PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware


Your first look at PS5's internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games.

*Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

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  • Shehran 1234
    Shehran 1234Time siden

    That’s really big

  • daniel velez
    daniel velezTime siden

    free hong kong. taiwan independence. stop censoring china citizens for the ccp with your terms of service

  • Quicky Frost
    Quicky Frost5 timer siden

    Mmmm, another playstation console that will sound like a jet ^^

  • Danny Bernstein

    Danny Bernstein

    Time siden

    Yes kid Another Console you cant buy by your self💔

  • 1234gs You know
    1234gs You know5 timer siden

    Ниче такой камушек у нее

    SLIME NEEZY7 timer siden

    I’m excited about the removable white slabs I’m about to customize my ps5

  • CodeRED Gaming
    CodeRED Gaming7 timer siden

    sony teardown a spaceship🤣

  • chatoxRC
    chatoxRC8 timer siden

    A vender un riñón se a dicho

  • Mihir Soni
    Mihir Soni8 timer siden

    When will ps5 coming to Bharat?

  • Andygotthejuice
    Andygotthejuice8 timer siden

    Ps5 looks like Eva from wall e

  • Deckard
    Deckard9 timer siden

    I can't buy any of the next gen consoles because they are missing optical out connection. My PS 4 Pro is connected to 4K gaming monitor via HDMI and my Bose 5.1 surround system gets optical cable from PS4 Pro. Bose Lifestyle V20 only takes in Optical cable as a input for sound. My monitor - LG 27UK650 and it does not have Optical Out or HDMI out. There is no way I will be able to use my 5.1 surround system with the next gen consoles. Great job Sony and Microsoft! Now, I have to buy/build a new PC just because you did not include S/PDIF out in your consoles! I won't be buying any HDMI extractors since I do not want an additional input lag/ problems with chroma subsampling, etc. I don't think any of the converters support 4K@120 Hz with 4:4:4 10 bit. Even if I buy LG CX, the sound from the next gen consoles will have to make an extra trip from the console to TV and then from TV back into my Bose system via Optical out and might introduce an additional lag, provided I will even get a 5.1 surround.

  • Yasir does not do everything
    Yasir does not do everything9 timer siden

    Will we get extlag on ps5??🙏

  • Navita Khari
    Navita Khari10 timer siden

    oh man realese ps5 in october

  • Orion Law
    Orion Law10 timer siden

    Les gars jlai une question si j’achète la digitale est-ce que je pourrais toujours ajouter un lecteur blue ray par la suite?

  • Carlos Zuluaga Caicedo
    Carlos Zuluaga Caicedo11 timer siden

    Well I am an Xbox player and no toxic, it is cool. Also the base thing was nice.

  • Andrei Bod
    Andrei Bod11 timer siden

    See yall in 2025

  • Alexander Pichardo 9 years ago
    Alexander Pichardo 9 years ago11 timer siden

    Hopefully this doesn’t sound like a jet engine

  • Tax, Bills & Pills
    Tax, Bills & Pills11 timer siden

    I just cleaned out my PS4 Pro and applied Thermal Grizzly. It sounded like it was about to make a launch 🚀 to the moon every time I played Ghost of Tsushima. I never hear the thing now.

  • Besir Sozer
    Besir Sozer11 timer siden

    I really don’t know if is the console big or is the man small. Because both are looking same size.

  • Fuze -
    Fuze -13 timer siden

    within 2 minutes, i am already impressed beyond my expectations

  • Fuze -
    Fuze -14 timer siden

    I like whatever this man is saying

  • Abdul Kadir Khan
    Abdul Kadir Khan14 timer siden

    Sony : What you love most about playstation 5? Players : Cooling System, exclusive games,Dualsense Controller, Design And Its Greatness

  • Buğra Çetinel
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  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    turn on captions.

  • don jackson
    don jackson15 timer siden

    shot of the yeagers

  • outfit
    outfit15 timer siden

    It looks so much better without the pannels

  • abdo magdy
    abdo magdy15 timer siden

    ثواني هو انتو ليه مش مترجمين للعربيه مع إن اكبر فئه هم العرب لشراء منتجات sony

  • Richard Henckel
    Richard Henckel16 timer siden

    I wonder if it will be cheaper to wait for a price drop 🤔

  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    Well at least in the UK it took the Ps4 seven years to drop £100/$130!! It's not worth waiting mate life is too short.

  • Ricardo Poeiras
    Ricardo Poeiras16 timer siden

    Imagine it was Cake all along

  • Selimcan
    Selimcan17 timer siden

    its so huge

  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    That's what she said...

  • Hasan Chairi
    Hasan Chairi18 timer siden

    Thank you playstation

  • Сергей Федоров
    Сергей Федоров18 timer siden

    она огромная

  • mario97 krištić
    mario97 krištić18 timer siden

    We all need the game Black, from PS2 on the PS 5, remastered or a sequal. It would be a big big Game, for Playstation a big big Exclusive

  • Francesco parisi
    Francesco parisi18 timer siden


  • Malakai Zane
    Malakai Zane20 timer siden

    Whos gonna get the ps5

  • Custodio Jc12

    Custodio Jc12

    20 timer siden

    I'm getting xbox😃

  • cooolduck 1
    cooolduck 122 timer siden

    Bru that’s massive

  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    That's what she said...

  • Pedro Henrique
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  • Streaming Iraq War Veteran
    Streaming Iraq War Veteran23 timer siden

    WARNING: liquid metal is gallium and if you look up what gallium does it will eventually cause corrosion and eat away at the CPU this was a bad decision on Sony's behalf if it's left on overtime it will kill the CPU

  • Harizakbaralam
    Harizakbaralam23 timer siden

    Sony didnt give any adsense for ifixit

  • New User
    New UserDag siden

    They didnt dust proof or bug proof the housing to protect the internal hardware

  • ramiro valentin
    ramiro valentinDag siden

    Looks like it comes with a big fan , I pray is not as loud as the ps4 , is kinda like gaming with your vacuum on 😑

  • Cheeks -97
    Cheeks -97Dag siden

    Does it include a jet engine

    DOGEFXDag siden

    PS wii


    Infelizmente não vou poder comprar 😞😞😞😞

  • gg_tayoo
    gg_tayooDag siden

    Faz tutorial como destravar

  • Mo Fa
    Mo FaDag siden

    عندي استفسار بحكم انا شاري النسخه الرقميه هل سوني ٥ نفس سوني فور اذا شريت من الستور تجيك اللعبه ومعها نسخه صح هل هذي تنطبق على سوني ٥ آرجو الرد لان شايل همه

  • Davone Brown
    Davone BrownDag siden

    14k dislikes 🤩 haters

  • ThePerimeter


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    KING ZINGDag siden

    congratulations, you have won the battle! now finish him ;)

  • air buddies tv
    air buddies tvDag siden

    Opens up PS5: *Finds a Nintendo switch inside*

  • YaBoy Dylan
    YaBoy DylanDag siden

    U alr know im finna put water cooling in this its gonna be better then the xbox series x 💀

  • Custodio Jc12

    Custodio Jc12

    Dag siden

    How is it gonna be better?

  • William
    WilliamDag siden

    Why did Sony include a free theme on ps4's recently supporting an organization with communist ideals? I feel this is wrong.

  • Speedyluke 03
    Speedyluke 03Dag siden

    I can’t understand that language

  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    Turn subtitles on.

  • impossibly cautious
    impossibly cautiousDag siden

    Lol this whole thing was ripped to the GAM haiku

  • Donte Moss Jr.
    Donte Moss Jr.Dag siden

    i really hope the we get more fps like at least 120

  • Sergio D
    Sergio DDag siden

    Basically its a pc worth like 400

  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    Yeah the equivalent for a similar Pc build it's around £800.

  • mundo do game
    mundo do gameDag siden

    Eu já tenho PlayStation1 já tem PlayStation 2 e já tem um Playstation 3 já tenho 4 agora só falta 5

  • Lucas brawl
    Lucas brawlDag siden

    Que é brasileiro?

  • darthjacek1
    darthjacek1Dag siden

    The screws for NVMe drive will be included ?

  • Sodar
    SodarDag siden

    1/3 part of device its heatsink...

  • N.Dhrmaraj.567 N.Dhrmaraj.567
    N.Dhrmaraj.567 N.Dhrmaraj.567Dag siden

    Any tamilans here😍

  • Kaѕнιғ Rk
    Kaѕнιғ RkDag siden

    poor intel

  • manu-cri 074
    manu-cri 074Dag siden

    Xbox the best

  • kapinjal vaidya
    kapinjal vaidyaDag siden

    I Bow down (Ojigi) to the Master Mechanical Design Chief...Humble in nature, it has reflected into his design of PS5.This is a brilliant piece of design.. No wonder they gave him the honor of this teardown to show it to the world... (Bow's down again)

  • Mid
    MidDag siden

    Cool, I just needed those tools just incase

  • snottymcnugget
    snottymcnuggetDag siden

    Wait , so does this mean the ps5 is gonna have different faceplates

  • Enrique Jasso
    Enrique JassoDag siden

    its like Lego but with extra steps

    TH GAMERDag siden

    Hello Future me

  • Krampers Djurhuus
    Krampers DjurhuusDag siden

    GTA 6 RIP 👎👎

  • Jrock Dugarz
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  • Wabbit Dude
    Wabbit DudeDag siden

    Playstation's jet engine 2.0

  • Durim Ib

    Durim Ib

    18 timer siden

    Xbox series no exclusives 2.0

  • Densha Otoko
    Densha OtokoDag siden

    No display port out? Hdmi bandwidth is limiting

  • Jeison Díaz López
    Jeison Díaz LópezDag siden

    Xbox series x the best

  • ThePerimeter


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  • manu-cri 074

    manu-cri 074

    Dag siden

    Xbox the best

  • fredrick pascual
    fredrick pascualDag siden

    ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 ps5 so many wats next ps6

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao TomDag siden

    The console has a very Japanese look about it, almost like sony's older hi fidelity equipment that boasted the sticker MADE IN JAPAN.

  • Alex Stronghold
    Alex StrongholdDag siden

    I could use this video to get some nice sleep with that japanese smooth voice...

  • williss11
    williss11Dag siden

    Is this the digital version? I don’t see the CD hole

  • Ikhwan Yusuf

    Ikhwan Yusuf

    Dag siden

    Did you watched the video? The Blu-ray drive unit is there. That's your "CD hole".

  • cglk 329
    cglk 329Dag siden

    O şuan bende olacaktı varya bende şuan ps4 pro var ciğerleri çürüdü

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    Dag siden


  • saadosh Y
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  • Dimas Grande
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  • R J MP
    R J MPDag siden

    Were the Xbox at!!!!😌😌😌🙏🙏🙏

  • luis fernando
    luis fernandoDag siden

    chino cuanto cada pieza'??

  • Wendell Caldeira
    Wendell CaldeiraDag siden

    Yeah... This ps5, it is a CPU of a PC

  • James Pionke
    James PionkeDag siden

    ok sony......don't go and disappoint me now...

  • PhxZ DARK
    PhxZ DARKDag siden

    Don’t understand a word but ok

  • The Inept Moth

    The Inept Moth

    14 timer siden

    Turn on subtitles dude.

  • Codename Zero
    Codename Zero2 dager siden

    Ps5 is awesome

  • PinoZ
    PinoZ2 dager siden

    Now it's Time to build my PS5.👨🏾‍🔧

  • Jayben Navor
    Jayben Navor2 dager siden

    lol i'm xbox player and this looks better than the xbox design

  • Kill Sux

    Kill Sux

    Dag siden

    Someone who is normal?!? Wow :]

  • C. Castro
    C. Castro2 dager siden

    The echo downgrades the video

  • Dixin C.
    Dixin C.2 dager siden

    It now makes sense why it has a $500 price tag and it isn't because of raw power, it's because it has an extremely unnecessary and complicated design. Give it a couple months that fan will be very audible. PC case manufacturers have proven they can cram hardware into small well-designed cases. I don't get the feeling from this design.

  • Ikhwan Yusuf

    Ikhwan Yusuf

    Time siden

    @Dixin C. oh man, are you really thinking the PS5 architecture is exactly the same as PC...? Wow you really need to educate yourself. Don't act like you built the PS5 yourself.

  • HistoricalWarfare


    2 timer siden

    @Dixin C. It's you who don't know sh** ps5 won't work like a normal pc where the boost mode is based on heat! Otherwise every ps5 would have different performance based on room temperature etc and there won't be any consistently with the millions ps5! Go educated yourself before talking!

  • Dixin C.

    Dixin C.

    2 timer siden

    @HistoricalWarfare Wrong! The silicon in the PS5 will instead act more like a standard desktop processor, boosting up in clock speed whenever the temperature isn't too high, and the current workload demands it. The AMD CPU in the PS5 and Xbox acts more like a desktop CPU and boosts when needed. It isn't on a locked clock nor should it be. That said don't be surprised when the performance takes a hit because the console is running too hot. Does anyone know anything or they just fanboying out?

  • Dixin C.

    Dixin C.

    2 timer siden

    @Ikhwan Yusuf I talk about what I know about. I am not a Sony engineer but they have a proven record of poor design. Look at the PS3 and its problems. Look at the PS4 and its problems they both sounded like vacuums and for what because some nerd thought it looked cool? They might as well have added RGB fans for effect since it will not live up to the Xbox One Series X in performance they can make it look "cool".

  • HistoricalWarfare


    8 timer siden

    Maybe because the gpu is way oveclocked and it's supposed be continuesly work in oveclock mode! And drop a bit once a while! It's not like pc why boos frequency is temporary! It's the opposite it will work standard with boos frequency and on some occasion it will drop a bit! To make this happening they needed a comprehensive cooling solution mind you that xbox gpu clock rate is less! So it will produce less heard so they could cram it into a smaller box!

  • Hail Mary
    Hail Mary2 dager siden

    The modding community is going crazy right now

  • kanyaugatiejagwo
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  • Hero
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  • Khaki
    Khaki2 dager siden

    Simple but advanced. Nice job SONY. I'm gonna buy one.

  • burro romo
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  • Daniel Solis

    Daniel Solis

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  • Yuriy K
    Yuriy K2 dager siden

    Is the system that big or is this guy just a small framed dude.

  • Christian Mitten
    Christian Mitten2 dager siden

    Who else didn’t manage to get a pre order 😔

  • Emiliano Rodriguez
    Emiliano Rodriguez2 dager siden

    Like si crees que la PS5 es una basura y es mejor la XBOX SERIES X

  • Sneaky Seven
    Sneaky Seven2 dager siden

    Brotha the Xbox gonna be betta

  • Jayvie Reblex
    Jayvie Reblex2 dager siden

    PS5 Teardown : asmr

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    Free hong kong