PLAYING BASKETBALL FOR $75,000 (ft. RiceGum & FaZe Rug)

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  • Giovannio Olivo
    Giovannio Olivo7 dager siden

    Rip xxxtentacon

  • Nathan Liska
    Nathan Liska5 måneder siden

    Who’s watching this in quarantine

  • Yung Jive
    Yung Jive8 måneder siden

    I didn’t even know banks can ball 🏀

  • Ishan Shah
    Ishan Shah9 måneder siden

    Lsk is all their team cared about though

  • Bernadette Amaranto
    Bernadette Amaranto9 måneder siden

    I actually like lsk thats why I don't like the your team that much but i like you and the faze clan

  • TwST
    TwST11 måneder siden

    swift three's

  • Itel A11
    Itel A11År siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    The people are so lucky to be there

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Good luck Alex , RiceGum and Rug

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi RiceGum

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Rug

  • Levi Lewis
    Levi LewisÅr siden

    How won what team

  • Rabilu Musa
    Rabilu MusaÅr siden


  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan RamirezÅr siden

    did you forget about another telly famous NOlocalr Alex wassbi

  • Drudayy
    Drudayy2 år siden

    Of course you didn’t show the clip of u getting dunked on 😂

  • rebbeca neece
    rebbeca neece2 år siden

    Your the definition of legs for rice lol

  • Cormac Magee
    Cormac Magee2 år siden

    The beef between rice and tanner fox and look at 6:21

  • ice age baby
    ice age baby2 år siden

    Bruh Ricegum keeps taking L's

  • ice age baby
    ice age baby2 år siden

    Ay LSK

  • Estelle Aris
    Estelle Aris2 år siden

    0:35 What is the name of this song Im just asking

  • Danny Leon
    Danny Leon2 år siden

    Lmfao you play so sloppy bro no offense 😂

  • random 65286
    random 652862 år siden

    5:14 Why Ricegum trying to be involved

  • ツStxttiq
    ツStxttiq2 år siden

    Why does rug look like a human stickman

  • RolaNdO CoRales
    RolaNdO CoRales2 år siden

    Alex Got exposed

  • Alberto Caceres Calvo
    Alberto Caceres Calvo2 år siden

    Dio ni que fesastre

  • O K
    O K2 år siden

    Great job on passing the ball, but making the shots was a lil off bro:(

    JAXON CARNAHAN2 år siden

    You didn’t show you getting crossed up by lsk

  • fluzlol
    fluzlol2 år siden

    You forgot the part where Lsk broke your ankles

  • fuuny kid
    fuuny kid2 år siden

    OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG Ong OMG to be out of the office in the morning and I have to go to the store and get some rest and feel better soon and I have been trying a

  • the creator
    the creator2 år siden

    Cloutgangforlife and faze up baby

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa2 år siden

    7 footer LSK 😂😂😂

  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa2 år siden

    My nigga Alex don’t know what’s going on 😂😂 found this bout 30 min ago

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • evan aragon
    evan aragon2 år siden

    Rice gum has to be the dumbest person a live bro... " theres a bunch people watching live but not only live but online live stream" that still live you dumb shit 😂

  • WonderDeathz 420
    WonderDeathz 4202 år siden

    Gg bro gg that was a great match especially for a charity just makes it ten times better

  • WonderDeathz 420
    WonderDeathz 4202 år siden

    That trick shot at the start of the video was smooth

  • Oh-Hi
    Oh-Hi2 år siden

    Why da fuq rice look like a wooden stick

  • David Schuster
    David Schuster2 år siden

    Regard comprehensive ordinary own math grace modify growing session contribute quality.

  • Sym.Branch
    Sym.Branch2 år siden


  • bigga
    bigga2 år siden


  • tiktok user
    tiktok user2 år siden

    0:31 R.I.P X

  • Chommy65
    Chommy652 år siden

    Is that rice gum??

    CABBAGE MEMES2 år siden

    Rice rice Rice got a shot

  • Mao
    Mao2 år siden

    3:47 the disrespect🤦🏽‍♂️😭

  • Crystal Cooke
    Crystal Cooke2 år siden

    Kick faze rug from faze plz

  • manny aponte
    manny aponte2 år siden

    rice gum is gay

  • Derrell Wapitigon
    Derrell Wapitigon2 år siden

    0:35 #LongLiveX

  • Joshua Egan
    Joshua Egan2 år siden

    Faze clan vs 2hype make it happen

  • Jennifer Cavazos
    Jennifer Cavazos2 år siden

    Another banger love you Alex your videos are lit

  • Logan Thain
    Logan Thain2 år siden

    Let’s go LSK best Basketballer on NOlocal

  • Rixx Kumar
    Rixx Kumar2 år siden

    Nice vlog bro

  • Dominic Chavez
    Dominic Chavez2 år siden

    He didn’t put the part in when lsk broke him

  • Adrian Cortez
    Adrian Cortez2 år siden

    alex got crossed check out pal video for it

  • Lady Bieber
    Lady Bieber2 år siden

    Your so handsome ❤️

  • Jess. Zams
    Jess. Zams2 år siden

    Ayeeeeooo whos in the ACE Family???!.♥️

  • Amon Hanson
    Amon Hanson2 år siden

    Love you Bruh!

  • Chrislyn Fageroni
    Chrislyn Fageroni2 år siden

    My name is Alex as well Adapt I will beat yo ass to be in FaZe

  • Chrislyn Fageroni
    Chrislyn Fageroni2 år siden

    My Name is Alex as well Adapt i will beat your ass to replace you in FaZe

  • Chris Daws
    Chris Daws2 år siden

    Bro you were the best on the team you had so much sick plays your team sucked

  • Vexy
    Vexy2 år siden

    He should’ve went to cj so ciol

  • AustinJD
    AustinJD2 år siden

    Ive never heard of this ace family until rice started “beefin” with him

  • Mason Norris
    Mason Norris2 år siden

    anyone catching him getting his ankles broken at 9:18?

  • Prodigy
    Prodigy2 år siden

    What’s the outro song he used?

  • Alejandro Mendez
    Alejandro Mendez2 år siden

    Yall are literally shit at ball

  • Strictly Business
    Strictly Business2 år siden

    Hey Banks

  • RJ Almarez
    RJ Almarez2 år siden

    LSK Dropped you

  • Dominyk Rodriguez
    Dominyk Rodriguez2 år siden

    Adapt you forgot to put you getting your ankles taken and rice getting crossed

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt

  • Alexx
    Alexx2 år siden

    I’d rather go to this than a NBA game 😂

  • Kuise
    Kuise2 år siden

    Adapt got his ankles taken😂

  • Adrian Delarosa
    Adrian Delarosa2 år siden

    If tommy was in this event🔥🔥🏀🏀

  • João Pires
    João Pires2 år siden

    hey people :)

  • Gage Elkins
    Gage Elkins2 år siden

    Got dropped by lsk

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment2 år siden

    Ur gonna get copy right strike

    TAYLØR2 år siden

    You for crossed by lsk lol

  • Biker10147
    Biker101472 år siden

    Juju is a GOD

  • Firetalon Games
    Firetalon Games2 år siden

    Glad this was for charity. But when is the chain giveaway man?

  • Canon Ingram
    Canon Ingram2 år siden

    What about u getting exposed by kris

  • Oman Balan
    Oman Balan2 år siden

    Team Ricegum lost because of you, every time you touched the ball it's either a turnover or you do some dumb shit

  • Caden 2x
    Caden 2x2 år siden

    Ngl bro lsk broke u and dunked on you😂💯

  • wpym
    wpym2 år siden

    I want to know where adapts muscles gone bro you used to have mad gains wtf

  • Blu
    Blu2 år siden

    You got your ankles took sorry alex 😭😂

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan2 år siden

    9:47 you did tanner dirty😂😂😂

  • Ballislife
    Ballislife2 år siden


  • Rylan Wkey

    Rylan Wkey

    2 år siden

    Love the vid

  • Legacy Gang

    Legacy Gang

    2 år siden

    Ballislife ayy I plan to be on ballislife just like my friend and I love you guy's videos (his name is Andre Casey btw)

  • ThatGirlLib
    ThatGirlLib2 år siden

    Was Nikan not a big enough NOlocalr to take Banks place? He’s super tall.

  • Lexi Natalie
    Lexi Natalie2 år siden

    I'm kinda glad Alex took Ricky's spot ! 😂 you guys were great the first quarter 🔥

  • Jid
    Jid2 år siden

    How's Rug still skinny

  • guneet gill
    guneet gill2 år siden

    this dude has a dope personality.

  • A Town21
    A Town212 år siden

    Damn Alex has lost a lot of muscle

  • Kieran Murphy
    Kieran Murphy2 år siden

    The highlights were just who could miss the coolest shot😂

  • Midnite Sensei
    Midnite Sensei2 år siden

    Alex: “Use that NFL shit”

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian2 år siden

    U got crossed by Kris🤣🤣

  • Drew Harmon
    Drew Harmon2 år siden

    Mans got crossed 👀

  • Seth Jack
    Seth Jack2 år siden

    REALLY you get free shoes and a team uniform to play in for charity !! And you play in ur own shoes and shorts with a T-shirt on that’s disrespectful as fuck !!!

  • israel martinez

    israel martinez

    2 år siden

    I don't think that he would fit in them because it was originally for banks. come pairing the size different banks is a bigger size in everything. shoes and shorts. I'm surprised that the Jersey fit him

  • melanie lopez
    melanie lopez2 år siden

    i was there it was lit

  • Emelda Luna
    Emelda Luna2 år siden

    Rip x

  • Jayson Tatum
    Jayson Tatum2 år siden

    I put a hole in yr pants

  • JoeyBadAss5
    JoeyBadAss52 år siden

    Faze adapt sucks ass at basketball

  • kendal camacho
    kendal camacho2 år siden

    Peep the lil skies in the background