Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

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Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD
As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.
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  • topgamepllayyi
    topgamepllayyi5 dager siden

    When i watch it for the first time i thought it was just a slow transition but when somebody walk i thought who was that and i saw the face its the face of young speedster

  • Some random guy on YouTube
    Some random guy on YouTube5 dager siden

    "Quicksilver Saves Everyone" *stares in Havok*

  • Bianca Melo De Souza
    Bianca Melo De Souza5 dager siden


  • TheCrazyFightClub
    TheCrazyFightClub5 dager siden

    How to fuck up physics:

  • Karan Singh Raghav
    Karan Singh Raghav5 dager siden

    No one thanked him

  • swindlebot does car stuff
    swindlebot does car stuff5 dager siden

    Well i think quicksilver is the best part of the franchise.

  • Fanatic Thundering
    Fanatic Thundering5 dager siden

    When you say to your friends your the fastest man in the world and then your friends show you this.

  • AshBloodfire
    AshBloodfire5 dager siden

    Faster than the speed of death.

  • Kshitij Pagare
    Kshitij Pagare5 dager siden

    Can we all just take a moment and thank whoever chose the music for this scene.

  • Faust
    Faust5 dager siden

    *X-Men Franchise on life support. Quicksilver: "Allow me to introduce myself."

  • rebus
    rebus5 dager siden

    Life: X-Men: Apocalypse You: Man, who be in the toilet.

  • Alpha
    Alpha5 dager siden

    He my fav character lmaoo XD

  • GameBoy y
    GameBoy y5 dager siden

    I wish it was added to pubg mobile

  • Özgür Küçükkeçe
    Özgür Küçükkeçe5 dager siden

    mcu killed the character in wandavision

  • shicrapt
    shicrapt5 dager siden

    So who's the popsicle?

  • poor gamer harryyt
    poor gamer harryyt5 dager siden

    If you you watch it in 2x you see nothing change🙏

  • Egan
    Egan5 dager siden


  • Tristan Mathers
    Tristan Mathers5 dager siden

    How did this just get 20 million in 3 weeks

  • Kiran Kittu
    Kiran Kittu6 dager siden

    This is a great scene

  • Sarcastic Soldier
    Sarcastic Soldier6 dager siden

    Like seriously the best part in the movie!

  • Wesley Yure
    Wesley Yure6 dager siden

    Fake pietro

  • Chill Homer
    Chill Homer6 dager siden

    If you think about it if he studied with his speed he would probably the smartest person ever

  • Vale
    Vale6 dager siden

    what a guy :)

  • DarkVisage
    DarkVisage6 dager siden


  • DarkVisage
    DarkVisage6 dager siden

    Oh god I hope this is the quicksilver in WandaVision. Him and Deadpool let them cross.

  • n a n a.m x f
    n a n a.m x f6 dager siden

    i made an edit of him check it out !

  • Mr. Deeds
    Mr. Deeds6 dager siden

    Too be honest he so OP that they keep him in the shadows, he could do all the mutants jobs in a second.

  • Julio Romero
    Julio Romero6 dager siden

    Exelente escena

  • jetts .filming
    jetts .filming6 dager siden

    how does his music play at the same speed as him

  • 暁港南
    暁港南6 dager siden

    Una de las mejores escenas de X-Men.

  • Owen MMM
    Owen MMM6 dager siden

    PLEASE give us an Evan Peters Quicksilver movie.

  • Calebe Vieira
    Calebe Vieira6 dager siden

    Adoro essa cena. Além do mais, ele tá comendo bolinho Ana María.

  • Antoine Burel
    Antoine Burel6 dager siden

    Captain Marvel in MCU --> 🤔 QuickSilver's Xmen in MCU --> 🤩


    Se parece a maxim de free fire :^

  • Mila Roque
    Mila Roque6 dager siden


  • Tony Chiefs from TikTok
    Tony Chiefs from TikTok6 dager siden


  • Lord explosion murder Dynamight
    Lord explosion murder Dynamight6 dager siden

    Am I the only one who comes here daily?

  • Lord explosion murder Dynamight

    Lord explosion murder Dynamight

    6 dager siden

    @Matt Davies glad to know that I’m not the only one

  • Matt Davies

    Matt Davies

    6 dager siden

    No i do

  • Facundo Maroz
    Facundo Maroz6 dager siden

    2:17 por qué la mesa va más rapido que Quicksilver? Xd

  • Слава Ишимов
    Слава Ишимов6 dager siden


  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez6 dager siden

    Ese poder está chingon

  • TTO2 T
    TTO2 T6 dager siden

    2:20 what every boy imagines doing

  • TheHulkbuster13
    TheHulkbuster136 dager siden

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix Mystique: The women are always saving the men around here. Might want to change the name to X-Women.

  • Shurui Shinobi

    Shurui Shinobi

    5 dager siden


  • Minejack 777
    Minejack 7776 dager siden

    This scene is so damn good I come back to it every day as of right now. Send help

  • Diego Rivera
    Diego Rivera6 dager siden

    La mejor parte de x men apocaliscis

  • Trailer Movies
    Trailer Movies6 dager siden

    Watch my vedio guys

  • alana keila lima gomes
    alana keila lima gomes6 dager siden


  • Emerio Manzano
    Emerio Manzano6 dager siden

    I was so happy to see him wandavison

  • Victor Hugo Figueroa
    Victor Hugo Figueroa6 dager siden

    No sé inglés pero amo está canción 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😻😽😽😽

  • Daniyal Asif Khan
    Daniyal Asif Khan6 dager siden

    i have watched all DC and Marvel movies but this is a best superhero's true power potential depiction in any movie universe ever. Good job Sony.

  • Captain LastrEo
    Captain LastrEo6 dager siden

    Holy shit he's fast.

  • Pullsfordays 2124
    Pullsfordays 21246 dager siden

    *quicksilver fighting back Agatha’s mind control Mystique: “Remember who you are, you’re X-men” *Quicksilver breaks mind control *sweetdreams, I feel love, staying alive or some kind of 70’s 80’s masterpiece cues Quicksilver goes onto to save a quickly crumbling westview in slow motion from the vision vs white vision battle.

  • Olia Topanteleeva
    Olia Topanteleeva6 dager siden


  • Christian C
    Christian C6 dager siden

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Michael J Fox. He would have been perfect as Quicksilver if he were younger.

  • Ramurti de Alencar Barbosa
    Ramurti de Alencar Barbosa6 dager siden

    For me, it's the best super hero scene of all time.

  • Esteban Santillan
    Esteban Santillan6 dager siden

    Ese es macxim

  • MCThaQueen
    MCThaQueen6 dager siden

    I hate how he gets no credit in these movies, Everyone ignores the fact he saved everyone (except havoc) to look at raven, and in dark Phoenix he literally has to flat out say he did the work and jean helped A LITTLE. I hope that the mcu gives him credit if he stays as quicksilver after wandavison

  • JaedenRed
    JaedenRed6 dager siden

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that he can stand still at incredibly high speeds that time literally slows down

  • Lisa McCall
    Lisa McCall6 dager siden

    If they don’t make another X-men movie with Peter i will so mad

  • Jason VDE
    Jason VDE6 dager siden

    look at all you being impressed by this scene while this is just copy paste from a Futurama episode called ''Three Hundred Big Boys ''

  • Talon
    Talon6 dager siden

    The fact that he doesn't take this seriously shows that this is just another day at the office for him

  • Trick Q

    Trick Q

    6 dager siden

    I think he was taking the situation seriously but's it's not everyday he gets to use his powers that way so he took his time instead of just rushing everybody out of the building. Dancing, eating pizza, drinking a soda, etc. I imagine doing all of that while trying to outrun an explosion would fun for him especially when he knows he's fast to do it all without getting hurt or killed in the process.

  • Spider acambarock
    Spider acambarock6 dager siden

    and yet in wanda vision he seems stupid and immature

  • Axel Arabilla
    Axel Arabilla6 dager siden

    If Wolverine can get his own solo movies, Quicksilver deserves his own solo movie in the MCU as part of the Multiverse trilogy with WandaVision, Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2!

  • Edgar Gutierrez
    Edgar Gutierrez6 dager siden


  • Billy Harden
    Billy Harden6 dager siden

    I really love this scene, BUT.... Marvel always showed some kind of vulnerable side to the characters. At the end of this run he should have been extremely exhausted.

  • thousand points of light
    thousand points of light6 dager siden

    enoch saves everyone, from what? from fire? good luck.

    DINONIMUS6 dager siden

    mephisto 😡

  • Edwin Sánchez
    Edwin Sánchez6 dager siden

    Everyone is giving credit to Evan Peters. Fair enough but damn! we have to celebrate too the CGI and editors who spent countless hours working on this magnificent scene.

  • Samira Zabala
    Samira Zabala6 dager siden

    Me gusto la musica

  • Yordan Marquina
    Yordan Marquina6 dager siden

    Una serie de éste QuickSilver se ha Dicho!!!

  • Enes HALE
    Enes HALE6 dager siden

    Evan Peters ❤️

  • skalapunk
    skalapunk6 dager siden

    He's way underappreciated as a hero and an actor

  • Riza Bogdan
    Riza Bogdan6 dager siden

    Why this quicksilver is 1000000000 times better than quicksilver from avengers

  • luis duran
    luis duran6 dager siden

    Este quiksilver Peter de FOX,Hace ver lento a el prieto de MARVEL y a flash de DC. Ni Superman lo vería venir.

  • Indo Aryan
    Indo Aryan6 dager siden

    wonder what kind of hair gel he's using that works at that speed

  • Joselito rodrigues
    Joselito rodrigues6 dager siden


  • আল - জিন্জিরা /AL - JiNNZeRa
    আল - জিন্জিরা /AL - JiNNZeRa6 dager siden

    Nobody Knows Million Doller Graphics ★

  • Nsns NN msmzz
    Nsns NN msmzz6 dager siden


  • Blue The hedgehog
    Blue The hedgehog6 dager siden

    People don’t get that this is x men a different marvel universe that he’s not ded in

  • Scott Roffman
    Scott Roffman6 dager siden

    Man's so fast, he ran through TWO completely different MARVEL movie universes, and people BARELY noticed.........:)

  • lipe Bleke Castro
    lipe Bleke Castro6 dager siden

    O vídeo é bom de mais

  • Reed Davis
    Reed Davis6 dager siden

    He could of easily taken out Azazel where was he In first class and days of future past?

  • Roasted Niggaa
    Roasted Niggaa6 dager siden


  • Dirty Socks
    Dirty Socks6 dager siden

    I have no idea how often I watched this

  • Alodia Braedly
    Alodia Braedly6 dager siden


  • Alodia Braedly
    Alodia Braedly6 dager siden


  • Alodia Braedly
    Alodia Braedly6 dager siden


  • St3tchs and TheBruhMom
    St3tchs and TheBruhMom6 dager siden

    he didnt save everyone

    Maiky BOURGEOIS6 dager siden

    Just read that it tooks 3 months do make that scene ( which explains why they didn't make a lot like this ). I don't know if it's true but if so IT WAS WORTH IT!

  • Peter Maximoғғ
    Peter Maximoғғ6 dager siden

    *I STILL don't understand how they recorded me at that speed*

  • Tommy Ivankov
    Tommy Ivankov6 dager siden

    Just consider about how boring to listen music for him, i guess his life is like if "everybody look like sloth from Zootopia"

  • Kartik Sadat
    Kartik Sadat6 dager siden


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    Видео для ВАС video for you video for you6 dager siden

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  • edrez1
    edrez16 dager siden

    And this is why he deserves to be in the MCU and not the other Quicksilver

  • Some random guy on YouTube

    Some random guy on YouTube

    5 dager siden

    If episode 9 of Wandavision doesn't have a slow-mo scene set to a classic song I am going to have WORDS with Marvel

  • Guilherme Rodrigues
    Guilherme Rodrigues6 dager siden

    Melhor cena de X men sim ou claro?

  • Earth Kwaiq
    Earth Kwaiq6 dager siden

    2:16 real hero 2:16 2:16

  • Chris George
    Chris George6 dager siden

    The mean colt currently cross because timbale spindly fill without a wholesale paper. irritating, tasteless timbale

  • افلام عالمية International movies
    افلام عالمية International movies6 dager siden


  • Tony Onuorah
    Tony Onuorah6 dager siden

    To be honest, this scene made the entire movie for me

  • Dago Garcia
    Dago Garcia6 dager siden

    Flash cud have done this faster without da music n More ppl.!!!

    JETHRO VARGAS6 dager siden

    min 1:42 la niña volando hace das