Playing Guitar on Omegle but I play Dubstep on Guitar


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  • TheDooo
    TheDoooMåned siden

    Download Dragon City for FREE and get The Dooo dragon today!

  • Kathy Davis

    Kathy Davis

    Dag siden

    Bro ur so good keep up the good work

  • Thunderbolt _365

    Thunderbolt _365

    3 dager siden

    Ok but only if you play buamkuchen end by E ve That is how it is spelled

  • wrench 553

    wrench 553

    4 dager siden

    I played dragon city

  • Zesty Police

    Zesty Police

    6 dager siden

    na fam

  • RaaX


    6 dager siden

    4:11 don't say that bro. there are probably a lot of chicks that will want to ride the doos guitar neck

  • Flamingo Bomber
    Flamingo Bomber51 minutt siden

    The 2nd person went from constipated to rocking out in a split second

  • Grotwurks
    GrotwurksTime siden

    Thank you The Dooo. I am willing to bet you have made these unending lockdowns bearable for so many people!

  • Luke James
    Luke James3 timer siden

    Make some more Omegle videos

  • LxglnR6
    LxglnR64 timer siden

    I think he’s Indian

  • Gabriel Zavala
    Gabriel Zavala5 timer siden

    I got the game but how to get the dragon

  • T Tiner Vlogs and gaming
    T Tiner Vlogs and gaming6 timer siden

    2:05 Do you have a twitch? Yeah it just happens randomly

  • Kai Wen Yang
    Kai Wen Yang6 timer siden

    bro how much ppls vape

  • Kai Wen Yang
    Kai Wen Yang6 timer siden


  • Julian Wu
    Julian Wu6 timer siden

    I've watched these vids for ages but still have one question: where is the drumming coming from?

  • The Trickster
    The Trickster8 timer siden

    Rip Eddie :(

  • Tommy T.
    Tommy T.9 timer siden

    Love the DBZA reference.

  • John Ioannou
    John Ioannou10 timer siden

    Eddie Van Halen ? Close but no cigar. No offense, you can really shred.

    NXTSUO11 timer siden


  • Andrew Parmer
    Andrew Parmer12 timer siden

    Can play Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows

  • Master Diamond
    Master Diamond13 timer siden

    im 10000 coment ! :)

  • Master Diamond
    Master Diamond13 timer siden

    j j

  • surffer surffer
    surffer surffer14 timer siden

    When u trying to talk to your crush. 6:15

  • Samael
    Samael15 timer siden

    can you pls do the the full cover of mood by 24kGoldn #dothefullcover every one participate

  • Misty Micky
    Misty Micky15 timer siden

    ᴄᴀɴ ʏᴏᴜ ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟ ʏᴏᴜʀ ғᴀᴄᴇ

  • Ayuuri
    Ayuuri16 timer siden


  • ꧁•тυyυĸ•꧂
    ꧁•тυyυĸ•꧂16 timer siden

    6:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But pretty😔

  • gabriel warren
    gabriel warren17 timer siden

    First time I've seen parodying a parody

  • Luke Carr
    Luke Carr17 timer siden

    TheDooo 2020: "Grab my dragon."

  • Jackson Fletcher
    Jackson Fletcher18 timer siden

    Doooo, we need you in black ops Cold War. The CoD community needs you to save us in these troubling times

  • Bustine PH
    Bustine PH19 timer siden

    Whats the name of the first?

  • amix_ amv
    amix_ amv21 time siden


  • Adonis
    Adonis21 time siden

    I would love to see dooo play some Tool

  • Nomadic Medic
    Nomadic Medic22 timer siden

    Men only want one thing! Calves! Disgusting

  • Rene
    ReneDag siden

    can you play snadstorm by darude in a video

  • Brad Rust
    Brad RustDag siden

    Now what if he’s actually just playing and adding the sound from NOlocal or smth lol jk keep up the good work

  • TheLemonKiller
    TheLemonKillerDag siden

    I understand people wanting to see skilled people cover and recreate things that already exist. But to me that seems to be nothing other than a waste of skill within any trade. Einstein said that imagination is the key to everything and so it is what is to be created that lay Therein the true ability one actually holds.

  • TheLemonKiller
    TheLemonKillerDag siden

    Not sure if he practices guitar more Or Keeping his face out of theshot more.

  • Hunter
    HunterDag siden

    Did anyone else get the cream cheese add?

  • Yakko Panen
    Yakko PanenDag siden

    Takes mac demarco fucking metal

  • JjFew
    JjFewDag siden

    2:16 my favourite part honestly

  • Xx_ikonikxx _
    Xx_ikonikxx _Dag siden

    This manz has gotta play santana

  • Itz Factzζ
    Itz FactzζDag siden

    That Body Movement On Mood Was Legit

  • Maddox Muston
    Maddox MustonDag siden

    Why that cat ear girl have 1090 at 60 fps

  • teminator 5240
    teminator 5240Dag siden

    How many time you have to spend to sound like that

  • TheLemonKiller


    Dag siden

    It's not how long. It's what you're practicing and how you go about it. Also, anything fast was first learned very slowly in a sort of meditative way.

  • Carkent
    CarkentDag siden

    I haven’t seen a NOlocal video that makes me feel this good in a while

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple StiltskinDag siden


  • Mr. Dog
    Mr. DogDag siden

    Yeah. Im learning guitar now i watched to many of these vids

  • ßönër
    ßönërDag siden

    🤭 i think i saw his chin

  • Adnan Hasan
    Adnan HasanDag siden

    Can u please cover the full mood song

  • Nima Mashhadi
    Nima MashhadiDag siden

    Beside that talent on guitar, his voice is so cool

  • Stikk Berger
    Stikk BergerDag siden

    hey dooo could you do josukes theme from jojos bizzare adventure? 🥺 👉🏻👈🏻

  • Te Jay
    Te JayDag siden

    I keep replaying 1:33 to make sure that I'm actually hearing what I'm hearing lol

  • Trash
    TrashDag siden

    Brotherman can you play fields of gold or shape of my heart from sting

  • Nikolas Gallegos
    Nikolas GallegosDag siden

    I wanna know how many times he breaks his strings

  • Dunya_kaygusuz
    Dunya_kaygusuzDag siden

    1:36 HE IS POGGIN'

  • Joshadder01
    Joshadder01Dag siden

    1:39 PogChamp


    5:52 look at all that (wo)mans hair supplies hahahahah

  • SAIMONsis Official
    SAIMONsis OfficialDag siden

    This is so satisfying to watch a headless guitarist😅. . . . . . . Honestly collected. But fillings are real❤️

  • Moon Cake
    Moon CakeDag siden

    Just saying dont watch the dooo when your eating cus you'll head bang and end up having a belly ache

  • Soham Dalui
    Soham DaluiDag siden

    This is the first time m seeing ur vdo. Really got goosebumps on that first song. Loved it man😊😊

  • Aditya Sapru
    Aditya SapruDag siden

    Your arms are looking kinda skinny from before like bit weak you okay mr dooo?❤️

  • karma gaming
    karma gamingDag siden

    Me when I find out that the doo doesn't listen to mac demarco: 😔 *sad depressed boi noises*

  • Tylïrz
    TylïrzDag siden

    I really want him to play Touch of Liberty from the second season of Fire Force, that song is incredible.

  • Deven Gotay
    Deven GotayDag siden

    I hope the people who skip him watch this

  • Josiah Phelan
    Josiah PhelanDag siden

    i wanne be like you i want to rap and follow my dreams but its hard with all the crazy stuff going on right now im scared to start because if i get big i know i have a chance to get killed because of how mest up the world is and like i said i want to rap and play guitar like you and i cant cuz im scared because once i get big im gonne get targeted like it went 4 rappers in a row first we have lil peep who did 5 days after i turned 8 in 2017 and then xxxtentacion who dies a year later in 2018 then juice wrld 2019 then pop smoke in 2020 and i know i keep saying this but im so scared because of how are Society is lately anyway that is it bye and i know your not going to see this byt bye now

  • sua mãe 99
    sua mãe 99Dag siden

    What's sup satan

  • Genlo
    GenloDag siden

    How do you get your discord to output your voice and your guitar input at the same time?

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos GarciaDag siden

    That Mac Demarco cover🔥

  • jaguars 441
    jaguars 441Dag siden

    Rip Eddie van halen

  • ArKaNiWax
    ArKaNiWaxDag siden

    i accept to trust him on the looper, but how did he do to whole loop track with drums, bass and rythm guitar in a minute ?

  • TheLemonKiller


    Dag siden


  • Trenton Gibson
    Trenton Gibson2 dager siden

    Me sitting here watching every video still waiting for Dont Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

  • FTR Meek0
    FTR Meek02 dager siden

    The masked guitarist 😎

  • Det Benson
    Det Benson2 dager siden

    finding TheDooo is like finding one of those legendary Pokemon that are always moving around the map.

  • DJP
    DJP2 dager siden

    I’m 29 and this teenagers drive me fucking crazy. I need a porch. “Wah..wait..wut?” LEARN TO SPEAK

  • StrYke_Joker
    StrYke_Joker2 dager siden

    yo, i know I'm late, but I really wanna hear you play Popular Monster by: Falling in Reverse sometime, i feel like you'd bring a good twist and I lowkey think you'd be good at it!

  • joe bro
    joe bro2 dager siden

    I can’t hear hail to the king without going “in a world” and hearing the “can you play hotline bling can you play hotline bling”😂

  • Kryptic670


    20 timer siden

    fcking way back lol

  • CXM The Greatest
    CXM The Greatest2 dager siden

    The 1k dislikes like did people not have any sound

  • HitoriJanai
    HitoriJanai2 dager siden

    Dooo you better be heckin ugly so the rest of the men on a planet have a chance.

  • marshall Kennedy
    marshall Kennedy2 dager siden

    I love the doo so much that I was exited when he had an add lol

  • Jacob_Cryonic
    Jacob_Cryonic2 dager siden

    Me just waiting for TheDooo to do a face reveal

  • Igor Lucas
    Igor Lucas2 dager siden

    I Love you

  • GunFighterMan101
    GunFighterMan1012 dager siden

    So apparently Omegle is still relevant

  • buymy adderall
    buymy adderall2 dager siden

    At the beginning when you did 24kgold you snapped. You are absolutely amazing bro keep up the content and be safe too you and your family Dooo

  • BRF
    BRF2 dager siden

    Heck yeah man

  • vRestyy
    vRestyy2 dager siden

    okay at 9:11 tell me why this man's head is moving but his hair doesnt???

  • Elias T
    Elias T2 dager siden

    Bro the doo really popped his veins playing eruptize😂

  • YoDamDay
    YoDamDay2 dager siden

    how the fuck is that dubstep

  • Nathan Schmitz
    Nathan Schmitz2 dager siden

    Betrayal by A7X would have been crazy

  • John Andrio Sumampong
    John Andrio Sumampong2 dager siden

    "I love it when you get fuckin carried away"

  • Unidentified Flying Waffle
    Unidentified Flying Waffle2 dager siden

    Everyone when see gorl in Omegle: show bobbie

  • Carlos Agon
    Carlos Agon2 dager siden

    First time watching you ... f awsome made my day

  • Fouad
    Fouad2 dager siden

    id let him rail me

  • DÿPžÿ HØŠĘŁŸ
    DÿPžÿ HØŠĘŁŸ2 dager siden


  • Ethan Ace
    Ethan Ace2 dager siden

    i am convinced the doo can play cliffs of dover

  • Stanford Schroder
    Stanford Schroder2 dager siden

    What was the video where he played the anime song for that little girl and she grabbed her stuffed animal and had her whole year made? I could use a pick me up

  • Arno De Bruin
    Arno De Bruin2 dager siden

    Yo play play creed six feat

  • tpcow
    tpcow2 dager siden

    I think I’m bi xD

  • Dawid Gabrysiak
    Dawid Gabrysiak2 dager siden

    2:45 walter white just vibing

  • The Bridge
    The Bridge2 dager siden

    i feel like he can just look at peoples faces and immediately know their music taste

  • Vemai Vemai

    Vemai Vemai

    2 dager siden

    underrated comment!!😂

  • lined thegodYT
    lined thegodYT2 dager siden

    I am tweaking nevermind

  • lined thegodYT
    lined thegodYT2 dager siden

    Is it me or does it look like he got skinner

  • Lukasz Rogalski
    Lukasz Rogalski2 dager siden

    Huge like for a7x

  • Gropa Dooper
    Gropa Dooper2 dager siden


  • кош империя
    кош империя2 dager siden