Race Spec Banshee vs. Emelia Hartford in the World's Fastest C8 Corvette // This vs. That


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Yous guys want to get weird on these matchups? Let’s get weird on these matchups. A built Yamaha Banshee that’s probably surprised a whole lot of racecars, vs. a world record holding twin turbo C8. With just the right amount of sketchiness and competitive heat sprinkled in. Is our pal Emelia Hartford going to walk away from this thing, or will the four-wheeled dark horse surprise us all?
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  • Matthew Basudew
    Matthew Basudew27 dager siden

    This is the best show hoonigan has ever made in my opinion. Love it and keep these odd ball/similar matchups coming



    19 dager siden

    @Hoonigan I have a #115 P51A Mustang(VERY RARE) that I would be willing to bring for the show

  • Jeff Holmström

    Jeff Holmström

    21 dag siden

    was shit imo

  • Feral Man

    Feral Man

    21 dag siden

    @Hoonigan Masks are gay

  • Aaron M

    Aaron M

    24 dager siden

    @Hoonigan the best!!



    25 dager siden

    Awd cutlass vs Hoonigan

  • moodyk1979
    moodyk197958 minutter siden

    Don’t understand why Emelia keeps bringing her car when every time there’s problems. Why not go away, develop it then come back when it’s all reliable and running properly.

  • Jay Reynoso
    Jay Reynoso8 timer siden

    Fastest C8 in the world. Wouldn’t shift 🤣😂 Worlds fastest C8 has just been shut down by the banshee at RACE SPEC. I think that car needs a new driver or some more parts but I love the C8. Seen your channel since you got the car keep up the good work Emilia!!! Just remember SEND IT AND DONT LOOK BACK 🤣🔥

  • Krums Korner
    Krums Korner10 timer siden

    2 smoke for the win

  • Robert Moton
    Robert Moton15 timer siden

    takeing the vette down the line litterally takes no skill

  • Robert Moton
    Robert Moton15 timer siden

    she drive a 700 hp vette but i bet should couldnt ride tht banshee shes only doing so good cause of all the electronics in her car rofl

  • chris perez
    chris perez16 timer siden

    No street bike vs car?!?

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv20 timer siden

    That dude on the Banshee should not be allowed to race without wearing kevlar gloves. I mean come on y'all already have sleepy Joe controlling your lives with a mask, so why not more rules? Damn liberals, lol.

  • Sam Vega
    Sam Vega21 time siden

    Lmmfao, that dude on the banshee is crazy.

  • Khaliq Bryson
    Khaliq Bryson21 time siden

    that c8 is nasty

  • R3flexGaming
    R3flexGaming22 timer siden

    She made so many excuses and when she got the upper hand, she didn’t give up, all the other ones she gave up on, “my car didn’t shift” she’s in control of that.

  • Boogie aka Boogie
    Boogie aka BoogieDag siden

    man I need her to make excuses for me when I don't win something..... she's obviously the best at it she's got even more excuses then her car has horsepower.....

  • Debra Johnson
    Debra JohnsonDag siden

    girls just makes excuses

  • Corey Nava
    Corey NavaDag siden

    10:33 I seriously thought he flew, caught me off guard

  • Sébastien Martinot
    Sébastien MartinotDag siden

    Banshee man, please wear some gloves 🙏 I can’t imagine your hands if something turn wrong 😔

  • rere439
    rere439Dag siden

    How come 500cc ATV weight so light and not flying in that crazy speed!? Heck even not wearing glove!!

  • Dexter Diego
    Dexter DiegoDag siden

    She making hella excuses cuz she got her ass cut 🤣

  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. BlueDag siden

    12:19 - holy shit man! i think i actually saw your balls do that it was so graphic!

  • Tarrentino No. Sixty-Nine
    Tarrentino No. Sixty-NineDag siden

    Ain't nobody care about a vette it's all about the banshee

  • Anthony Ruddell
    Anthony RuddellDag siden

    "I think you broke my sternum"

  • Sebastian Villar Best
    Sebastian Villar BestDag siden

    7:52 fact

  • Darrell Sepko
    Darrell SepkoDag siden

    With a quickness

  • Darrell Sepko
    Darrell SepkoDag siden

    Shes gotta give it up for the 2 stroke HJ.

  • Francisco Malfonado
    Francisco MalfonadoDag siden

    1st 2 rounds she was makin excuses 😆 " wont shift " ooookaaaay !! Lol

  • Matt HIcks
    Matt HIcks2 dager siden

    my unkel has a c8

  • Banshee_cavaleir 515
    Banshee_cavaleir 5152 dager siden

    this just makes me love my banshee even more

  • Isaac’s Trade
    Isaac’s Trade2 dager siden

    Ah good human

  • Julian Serrano
    Julian Serrano2 dager siden

    10:31 That actually scared me a little bit 🤣

  • Four Eyes
    Four Eyes2 dager siden

    @14:27 “regular hand job” hahaha

  • Shay Canham
    Shay Canham3 dager siden

    I got such a shock at 10:31😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly3 dager siden

    just start at 10:25

  • Eric Umbarger
    Eric Umbarger3 dager siden

    I've been riding ATVs for a good chunk of my life and I don't think my balls are big enough to ride that Banshee

    KONTROLL me3 dager siden


  • Xavier Bynum
    Xavier Bynum3 dager siden

    Whoever edits these videos with the sound clips is awesome. “Noooooooo Monicaaa!!!” 😂😂

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike3 dager siden

    the power band of a 2stroke is insane.. u can't beat a well tuned 2 stroke

  • inflip
    inflip3 dager siden

    banshee won she lost 3 times then she got a head start and won

  • Ali Houadef
    Ali Houadef3 dager siden

    10:31 LMAO

  • Sean Roche
    Sean Roche3 dager siden

    I love that "lose" isn't spelled correctly on the rear Banshee decal. Sound it out. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Johnny Miller
    Johnny Miller3 dager siden

    The fact that there wearing masks bugs me so much

  • FBI
    FBI3 dager siden

    For a quad? Damn that thing rips

  • Florian
    Florian4 dager siden

    Why the masks, you guys are outside... You know they don’t work right 🤔? Nice race though 🤟

  • Hoonigan


    3 dager siden


  • Andy
    Andy4 dager siden

    The girl does not know how to shift. Smh

  • Hoonigan


    3 dager siden

    It’s the C8 that won’t shift because of the power, not Emelia.

  • Jorge Adames
    Jorge Adames4 dager siden

    we need more bikes

    KHABIB-TIME— KC-CHIEFS-154 dager siden

    This is what you get with the a automatic I don’t understand who races with a automatic car you need a stick shift you can not let a computer decide when to shift if you are racing

  • green bean

    green bean

    Dag siden

    Dunning Kruger effect

  • Gloryful 335
    Gloryful 3354 dager siden

    Nah went bro went to space i was dying 😭😭😭😭😭

  • löt ää
    löt ää4 dager siden

    Two stroke power

  • Navin Raj
    Navin Raj4 dager siden

    What if the quad has a race againts the hoonigan???

  • Exo Crown
    Exo Crown4 dager siden

    The length of the race is stupid. Weight is king here. Would be better seeing an AWD on slicks. This is more annoying than anything. And I don't even care for Vettes.

  • eduardo venegas
    eduardo venegas4 dager siden

    Damn Johnny fucking sick!

  • Yan7001978
    Yan70019784 dager siden

    Moral of the story, if you want to beat a stroker Banshee, you need a very well tuned C8 😎

  • Kibae
    Kibae4 dager siden

    Imagine how much faster the Banshee's time would be if the swingarm was extended...

  • High Life
    High Life4 dager siden

    😲@ 10:32 literally made me jump 🤣

  • Anthony Spinelli
    Anthony Spinelli5 dager siden

    Baahahahahahah 10:31

  • Max T
    Max T5 dager siden

    600 lbs of pure sack lmao

  • Alec Whitehawk
    Alec Whitehawk5 dager siden

    That was insane Just found this channel loving it idk which vid to watch next

  • Joel Davis
    Joel Davis5 dager siden

    Bro that's a fuckn wrap, you're $2 million worth of freaking automotive engineering is nice but um....two-stroke bitch!

  • Nate K
    Nate K5 dager siden

    I loved this one more than any other! Flying away at the end of the second race was hilarious :`)

  • Kyle McCabe
    Kyle McCabe5 dager siden

    LMFAO him flying away

  • Mgarcia76
    Mgarcia765 dager siden

    I can’t believe that guy chose to ride that thing with that little of safety gear. Even worse, I can’t believe y’all were cool with it. Not even wearing gloves...

  • Liam Wilson
    Liam Wilson6 dager siden

    My dream quad rite ther!!

  • Andreas Kayser
    Andreas Kayser6 dager siden

    2 Stoke Power

  • TNTomek1987
    TNTomek19876 dager siden

    Bla Bla Bla . Woman explanation. Bunshee WINS !

  • RooiselBrah
    RooiselBrah6 dager siden

    That bike makes the same power as my car😭💔😂😂

  • Nick Swanson
    Nick Swanson6 dager siden

    When you realize this banshee is just a dune bike. Mild build. Lmao

  • KryptoPlayz
    KryptoPlayz6 dager siden

    who else saw bthat the corvette had supra parts on the motor

  • BigLazi
    BigLazi6 dager siden

    “I couldn’t shift” BRO WHAT

  • italianboy0220
    italianboy02206 dager siden

    "It won't shift, can i pull a degree of timing out?" Lmaoo shoulda had 3 pedals jr.

  • Trey Green
    Trey Green7 dager siden

    who else really thought the banshee took off in the air 😂😂

  • copper-rat
    copper-rat7 dager siden

    Just admit defeat to the banshee Amelia!, "I think I have a boost leak and temperature coil reflux with motor equipment gas bloat"

  • A.J. Da Silva
    A.J. Da Silva7 dager siden

    Cant stop a fast banshee!! 🚀🚀🚀🏁🏁banshee🏁🏁⚙️⚙️ 2t

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson7 dager siden

    Banshee: a big engine and a driver with titanium nuts

  • LTK x ISO
    LTK x ISO7 dager siden

    Tell me why my heart jump when he made the edit part on the Second race

  • Lane Waite
    Lane Waite8 dager siden

    I'm gonna be honest, I wanted to see the Banshee win. I have no idea who that chick is, and other than her being cute, I don't really care. I'm sure that banshee would whooped her even more if the banshee had a longer swing arm.

  • Max Escher
    Max Escher8 dager siden

    But its interesting that there are Quads that are faster than this Banshee, fpr example a Yamaha R1 powered Yamaha Raptor

  • Dallas Wood
    Dallas Wood8 dager siden

    She said it’s just really cool to see it keeping up with a car lol somebody needs to explain to her power to weight ratio she’d probably be shocked if she got absolutely smoked by a stock street bike too

  • DC_MX #69
    DC_MX #698 dager siden

    I’ll go with that all life, race spec big bore banshee’s are unbeatable!

  • Straw Sec2
    Straw Sec28 dager siden

    Add a turbo on it it will be faster 😂

  • average jamaicans
    average jamaicans8 dager siden

    The weebs are freaking out well I did like it u know what we saw y'all Hint : A O T

  • Leucore
    Leucore9 dager siden

    Not to hate on the owner of the c8 but sadly that car just isn’t ready to be built and raced. It doesn’t even look like she really needs the race suit and helmet, maybe she should give the suit to the guy on the banshee

  • cglez32a
    cglez32a9 dager siden

    Probably one of the best races on a while

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis9 dager siden

    That quad woke up and chose speed.

  • Paul Waddington
    Paul Waddington9 dager siden

    Banshee man with no gloves 😳

  • Henry Shephard
    Henry Shephard9 dager siden

    The excuses from this girl 😂 The Banshee is just savage af

  • JxSprrow
    JxSprrow9 dager siden

    Song ID at 14:49?

  • 4x3Lander
    4x3Lander9 dager siden

    Oh man, I seriously can’t stop laughing at all the comments about the banshee taking off. So incredibly hilarious!

  • John Smith
    John Smith9 dager siden


  • Antonio Bryant
    Antonio Bryant9 dager siden

    He whoops her in a regular head to head imagine if it was a prepped drag strip🤯

  • DutchedUp
    DutchedUp9 dager siden

    More Hank Hill bwaaah's, please

  • DutchedUp
    DutchedUp9 dager siden

    So just the clutch was automatic on the Banshee?

  • Yan7001978
    Yan70019789 dager siden

    Banshees are awesome! Mine was a 2003 special édition. Fun and reliable.

  • NYAN_Zay
    NYAN_Zay9 dager siden

    every time she lost i was jus waiting for the excuse lol

  • Nicko TX
    Nicko TX9 dager siden

    I love how she talks so much shit when she wins but always has some stupid shit to say about why she loses

  • kwm2591
    kwm25919 dager siden

    If that C8 was in better hands it might stand a chance.

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee10 dager siden

    Banshee driver wasn't trying to keep it down he was intentionally trying to wheelie it...show boating loses every time.

  • Joshua De La Torrents

    Joshua De La Torrents

    9 dager siden

    Yup that's his play bike not his drag bike

  • lonny self
    lonny self10 dager siden

    wicked quad I had a 2002 360 banshee it was nuts, yours in like over the top

  • Luciano Iamamura
    Luciano Iamamura10 dager siden

    Corvette C8 Fueltech

  • chevychris714
    chevychris71410 dager siden

    The flying into the sky had me Rolling 🤣🤣🤣

    STEVEZISSOU200710 dager siden

    Great episode!👌🏻

  • theprogamer981
    theprogamer98110 dager siden

    Idk why, but I hate the girl somehow. Always has excuses up her sleeve and that one time she won, right away she was like "Omg yeah im sooo competitive" wtf xD And when she loses, she all like yeah idk boost loss my gears wont change or whatever.

  • SupremeSlore
    SupremeSlore10 dager siden

    “Regular hand job” 🤣🤣🤣🤣