Pat McAfee Talks To His New Favorite UFC Fighter Sugar Sean O'Malley


After this interview, I might empty my FanDuel account on Sugar Sean O'Malley every time he fights.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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  • Noah Partridge
    Noah Partridge20 timer siden

    Chito still rocked his ass, hearing him “correct” Pat’s intro of 13-1 to 13-0 made me lose all respect for this clown

  • Earl Simmons IV
    Earl Simmons IVDag siden

    Those punches after are just straight adrenaline

  • Keith Isaac
    Keith Isaac6 dager siden

    Watched this a couple times now and it’s just pure gold!

  • golainte
    golainte9 dager siden

    Watching pat talk about games is like weird hes a normie

  • Tiger G
    Tiger G9 dager siden

    Pat u look like the biggest D bag ever in the thumbnail

  • Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong10 dager siden

    Pat deserves an Emmy for the work he does.

  • Just call me MK
    Just call me MK11 dager siden

    That's a real warrior right there. My new favorite fighter since Iron Mike. Well he and Francis lol.

  • jerafs
    jerafs13 dager siden

    I was nasal breathing for the whole fight😂😂

  • Fvugvv C go rr for
    Fvugvv C go rr for17 dager siden

    Who got homie that played the oldest son on home improvement to sit in ?

  • yeboi dp
    yeboi dp19 dager siden

    This is my favorite episode

  • jrockthahouse
    jrockthahouse19 dager siden

    Aj Hawk just not saying a single word.

  • Only Set
    Only Set20 dager siden

    Greatness knows greatness. Everyone says he's the future champion. They don't lie.

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia21 dag siden

    Pats p was wet and blushing

  • Javier May
    Javier May22 dager siden


  • Dave Russell
    Dave Russell22 dager siden

    Who is the quiet guy on the right that just sits there and smiles?

  • Troy Sorensen
    Troy Sorensen23 dager siden

    Aj had the best faces during this interview 🤣

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez25 dager siden

    Dominic Cruz v Suga please 🇺🇸

  • Set Burhed
    Set Burhed26 dager siden

    I like watching AJ laugh because Patt is.

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon26 dager siden

    I dont think ive ever seen somebody man chrush on a dude more than this guy lol i like suga too but damn buddy almost busts a nutt everytime he says something lol

  • 13rcampbell
    13rcampbell28 dager siden

    WTF is this? I gotta get good grades to play HS sports? 😂

  • Lance Simpson
    Lance Simpson28 dager siden

    Anyone that says he didn’t lose that fight before is crazy

    xIIxGOBLINxIIx29 dager siden


  • ThursdayMonkey475
    ThursdayMonkey47529 dager siden

    People hate on this dude, and I'll admit that even as a fan, I think he's a bit much sometimes, but damn he is talented. Super unassuming, but dynamite in the hands and great movement and fight IQ.

  • chigchug283
    chigchug28329 dager siden

    interview flow got mad fucked up

  • mike nelson
    mike nelson29 dager siden

    Yo shuga! Please stop crackin your knuckles bro... It can't be good for your combative hands...imo All the best! ;))

  • Ed White
    Ed White29 dager siden

    Damn I laughed about this kid back when I was into mma. Never expected him to get this big. Good for him. Time to go back to mma I guess

  • Bugin1967
    Bugin196729 dager siden

    Suga vs Vera 2 would be nice to cement his no loss contest

  • fastguitar
    fastguitar29 dager siden

    He is a high level performer just afk him. He us high level. Super duper high level

  • Ben McReynolds
    Ben McReynoldsMåned siden

    "Had to hit em with the KOBE!" Lol 😆

  • The Fishin' Doc
    The Fishin' DocMåned siden

    Pat youre starting to look like dana white with hair. Cherry red face and all

  • Jesus Jose
    Jesus JoseMåned siden

    Somebody's gonna make him learn respect and humbleness along with humility.

  • HintofLime TostitoChip
    HintofLime TostitoChipMåned siden

    LMAO. Sugar shamous spilling the beans on Stipe’s retirement over here!

  • Paul Lee
    Paul LeeMåned siden

    Media stop pushing this quitter

  • Tracy Payne
    Tracy PayneMåned siden

    This kid is a joke. You got your ass whooped and you do have a loss, stop saying you're undefeated.

  • Kaleb McCarty
    Kaleb McCartyMåned siden

    Sean never made me laugh so hard bro omg

  • Jose Deras
    Jose DerasMåned siden

    Haha damn I remember thinking this dude went into witness protection after his loss to chito and now he gets one win and he’s everywhere again lol

  • Set Burhed
    Set BurhedMåned siden

    Best MMA interviewer

  • paul rowland
    paul rowlandMåned siden

    @ 11:50 the “his soul just left” line had me crying. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mike G
    Mike GMåned siden

    O’Malley has that brash confidence but he doesn’t know how to wield it. He sounds like a spoiled brat not a champion

  • CatchaFraud
    CatchaFraudMåned siden

    Surprised his redhead COACH wasn’t in the background trying to steal every second ounce of fame he can’t get off Sean’s back. Both Guys are Losers.

  • westfalenstadion!


    Måned siden

    ok internet warrior!

  • Cmac 613
    Cmac 613Måned siden

    "You are 13-0" yikes

  • henry serrano
    henry serranoMåned siden

    CHITO VERA!!!!!!

  • Ordinary Pete
    Ordinary PeteMåned siden

    Too bad Pat wasn’t a blm’r

  • GodLovesWarriors312
    GodLovesWarriors312Måned siden

    Sean isn’t 155 lol I don’t buy it

  • Kilian Flachmeyer
    Kilian FlachmeyerMåned siden


  • Taylor Greene
    Taylor GreeneMåned siden

    The suga show!!!!!!

  • BanDANa Dan
    BanDANa DanMåned siden

    So has Sean O’Malley been forgiven for being one of the biggest crybabies in MMA in recent memory? Has all that really been erased? I was a fan of his, then he became a joke to me. Would love if he gave ppl a reason to respect him again. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • James H
    James HMåned siden

    I live suga, just dont like how he doesn't even acknowledge his loss to vera.

  • austn8675


    Måned siden

    Hes just trolling when he says that

  • Jameson Fawkes
    Jameson FawkesMåned siden

    Clowns watch Stephen A. Real men watch Pat McAfee

  • Harry Noriega
    Harry NoriegaMåned siden

    Who dont wanna be on a connor card lol

  • Jake G
    Jake GMåned siden

    Or if your Tony Ferguson you kick steel beams.

  • Nate Francis
    Nate FrancisMåned siden

    Of course O'malley is his favorite fighter. O Malleys white.

  • Whacked out Cookie
    Whacked out CookieMåned siden

    That was a great performance.. but dude is 13-1 he got TKO'd he trippin.

  • J F
    J FMåned siden

    no timestamps

  • Braden B
    Braden BMåned siden

    This fool just hopped on the sugar train 💪 welcome Bruh

  • stuart pappas
    stuart pappasMåned siden

    Hey suga, I love your style,but I would love to come to your camp and make you better. I'm a wrestler and I want to make you the champ. I will grind you out, I see that you are a champion. I just wanna help you get there.

  • Dark Star King
    Dark Star KingMåned siden

    Everyone acting like beating a fighter who hasn’t won a fight in 5 years is super impressive.

  • Nick Pan
    Nick PanMåned siden

    These Ecuadorian nuts don't agree with that 13-0

  • XiPleadthe5th
    XiPleadthe5thMåned siden

    I've enjoyed the suga show sine DWCS and it just keeps getting better and better.

  • Alex Rios
    Alex RiosMåned siden

    Lmaooo is that sean merch website on his screen In the back round? He marketing at its finest

  • Fallennova
    FallennovaMåned siden

    Sugar sean Denially Not gonna be a fan till he accepts his loss

  • 80siix
    80siixMåned siden

    First time im here, i love the host

  • Paul Michael
    Paul MichaelMåned siden

    They put Sean as co main for ufc 264 I’m purchasing that card. Take my money idc

  • LuckyLotus
    LuckyLotusMåned siden

    Yo i wanna see max holloway vs suga sean mega fight. that would be an actual scrap

  • LuckyLotus


    Måned siden

    Oh max wins for sure. Would be a good watch though

  • James H

    James H

    Måned siden

    I think max would give him the business. for real

    BC HALLMåned siden

    I like O'Malley but just own your loss, ankle injury or not...

  • Tha Dude8536
    Tha Dude8536Måned siden

    I really like sugar Sean and while I was watching the fight against Cheeto I was like man he messed his leg up again and I thought it was an injury out of either of their control but if you watch it Vera just f*** his leg up with that kick the low calf kick has become a huge part of the sport 50 years ago Bruce Lee talked about the low calf kick and how deadly effective it was. Wasn't flashy was it pretty but it could end of Fight pretty quick if you can't walk chances are you can't fight love you sugar Sean but you lost fair and square man and you're better off just saying hey dude f*** my leg up he got me I'm going to get him someday

  • P0keM0n2O19 :
    P0keM0n2O19 :Måned siden

    This pat guy.. really wants people to like him. Holy crap. What an insufferable personality. Can you imagine this guy back when he was a kid and was hanging around you? GTFO, annoying weirdo. Rofl

  • sammy O
    sammy OMåned siden

    I can’t tell if he’s laughing with him or at him lol

  • trigger fingers
    trigger fingersMåned siden

    Dis dude even has a rainbow bruise. Suga69Sean

  • Dylan Flo
    Dylan FloMåned siden

    Couldn’t tell if that was Pats mic in front of him or his excitement from talking to SUGA. Lol

  • Will Baker
    Will BakerMåned siden

    This guy is hairlious!!

  • alex whitefield
    alex whitefieldMåned siden

    The clips of snoop dogg calling O’Malley fights are gold, pat needs to see theM

  • Quasar 7
    Quasar 7Måned siden

    "honestly my hands feel really good" Head voice: "dear god leave my ankles out of this"

  • Randy Cruz
    Randy CruzMåned siden

    I can’t believe he said 13-0 what a joke, loser

  • Straight Pepper
    Straight PepperMåned siden

    O’Malley’s the type of kid that went swimming with socks on

  • Kyle Damron
    Kyle DamronMåned siden

    Ok I'm all in on Sean. Charismatic guy and has entertaining fights, what's not to love?

  • Belac84
    Belac84Måned siden

    A.J.'s stoicism is the best in conjunction w/ Pat's mania. Love this show.

  • Thanos Etsitty
    Thanos EtsittyMåned siden

    I’m buying the merch.

  • Carson H
    Carson HMåned siden

    Pat, welcome to the Suga Show

  • Jake _
    Jake _Måned siden

    laughing like a school girl relax dude

  • H3N
    H3NMåned siden

    The show just got a bit more interesting with mma fighters in there. Great job brothas!

  • hogi99
    hogi99Måned siden

    The host is just blowing this guy, it's over the top.

  • Knight
    KnightMåned siden

    That dude is entertaining

  • JR 02554
    JR 02554Måned siden

    Watched this clip twice and just bought a shirt. Guy is a character

  • hambob squarepants
    hambob squarepantsMåned siden

    Why is there some cheesy dude just sat there smiling on the right wtf hahah

  • Over Due Productions
    Over Due ProductionsMåned siden

    This dude just became my favorite fighter.... fuckin hilarious, but I also take him super seriously.

  • Rock Well

    Rock Well

    Måned siden

    Mega Casual

  • Don Guapo
    Don GuapoMåned siden

    Love to watch omalley hes been 1 of my favorite up and coming fighters for a while now but to act like he didnt lose that fight against cheto is bs I get he had nerve problems but it's the fight game and a loss is a loss he needs to just run it back with cheto if he wants to prove his point...also I want to see him move up to 45 and test his skills there because he is one of the best strikers I've seen

  • ImMeWhoAreYou?
    ImMeWhoAreYou?Måned siden

    No knockout with elbows or knees… haha u see the look on his face when he said it? I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to knock someone out with a knee or elbow next time.

  • The man who Stares at fish
    The man who Stares at fishMåned siden

    I swear colby wrote him this script salty o malley 😂🙈

  • Callum Aston

    Callum Aston

    Måned siden

    Seans talking is 1000% better than Cody what are you smoking

  • Richard Trahan
    Richard TrahanMåned siden


  • Lilwein 26
    Lilwein 26Måned siden


  • Lord Berus
    Lord BerusMåned siden

    Still undefeated

  • James Andrew Cullop
    James Andrew CullopMåned siden

    Suga show on stoogenation!

  • C K
    C KMåned siden

    That was cool - great interview = great energy - keep going !!!!!!!

  • C K
    C KMåned siden

    The cold plunge so you guys know is from Wil Hof. The Bamboo tree is from J C Van Damn...... all day !!!!

  • J2FLY Tv
    J2FLY TvMåned siden

    I want Cody and Sean.. Let's Go Dana

  • Michael Benefield
    Michael BenefieldMåned siden

    Pat Mcafee is like a good looking Chris Farley lol

  • M Tt
    M TtMåned siden

    Sugar and Pat im into that

  • Ian Ayers
    Ian AyersMåned siden

    Sean O'malley is a punk. Why have this guy on?

  • Feeizzy KicksNthings
    Feeizzy KicksNthingsMåned siden

    I have compassion after 😂