Rating Halloween Candy with My Best Friends ft. Charli, Dixie, Noah, James & Larray | Chase Hudson


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    Derrick W.2 timer siden

    Imagine not filming in 1080p

  • Madison Lunardi
    Madison Lunardi3 timer siden

    Chase never talks in other peoples video but In He’s is kinda talks

  • Jessica Herrera
    Jessica Herrera3 timer siden

    I love butterfingers

  • antonino saccomanno
    antonino saccomanno4 timer siden

    1. Reese's 2. sour patch watermelon 3. York peppermint patties 4. Butterfingers 5. de la rosa "candy"

  • Rayne Andrade
    Rayne Andrade6 timer siden

    Brasileiros curtam aqui 👇👇👇

  • roblox stories
    roblox stories7 timer siden

    tootsie rolls and big boy candy

  • Gaby Ramirez
    Gaby Ramirez7 timer siden

    I can relate to chase, (you’re not alone buddy all my friends hate my candy.) love you’re vids❤️🥺🦋

  • Adalberto Alves da cruz
    Adalberto Alves da cruz7 timer siden

    Hey chase

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    Kagan Meade8 timer siden

    BRO how is no one talking about how charlie wiped her nose on chase's arm

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    i love butterfingerssss

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    Shooore 🥰 8:35

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    war heads

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    Noah said to Dixie you are getting giggly and aggressive

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    SHORE hahaha I was dead

    SLYTHERIN FOREVER12 timer siden

    Yoo how sasy✨😌like if you agree

  • Official Dope Lyrics
    Official Dope Lyrics13 timer siden

    James Charles is actually a very good singer tho

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    I love dots T-T

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    I love you so much.

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    Butter finger

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    I like Noah

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    y'all hating on pay days ...

  • Samantha Ortiz
    Samantha Ortiz15 timer siden

    Noah and charli :shore Dixie: looks to a corner Chase: looks at the roof Also chase trying to match with charli: shore

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    تكفوننن ركزوو في دكسيي😭؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟😭

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    Sister Shooooore :3

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    Alguém brasileiro

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    Charli:BuRpS covers mouth so sad for her self Love you guys

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    Maliah ScottDag siden

    Butterfingers are bomb with vanilla ice cream.

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    I literally love larray hahhaaha

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    adelise fooDag siden

    no one legit no one larray: wHo PuT sWeDisH fiSH in mY wATer?!

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    Violets vlogsDag siden

    Lol the way Charlie wiped he nose on chases arm 5:17

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    Why were is Addison

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    Evie GellingDag siden

    lol the fact they are all wearing black haha

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    Ngl butter fingers actually taste good ;-;

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    Cha-Cha NEEDS to come back

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    Butterfingers are so good

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    Chase is literally me this entire time, like all the hated candies are my literal favorite 🤩😃

  • Yesenia Castro
    Yesenia CastroDag siden

    Why do a actually feel like charli and Noah would make a better couple than him and Dixie even tho charli is under the age?!?!?!

  • Stephanie Fleming
    Stephanie FlemingDag siden

    is no one going to talk about 9:04 larry

  • Correna Tuck
    Correna TuckDag siden

    Charli chase James Larry noah

  • Lethisya V
    Lethisya VDag siden

    2:06 - 2:18 Ima just leave this here

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    I love butterfingers and tootsie rolls

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    Lucia MillisDag siden

    hahaha charlis face when she ate the dots

  • Carlie Grace
    Carlie GraceDag siden

    *charli wipes her nose in chase* me: WHAT A CUTE COUPLE!! NOW GET BACK TOGETHER!!

  • Ariza Gama
    Ariza GamaDag siden

    there not that good chase

  • Galaxyyx Playz
    Galaxyyx PlayzDag siden

    Are we going to ignore the fact that Dixie said, “ no one listens to me anyways” poor Dixie 🥺🥺🥺

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    It was charli

  • bunny fam
    bunny famDag siden

    Charlie, you used to be so like nice what happened to you

  • bunny fam
    bunny famDag siden

    Hi, Charlie.why are you acting so weird, is it because kids watch your video and you hate your fans, or is it because you just want to it's fine, if you like, do it I'm just asking

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    si Charli bikin ngakak sumpah😭

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    Charlidamelio is so mean

  • Amirah Abbas
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    😂 😂 😂 Chase reaction to Charlie's crush story is priceless

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    James called Noah babe WTF

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    sshoreeee 😂😭😂😭😂

  • Emme Walker
    Emme WalkerDag siden

    me about to marry chase because i love that hes standing up for my favorite candys

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    chase i love you and i hav your love on me i love you

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    Jhc HiuhDag siden

    Charli what was this

  • Kiwi Cuteness
    Kiwi CutenessDag siden

    Lol, I have a funny story. So one day I got a haircut half almost completely shaved and the other side was long. So I flipped a part of the long side over to the short side and my gay friend walked up to me and said "Girl, you look like a off-brand Lil huddy." I said yeah why are you right tho?!?! But my fav candy is Butterfingers and Twix!!

  • Anne K
    Anne KDag siden

    5:18 Lol charli literally wiped her nose on chase!😂

  • nazieee
    nazieeeDag siden

    Charlie and dixie are the best

  • Onalenna Mabotja
    Onalenna MabotjaDag siden

    Love you Chase ❤

  • Gaige Martin
    Gaige MartinDag siden

    This is how teenagers rate Halloween candy!!!! Besides James who is in his 20s

  • Lexi and Cameron family gameing
    Lexi and Cameron family gameingDag siden

    The gobstoper round charlie and noha really did the bff star and then shooooreee

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    Purvai AggarwalDag siden

    5:22 chase was like WHAT!!

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    did he really said " turn on my post notification"

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    Nobody: Chase, charli and noah :shooree

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    chase its okay baby I LOVE BUTTERFINGERS

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    Milky Way is kinda good

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    I love you so much much I love you so much ❤️❤️

  • Ava Welch
    Ava Welch2 dager siden

    Chase: "Nobody doesn't like kitktats." Dixie: *hides kitkat in pocket and doesn't eatt*

  • Ava Welch
    Ava Welch2 dager siden

    Nobody: Dixie: *throws every candy she gets*

    CANDY GIRL FOREVER2 dager siden

    Lol what was Larry's voice right there in the M&Ms. 4:06

  • Joselyn Sandoval
    Joselyn Sandoval2 dager siden

    Aww how dixie and noah act☺💖

  • Wolfy Dead
    Wolfy Dead2 dager siden

    And did you know that there is butterfinger ice cream

  • Unknown Hero Deadly
    Unknown Hero Deadly2 dager siden

    James when he like the candy so much: Ohhh! Yess!!🥴

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    Wolfy Dead2 dager siden

    Twix is my favorite candy

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    5:14 haha on my arm 😂

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    yyhjybh bh

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    5:18 what is she doing

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    Larray did my reeses wrong

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    I love dots 😳

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    Melody Tran2 dager siden

    LMfAOOOO I CANT WHEN SHE WIPES HER SNOT ON HIS ARM... I love how Chase was so cool with it tho

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    Is it just me or does everybody love this group

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    bruh I love dots lmaoo

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    Amber And Abrahm playz2 dager siden

    Ima smack everyone except chase they don’t like butterfingers 😡😳

  • Jasmin Stewart
    Jasmin Stewart2 dager siden

    Twix is the best chocolate in the world

  • Shreya Talukder
    Shreya Talukder2 dager siden

    Luv this friendship and luv yall but come on Dixie dont puke to everything. Soon enough you will puke to Noah

  • Linnea
    Linnea2 dager siden

    the things be like: James taking iy seriusly. noah and dixie chilling. larray fighting with james. charli:.....i had to wipe my nose... chase: On My...ArM

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    Same Chase Same. I love butterfingers

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    Charlie wiped her nose on chase ✋🏻🤣

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    Charli ans Chase LOVE CHACHA

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    Charli:WAIT WAIT I HAVE A STORY...My crush in third grade Chase:😖😖😖