everything.. Wink wink) 😂

  • Kaptain Obvious
    Kaptain Obvious8 timer siden

    To be honest the police AI is as fucked up as GTA V's.. They spawn in the middle of the desert.. Edit : I take that back ( 34:04)

  • Ujjwal Nigam
    Ujjwal Nigam9 timer siden

    I am sad that rdr2 was so realistic and detailed but it was not as hyped as this shit means even a mobile open world game has some details

    COOlICE10 timer siden

    I'm crying... For real... This is so sad...

  • Galih Alfa
    Galih Alfa10 timer siden

    The police in Cyberpunk is so accurate to police in Indonesia, they don't give a shit about anything else except money

  • Hans Alanson

    Hans Alanson

    8 timer siden

    Better beware the next sate guy that strolls around your neighborhood

  • A Legofan42
    A Legofan4210 timer siden

    Lego City Undercover was pretty good, this however is a complete dumpster fire. Goes to show, don't judge a game by its cover.

  • Muhd Afiq
    Muhd Afiq10 timer siden

    So.. this is how when not finish ur homework..

  • No Name
    No Name11 timer siden

    "Your game is so bad it got compared to a Lego game by Crowbcat"

  • saze
    saze11 timer siden

    i hate made o the cyberpunk

  • Mustafa Müller
    Mustafa Müller11 timer siden

    Fraud 👌🏻

  • FeaRLeSs
    FeaRLeSs12 timer siden

    Biggest fraud in gaming history.

  • RealityCheck
    RealityCheck12 timer siden

    Literally when I saw the trailer for the first time ever, without discussing it or even hearing about it. I knew it was a scam, my brother later got so hyped for the game but what has happened with the gaming community has tainted my pleasure for gaming as everything that’s been told to me has been lies. I get people need to make money but when you lie and milk a community knowing how venerable they can really be.. damn I just lost so much faith that I stopped gaming.

  • Doctor Anarchy

    Doctor Anarchy

    12 timer siden

    😂 😂 I'm so glad that I, never bought into the hype of Potato-Punk2077.

  • C B
    C B13 timer siden

    All this talk about they needed more time & it's your fault for pressuring them to release is 🐂💩. What CDPR need most is someone in-charge to guide & have realistic direction of the game from start to finish, not change something drastic in middle of project. I often wonder what would the game be like if they stick with the original plan. All that 6 years of work in development hell & what we got is 2 years work of 💩

  • Colly Doo
    Colly Doo13 timer siden

    The citizens in Cyberpunk are worse than thr ones in Star Citizen. 😂👍⭐

  • in vader
    in vader13 timer siden

    Is that probably Garry's Mod?

  • Ian Rae
    Ian Rae13 timer siden

    GTA 3 does better than this

  • Besi
    Besi14 timer siden

    CDPR: Lets release Cyberpunk now Devs: Shouldnt we play it to test it first I mean we have spent all that time in this and... CDPR: Who cares just release it, we dont even have the game installed and whats the worst that could happen

  • Killa Cam
    Killa Cam14 timer siden

    The game comes out in 2077 and they released it already... obviously it's not going to be finished.

  • Rivers Water
    Rivers Water14 timer siden

    "if you don't believe me... play our witcher games?" which, dude? Witcher 1 in alpha mode?!

  • lolcopter
    lolcopter14 timer siden

    The street vendor saying, "Could always be worse" was so fitting

  • Mafia Fiat
    Mafia Fiat14 timer siden

    Guarantee they took all that money for development so the producers get rich, especially knowing how people like hyped up attention and go ahead and pre-order. They don't care about the fans, they care about the money, and this video is a PERFECT example that proves that point. FUCK CDPR and any other game company that does this.

  • DeepState
    DeepState15 timer siden

    Will be amazing to play in a few years after CDPR and the modding community patch the hell out of it...

  • Ben Parker
    Ben Parker16 timer siden

    Say what you want, But I REALLY hope they fix this game It had and still has so much potential I just don't know how they're gonna do it cause honestly the damage has been done at this point :/

  • BearFlipsTable
    BearFlipsTable16 timer siden

    the only thing i thought was quality and enjoyed that had anything to do with cyberpunk, was CD PROJEKT RED's logo. loved the video though, was great.

  • Francis OfFilth
    Francis OfFilth17 timer siden

    Without the bugs I promise this game is.... Still bad

  • Philitron128


    3 timer siden

    @Masked master Because it's not an RPG like they promised. Your decisions don't matter. How you start does not matter. What you say to NPCs does not matter. They lied about the most critical part of the game. Other things like bugs can be fixed. They would have to rewrite the entire game to add RPG elements to it now.

  • sadra vafa

    sadra vafa

    10 timer siden

    @Masked master because its UNFINISHED and most of promised things were not in the game

  • Masked master

    Masked master

    16 timer siden


  • Chris Krysa
    Chris Krysa17 timer siden

    As technology gets exponentially better game development gets exponentially worse

  • Philitron128


    3 timer siden

    Valheim would like a word

  • Jammer Jamski
    Jammer Jamski18 timer siden

    I think the only thing we really learned was that "The Witcher" really was a fluke success ...

  • Apollo
    Apollo18 timer siden

    HAH! This cockroach milk isn't nearly as good as soy, when i get back to my pod I'll be sure to write a scathing review... fucking plebs amirite.

  • Apollo
    Apollo18 timer siden

    A bit dramatic lmao, Im gonna... I think im gonna...... CONSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  • Philitron128


    Time siden

    @Apollo it's capitalism baby!

  • Apollo


    2 timer siden

    @Philitron128 yeah, it's gay

  • Philitron128


    3 timer siden

    You do know that we live in a consumer based economy, right?

  • Turbulent Juice
    Turbulent Juice18 timer siden

    Lost it at 3:49 when the narrator says "we really wanted to make sure the people that live in night city feel real!" meanwhile an average looking guy get's in a car, which spontaneously blows up.

  • Jammer Jamski
    Jammer Jamski18 timer siden

    The devs in these interviews should be ashamed of themselves. Blatantly lying about the state of the game. If was as bad as it was at launch, it would have been even worse as they're sat there lying about the state of the game.

  • Vincent Woodhead
    Vincent Woodhead18 timer siden

    Did NOT expect Rage 2 to be more cyberpunk than Cyberpunk

  • random guy with rick astley pfp
    random guy with rick astley pfp18 timer siden

    GTA san andreas was released 16 years ago,but it's still better than cyberpunk 2077

  • Eskolol
    Eskolol18 timer siden

    You had 3 origins and could've easily done what dragon age origins did, but all you got was maybe 15 minutes of talking and walking. The life path doesn't really paint a good picture of what the different origins represent. I started with the corpo path and it was basically dialogue with my boss, a nice little ride on an AV and a meeting at a club... It was such a missed opportunity. Could've easily had a couple of missions in the life path to kinda set the stage on what the hell was going on and do all the tutorial stuff as well. Maybe do the assassination job for the boss, have it go sour and then get fired by Arasaka... Instead, I was a corpo guy for 15 minutes and all of a sudden I am street kid merc... The whole life path thing in my opinion was redundant.

  • Gibson
    Gibson20 timer siden

    Might as well delay my pretty butt

    KXNNECT20 timer siden

    What about a suggestion? Would it not be better to create a game, finish it completely, then market the hell out of it, use snippets, and other methods of marketing to gain a large span of your audience, then on the release date, sell it. Why announce something that your working on when its barely finished, and work overtime to fix it in an unreasonable time? Unless they pull a No Man's Sky, CDPR is having this taint their brand for good.

  • Zachary Akerman
    Zachary Akerman20 timer siden

    So what did we learn? Cyberpunk is a decade old project, And Watch Dogs: Legion was made in under 5 Years.

  • sadra vafa

    sadra vafa

    10 timer siden

    Watch dogs 3 was made using the old projects 1 and 2 and upgrading it to this Also watch dogs 3 was boring

  • Callum Coates-Keddy Psyche Synth
    Callum Coates-Keddy Psyche Synth20 timer siden

    This is like handing a university assignment in without spell check or proof reading it.

  • Barnibus Snaples
    Barnibus Snaples21 time siden

    Assassins creed Valhalla is lucky this game overshadowed it. Valhalla was buggy as hell too

  • sadra vafa

    sadra vafa

    10 timer siden

    Ubisoft bugs are normal and no one gives a sh*t and fanboys will protect it as fast as possible

  • Timmy
    Timmy21 time siden

    Why did the polish government give them money?

  • levi
    levi21 time siden

    read dead is the best game in gameplay graphic in thie generation

  • Jok Snow
    Jok Snow22 timer siden

    27:20 literally me when I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077

  • Jok Snow
    Jok Snow22 timer siden

    This video just makes me sad. At first I was laughing... but in the end I'm sad.

  • Solor Clips
    Solor Clips22 timer siden

    Man I really hope CDPR somehow saw this or at least some of the devs watched this on there personal time. This perfectly encompasses what's wrong with game development in general now.

  • Yong Yea
    Yong Yea22 timer siden

    What is 38:29? Computer mice?

  • gammerzz tube
    gammerzz tube23 timer siden

    poor v must be thinking why do i exist

  • AdamNotSoWest
    AdamNotSoWest23 timer siden

    They should have pulled over Devs from rockstar and Bethesda to work on this project cause they fucked up bad

  • A Banana
    A Banana23 timer siden

    Every time something like this is released I think of the fact that gta is 8 years old and still one of the most sold games on every console to this day because of how good it is

  • ExcuseMyEnglish
    ExcuseMyEnglish23 timer siden

    I wonder how much money CDPR paid for NOlocal to suppress the views

  • The29Dave
    The29Dave23 timer siden

    do Deadly Premonition 2 next, time for Nintendo to feel the burn too

  • Bryan Robinson Null
    Bryan Robinson NullDag siden

    2:25 those vehicles look like they're just 2D textures...

  • Nosmo KFP Radiation experts
    Nosmo KFP Radiation expertsDag siden

    But it still better than Rust community

  • Power is Everything
    Power is EverythingDag siden

    that's what happens when these freaks get big, they get full of themselves, thinking people gonna like their product no matter how shitty it is.

  • Easty
    EastyDag siden

    We waited 10 years for this💩

  • Gazpacho
    GazpachoDag siden

    This is why CD Projekt Red needs to take their time. It took them so many fucking years for the Witcher 3 to be finished, got delayed a fuckton, and that game on release was still had bugs.

  • C B

    C B

    14 timer siden

    It's not time that they really needed What they really need is someone in-charge with a clear vision of where the game headed. You look at the history development of this game, why did the upper management change the game two years prior to the release date. All the work done in 6 years just went to development hell

  • Dan Myk
    Dan MykDag siden

    Wait, did someone notice? At 3:08 there's a girl with green crop top just standing and you can see the same girl in the background. They didn't even bother to remake that part of their official gameplay video.

  • BeastW
    BeastWDag siden

    u should made a video about ac valhalla broken mess too


    What if. . . . . Somebody sabotaged the files for this game

  • Space Dootboy
    Space DootboyDag siden

    This game is so broken the video would only load smoothly at 240p.

  • 6joe16ful
    6joe16fulDag siden

    Well it’s official: red dead redemption 2 is the best open world game since its release

  • Legion Iscariot
    Legion IscariotDag siden

    Might be too late but would have loved an Anthem video.

  • ThatComptonLad
    ThatComptonLadDag siden

    If no body moaned about the release date the game may have came out finished. Like coldwar

  • Hans Alanson

    Hans Alanson

    4 timer siden

    34:43 pfffft

  • Alex


    19 timer siden

    @ThatComptonLad i love it when regular consumers have power over game corporations /s. If consumers have such powers then EA would have been bunkrupt due thier own controversies.

  • ThatComptonLad


    Dag siden

    @MKI simply because everyone rushes it.

  • MKI


    Dag siden

    lol people were mad because of the “delays” and their lies... why give release dates when they clearly wont release it... they tried to create more hype and it backfired... if they kept quiet and worked instead of showing fake gameplays and lying then people wouldn’t have any problems. You really think a million dollar company released a game because of the death threats from internet people? Lol... they wanted that Christmas sale and their greed fucked them up.

  • Redwarrior11


    Dag siden

    You don't blame the consumer for getting excited lol. If they were honest about the situation, the fans would've been more understanding

  • GarrusN7
    GarrusN7Dag siden

    I wish rockstar games made cyberpunk 2077 it defo would have been a gta 6

  • MHN
    MHNDag siden

    Now we just gotta wait for The Fall of 77

  • Afzal Mohammed
    Afzal MohammedDag siden

    This game had hugeee potential I hope some other game does it better

  • Pebu Bebu
    Pebu BebuDag siden

    Haha Lego NPC is better than Cyberbug xD

  • Barri Nasution
    Barri NasutionDag siden

    It has reached to the point where pirated games are better

  • Solid
    SolidDag siden

    That game is bullshit and boring!

  • Birk Goblin
    Birk GoblinDag siden

    Truly masterpiece 0/10

  • Rizal Harmadi
    Rizal HarmadiDag siden

    no one can beat rockstar at openworld games so far

  • Steph Nuggs
    Steph NuggsDag siden

    Can you imagine if they tried this pre-order shit back in the 90s. We are thru the looking glass people

  • Layhton Medicinecrow
    Layhton MedicinecrowDag siden

    They definitely pocketed the money they were given for this game