PLANT VLOG: My Collection, Plant Care Tips & Hacks!

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Today's video covers ALL THINGS plants!! My collection, plant care tips and recommendations.
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  • heyhopebarker
    heyhopebarker4 dager siden

    This video brought me so much joy. Some people like going for drinks on a Friday afternoon, I like going to the garden centre... 😂🌿

  • Rain :D
    Rain :D22 dager siden

    Anyone else just binge watch all of Claudia’s videos for hours? Cuz same

  • Veronica
    Veronica2 måneder siden

    Hey Claudia, I just wanna tell you a little tip for the big plant, beautiful, but you say that is getting super tall if you want to maintain the plant and make her (is a "she" lol) stop growing up, change it (I know this sounds stupid but it's true) to a smaller pot and keep pruning the upper leaves so is gonna stop growing up and is gonna grow more to the sides. Love you! PS: I'm so proud of myself because I watch your videos before Finneas so now because I love his music, I can see you both being all cute and in love. This is funny, I have Spotify, and the other day I got a message that said that this year I listen to Billie Eilish 200 times. Sorry I'm not sorry hahahaha

  • M E L I S S A
    M E L I S S A4 måneder siden

    Stake up the big monstera, it needs support. Check out the_rustic pallet on ig.

  • Ethan
    Ethan4 måneder siden

    Every time she shows a new part of her house I’m amazed of how beautiful it is and how perfectly it’s all decorated. They both did an amazing job.

  • Duda Eilish
    Duda Eilish4 måneder siden

    Claudia, obrigada por acabar com a minha Auto Estima🤧

  • Kody Mayes
    Kody Mayes5 måneder siden

    Hey Hey where did you get your head pot from?

  • Jessica Portik
    Jessica Portik5 måneder siden

    Claudia! I watched this not expecting to care much tbh LOL 💀 but now. I am OBSESSED with plants. I bought one thinking it could be cool, and one led to two, two led to 3, and now I have almost 20 plants within just the past few weeks😂 I am obsessed and I have watched this video a total of 5 times just to remember what plants you had that I liked/want, and the tips you gave. Thank you for this video would love to see updates on your plants sometime😭❤️

  • MyessYallyah Americus
    MyessYallyah Americus5 måneder siden

    america is the worst place to live in the world. its about to have 20,000 nuclear bombs all blow up at the same time and we are all going to die because of what you are all doing on the internet to steal from everyone. so its your fault 300 million people are about to die in the single worst trajedy in human history. you know who to blame. just look in the mirror.

  • The Cosmos
    The Cosmos5 måneder siden

    Is that app only for iPhone?

  • sunflowerbbgrl
    sunflowerbbgrl5 måneder siden

    Here are some of my more affordable recommendations of where you can get your plants online and locally (I'm in LA) *Online: Plant Decor Shop (shippable plants are around $15 for 4 inches and $20-25 for 6 inches) *Local very affordable nurseries: - Mickey Hargitay Plants in Hollywood (the most affordable, their 4 inches is like $6 and 6 inches are like $12), but very long line since they only allow 7 shoppers at once for 20 mins to shop - Folia Collective in Eagle Rock (you can do pickup or local delivery, they also have v nice planters and tools) - Artemisia Nursery (have very nice pots selections all with pre-drilled drainage holes)

  • Ceili High
    Ceili High5 måneder siden

    Does anyone know of an app like planta but for android?

  • Hannah Frye
    Hannah Frye5 måneder siden

    You should read Super Life by Daren Olien!!

  • Jamie Weber Brennan
    Jamie Weber Brennan5 måneder siden

    Is the Planta app available in Australia?? I can't find it in the app store :(

  • Juliette Terry
    Juliette Terry5 måneder siden

    if Claudia wasn’t the one talking about her plants I would immediately click off the vid. her voice is calming

  • Phoebe B
    Phoebe B5 måneder siden

    the bird of paradise was my moms favorite plant. i miss her

  • Hestia Beukes
    Hestia Beukes5 måneder siden

    Nice but a little too much plants..

  • Katelynfbanks
    Katelynfbanks5 måneder siden

    Loved it!!! 💖

  • Gal Kai
    Gal Kai5 måneder siden

    Important! I read that some plants like Monstera and bird of paradise is TOXIC to pets. What do you do with peach around it? Thanks and loved the video

  • Gabyy 007
    Gabyy 0075 måneder siden

    Vc é muito linda

  • Maria F
    Maria F5 måneder siden

    When she mentioned Maddi 💕 the nostalgia it brought up of when they were roommates ☺️

  • CL
    CL5 måneder siden

    DONT POUR WATER INTO THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SNAKE PLANT!! That will rot the roots and promote bacterial infections!!!

  • Jenisha Zaidi
    Jenisha Zaidi5 måneder siden

    Can't even skip a single second...such an amazing video

  • Madison Grace
    Madison Grace5 måneder siden

    *soil, not dirt! The soil is aliveeee 😋💚🌿

  • Minty Borro
    Minty Borro5 måneder siden

    your 1st plant is specifically a swiss cheese monstera

  • Paige O'Keefe
    Paige O'Keefe6 måneder siden

    It's Pothos not pathos

  • Katherine m
    Katherine m6 måneder siden

    The Sill and Bloomscape are really overpriced, you should check out House Plant Shop! Local to CA too!

  • Sienna V
    Sienna V6 måneder siden

    wow you paid $200 for that birds of paradise when you can get the same size one at home depot for under $50

  • Gardentastic
    Gardentastic6 måneder siden

    Gorgeous plant collection! Thanks for the tour. 👍🏼🌿💕

  • Choobacca18
    Choobacca186 måneder siden

    Just a tip: when you’re moving plants from indoors to outdoors you have to slowly get them used to being outside and the amount of sun exposure they’re going to get. So when you move them outside you let them acclimate in the shade and then eventually full direct sun, otherwise they can burn or not do as well! ❤️

  • _.annabeatr6_ _
    _.annabeatr6_ _6 måneder siden

    10:20 is this it album on the walll👌love that band

  • Claire Wilcox
    Claire Wilcox6 måneder siden

    It's actually "pothos" but your plants are beautiful!!

  • Jacqueline Castro
    Jacqueline Castro6 måneder siden

    Beautiful collection

  • Erin and Matt
    Erin and Matt6 måneder siden

    Monsteras are so pretty! I've been looking to get a new plant, now I might just get that one :) also just bought that spray bottle haha

  • Local
    Local6 måneder siden

    Logan McKay must kick himself every day.

  • sarah metzger
    sarah metzger6 måneder siden

    You can just buy a meter that measures moisture and amount of light

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie6 måneder siden

    So I’m here watching this video again. : )

  • babyjells
    babyjells6 måneder siden

    Bloomscape and The Sill are ridiculously overpriced for plants. Head to a local nursery and save 75% on the cost of the plant. You can also pick up your own planter at Homegoods, TJ Maxx etc. for online purchases, I love, Planterina and Etsy. Etsy is hit or miss. I’ve never gotten a bad or distressed plant from Planterina or Plantvine- their plants are huuuge and great value for price, especially if you’re into tropical plants. Planterina also has the option of buying a planter to go along with your plant or not.

  • Doggo Do
    Doggo Do6 måneder siden

    13:04 Me dealing with my life problems

  • HarperQueen
    HarperQueen6 måneder siden

    Very good video, excellent and to the point i information and resources. Love this video thank you

  • bailey coe
    bailey coe6 måneder siden

    Watching this after her “braces” video from TEN YEARS AGO was recommended to me!! I’m dying, this woman is so precious and it’s adorable to see how all of her facial expressions have remained the you Claud, such an inspiration!!!💓

  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez6 måneder siden

    If you want your ZZ plants or marble queen to grow faster, you will need to place them near a window where they can receive a ton of light! :)

  • Michelle Santiago
    Michelle Santiago6 måneder siden

    I bought the mister. :D Thanks for recommending this!

  • Carol Abdullah
    Carol Abdullah6 måneder siden

    Love your collection of plants, girl your plants are happy and amazing love your home and decor, thanks for sharing 👍

  • Broadway Gardener
    Broadway Gardener6 måneder siden

    YES!!!! That amazon mister is EVERYTHING!!! I Loooove it for my plants. That table top fiddle leaf fig is adorable!

  • iiCozyCowq
    iiCozyCowq6 måneder siden

    I feel like it's great to be a plant mom. More oxygen💕

  • Wig
    Wig6 måneder siden

    girl ur plants are way too overpriced

  • jdoesc1
    jdoesc16 måneder siden

    My fiddle fig leaf doesn’t like direct sunlight so you may want to pull your first one away from the window also there is an app called PictureThis that will identify exactly what your plant needs or is getting too much of. Hope that helps!

  • Isidio Garcia
    Isidio Garcia6 måneder siden


  • Nu ma Nu ma iei
    Nu ma Nu ma iei6 måneder siden

    Love this I might actually start introducing some plants at my house

  • Carla Michaela Escueta
    Carla Michaela Escueta6 måneder siden


  • Tanika86
    Tanika866 måneder siden

    Your house is beautiful!

  • Brooke Warrix
    Brooke Warrix6 måneder siden

    great video but some of your plants are highly toxic to dogs! make sure peach doesn’t eat them 😬

  • katie110111
    katie1101116 måneder siden

    omg where did you get that beautiful colorful tile table?!!

  • Fallon Cho
    Fallon Cho6 måneder siden

    A very lovely collection.

  • Les Dunham
    Les Dunham6 måneder siden

    your snake plant likely got brown spots on its leaves from the air being super dry or from too much sunlight- either way it's a good thing you moved it!

  • Niners All Day
    Niners All Day6 måneder siden

    she fine af

  • Anna Emily
    Anna Emily6 måneder siden

    looooved this Video, so greatly done with all the quick tips! i am starting to get into plants just now, and i really appreciate this Video, thank you

  • Olesya Mitrofanova
    Olesya Mitrofanova6 måneder siden

    8:10 growing slow because not enough sun, mines by the sun, and has two new growths already. also a good fertilizer is human urine.

  • Brookelyn Nichols
    Brookelyn Nichols6 måneder siden

    Claudia’s videos make me wanna get my life together

  • Sophia Enriquez
    Sophia Enriquez6 måneder siden


  • Samuel Roten
    Samuel Roten6 måneder siden

    You have such a beautiful plant family. They all look super healthy, lush and happy. You should be a proud plant mom, keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Mikhail Rodrigues
    Mikhail Rodrigues6 måneder siden

    Fertalizer? Fertilizer?

  • Mandy Griffing
    Mandy Griffing6 måneder siden

    i'm so glad you made this video! i'm so obsessed with plants!!

  • Nycole Kuiken
    Nycole Kuiken6 måneder siden

    How do you know which plants would enjoy misting? Do you mist between waterings or in addition to, same time? How often and how would you know if it's too much?

  • Wig


    6 måneder siden

    in general, plants do not really need to be misted. they are perfectly fine without it and if your plants thrive sans misting then there’s no need to

  • Cosette V
    Cosette V6 måneder siden

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

  • Walkiria Peixoto
    Walkiria Peixoto6 måneder siden

    Its the first video, I watch of your channel and now I want to see all!! Thank's for share, hugs from Brasil!

  • Paige
    Paige6 måneder siden

    I've heard that misting your plants doesn't raise the humidity for long enough to even be noticeable by the plant. You'll need a humidifier for that!

  • Cass Furtado
    Cass Furtado6 måneder siden

    Loved this

  • Iba Dhar
    Iba Dhar6 måneder siden

    Does misting actually help the plant? I've seen so many plant youtubers say it does nothing :\

  • Zandra White
    Zandra White6 måneder siden

    Be careful about misting, you’re literally the only person I’ve ever heard do that, it encourages bacteria growth

  • Rita NS
    Rita NS6 måneder siden

    Extremely beautiful plants. Wave jade is so beautiful. First time I am seeing wave jade. Very well maintained plants

  • Jessica Eusebio
    Jessica Eusebio6 måneder siden

    Mexican snowball 😆 - p.s: don’t get offended, I’m Mexican

  • mia alpaugh
    mia alpaugh6 måneder siden

    already KNOW my amazon package of that fertilizer just came and im TRUSTIN u

  • Holly Hodges
    Holly Hodges6 måneder siden

    Where did you get your ‘Is This It’ Album art?!

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B6 måneder siden

    Damn, too bad a lot of these are toxic to pets. Pet parents, make sure you research before you buy

  • pudding stuff
    pudding stuff6 måneder siden

    loved this video, for sure not bored.

  • Hannah -
    Hannah -6 måneder siden

    I have a parlor palm (a bit smaller than yours) and keep it on my window sill where it gets varying degrees of British sunlight - it has recently started drying up and the ends and the tips are dying , I water it regularly what should I do? you are like a plant god Thanks

  • Jazmine Mangrum
    Jazmine Mangrum6 måneder siden

    I loveeeeeeee all of the close ups

  • Taina Gutierrez
    Taina Gutierrez6 måneder siden

    Once u truly get into plants u will realize the websites she mentions are all overpriced asf for house plants.

  • Atomic Coal

    Atomic Coal

    6 måneder siden

    true. I get alot of plants from Ebay.

  • Taina Gutierrez
    Taina Gutierrez6 måneder siden

    Ur birds of paradise is tiny n almost $200!! Girl that plant is at most worth $40. Why r u recommending these scam websites

  • Ethan


    4 måneder siden

    Taina Gutierrez probably, I live in the PNW so it’s cold most of the year. Good to know I can find them cheaper though 👍🏻

  • Taina Gutierrez

    Taina Gutierrez

    4 måneder siden

    Ethan maybe its ur area bc i can find birds of paradise almost anywhere.

  • Taina Gutierrez

    Taina Gutierrez

    4 måneder siden

    Ethan ur local nursery or farmers market. Ive seen some groceries stores carry big plants for around $70 and under

  • Ethan


    4 måneder siden

    Where’d you see it for 40? Most places that I see it, online or in person, they’re very expensive. I think they also base the price on how hard the plant is to ship/grow

  • Taina Gutierrez
    Taina Gutierrez6 måneder siden

    I got a huge monstera for $9.99 while the sill has it for $59 gtfo.

  • Taina Gutierrez
    Taina Gutierrez6 måneder siden

    The sill is overpriced for plants dont waste ur money.

  • Millette Regacho

    Millette Regacho

    6 måneder siden

    So true. The sill is a rip off

  • Taina Gutierrez
    Taina Gutierrez6 måneder siden

    Im sorry but the sill over prices their plants wayy too much. Stuff their that goes for $50 u can get for $10-20 at ur local grocery(if they sell plants) or a nursery. Do not waste money on the sill. Pls their is much better websites w better prices the sill is more for new plant lovers. One u know what plants really go for u will notice how overpriced they sell them on the sill

  • Megan Haley
    Megan Haley6 måneder siden

    This was so stablizing and calming and I didn't even know I needed it thank you Claudia

  • Rosa Martinez
    Rosa Martinez6 måneder siden

    Also Claudia regarding fertilizers, like you said organic is best for plants that you’re eating and be careful with using it on outdoor plants that are in the ground bc that fertilizer can become run off and bioaccumulate and cause problems for waterways

  • Martina Josifoska
    Martina Josifoska6 måneder siden

    I played the video and looked away, when suddenly I hear Billie's voice, I'm like "finally my two favorite girls in one video", then I realize it was Billie's ad for T-mobile 😂😂. Anyways, I loved the video and your plant collection 💓 💓.

  • Fenner Lamm
    Fenner Lamm6 måneder siden

    Girllll bloomscape and the sill are so expensive lol check out etsy for plants! there are sooo many on there. Some other options I like are Gabriella Plants, Logees, Arium Botanicals, and BWH Plant co

  • Paulina Martinez
    Paulina Martinez6 måneder siden

    if you dont want your monstera to grow outwards, you can look into getting a moss pole :) it helps with the plant growing upwards intsead

  • Madelyn Weber
    Madelyn Weber6 måneder siden

    where is the sandalwood candle from in the middle of your desk?

  • Hannah Wolfgang
    Hannah Wolfgang6 måneder siden

    went out today and bought myself some succulents & a pothos, time for my plant journey to begin! :D

  • makenna weaver
    makenna weaver6 måneder siden

    i am so absolutely in love with their house WOW

  • Santana Bland
    Santana Bland6 måneder siden

    She said fiddle fig leaf 😂

  • Mae Frances
    Mae Frances6 måneder siden

    Thought of getting floral plants? 🌸🌼

  • S L
    S L6 måneder siden

    Gorgeous plants, they're all so healthy and lush! I really agree that zz plants take a while to grow. I've had mine for over a year and it's doing great, but I don't think it's grown at all. Your video really makes me want a heart shaped philodendron, they are so beautiful. And that wave jade plant omg I'd love to have that outside my door. Thanks for the video!

  • sushi •
    sushi •6 måneder siden

    ugh i love u

  • Lily MS
    Lily MS6 måneder siden

    ok claudia. Your house is gorgeous. when i purchase a house i am definitely taking into consideration your style! Please do a house tour!!

  • Marissa Racheal
    Marissa Racheal6 måneder siden

    My parents own an indoor houseplant business and it makes me SO happy that the first thing you say is to buy from LOCAL nurseries!! It’s SO important especially during these times!!!

  • Vanessa Bongon
    Vanessa Bongon6 måneder siden

    I love your collection ❤️ I’ve been on a hunt for monsteras, so thank you for recommending the websites! And I just bought a philodendron rojo Congo today!

  • Christine O'Shea
    Christine O'Shea6 måneder siden

    Tip for your monstera: attach some of the stems to sticks and leave for a few months. Then it will grow upwards and straighter :)