Reacting to James Charles Impressions!


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I reacted to people doing James Charles Impressions. I announced a contest on Tik Tok asking my followers to do their best impression for $1000 and the chance to be in today's video and the responses were... interesting. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • thxtgxmer :
    thxtgxmer :9 minutter siden

    Lol my sound got cut out so I couldn’t hear the impressions

  • 5yle
    5yleTime siden


  • Grace Collins
    Grace CollinsTime siden

    The problem is that are just not good period

  • Grace K
    Grace KTime siden

    this is the first time i heard him say dude..

  • Armani Grace
    Armani Grace2 timer siden

    POV: you came from the tiktok

  • Romon Young
    Romon Young2 timer siden

    James Charles can we play among us with each other

  • Lydia Stevens
    Lydia Stevens3 timer siden

    I love you

  • athxcarq
    athxcarq3 timer siden

    9:34 OMG- I'M WHEEZING PLS 😭

  • Postal Krab
    Postal Krab3 timer siden

    Hey Sisters James Charles Here I Am Gonna Do Makeup Blindfolded

  • Zachary Zysman
    Zachary Zysman4 timer siden

    I was in among us and I decide to dress up like you and someone was like oh my god are you actually James Charles because I was like hi sisters and I’m like I wish because you’re my idol I love you so much and I try to make a book I just can’t you’re so good at it

  • Dylan Herridge
    Dylan Herridge4 timer siden

    How won

  • Dylan Herridge
    Dylan Herridge4 timer siden

    Who won

  • Armando César
    Armando César4 timer siden


  • Breesa 2020
    Breesa 20204 timer siden

    does anybody else realise he has a saftey pin in his ear and now it is BUGGING ME XD

  • victoria rogers
    victoria rogers4 timer siden

    This guy was on tiktok dougmar cheated sorry dougmar

  • Daddy Squirt
    Daddy Squirt5 timer siden

    Imagine corpse did this😹😹😹😹

  • Coby Mitchell
    Coby Mitchell5 timer siden

    That is you in the good one

  • Vannah Saine
    Vannah Saine5 timer siden


  • Anna Micro
    Anna Micro5 timer siden

    "Hi sister " it never gets old ❤

  • Saph Nigeiski
    Saph Nigeiski5 timer siden

    3:31 “Oh he’s cute!” 😙✌️

  • Mony Salinas
    Mony Salinas5 timer siden


  • Just like Gamer
    Just like Gamer5 timer siden


  • Just like Gamer
    Just like Gamer5 timer siden

    Tomorrow I’m doing a James charsle

  • The JSB Kids
    The JSB Kids6 timer siden

    Who’s audio cut out at 2:06

  • Wait what ?
    Wait what ?6 timer siden


  • Aleena Amaya
    Aleena Amaya6 timer siden

    I now right

  • Doges Are Cute
    Doges Are Cute6 timer siden

    Hey Siblings! (Idk what to call y'all XD) Okay so I just wish you guys a happy 2021!!!! Have a great year!!!!!!!! :)

  • Owen Bitar
    Owen Bitar6 timer siden

    James your an awesome person and your career is phenomenal keep up the great work on your channel😊

  • Not me YEET
    Not me YEET6 timer siden

    I love how ur so honest

  • Lewis Drinkwater
    Lewis Drinkwater6 timer siden


  • ItzRwbyRoblox
    ItzRwbyRoblox6 timer siden

    That guy I think he cheated because one guy did a tik tok about he said he cheated

  • Gaia Bouaicha
    Gaia Bouaicha6 timer siden

    James look

  • XxgamerGirl 78
    XxgamerGirl 786 timer siden

    Also man your hair looks like a fucking nest

  • XxgamerGirl 78
    XxgamerGirl 786 timer siden


  • Nazifa Layla
    Nazifa Layla7 timer siden

    This was a so funny

  • wolf walker girl
    wolf walker girl7 timer siden

    Everyone is trying to sound like u but there is only one u and u are beautiful and perfect!

  • Kevin R-Blox
    Kevin R-Blox7 timer siden

    Who came from the dude who cheated on til tok

  • Santiago Ordonez Cifuentes
    Santiago Ordonez Cifuentes7 timer siden

    1:02-1:08 lol

  • Anka's life
    Anka's life7 timer siden

    The dog

  • itsjustlele
    itsjustlele7 timer siden

    3 for sure yasss

  • Marixxgirl
    Marixxgirl7 timer siden

    One of them is edit

  • tts_rxgs
    tts_rxgs8 timer siden

    The best name charels imprisom................

  • Alfie West
    Alfie West8 timer siden

    Here from doughmar

  • Lyubov Burleson
    Lyubov Burleson8 timer siden

    I love this guy

  • Cayden Dulik
    Cayden Dulik8 timer siden

    I go to school my friends pull me aside and say hey sisters

  • Tatiana Chub Luna
    Tatiana Chub Luna8 timer siden

    I hate you you make my cry

  • ARandomDude
    ARandomDude8 timer siden

    James: Hi sisterssss Me: *chokes on spicy hot Cheetos laughing*

  • •Softie Cookie•
    •Softie Cookie•8 timer siden

    Why my sound is gone-

  • Pearse Osboren
    Pearse Osboren9 timer siden

    Random let:hey James do u have any siblings /James: yes one. Brother and 20.4million sisters

  • Angelina Jones
    Angelina Jones9 timer siden

    10:00 I cant

  • Aniceta N
    Aniceta N9 timer siden

    I love you

  • Jimmy Chizzer
    Jimmy Chizzer9 timer siden

    Your gaze

  • jan sandor
    jan sandor9 timer siden

    James Charles one of the boys that actually cheated because I told him on tiktok but I don't know his real name I forgot to look

  • Mar'Tavon Ricks
    Mar'Tavon Ricks9 timer siden

    james first video hi sisters welcome to my chanel

  • ROBLOX_sisters
    ROBLOX_sisters9 timer siden

    That person who ya cheated on tt

  • Jayce Js Vlogs
    Jayce Js Vlogs10 timer siden

    2 should have one

  • Eileen Watson
    Eileen Watson10 timer siden

    Was it just me or the first one was quite

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson10 timer siden

    Hi sisters

  • Dora Sanchez
    Dora Sanchez10 timer siden

    I just want to say someone cheated

  • ShadowFred32


    10 timer siden


  • Tatsi Ditshego
    Tatsi Ditshego10 timer siden

    I think the sssoung cut out

  • Mehek Hussain
    Mehek Hussain10 timer siden

    Who came from tik tok

  • lexi newlands
    lexi newlands10 timer siden


  • Andrew 's Town
    Andrew 's Town10 timer siden


  • Maya Laycock
    Maya Laycock10 timer siden

    Hi sister

  • Lillian Olsen
    Lillian Olsen10 timer siden

    wait omg did he actually just give away his phone number!?!?

  • Jenna Keiralla
    Jenna Keiralla10 timer siden

    You forgot someone

  • Gary Easdon
    Gary Easdon10 timer siden

    The one who sounded like u look at his tiktok account bc he cheated

  • DripAZ_YT
    DripAZ_YT11 timer siden


  • Tricia Dannenhoffer
    Tricia Dannenhoffer11 timer siden

    Why when at the start when the guy went it was silent

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M11 timer siden

    Hi I love your videos and I love everything about you I wish I could meat you irl

  • Dea gacha potato
    Dea gacha potato11 timer siden

    One of them is from tiktok he just tock one of ur videos and just talkes (wrong spellt)

  • ChopChops
    ChopChops11 timer siden

    Why do you sey hi Sisters?

  • Vic Evans
    Vic Evans11 timer siden

    I 💙 it

  • Ross Holt
    Ross Holt11 timer siden

    Is it just me or James Charles speaks like 100 mph

  • KT-MTK Shg
    KT-MTK Shg12 timer siden

    U R قاي

  • Layla Stephens
    Layla Stephens12 timer siden

    Hey sisters

  • Justin Hinkle
    Justin Hinkle13 timer siden

    Hi I love you

  • colorful M&M's
    colorful M&M's13 timer siden


  • Madisen Smith
    Madisen Smith13 timer siden


  • Kellyn Fish
    Kellyn Fish13 timer siden

    Omg so funny

  • Anthony Lynch
    Anthony Lynch13 timer siden

    Can I try my tik tok account it molly.lynch.queen hope u like it

  • Egla Guajardo
    Egla Guajardo13 timer siden

    James Charles the boy that you song on Tik Tok that they do an impression he didn't actually do the impression he he got a video of you from NOlocal and put that on his Tik Tok

  • Egla Guajardo

    Egla Guajardo

    13 timer siden

    I don't know what I said!

  • Elsa Hokkanen
    Elsa Hokkanen13 timer siden

    2:21 BuO BoU BoU AEiAEiAAAA

  • Pepe THE frog
    Pepe THE frog13 timer siden

    9:33 James made the "ive been assaulted " face thats how you know its bad

  • Nerf Guns are Cool
    Nerf Guns are Cool13 timer siden

    *Anyone here from that guy who Cheated?*

  • Jacob Lifshey
    Jacob Lifshey14 timer siden

    pov, you came to see the dude

  • •Brooke Leigh•
    •Brooke Leigh•14 timer siden

    ngl i came here from that dude of tt

  • Mehek Hussain

    Mehek Hussain

    10 timer siden


  • Shamsa Faisal
    Shamsa Faisal15 timer siden

    Who came from tiktok?

  • Amelia Czer
    Amelia Czer15 timer siden

    Hi james

  • Vexy on pc
    Vexy on pc15 timer siden

    For one vid can u pls say hi brothers

  • alliyah jane Dechosa
    alliyah jane Dechosa15 timer siden

    I Love you jemes

  • Pro Rob 2010
    Pro Rob 201016 timer siden

    POV: you just got click baited

  • JF the youtuber
    JF the youtuber16 timer siden

    Hi sisters

  • Lee Gayfer
    Lee Gayfer16 timer siden

    We couldn't hear it

  • Cris ivan Caculba
    Cris ivan Caculba16 timer siden

    Hey James I saw a vid thàt some one cheat when you said that was a good one omg yeah he cheated look at his tiktok hahahhahahahah

  • Balbino
    Balbino16 timer siden

    hr got a notification from tinder near the end of the video :0

  • ComputerDude08
    ComputerDude0817 timer siden

    People from the dude on the shorts

  • ZaraTia Nero
    ZaraTia Nero17 timer siden

    You been booeld

  • Zahira Aisyah
    Zahira Aisyah17 timer siden


  • Iten Ashraf
    Iten Ashraf17 timer siden