someone plz help her
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  • ArionLOL
    ArionLOL8 dager siden

    "She was nasty on her IOS" something about this ain't right

  • Fateh Shergill
    Fateh ShergillMåned siden

    yeah i see his video faze adapt

  • Dogan Tosun
    Dogan Tosun6 måneder siden

    Hes so shiiiit

  • Dogan Tosun
    Dogan Tosun6 måneder siden

    Dude why is he so shit and im faze?

  • Ray Barrett
    Ray Barrett6 måneder siden

    i can im good

  • Tess Tickles
    Tess Tickles7 måneder siden

    When fortnite was good and fun 😭

  • vMxcah_
    vMxcah_8 måneder siden

    u a bot compared to chapter 2 season 2

  • *Teskofalco *
    *Teskofalco *8 måneder siden

    In her defense she was playin on mobile

  • Milla Mirabella
    Milla Mirabella9 måneder siden

    In fake trust me

  • FaZe magic
    FaZe magic9 måneder siden

    He went in random duos with me and he left because I was a default

  • cristian cardenas
    cristian cardenasÅr siden

    this shit gay lol cause im watching it

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Milan

  • Mason Bui
    Mason BuiÅr siden

    I love you're video

  • izik
    izikÅr siden

    Holy crap I killed adapt before

  • Aaron A. Estrada-Gomez
    Aaron A. Estrada-GomezÅr siden

    Play fortnite with your sister again

  • Fast
    FastÅr siden

    The guy had 17 kills dog and today I found a guy with 26 kills

  • Fast
    FastÅr siden

    Adapt missed the battle star the snipe and degale were good

  • Logan Seidenberger
    Logan SeidenbergerÅr siden

    buy her a PC or Xbox

  • Zeno
    ZenoÅr siden

    Man had 17 kills lol

  • flame boy ok
    flame boy okÅr siden

    I always come in 2nd every game

  • flame boy ok
    flame boy okÅr siden

    Keep try you will get better

  • Mora
    Mora2 år siden

    him being an older brother and trying to coach his little sister how to play is so attractive tho

  • Jose Jose
    Jose Jose2 år siden

    Your sister is hott

  • Bluey
    Bluey2 år siden

    I didn't even know you were down lol

  • Nevita A.
    Nevita A.2 år siden

    and ay want to join faze

  • Nevita A.
    Nevita A.2 år siden

    adapt love your vids

  • A
    A2 år siden

    He’s is cute tho 🤣

  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • ihaterickowens
    ihaterickowens2 år siden


  • Victoria I
    Victoria I2 år siden

    Make this a series!!!

  • John Albornoz
    John Albornoz2 år siden

    For 2 years.. Bet

  • Nxrac
    Nxrac2 år siden

    Adapt ur soo bad 😬

  • Fear Me
    Fear Me2 år siden

    iOS meets pc not the same time

  • Ryujin Ronin
    Ryujin Ronin2 år siden

    My mans lowkey pimping his sister out😂

  • Betitothe4th18
    Betitothe4th182 år siden

    My friend loves Milan he’s only 14 it will work haha

  • Outer Twiix
    Outer Twiix2 år siden

    Play fornite with vienna

  • Mini Dr Lupo
    Mini Dr Lupo2 år siden

    Dem rings

  • Mini Dr Lupo
    Mini Dr Lupo2 år siden

    Bem rings

  • Mithaa Inparajan
    Mithaa Inparajan2 år siden


  • Ninja
    Ninja2 år siden

    I miss FaZe House

  • Ninja
    Ninja2 år siden


  • Jmufuta1
    Jmufuta12 år siden

    Man how did he get into faze with this level of skills on ps4 at the time

  • Jmufuta1


    2 år siden

    I am just wondering because I know he is better now

  • Amiri Rice
    Amiri Rice2 år siden

    Rip double pump

  • Naavy
    Naavy2 år siden

    How is he in faze he’s not even good

  • Colby Hurd
    Colby Hurd2 år siden

    i play on mobile thats the worst i've seen no offence

  • muriel w
    muriel w2 år siden

    Part 2 man

  • Giovanni Salgado
    Giovanni Salgado2 år siden

    looks like hailey orona

  • TurboBooster 4life
    TurboBooster 4life2 år siden

    Old forknife

  • audra ariana
    audra ariana2 år siden

    did Emma follow her

  • Nancy Olvera
    Nancy Olvera2 år siden

    Add me my epic is Awesomebro579 and I play mobile

  • natalie
    natalie2 år siden

    your sisters right .console’s sooo much harder than mobile 😂

  • Camila Rosales
    Camila Rosales2 år siden

    yea I agree with your sista I suck at console and on the mobile it’s easier

  • jenna 'xo
    jenna 'xo2 år siden

    Pt .2 pls

  • melissa perez
    melissa perez2 år siden

    fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Ifucked yourdad
    Ifucked yourdad2 år siden

    That’s actually true, it’s so much easier on your phone 😂

  • Diverse
    Diverse2 år siden

    she sucks

  • 0Homicide -
    0Homicide -2 år siden

    Double pump 😢😢

  • HornyUnicorn
    HornyUnicorn2 år siden

    That thumbnail is pretty gross dude. She's your sister...

  • Antoniioforeiign
    Antoniioforeiign2 år siden

    You sister doodoo

  • sammy richie
    sammy richie2 år siden

    Doo doo sister

  • Ark Chang
    Ark Chang2 år siden

    she acts like a default

  • Garen Matossian
    Garen Matossian2 år siden

    I’m an advanced mobile player

  • Lilly Dempsey
    Lilly Dempsey2 år siden

    does he really think that he is famous enough to get emma chamberlain to follow her

  • raydel
    raydel2 år siden


  • Alex Teng
    Alex Teng2 år siden

    Why does Milan have the blockbuster back bling no hate

  • H A
    H A2 år siden

    Yea actually it is harder in pc and ps and it is easier on the phone I always tell my brothers that

  • Blvke
    Blvke2 år siden

    Great facecam

  • bicxr
    bicxr2 år siden

    I’m still tryna figure out where you guys got these rare skins from 🧐🤨🤔 I could’ve sworn all 2017 and about til like March or April 2018 y’all were trickshotting on bo2 🧐 Ion know bout y’all but 80% of all “famous” NOlocalrs bought accounts or were given a rare account by a subscriber🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ziggy Perez
    Ziggy Perez2 år siden

    Kinda dumb. Since she’s on mobile playing against console players

  • Christian Napoleon
    Christian Napoleon2 år siden

    Noob use your MINIS

  • Akai Akuma
    Akai Akuma2 år siden

    Why does he suck

  • liliana
    liliana2 år siden

    Omg same Emma chaimberlain

  • mariam mustafa
    mariam mustafa2 år siden

    this was cute

  • Cody Utigard
    Cody Utigard2 år siden

    Your sister is so pretty❤️❤️

  • baby and xara
    baby and xara2 år siden


  • baby and xara
    baby and xara2 år siden

    Can I join faZe

  • alondra herrera
    alondra herrera2 år siden

    LMFAOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂 yooo fave video ever this is me with my friends

  • Pyxlシ
    Pyxlシ2 år siden

    I miss u guys playing COD😞

  • D R A
    D R A2 år siden

    Get her a ps4 a headset some live and some vbucks get her started

  • NIP Lemo
    NIP Lemo2 år siden

    Quit fortnite better go back to cod cuz u suck , I just don't want to see that other plp say the same thing as I did

  • mmacbayne
    mmacbayne2 år siden

    Back when pumps did more than 7 damage

  • mmacbayne


    2 år siden

    A year i meant to say

  • Melania Hopkin
    Melania Hopkin2 år siden

    Faze I can help ur sister become better on mobile I have over 200 wins on mobile and 30 on pc bro

  • TangentAbyss262 TangentAbyss262
    TangentAbyss262 TangentAbyss2622 år siden

    Ur ass

  • Draco
    Draco2 år siden

    Ur sister dodo

  • Kevin Matthews
    Kevin Matthews2 år siden

    Bruh why u always click baitin ur sis

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez2 år siden

    Who else thinks fe4rless should join faze he does insane trickshots

  • Jaelyn Lineberry
    Jaelyn Lineberry2 år siden

    I agrrenwith her Mobil is more easier than console

  • Jaden Smernaos
    Jaden Smernaos2 år siden

    The person that killed Milan when she was in the bush had 17 kills goddam

  • BoomBoy
    BoomBoy2 år siden

    Fortnut succ

  • Beasting Snipez17
    Beasting Snipez172 år siden

    Double pump i miss uuuuu

  • Start
    Start2 år siden


  • Nozey
    Nozey2 år siden

    I wish I could play with u

  • R E N
    R E N2 år siden

    Your lil sis looks like the girl from that musically ad

  • zes
    zes2 år siden

    How if he part of faze? He fucking sucks 💀

  • Alisha Longhurst
    Alisha Longhurst2 år siden


  • BizzirkIsHyper _
    BizzirkIsHyper _2 år siden

    Bush Camper LOL

  • BizzirkIsHyper _
    BizzirkIsHyper _2 år siden

    Your sister thinks shes good but she always get knocked down and she doesnt do nothing lol

  • Alex A
    Alex A2 år siden

    dang welcome to the rodeo by lil skies in the intro i see you alex i see you