Reacting To My LITTLE Sister Dropping OUT Of High School

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  • ArionLOL
    ArionLOL15 dager siden

    Millan: "I have a boyfriend" The comment section: We have an imposter Among Us.

  • ZenzFB
    ZenzFB29 dager siden

    I got my tonsils removed when I was like 7

  • Cody Rochon
    Cody RochonMåned siden

    What day is is Milan’s birthday on?

  • Popurety
    Popurety2 måneder siden

    Me watching this realizing there both stupid😳🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Fahim
    Fahim4 måneder siden

    Dropping out so she can become an onlyfan girl.

  • Milky
    Milky6 måneder siden

    "I paved the way for this"

  • Amasa Bigelow Bigelow
    Amasa Bigelow Bigelow6 måneder siden

    How old is all of your sisters

  • Gavin DeVerse
    Gavin DeVerse6 måneder siden

    She didn’t know what half of 12 is

  • NeEYaH
    NeEYaH7 måneder siden

    She’s dumb for dropping out

  • NeEYaH
    NeEYaH7 måneder siden

    And she’s is getting no views

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    bro jarvis can help her play fortnite and set it up

  • Shamnun Ahmed
    Shamnun Ahmed7 måneder siden

    Milans looks like a cute little sister to me

  • Gamer Grape
    Gamer Grape7 måneder siden

    That’s my dads car

  • Deleted Videos
    Deleted Videos8 måneder siden

    Once she turns 18 temperrr is gon tap

  • Bisharo Abdi
    Bisharo Abdi8 måneder siden

    woawwwwww 2:14 she is lookin at adapts d

  • NeEYaH


    7 måneder siden

    You’ve never day dreamed before?..

  • NeEYaH


    7 måneder siden

    You dirty minded dumbass she is looking at the floor

  • Ochoa great wall of Mexico
    Ochoa great wall of Mexico8 måneder siden

    3:43 Jarvis:let me introduce myself

  • Danny Mimms
    Danny Mimms9 måneder siden

    3:43 Jarvis you're up

  • John Erez
    John Erez9 måneder siden

    15 and a sophomore total bull shit she about to turn 18 this fool just don’t want acknowledge that she is about to be legal

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    8 måneder siden


  • speaker god 101
    speaker god 1019 måneder siden

    Is there a juice in the background on his desk

  • dazzlez
    dazzlez10 måneder siden

    "i had to photoshop my grades"

  • Motorcycle Recycle
    Motorcycle Recycle10 måneder siden

    Your sister is hot

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz11 måneder siden

    Milan’s birthday is a day after mine but she’s still 2 years older then me so I’m 14 gonna be 15 on Sunday March 1st

  • Allphonetips
    Allphonetips11 måneder siden

    One year later: "I've never promoted my sisters channel or anything, shes done it all on her own..." Also adapt: reacting to my sisters tik tok, reacting to my sister musically, and at the end of each video, go follow my sister you guysss Yea buddy nice try lying to us smh

  • Yetai
    YetaiÅr siden

    She’s got ugly

  • Joel Nystrand
    Joel NystrandÅr siden

    Wow man you are doing awesome job on your NOlocal so my name's is Hunter bit that my step dad phone names is Joel he was passed away on February 10 2019 but I'm was sad that he was gone

  • Zach Mamsta
    Zach MamstaÅr siden

    I’m not gonna say your sis is kinda hot because you’re my homie

  • oozenoh
    oozenohÅr siden

    Na Na jarvis will teach her fortnite dude

  • smokeless
    smokelessÅr siden

    “Going to the faze house” woah I think. Not buddy

  • ANDRE Lelegends
    ANDRE LelegendsÅr siden

    Faze Adapt i did enjoyed the video

  • M0N!? 2
    M0N!? 2År siden

    This matters because?

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Alex’s sister

  • JayB Noodles
    JayB NoodlesÅr siden

    Ur sister is a dumbass talkin bout social media

  • Houston Tx
    Houston TxÅr siden

    Respect to adapt not handing clout to his sister 💯

  • シJack
    シJackÅr siden

    Only people how have a little sister can like----------)

  • Lucid Zed
    Lucid ZedÅr siden

    if he never competed. Then why is he on faze?

  • SiNg3vDaZ3 -
    SiNg3vDaZ3 -År siden

    Ayye bro put me on ur sister, nah I'm jk, unless. But I love the content

  • Jesse Nortillo
    Jesse NortilloÅr siden

    Damn so she’s ruined great

  • Anorexic big Man
    Anorexic big ManÅr siden

    There’s no way she’s 15

  • Brian Edgecomb
    Brian EdgecombÅr siden

    Peep the hydroflask in the back

  • Spare Jammr
    Spare JammrÅr siden

    Nina dobrev and Dylan o brien are my celebrity crushes Dylan plays stiles so well and nina plays Elena so well

  • ishi
    ishiÅr siden

    i find it really weird how he uses his sister as thirst bait. it makes me ridiculously uncomfortable...

  • IIPain
    IIPainÅr siden

    How tf has she only gone up one age in like 3 years

  • itssvlix
    itssvlixÅr siden

    Yo I remember like 2 years ago I liked yo sister buh no nomore

  • Steemahz
    SteemahzÅr siden

    2 more years until her and Jarvis will unite

  • Babatunde
    BabatundeÅr siden

    Bangbros contract are always open yk

  • Abdul on69fps
    Abdul on69fpsÅr siden

    I am sorry

  • ImEleMent
    ImEleMentÅr siden

    “Cause I don’t know what a half” maybe she should of stayed in actual high school 😂

  • Dinesh Maraj
    Dinesh MarajÅr siden

    FaZe Milan

  • Baldemar Campos
    Baldemar CamposÅr siden

    Mulan is bad🤪😘

  • Alex West
    Alex WestÅr siden

    No one: Not a single soul: Jarvis: She’s my new crush Kay: Yoo Jarvis that’s insane brooo

  • Svmuel Lee
    Svmuel LeeÅr siden

    My mom would never in a million years let me drop out of school

  • Svmuel Lee

    Svmuel Lee

    7 måneder siden

    Hoang Vo Ik unless they’re guaranteed to be successful

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    7 måneder siden

    No sane parent would let their child drop out of hs.

  • Artkuna
    ArtkunaÅr siden

    Soon we r gonna soon see milan on the hub with the new name xxmilanxx

  • Othmane Daali
    Othmane DaaliÅr siden

    Bro im 15 i never been in a relation ship wtf

  • NeEYaH


    7 måneder siden

    Hoang Vo wise words

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    7 måneder siden

    Relationships dont matter; just study, get a good job and make 6 figures than tjink about relationships

  • Crispy Kareem

    Crispy Kareem

    År siden

    I'm 17 I never been in a relationship

  • Turbo S

    Turbo S

    År siden

    Othmane Daali im 19 and i never been in a relationship

  • Ryze Cxpreton
    Ryze CxpretonÅr siden

    Since she is going to clout house she could meet jarvis..and they could be in ❤❤

  • Oof
    OofÅr siden


  • Andrew Chavez
    Andrew ChavezÅr siden

    As Apex would say. Dumbass

  • NeEYaH


    7 måneder siden


  • Duxhei Cerri
    Duxhei CerriÅr siden

    What she gonna do now that alissa and banks broke up...

  • Mr Clean
    Mr CleanÅr siden

    I dropped out of highshool last year. Problem is my bro don’t make millions 🙃

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    7 måneder siden

    Not everyone can hit the jackpot and be succesful on yt

  • USMC Nick
    USMC NickÅr siden

    your sisters fine af

  • Yusuf Mulla
    Yusuf MullaÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to have a crush on his little sister

  • Beastmode
    BeastmodeÅr siden

    Milan is mine idc idc idc


    Why she got all the looks and you ugly af. Lol.

  • brandon holt
    brandon holtÅr siden

    Damn she be stone cold stunner-ing now.

  • Imanol Saldana
    Imanol SaldanaÅr siden

    2:15 three weeks for a tonsils surgery? I only took 2 days off and I was in like 3rd grade

  • CastXFC
    CastXFCÅr siden

    I have been watching for like 5 years my favorite video of u and ur sister like when u faked her making a trick shot

    AK RULESÅr siden

    3:58 I felt that

  • Tavione McClain
    Tavione McClainÅr siden

    Adapt: Ion know who is going to teach her how to play fortnite? Jarvis: Hold my controller 🎮

  • D. A.

    D. A.

    År siden

    You are a savage..after seeing his reaction to Jarvis having a crush on his lil sister

  • Yoiboychan Jr
    Yoiboychan JrÅr siden

    You else is here when she likes Jarvis😂😂😂😂

  • Rosid Bapery

    Rosid Bapery

    5 måneder siden


  • The Sneaky Raccoon
    The Sneaky RaccoonÅr siden

    Milan a stoner

  • DaWonds COD
    DaWonds CODÅr siden

    7:50 here in my garage...

  • Luztxe
    LuztxeÅr siden

    i mean f it im watching this late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA ADAPT

  • Sora
    SoraÅr siden

    Milan dropped out of school but doesnt know what 12 divided by 2 is 8:52

  • Sergio Martinez
    Sergio MartinezÅr siden

    His sister seems so friendly😫😍

  • PaperRouteMelvin
    PaperRouteMelvinÅr siden

    Y’all niggas weird in these comments,most likely y’all have never even touched a boob😂😂

  • Rebz
    RebzÅr siden

    Who’s here cuz Jarvis

  • Steve Shikadance
    Steve ShikadanceÅr siden

    Alex has to interview Jarvis, Milan's future BF

  • Anthony B.
    Anthony B.År siden

    “ I had to photoshop my grades and stuff......” 🤣

  • Khalil Bagang
    Khalil BagangÅr siden

    Adapt jarvis has a crush on your sister

  • Oscar C
    Oscar CÅr siden


  • Osvaldo Arroyo
    Osvaldo ArroyoÅr siden

    Yo adapt I live in Arizona

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown SoldierÅr siden

    She’s so big now I remember when Alex kept saying she was 8

  • Schwifity
    SchwifityÅr siden

    Biggest glow up

  • ok
    okÅr siden

    stop pulling ur shirt down milan i aint tryna catch a case again

  • ok


    År siden

    @KerbecsFN yeah weird af

  • KerbecsFN


    År siden

    Yeah init I was thinking it's weird doing that right next to ur brother😂😂

  • sai
    saiÅr siden

    recruit difficulty

  • Mr _Klean
    Mr _KleanÅr siden

    her bf aint whooping me so she single

  • mas0n
    mas0nÅr siden

    Alex and Milan need to make a hub video- wait what.

  • Renz Pascual
    Renz PascualÅr siden

    she totally didnt get popular by adapt

  • Jajuan Pickett
    Jajuan PickettÅr siden

    I remember when him and his sister did the G-fuel vid like 4 years ago...

  • Johny_97
    Johny_97År siden

    8:53 watch her sit there and her brain lag as she thinks. Runs in the family 😂

  • Joshthetosh
    JoshthetoshÅr siden

    Why did you not say how you crashed the ultima in a wall

  • Joshthetosh
    JoshthetoshÅr siden

    I remember the lab back in Arizona those were my favorite vids like with moe and jagger

  • Botella Sanoval
    Botella SanovalÅr siden

    she’s a sophomore dude what

  • fala gaming
    fala gamingÅr siden

    It's ok

  • fala gaming
    fala gamingÅr siden

    I am 120 years old

  • RagingRy
    RagingRyÅr siden

    9:18... your welcomed

  • Abdullah Alnuaimi
    Abdullah AlnuaimiÅr siden

    She is 15 ???

  • URBN
    URBNÅr siden

    *she's been 15 for longer than I've been alive*

  • URBN
    URBNÅr siden

    *the weird comments is probably breaking towards hundreds of laws*

  • Isaac Mason
    Isaac MasonÅr siden

    ur sister is 4 days older than me😩

  • KoD Smith
    KoD SmithÅr siden

    click bait