PARIS NIGHTS by David Brent & Foregone Conclusion

Film og animasjon

Here's the haunting ballad, first heard in THE OFFICE (although interrupted after the first verse!). Hear it now in its poignant entirety.
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  • Hemant Bijapurkar
    Hemant BijapurkarMåned siden

    What a fantastic guitar solo. In a fair world this song would be a global chart topper

  • Joe Le taxi
    Joe Le taxiMåned siden

    I am moved to tears by the beauty of your song Ricky. Thank you

  • umut alp
    umut alpMåned siden

    This weirdness is my new aesthetic in music lyrics.

  • tm339
    tm339Måned siden

    Word On A Wing by Bowie

  • Marzia
    Marzia3 måneder siden

    Sublime, especially the car chase bit. It got me dreaming about those Paris Nights.

  • C David
    C David3 måneder siden

    The funniest thing about these songs is that they are GOOD!

  • Me myself and i
    Me myself and i3 måneder siden

    I GENUINELY wish he’d release another album

  • MediMediMedi
    MediMediMedi4 måneder siden

    Bet you’ll never hear again 2 completely different phrases put together 2 create a song to honor a royal as “Having anal sex with strangers unprotected’ed; Good night my sweet princess”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nunzio Sinesi
    Nunzio Sinesi4 måneder siden

    Rip my sweet princess

  • Chris Battye
    Chris Battye5 måneder siden

    I think I'm right in saying that this was cut from the film. Shame - it's brilliant!

  • moneyblackblood
    moneyblackblood5 måneder siden

    How long till you remake this movie with Steve Carrel and really make some dosh?

  • Chris Terry
    Chris Terry5 måneder siden

    Ricky has ripped the hook from Incident on 57th Street (Bruce Springsteen) I believe. No bad thing of course.

  • Kim Hunter
    Kim Hunter6 måneder siden

    They don't write songs like this anymore

  • adam4757
    adam47576 måneder siden

    That 2nd verse is not relevant to Dawn XD

  • adam4757


    5 måneder siden

    @Shelbyville Rules You're right, it fits perfectly.

  • Shelbyville Rules

    Shelbyville Rules

    5 måneder siden

    Her relationship with Lee was a bit like full blown AIDS...

  • mandy
    mandy6 måneder siden

    Why isn't that in the movie?

  • Jayjay Simmons
    Jayjay Simmons6 måneder siden

    Inspirational stuff right there. Thank you, David Brent.

  • mickey leboeuf
    mickey leboeuf6 måneder siden

    even tho its a comedy band and songs, its far superior to the utter dross, disguising itself as music, today.

  • Viktor Majba
    Viktor Majba7 måneder siden

    A rose, you never used your thorns The ones you loved abandoned you Your angel face made hearts so warm You helped the sick but who helped you ? Then rushing through the Paris night They hounded you, you lost control We prayed that you would be alright The news came through - Your body cold... Good night, my sweet princess... Sleep tight, my sweet princess... The Queen of Hearts, you used your power To comfort those in their darkest hour You hugged a man with full-blown aids To show the world you can't catch it that way It only spread via blood, by sharing needles that are infected Another way is having anal sex with strangers, unprotected Good night, my sweet princess... Sleep tight, my sweet princess...

  • L
    L7 måneder siden

    Is the drummer the same guy that plays Pat in After Life?

  • ja
    ja7 måneder siden


  • doctorbea
    doctorbea8 måneder siden

    "This bit is like the car chase..." (Insert ridiculous hand gestures) LMAO!!!

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills8 måneder siden

    Ricky brightens up my life and makes me piss myself laughing every fucking day. Cheers mate!

    PAUL THOMSON8 måneder siden


  • harryc2692
    harryc26929 måneder siden

    And double meanings, did you get the double meanings?

  • pitbylllson
    pitbylllson11 måneder siden


  • develko
    develko11 måneder siden

    I like the car chase. So real!

  • Krusty The Clown
    Krusty The Clown11 måneder siden

    I prefer to have AIDS, that listen to this :-D

  • Ale Dro
    Ale Dro11 måneder siden

    It is informative.

  • James Guy
    James Guy11 måneder siden

    Princess Lady Diana was definitely murdered by the State Controlled Powers . The method was called the Boston Brakes, it’s a way of disabling the braking system of a vehicle by remote control. This system has been used before. There’s a lot of satanic Evil in this world and it well documented in the amazing documentary footage called = “Communism by the Back Door” New World Order The Satanic Music industry is covered at around about 42: minutes into the film footage. it’s a five hour & twenty minutes masterpiece and should be shown in our schools and colleges worldwide. Removed and Banned from NOlocal However you can still find it if you look hard enough. it’s well worth watching it in bite size pieces You won’t be disappointed! Please share it with as many people as you can before it gets removed and lost forever The Censorship Continues but OUR WEAPON IS TRUTH !

  • Shelbyville Rules

    Shelbyville Rules

    5 måneder siden

    @Ploppy Ploppy You’re one of them! One of the lizard people!

  • Ploppy Ploppy

    Ploppy Ploppy

    11 måneder siden

    Oh hush.

  • Na Si
    Na Si11 måneder siden

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse: „This bit is like the car chase“! 2:16

  • Provoking Truth
    Provoking Truth11 måneder siden

    Unprotected anal sex. My favourite

  • TKTnetwork
    TKTnetworkÅr siden

    He is a great musician. Music is so boring and uninspiring, today! Just took my guitar up and started to write songs, after seeing this. Good inspirition, David or is it Ricky?!

  • M.
    M.År siden

    A part of Ricky is living vicariously through Brent here. ❤

  • Daniel Carr
    Daniel CarrÅr siden

    tasty Solo

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq MadiqÅr siden

    David brent sure knows a lot about aids.

  • Mel Mo
    Mel MoÅr siden

    Ricky G - the limitless man. Tasteless, irreverent, merciless, the King of Cringe and he doesn't care. The dork whisperer. Brilliant.

  • karina andersen
    karina andersenÅr siden

    I love this

  • Wendy B. Wilde
    Wendy B. WildeÅr siden

    Stellar performance of this oh-so-cringe-worthy jewel!

  • James Martin
    James MartinÅr siden

    Elton John has nothing on this guy.

  • SWIM A.D.
    SWIM A.D.År siden

    It’s all gone a bit weird, innit?

  • liddy paul
    liddy paulÅr siden

    The hate from the band and audience to Brent just didn’t make sense, I think that the premise of this film was totally off and a bit lazy from Ricky, probably the reason I can watch Office episodes time and time again, and this I switched off after Half an hour.

  • The Mulberry Parade
    The Mulberry ParadeÅr siden

    "infected" to rhyme with "unprotected". Genius.

  • foxyknoxy
    foxyknoxyÅr siden

    This song was cut from the film

  • IrishTony.
    IrishTony.År siden

    Conversation starter: Who is a worse human? David Brent or Alan Partridge?

  • Chris Battye

    Chris Battye

    5 måneder siden

    Alpha Papa was a relative success whereas Life on the Road bombed. There is no justice in the world. Love both Alan and David but Life on the Road is far better!

  • R
    RÅr siden

    Glad I heard this..........that is the LAST time, Im having unprotected anal sex with a strange......the fucking LAST time.

  • Giovanni Mannelli2
    Giovanni Mannelli2År siden

    Who's in 2019?

  • roland musashi
    roland musashiÅr siden

    This is a real silk rock'n roll suicide. So silk and smouth. Smartnice work.

  • Rahul Kemp
    Rahul KempÅr siden

    his miming the car chase finishes me off!!!

  • James Cullen
    James CullenÅr siden

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Naughty Monkey
    Naughty MonkeyÅr siden

    They need to tour with Tenacious D

  • Jolly Good
    Jolly GoodÅr siden

    It's the British Tenacious D.

  • Jolly Good
    Jolly GoodÅr siden

    They're fuckin' good.

  • Stephen Hayes
    Stephen HayesÅr siden

    This is brilliant, so funny Should of been in the film

  • Chris Battye

    Chris Battye

    5 måneder siden


  • john Laurence
    john LaurenceÅr siden

    People who do not understand "Irony" should not press the thumbs down 👇. This song is pure genius. If you're too thick to understand that then it's not somebody else's fault and you do not deserve an opinion on their work. Simples.

  • Our Fantasy Life
    Our Fantasy LifeÅr siden

    How does this not have more views LOLOL this is exactly my kind of humour hahahaha

  • standarddancing
    standarddancingÅr siden

    Love the solo by Mammogram's nephew

  • psolo3
    psolo3År siden

    was this a deleted scene?

  • Prod. Hxrford
    Prod. HxrfordÅr siden

    david! You're so much better, Texas are rubbish!!

  • R W

    R W

    År siden

    He can do what they did.

  • The Fonz
    The FonzÅr siden

    Brent should have never been done after the series. Brent without Merchant co-writing and directing is just shit. Say the same about Gervais.

  • Infi
    InfiÅr siden

    yeah but listen to the lyrics. poignant


    Love this song. So many metaphors . . . nothing too literal.

  • Ez Luscombe
    Ez LuscombeÅr siden

    The solo sounds like a btec Sultans of Swing

  • Tetlee
    TetleeÅr siden

    Educational, so..

  • matt
    matt2 år siden

    other than the second verse, its a decent song

  • IrishTony.


    År siden

    The second verse is leading the fight against AIDS, so

  • Muirton66
    Muirton662 år siden

    And people say Dolly Parton is just a big pair of tits.........

  • Teo
    Teo2 år siden

    ...simply BRILLIANT!!!...and he also tells u "a sort" of "true story"...a sort of though!!!

  • Red Rebel
    Red Rebel2 år siden

    I prefer this to Candle in the wind.

  • Stolen Mask

    Stolen Mask

    5 måneder siden

    I prefer FLAN

  • Rahul Kemp

    Rahul Kemp

    År siden

    @matty lol

  • matty


    2 år siden

    Yes it's a shame they couldn't have played this at Diana's funeral.

  • Dr. Fabritzio Van mong
    Dr. Fabritzio Van mong2 år siden

    Ha ha ha

  • FreshStreamFails
    FreshStreamFails2 år siden

    pretty catchy

  • Mark Swordfish
    Mark Swordfish2 år siden

    That solo reminds me of Dire Straits

  • James SemiSkimmed
    James SemiSkimmed2 år siden

    What was that shit?

  • Md Hasan-Ur Rahman
    Md Hasan-Ur Rahman2 år siden

    The dude at 1:21 . What the hell is happening here? Well i mean figuratively.

  • I'm not Gayyy
    I'm not Gayyy2 år siden

    Have Prince will and Harry heard this??

  • Pangle
    Pangle2 år siden

    i dont know who to feel sorry for more the band or the audience. :)

  • Pangle
    Pangle2 år siden

    long live David Brent

  • Overdue Review
    Overdue Review2 år siden

    A little Mark Knopfler-esque guitar solo.

  • Chris Battye

    Chris Battye

    5 måneder siden

    Just what I thought...until the car chase!

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle2 år siden

    Killing Legacy 101.

  • Leona Scobie
    Leona Scobie2 år siden

    Princess Diana x❤

  • wayne gilroy
    wayne gilroy2 år siden

    No sign of smarmy Neil, that guy was a fraud.

  • Evan Jones

    Evan Jones

    2 år siden

    wayne gilroy I prefer a _flan_

  • Rich Purnell
    Rich Purnell3 år siden

    I wish they would do an extended movie with all the songs.

  • mandy
    mandy3 år siden

    Oh Rose.... the song barely started i was already laughing...

  • Jon Lynch
    Jon Lynch3 år siden

    This bit's the car chase.

  • Jon Lynch
    Jon Lynch3 år siden

    This bit's the car chase.

  • tova risch
    tova risch3 år siden

    What a load of geni'i

  • Kappa
    Kappa3 år siden

    This song is so good

  • Michael Lloyd
    Michael Lloyd3 år siden

    This bit is like the car chase.... imagine it

  • mandy
    mandy3 år siden

    he should do an educational sex song!!!!!

  • Evan Jones

    Evan Jones

    2 år siden

    mandy One up the bum, no harm done* - The wise words of Christopher Finch (*Except for the risk of AIDS)

  • Kara Shea
    Kara Shea3 år siden

    This didn’t make it into the movie (Life on the Road) did it? If it did I don’t remember IT)

  • BassBoi Ryan
    BassBoi Ryan3 år siden

    Why is the crowd so moody

  • Michael Lloyd
    Michael Lloyd3 år siden

    This bit is like the car chase. .imagine it

  • robert fripp
    robert fripp3 år siden

    knopfler is that you

  • William Bodie
    William Bodie3 år siden

    girl on the left 1:18 hit me up

  • bobolinkr


    År siden

    She probably doesn't want full blown aids

  • Martin T Pham
    Martin T Pham3 år siden

    I've seen this video a few times and seen the film a couple times and I just thought now, is this song in the film? Last time I watched I didn't notice it, not sure if I just missed it though

  • Nicklas Pikhoved

    Nicklas Pikhoved

    2 år siden

    Jer... I think they ment if it was in the movie, not the series

  • jerju77


    3 år siden

    It's in episode 4 with staff training

  • Kara Shea

    Kara Shea

    3 år siden

    Martin T Pham I just posted the same question almost ver batem. I also have seen it twice and watched it just the other day. I think I would have remembered it. I don’t think it made it into the movie

  • super calculon
    super calculon3 år siden

    Ricky Gervais is just being sarcastic about Elton John's song "Candle in the wind" originally made for Marilyn Monroe and after Diana died Elton John just changed it into song about Diana hahahahahaha I lost every respect for Elton John after that😂😂😂

  • Cardinal Fang

    Cardinal Fang

    År siden

    Finally someone else who thinks they cheapened Diana's legacy by changing words to a song originally about a drama queen who put it about a bit. Actually it's more than fitting!

  • pavlovsunhappydog
    pavlovsunhappydog3 år siden

    Brent's right..Sting is cool.

  • tarmonhill
    tarmonhill3 år siden

    this is a great tune.

  • Tyras ifran
    Tyras ifran3 år siden

    How Dirk Nowitzki manages to play with the band and pull Mavericks all season long? Real leader.

  • Breanna Nouveaux

    Breanna Nouveaux

    3 år siden

    ifranART hehehe

  • the one
    the one3 år siden

    were these songs already written before the office when gervais himself tried to be a "rockstar"

  • R W

    R W

    3 år siden

    the one He was in Seona Dancing, a great 80s band. Check them out.

  • Boomer Willis
    Boomer Willis3 år siden

    literally in tears right now

    ROOKTABULA4 år siden

    1:46 Might well be the worst pop lyric ever committed to tape! 😀