PERSONAL Q&A: Comparing Yourself, Friendships, Quarantine Lessons & MORE!

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Personal Q&A! Friendships, Comparison, Quarantine Hobbies & More!
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  • Lizzyh
    LizzyhMåned siden

    Happy NEW YEAR ITS 2021

  • Amandine Mmt
    Amandine Mmt2 måneder siden

    Claudia is the type of girl that you since once and u never forget

  • anacrris
    anacrris2 måneder siden

    I screamed when she said Killing Eve 😂

  • Esmee van Houten
    Esmee van Houten2 måneder siden

    i love ashe her advice is so good

  • Liana Nicole
    Liana Nicole2 måneder siden

    10:20 I thought her favorite song was called “So sorry for the gardener” by The Way... for a solid second. 😂

  • Paula Vargas
    Paula Vargas3 måneder siden

    Do a What’s On My Phone Vid! ❤️

  • Izabel Rodrigues
    Izabel Rodrigues4 måneder siden

    She reminds me of Billie Eilish

  • Macy Shea Nachman
    Macy Shea Nachman4 måneder siden

    yikes should probs learn how to pronounce pho if it's your favoriteeeeeee fooddddddd

  • Deborah Hurtado
    Deborah Hurtado4 måneder siden

    Sii!! Un video sobre tus plantas y cuidados sería increíble 😍 (a comment in Spanish since you’re relearning 💖)

  • NannyDiaries23
    NannyDiaries234 måneder siden

    Killing Eve is such a good show!!

  • Jane McClurg
    Jane McClurg5 måneder siden

    Yes for plant video and morning & night routine. You hair & makeup looked exceptionally good in this video. What a nice & relaxing and fun video. 💜💙

  • GenesJournal
    GenesJournal5 måneder siden

    Claudia!!! I love your videos! You’re definitely my favourite NOlocalr because you’re so thoughtful, funny, chill, stylish, and gorgeous! You look absolutely radiant in this video🥰

  • Tiff K
    Tiff K5 måneder siden

    What blushhhhh!!?? So beautiful!! 😍😍

  • Unbekannt Unbekannt
    Unbekannt Unbekannt5 måneder siden

    I want a casefy phone case... But they are only for IPHONES😡

  • EvaaDaniela
    EvaaDaniela5 måneder siden

    This video is such a ray of sunshine for me right now.

  • Jesse Martínez
    Jesse Martínez5 måneder siden

    ✞Seek the Lord, Yeshua is coming soon! Be ready and receive the gift of everlasting life that God gives us in Yeshua Christ, amen. Yeshua is Lord❤ Isaiah 55 : 6-7 ♬ ❤ ♬

  • Nia Oliver
    Nia Oliver5 måneder siden

    Wish I had a friend like Claudia. She just gets it lol 😩

  • Britt_at_heart
    Britt_at_heart5 måneder siden

    Wait... you have a plant app!? I need that!! I am growing my own bonsai’s and keep forgetting to fertilize 😅

  • Badder W
    Badder W6 måneder siden


  • Lex
    Lex6 måneder siden

    Her pronunciation of pho was so cute(: Claudia talks with confidence and when she pronounced it “foe,” I legit was like, “Maybe we are wrong and Claudia is right?!” Lol.

    ELMO EILISH6 måneder siden

    Don't be shy put finneas in the video

  • Aileen Kimm
    Aileen Kimm6 måneder siden

    Omg this is 10/10 big sister vibes, and I’m so here for it ❤️

  • Lexis Tveter
    Lexis Tveter6 måneder siden

    skincare video, plz

  • Josie
    Josie6 måneder siden

    Their friendship with Ashe is everything I love Ashe and all of them so much, definitely my idols I look up to

  • Jazmyn Lim
    Jazmyn Lim6 måneder siden

    Me alegra que estén aprendiendo español de nuevo♥️

  • Claudia Villalta
    Claudia Villalta6 måneder siden

    Isn’t that copying Pela case?

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -6 måneder siden


  • Rebeka Berga
    Rebeka Berga6 måneder siden

    our friend Ash!!!

  • Juliana Villa
    Juliana Villa6 måneder siden

    Can you make a Q&A about buying a house with a significant other WITHOUT being married. I know you have a podcast titled we bought a house and it would be super helpful if you talked about your experience buying real estate without being married.

  • Natalia Quinonez
    Natalia Quinonez6 måneder siden

    so inspiring!! also beautiful smile

  • Idk what name to pick
    Idk what name to pick6 måneder siden

    I love love love love love listening to you sitting down and just talking, instead of a podcast almost, Idk there’s just something about it that’s so pure and clean of bullshit and it really keeps me motivated so please do more of this in the future🥰

  • Kriscia R
    Kriscia R6 måneder siden

    But how you’d get that app to be big ??

  • bubblebeauty25
    bubblebeauty256 måneder siden

    I feel so pointless after watching this video, I'm nothing compared to her.

  • Isabela Gonzalez
    Isabela Gonzalez6 måneder siden

    would LOVE a skincare video

  • Tyina Rosario
    Tyina Rosario6 måneder siden

    You should do a video with Billie and Finneas

  • Ambar Nicole
    Ambar Nicole6 måneder siden


  • isabelle daniels
    isabelle daniels6 måneder siden

    I never used to watch your videos, but I can tell that you are in such a healthy place and I am drawn to your videos now. Keep putting out these positive videos, I cannot get enough

  • Lina Amribed
    Lina Amribed6 måneder siden

    I'm so mad that I didnt discover your channel early on, I discovered it in January and I've been hooked since, love your content and you as a person, I really think that your channel popped in my recommended in 2020 because I really needed your content to make it through.

  • Danielle Lubbers
    Danielle Lubbers6 måneder siden

    Always when i watch ur videos, i get so motivated! While watching made a to-do list and gonna get myself together starting tomorrow! Love from the Netherlands! X

  • C OnGmail
    C OnGmail6 måneder siden

    Killing eve YESSS

  • Nadina Nieto
    Nadina Nieto6 måneder siden

    I need Claudia trying to talk in spanishhh, please

  • Sarah
    Sarah6 måneder siden

    nooo don't grow out the bangs!!

  • Jackie Heintzman
    Jackie Heintzman6 måneder siden

    Hey Claudia, just wanted to bring your attention to the potential greenwashing that Casetify has sold to you. Bamboo is actually a very intensive plant to grow, and is not the most sustainable plant-based fibre to use. Also, be careful when things claim to be compostable as it might not align with your municipalities composting facility. Often times these compostable items take years to decompose and if your local facility cannot compost it, it will still go to the landfill. Thanks for caring for the environment, but the best eco-purchase is no purchase at all :)

  • Angela
    Angela6 måneder siden

    the answer to your first question: hormones.

  • Kaelean Sillitoe
    Kaelean Sillitoe6 måneder siden

    We need a tutorial on this makeup look. Pleasssseeee!! 😍

  • Юлия Сурнина
    Юлия Сурнина6 måneder siden

    plz if u talking about titles put them in the video picture 'cause sometimes i just don't understand a thing. thanks!

  • Alia Duncan
    Alia Duncan6 måneder siden

    god I missed this! thank you so much for being such a sweet, intelligent and loving soul. every time through out this type of videos I get to a point where I'm like "damn she's right." love to hear your thoughts and points of views on all these topics. much love and stay safe.

  • Leah Entwistle
    Leah Entwistle6 måneder siden

    chicken tenders is such a good song

  • Famousbils
    Famousbils6 måneder siden

    Me :I got A+ in my exam!!!!! Mom : what do you want for your A+ gift ? Me : I want an iPhone 11 pro ! Mum : no, anything else? Me : then a hug from claudia?!!! No one:......... Mom: what colour you want your iPhone be???

  • Vishant Venugopal
    Vishant Venugopal6 måneder siden

    I can totally relate to the friends situation!

  • iris hale
    iris hale6 måneder siden

    Makeup Routine Please!!

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    Kaitlyn Huynh6 måneder siden

    How did u meet fineas

  • Alex Kasel
    Alex Kasel6 måneder siden

    plant video!!! and chicken tenders is a banger

  • Abbie Lee
    Abbie Lee6 måneder siden

    'The story I am telling myself' - Brene Brown

  • Denise Flores
    Denise Flores6 måneder siden

    I can totally relate to having diff circle ⭕️ of friends yet it can be lonely

  • ashlynn richey
    ashlynn richey6 måneder siden

    You look SO good in this video! You always look good of courseee, but today you were just over the top glowing!

  • Faith Daniels
    Faith Daniels6 måneder siden

    I miss Finn

  • That geco girl
    That geco girl6 måneder siden

    Pls do a vid whit billie

  • Renata Louzada
    Renata Louzada6 måneder siden

    watching your videos is my stereotypical thing that makes me feel good :)

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    Paulina Lejarza6 måneder siden

    you look sooo happy and healthy 🤍

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    tina :6 måneder siden

    ur just perfect

  • Claire Kerr
    Claire Kerr6 måneder siden


  • Angelica Watson
    Angelica Watson6 måneder siden

    I definitely would like a skin care video please 🥺❤

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    louise6 måneder siden

    so you care about trees...but want to add a dead bird to your food. okkkk

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    kathy coomer6 måneder siden

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    Mennia C6 måneder siden

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    Jennifer Crone6 måneder siden


  • shirosh809
    shirosh8096 måneder siden

    7:18 haha i'm the same as you! i forget to pee or eat when i'm with my friends!

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    Freddie6 måneder siden

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  • idk what this is lol
    idk what this is lol6 måneder siden

    Question: Would you ever let finneas cut YOUR hair? Claudia: ahahaaha *no*

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