Playing Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES in 2020..(100% COMPLETION CHALLENGE!)


Playing COD Zombies In 2020... (ROUND 35)
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"Buried" 100% COMPLETION CHALLENGE (Call of Duty Black Ops 2 ZOMBIES)


  • Soul Waves
    Soul Waves10 dager siden

    please do more

  • Glenda Peach
    Glenda Peach14 dager siden

    I don't give faze members permission to play cod

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon27 dager siden

    "iT`s LiT!"

  • Ha_llloo
    Ha_lllooMåned siden

    Best map!

  • Jayshaun Jones
    Jayshaun Jones2 måneder siden

    good videos

  • Jayshaun Jones

    Jayshaun Jones

    2 måneder siden


  • Santibro
    Santibro2 måneder siden

    lmao the basic youtuber thumbnail tho

  • pcfwaleed
    pcfwaleed2 måneder siden

    That NAV in the background fire

  • John Jones
    John Jones2 måneder siden

    Its lit, WE KNOW YOU TIT!

  • Zacharee Taylor
    Zacharee Taylor2 måneder siden

    Faze adapt sucks I get to Round 80 solo

  • adrian sandoval1221
    adrian sandoval12212 måneder siden

    Bruh that its lit is annoying

  • adrian sandoval1221
    adrian sandoval12212 måneder siden

    Cod 2 is the shit no cap🔥🔥

  • Max Segrets
    Max Segrets3 måneder siden

    When Travis Scott ft in bo2 vids💀

  • pineapple juice boi E
    pineapple juice boi E3 måneder siden

    Why is the thumbnail so dumb like its only round 35 + like bruh

  • Richard k Little
    Richard k Little3 måneder siden

    It keeps sayin its lit

  • Joel Madrigal
    Joel Madrigal3 måneder siden

    I heard like 3 or 4 different songs playing and this is the worst video ive seen god damn stop with the ITS LIT cause ITS NOT LIT AHHHHHH

  • Kozi Heatz
    Kozi Heatz3 måneder siden

    most of the comments is just about the annoying "ITS LIT"

  • cassandra gratto
    cassandra gratto3 måneder siden

    He kind look like lil xan

  • Samantha Kahny
    Samantha Kahny3 måneder siden

    have anyone realised that that was a ps3 controller

  • Samantha Kahny

    Samantha Kahny

    3 måneder siden

    i meant ps4 controller

  • PlayerLime
    PlayerLime3 måneder siden

    Rain: “help me help me help me help- The video: “ItS LiTtTt”

  • Jarred
    Jarred3 måneder siden

    adapt has no personality

  • Le Reaper
    Le Reaper4 måneder siden

    i still remember the feeling years ago i used to play it on my ps3 with my bestfriend

  • Logan Glover
    Logan Glover4 måneder siden

    dude im about to fucking scratch my eyeballs out the "its lit" is so fucking annoying

  • Zombies4EvaDude
    Zombies4EvaDude4 måneder siden

    0:54 “I don’t have anything.” *has paralyzer and HAMR*

  • Original L
    Original L4 måneder siden

    There’s not one comment without its lit

  • ImBlumb
    ImBlumb4 måneder siden

    No1* Adapt* "Its Lit!!!"

    CHRISTIAN HITS 30 PUMPS4 måneder siden

  • Mickey Poof
    Mickey Poof4 måneder siden

    Adapt looking like an actual coke head

  • DreamLess YT
    DreamLess YT5 måneder siden

    ╔══╗♥ ╚╗╔╝ ╔╝╚╗ ╚══╝ ╔╗ ♥ ║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ ╔╗╔╗♥ ║║║║ ║╚╝║

  • Erik Victoria
    Erik Victoria5 måneder siden

    You guys should have played origins

  • fan boy
    fan boy5 måneder siden

    they suck ass im way better

  • j
    j5 måneder siden

    liking because i hear nav in the backround

  • Tina Allen
    Tina Allen6 måneder siden

    bro uhm try to play it on xbox 1 with the dogs its pretty hard after level 300 but its kinda

  • ZevonYT
    ZevonYT6 måneder siden

    is that sway?

  • LeftoverAtoms
    LeftoverAtoms6 måneder siden

    FaZe boy go snipe and play that shit cringe music

  • Winzsz
    Winzsz6 måneder siden

    They realized tranzit is frustrating

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker6 måneder siden

    He said let's play transit and he loads on to buried

  • Ben lahti
    Ben lahti6 måneder siden

    It’s lit

  • Amber Keener
    Amber Keener6 måneder siden

    How are you playing with a PS4 controller

  • Killdoize
    Killdoize6 måneder siden

    I seen 5m and thought it said minuts 😪

  • Alex Pavelka
    Alex Pavelka6 måneder siden

    I loved watching you guys play zombies back in the day especially with Jev you gotta get him in

  • Fade
    Fade6 måneder siden

    Man puts 35+ and thinks it’s like amazing. TranZit is ass too.

  • TheNorthShark
    TheNorthShark6 måneder siden

    How are u playing black ops 2 in ps4

  • AgitatedSnake91
    AgitatedSnake916 måneder siden

    Shat could fly he knew that right?

  • Ernestas Sleinius
    Ernestas Sleinius6 måneder siden

    Can i ask why does rain have a mask?

  • Deadpool Main
    Deadpool Main6 måneder siden

    35 rounds on buried is 5 rounds on MOTD or Gorod Krovi

  • Gubble flip
    Gubble flip6 måneder siden


  • Fusion7rexy
    Fusion7rexy6 måneder siden

    Hey you, you there ITS LIT!!

  • MR clap
    MR clap6 måneder siden

    Shoots Leroy ITS LIIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

  • Frostyy
    Frostyy6 måneder siden

    I thought the “Its Lit” was every time Rain shot the paralyzer

  • lxm3
    lxm36 måneder siden

    Only og play this game //correct me if I’m wrong\\

  • Zetrical
    Zetrical6 måneder siden

    ban infections

  • Fix Satan
    Fix Satan7 måneder siden

    What the fuck is up with the “ITS LIT” every five seconds

  • Kagexd
    Kagexd7 måneder siden

    i fucking love this game

  • SameerDaKing
    SameerDaKing7 måneder siden

    IT'S LIT!!!

  • Lezik
    Lezik7 måneder siden

    Play mkre bo2 zombies. WE NEED THE ZOMBIES COMMUNITY TO GROW

  • Levi
    Levi7 måneder siden

    They aight at zombies

  • DJ Ness
    DJ Ness7 måneder siden

    Im new to PC gaming. Did BO2 just come out for PC?

  • Kammm
    Kammm7 måneder siden

    my fav duo on youtube

  • Dw Jordaan
    Dw Jordaan7 måneder siden

    The tenser faze 5 reference🤣🤣

  • Xploding
    Xploding7 måneder siden

    can we make more of this content

  • Mr Crown
    Mr Crown7 måneder siden

    Multiplayer bros play bo2 zombies

  • AlphaApex
    AlphaApex7 måneder siden

    Adapt: Lets play transit. plays buried???

  • Kayden Boss
    Kayden Boss7 måneder siden

    It’s lit is so annoying

  • Roslyn
    Roslyn7 måneder siden

    your high asf

  • HeartlessFinals
    HeartlessFinals8 måneder siden


  • mike curtis
    mike curtis8 måneder siden

    Yo who wants to play some black ops two with me yo who wants to play some black ops two with me My gamer tag is optic mouse

  • Nathan Slavinskas
    Nathan Slavinskas8 måneder siden

    Bro i want to see them play like blood of the dead or ix

    KING NG8 måneder siden

    since when did faze play zombies

  • kylar bennett
    kylar bennett8 måneder siden

    my name is kylar

  • Ricardo Playz
    Ricardo Playz8 måneder siden

    Yo I was just playing that

  • Luke McLister
    Luke McLister8 måneder siden

    3 minutes in. If I hear it’s lit one more time I’m leaving

  • Simar Basra
    Simar Basra8 måneder siden

    Nav in the background :)

  • Tommybasedgod3
    Tommybasedgod38 måneder siden

    I would love to see them try Gorod Krovi

  • Jo_non
    Jo_non8 måneder siden

    Fam nord was uploading a video well playing that’s how easy buried is

  • a_stepbck13
    a_stepbck138 måneder siden

    Adapt and Rain r so high 🤣

  • a_stepbck13
    a_stepbck138 måneder siden

    Somehow, even behind the stream notifications, I hear Nav playing in the background

  • Dillon Murphy
    Dillon Murphy8 måneder siden

    When you here "ItS liT" travis Scott has entered the chat

  • Vortex
    Vortex8 måneder siden

    I miss transit

  • I play games Gamer
    I play games Gamer8 måneder siden

    Shut up

  • Benjee
    Benjee8 måneder siden

    Is this plutonium?

  • XvoLt
    XvoLt8 måneder siden

    Did fucking Rain call Speed Cola Sleight if hand that’s fool

  • Vertix
    Vertix8 måneder siden

    is that bo2 bo2 plutonium

  • Phantom.
    Phantom.8 måneder siden

    Adapt please can you play more please bruh I love watching these videos and maybe all of FaZe Clan can play by system link window wars and everyone plays and it and all of NOlocal starts playing BO2 cause i love playing BO2 but I also love watching people playing it.

  • CodMonster07 _
    CodMonster07 _8 måneder siden

    Let’s play Transit Transitions to Buried

  • Sky Gamer
    Sky Gamer8 måneder siden

    It's not lit it's awesome. Lmao

  • - Perkaholic-
    - Perkaholic-9 måneder siden

    Do more plsssss I'm begging u!!!!!

  • Luis Escamilla
    Luis Escamilla9 måneder siden

    That’s my dream map

  • a
    a9 måneder siden

    Do all maps come with plutonium?

  • e ?
    e ?9 måneder siden

    Lol brings back memories

  • joe mama
    joe mama9 måneder siden

    I’ve reached round 50 alone😂

  • Antonio Medvidovic
    Antonio Medvidovic9 måneder siden

    How to play Cod BO2 zombies with friends,some peoples say you need hamachi to creat server?

  • OX Vortexx
    OX Vortexx9 måneder siden

    It's LIT!!!

  • Jonathan Foster
    Jonathan Foster9 måneder siden


  • Disrupt_- Frosty
    Disrupt_- Frosty9 måneder siden

    How do u play With Friends on Plutonium

  • Venomous Viper
    Venomous Viper9 måneder siden

    I love this so much!!

  • Doot Bast
    Doot Bast9 måneder siden

    Wait how did you connect the ps4 controller to the ps4

  • Señor Alex
    Señor Alex9 måneder siden

    The good old days😥. Drop a like if you miss the bo2 days.

  • 8D Excellence
    8D Excellence9 måneder siden

    How do you get in a game together

  • XeRo CaRe
    XeRo CaRe9 måneder siden

    14:17 just brought back way to many memories

  • Saihttam Enyerfed
    Saihttam Enyerfed9 måneder siden

    Lmao the cbass tenser reference