Pyra & Mythra in Smash :)


They did it. They really did it.
Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2 are coming to Smash Ultimate.
I'm so happy. :)

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  • The inkling Boy
    The inkling Boy40 minutter siden

    I usually think the following when characters get revealed: Meh, not getting em. Who are they anyway? Three gameplay series later* BUYING. THEM. NOW.

  • naitsirhc's mEnTaLiTy
    naitsirhc's mEnTaLiTyTime siden

    Last one gotta be Waluigi

  • theiron toast345
    theiron toast3454 timer siden

    this dlc made me lose a lot of hope that rayman is going to be added. Im starting to think that they just dont care anymore and that this character is just quite lazy

  • scimitar
    scimitar6 timer siden

    What I want in smash the knight any kirby character doom guy an undertale character henry stickmin ori agumon Im desprate

  • 泡泡茶壺
    泡泡茶壺10 timer siden

    I’m new to xenoblade and I want to ask in what order should I play?

  • ZenoBros


    Time siden

    Start with the first one (Definitive Edition), it's the best introduction both from a story and gameplay standpoint. Then play the second one and its DLC. Finally you can play Xenoblade X if you have a Wii U (Note that it's really different from the other two)

  • Kamiki 'Afif' Mikazuki
    Kamiki 'Afif' Mikazuki12 timer siden


  • Rodney Wee
    Rodney Wee12 timer siden

    Goku for sure they alr made a goku move set

  • SpaceyScarf 3083
    SpaceyScarf 308312 timer siden

    My friend: Not another two anime sword fighters. Prya and Mythra: We’re not just another anime sword fighters. We’re are THE anime sword fighters.

  • Porter Frazier
    Porter Frazier12 timer siden

    8:36 Hey Alpha... My uncle works for Nintendo, now I can't tell you much but make of this what you will. This is the next character reveal, fog covers the screen, all you hear is "I have an idea!" As a red beam peirces the fog and disintegrates everything in its path. That's all I can say.

  • theiron toast345

    theiron toast345

    4 timer siden

    that is very ominous. im stumped

  • PsychoGamer2100
    PsychoGamer210013 timer siden

    It's both funny and stupid how people complain about the game having too many sword fighters when they only make up about 25% of the roster. If it was another Fire Emblem character then I could understand since we already have Byleth, but there's no reason to hate a character just because they have a sword.

  • The crusader
    The crusader14 timer siden

    Me when they add Harambe to smash

  • The Rose Flower
    The Rose Flower18 timer siden

    Honestly I'm still waiting for a new sonic fighter

  • CliffRobotnik
    CliffRobotnik18 timer siden

    I am firmly in the "Please no more sword-anime!".... my biggest want was Felix or Isaac from Golden Son, but at this point, i'd legitimately be pissed if they got in, due to more Anime Swords. Edit: may of been a joke, but if Solaire got in, despite being a Swordguy made by a japanese studio, i'd still be excited as all fuck.

  • Pencil Games
    Pencil Games19 timer siden

    Plot twist: nintendo just watches this channel and always gets his characters in the game

  • Snowstorm
    Snowstorm20 timer siden

    Somehow I got Joker, Byleth, Sephiroth, and Pyra/Mythra in. If the Astral Chain protagonist I'd die happily. Caligula would also be cool because that franchise desperately needs more exposure but that's never gonna happen in a million years.

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh22 timer siden

    me onboard the entire video: yes, correct. this dude 100%, totally agree alpha: mythra is better uncultured swine, downvoted, reported, community guidlines broken looking forward to the big vid

  • fishfish run
    fishfish run23 timer siden

    "im a huge xenoblade fanatic" pfft nerd *hugs my joker and simon body pillows

  • Jonah S
    Jonah S23 timer siden

    I want octoling.:(

  • Merpanator
    MerpanatorDag siden

    The amount of times he said “I’m so happy!”

  • Troy Hodge
    Troy HodgeDag siden

    Mythra + foresight = Broken

  • Luca Zaroli
    Luca ZaroliDag siden

    8:39 A dark souls rep is who I would want the most! Idk about solaire though, I think the best choice would be to just put in the chosen undead so there can be a lot more variety in designs and move sets

  • TheCrazyGardevoir
    TheCrazyGardevoirDag siden

    while playing as mythra/pyra the game crashed when i killed crazy hand and master hand at the same time

  • Boomblox5896
    Boomblox5896Dag siden

    Hey, two out of those three "unlikely" things you mentioned are my top picks right next to Dante. Sunbros for LIFE! Also 2hus would be great to see in Smash Bros.

  • Sean Sean
    Sean SeanDag siden

    I respect your happiness so much because it sounds alot like how I was with Hero. Except all I got right was like, Eleven, other hero alts, Zap, auto block, and like, the gigaslash part of the final smash. 😂 Although I wish Vandham and Roc at least got spirits, and some music from Xenoblade X. I'm disappointed that the Mii costumes didn't have anything from Xenoblade at all, but it's about time we got the Monster hunter stuff that should've been in the base game right? 😂

  • Dougie S.
    Dougie S.Dag siden

    IntroSpective & CaptainNintendoKidd- Minecraft Steve Maxmillan Mood- Sephiroth Alpharad- Pyra/Mythra Myself-...hopefully Crash Bandicoot?🤞😣🤞

  • Clake Snake
    Clake SnakeDag siden


  • Insanity Leech
    Insanity LeechDag siden

    He is wrong

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha WolfDag siden

    great... blessed with MORE ANIME SWORD FIGHTERS

  • Sam Swain
    Sam SwainDag siden

    Pyra & Mythra in Smash :(

  • Jasper Hatch
    Jasper HatchDag siden

    you did a REEAAALLL hard read on nintendo

  • Brayden Hafdahl
    Brayden Hafdahl2 dager siden

    best waifus ever

  • Shlomo Shekelgrabber
    Shlomo Shekelgrabber2 dager siden

    Simp/coombrain Go next

  • Fruitcake
    Fruitcake2 dager siden

    Probably the only time I'll agree with anything alpharad says

  • HeyItzDaredevil
    HeyItzDaredevil2 dager siden

    Imagine if they added Chrono Trigger in Smash

  • Neco Ucak
    Neco Ucak2 dager siden

    While they are not my most wanted characters it's nice to see more Xenoblade characters in Smash.And Pyra & Mythra are pretty cool to play. Min Min is still the best girl tough.

  • XxnoobgameruwuxX ._.
    XxnoobgameruwuxX ._.2 dager siden

    Alpharad is finaly happy.

  • Lauren Stern
    Lauren Stern2 dager siden

    I Reely REELY WANT Pithra and maya!!!

  • Scott Elder
    Scott Elder2 dager siden

    We’ve been owed a Xenoblade 2 rep in smash since they added Byleth

  • Jonah Adventure
    Jonah Adventure2 dager siden

    I'm still hoping for Akira

  • Infernal Kiwi
    Infernal Kiwi2 dager siden

    Sephiroth was the pre-apology for these nobodies.

  • I need help yt
    I need help yt2 dager siden

    When he predicted the main difference between the characters with pyra have power and mythra have speed

  • Vincent Rico Mercado
    Vincent Rico Mercado2 dager siden

    This only gives me hope that Shantae can take a spot on DLC 2.

  • Deletors End
    Deletors End2 dager siden

    Alpharad: i want joker pyra and mythra Alpharad: and Jesus

    BIGSEANDAWG 12 dager siden

    Crash bandicoot or Spyro

  • iruman00
    iruman002 dager siden

    Me who wanted doom slayer 😭

  • AbyssalDawn
    AbyssalDawn2 dager siden

    I don't even own a Switch. But all Nintendo has to do, is add 2 waifus to Smash and I'm summoned

  • DragonKlaws Gaming
    DragonKlaws Gaming2 dager siden

    I’m so depressed they had deconfirm the hunter for monster hunter like that but maybe

  • Macks 999
    Macks 9992 dager siden

    Please no more pokemon or fire emblem, lmao

  • sly Salamander
    sly Salamander2 dager siden

    Mr.rad can we get some touhou videos?

  • Big Al
    Big Al2 dager siden

    I am soooooo happy Rex didn't become a fighter, but I hate how he was shoved in

  • Pinky is cute
    Pinky is cute2 dager siden

    I had no idea who the melons belonged to

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez3 dager siden

    If there is a Pokemon coming, it's either that Kung-Fu Bear from Shield or a gen 4 from the Sinnoh regions which I honestly prefer because that's one of the best gens tbh.

  • The Gamers State
    The Gamers State3 dager siden

    This is a hot take but I do not believe a Pokemon rep is in the works. I think the last 2 will be Monster Hunter and Crash Bandicoot.

  • Mr. Strange
    Mr. Strange3 dager siden

    Imma need you to want Dante so he can get in the game

  • Eeveelover133 •
    Eeveelover133 •3 dager siden

    The Aegis more like "The Baeblades"

  • TheAcidBrawler
    TheAcidBrawler3 dager siden

    If Crash doesn't come to Smash, I WILL DESTROY THE GAME CARD

  • F0xtails1
    F0xtails13 dager siden

    Truly happy to see someone else ecstatic about XBC2 EDIT: You thnk Mythra's what now?

  • Bravespirit335
    Bravespirit3353 dager siden

    I love them so much

  • Mona Farag
    Mona Farag3 dager siden

    I just need crash bandicoot baby

  • FGDireito
    FGDireito3 dager siden

    I just want Amaterasu from Okami or Dr. Eggman

  • Space Chloé
    Space Chloé3 dager siden

    Thats cool but those chara designs are so bad lmao. I'm genuinely tired of every video game girl being 50% boobs and 50% panties. That's heavy mendrawingwomen material.

  • Wurzt
    Wurzt3 dager siden

    I hope a undertale character makes it into smash. I still don’t understand why waluigi didn’t make it

  • DnD Dude
    DnD Dude3 dager siden

    Anyone who doesn’t like Stance Change characters is legally insane

  • SheepShelf
    SheepShelf3 dager siden

    next it has to be the knight from Hollow Knight

    DWAYNE HERVING3 dager siden

    Yay just what needed more sword fighting characters FUCKIN GREAT!!!!

  • dan k
    dan k3 dager siden

    ty for saying 2B is a safe bet :’) made me feel better. after sephiroth and then pyra/mythra i really cant see 1. another square rep 2. another sword girl. i really wanna see some bayonetta level platinum games moveset translation happen though !! bayo with disjointed moves !!!! i wanna see it happen

  • Michael Thao
    Michael Thao3 dager siden

    Chrono from Chrino Trigger should be jn here, but then again. I dont think so.

  • Boid
    Boid3 dager siden

    Steve proved everyone who doubted some of us wrong

  • TheKillingBat -Gaming
    TheKillingBat -Gaming3 dager siden


  • trbz_
    trbz_3 dager siden

    ok but when are we getting Heavy?

  • AccurateMemin
    AccurateMemin3 dager siden

    5:24 I only have the following mains: Pichu Mario/Dr. Mario Dedede Joker Game & Watch and I'm working on Luigi.

  • Alex Banks
    Alex Banks3 dager siden


  • Dislocated
    Dislocated3 dager siden

    I saw a theory of "hey if rex didn't get in but Pyra & Mythra did that means shovel knight characters could get in" and I'm rooting for them

  • erigor11
    erigor113 dager siden

    So Alpharad is a Mythra guy, Meanwhile, Sakurai is a Pyra one... I will surely side with the later.

  • Gelatin BFB
    Gelatin BFB3 dager siden

    I'm still hoping for Crash or Paper Mario

  • Nico Solis King
    Nico Solis King3 dager siden

    Man, if Solaire actually gets into Smash, I'll completely loose my shit. Well, I guess I gotta level up my Faith stat a bit more in order for that to happen

  • Thatbananaboi


    3 dager siden

    Even if he becomes a mii costume I’d lose my shit.

  • 1Joe1
    1Joe14 dager siden

    I might do a video tomorrow (not today because... reasons) and it will be about them

  • Rocko Blocko
    Rocko Blocko4 dager siden

    Day 195 of still asking for Henry Stickmin to get into Smash (I mean, c'mon)

  • Ronald Kruse
    Ronald Kruse4 dager siden

    What's a xenoblade?

  • Octo Cosmo
    Octo Cosmo4 dager siden

    Who is pyra mythra geno joker sepiroth WHO QRE THES PEPLE

  • The YveltalKid
    The YveltalKid4 dager siden

    As someone who has never touched a Xenoblade game in their life, i can say without a doubt that this video was good until you said Mythra is better.

  • Kirby lover

    Kirby lover

    Dag siden

    no it was bad from the start

  • Malcolm Thompson
    Malcolm Thompson4 dager siden

    I'm happy that he's excited cause I felt the same way.

  • SpectrumTwelve
    SpectrumTwelve4 dager siden

    Cynthia and Garchomp would be a great fighter. Its basically just Garchomp but she gets Cynthia in the background like Pokemon Trainer. We could have modern and ancestor outfits for her (if legends has a cybthia in it like people are expecting). Imagine Cynthia and Sephiroth in the same game such intimidation.

  • KnownOdin
    KnownOdin4 dager siden

    I'm with you alpharad, I'm so happy

  • SonickidHD
    SonickidHD4 dager siden

    If Alpharad always gets who he wants Then we have only one thing to do *Kidnap Alpharad.*

  • SpectrumTwelve
    SpectrumTwelve4 dager siden

    nintendo checking the alpharad channel to see who they should add next

  • Scally Wiggle
    Scally Wiggle4 dager siden

    I've never played Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Someone please explain to me why everyone is so excited for these characters other than just "anime sword fighter with big badonkadonks"

  • Mr. Boorgar

    Mr. Boorgar

    4 dager siden

    xenoblade is an amazing JRPG and pyra and mytrha are just great characters

  • MonsterTeegs
    MonsterTeegs4 dager siden

    Oh my God if they add a dark souls character...

  • LeffeUP
    LeffeUP4 dager siden

    I think you should do a subspace emissary playthrough, you did it with world of light, and maybe you can do it together with someone else. I think it would be fun either way, but maybe it works better as alpharad deluxe content

  • Kamron Palmer
    Kamron Palmer4 dager siden

    Woohoo hoo hoo hoo yay! Yeeaaaaaaahhh!!!!🤣🤣

  • Yoshi gamer
    Yoshi gamer4 dager siden

    Pyra and Mythra are out!!! :)

  • Palmer Woolworth
    Palmer Woolworth4 dager siden

    Voldo from Soul Calibur.

  • BetterMattk911
    BetterMattk9114 dager siden

    I am so hyped puts and my Thea came home

  • MysteryMon
    MysteryMon4 dager siden

    For a new Pokémon trainer, I want a Pokémon Legends trainer. This includes of Oshuwat, Qualava, and Decidueye

  • Mark Sayos Mejia
    Mark Sayos Mejia4 dager siden

    I'll give u my kidney if you want, Pls predict Doom Slayer on smash and ill buy a switch.

  • Naygoats
    Naygoats4 dager siden

    Im pretty sure Pokémon can’t go any harder than diamond and pearl remakes and legends

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall
    JungleINSECt Spikewall4 dager siden

    If you get what you want then can you ask for walluigi?

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall
    JungleINSECt Spikewall4 dager siden

    So another sword character?

  • SuperbiaGames
    SuperbiaGames4 dager siden

    Someone tell him to want 2B

  • Link2434
    Link24344 dager siden

    Hey I don't know if you'll see this but I figure you're the guy to ask, if I already have Xenoblade 3DS and have made it a short ways into it is it worth getting on the Switch or should I just stick with what I've already got?