I used to make videos like this when it was musiclly years ago so i figured we'd see what my little sisters been up too...
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe AdaptÅr siden

    thanks for watching boys!! leave a like and let me know what videos u wanna see in 2020!!

  • owen nappi

    owen nappi

    3 dager siden

    are you on jarvis's for you page?

  • Equality Alex Playz

    Equality Alex Playz

    Måned siden

    Dude my name is alex

  • Arhan Shukul

    Arhan Shukul

    2 måneder siden

    Loll 2020 is trash sorry past adapt

  • Cesar Perez

    Cesar Perez

    3 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt bro reacted to her tik toks rn🤣

  • nagwa haimed

    nagwa haimed

    3 måneder siden

    You need to change the thumbnail your gonna get simps and try to dm your little sis

  • Kuba J
    Kuba J16 timer siden

    Everyone's thing went up

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio GonzalezDag siden

    Me watching and him saying ayy this one s🔥🔥🔥 me happy cuz its mi favrite singer

  • Void
    VoidDag siden

    The Rona Room.......... That sounds like my classroom

  • Dominic Scott
    Dominic ScottDag siden

    mad fax

  • GianniOps
    GianniOpsDag siden

    I miss newyork faze house😔

  • Walid Admn
    Walid Admn2 dager siden


    AXTRO GAMES4 dager siden

    I swear adapt is the best brother

  • EpikTravis
    EpikTravis5 dager siden

    Alex is wierdly protective

  • M!sty
    M!sty5 dager siden

    0:44 how covid was made

  • YouTube sdog
    YouTube sdog7 dager siden

    I’m watching this in 2021

  • monica latchman
    monica latchman7 dager siden

    faze adapt look so pist

  • YouTube B3east
    YouTube B3east12 dager siden

    A year ago today

  • The Rando
    The Rando15 dager siden

    Sweet home Alabama

  • Zishxn FN
    Zishxn FN16 dager siden

    I like how Adapt didn’t even follow his sister on TikTok 😂

  • ITz THOZ
    ITz THOZ25 dager siden

    Now do it😂

  • Manwiththeplanplayz
    Manwiththeplanplayz25 dager siden

    Jarvis trying to take his shot

  • Sneaky Turtle
    Sneaky Turtle25 dager siden

    U lil sis wierd

  • IISnxwy_
    IISnxwy_25 dager siden

    Anyone realize that this is the hype house?

  • Wavy Sith
    Wavy Sith26 dager siden

    This video got slapped with claims

  • Paul Billingsley
    Paul Billingsley26 dager siden

    and i now i spelled galaxy wrong but thas how i spelled my user name

  • Paul Billingsley
    Paul Billingsley26 dager siden

    my user name is candygalexy no caps and no spaces

  • Chase Colon
    Chase Colon27 dager siden

    She do be popping off

  • Goated nati
    Goated nati28 dager siden

    He’s not even followed his sister

  • Dramatic Clan
    Dramatic ClanMåned siden

    I guess Milan didn’t get the busted head gene like Alex

  • gabe Tabori
    gabe TaboriMåned siden

    I feel you on tik tok i have an account about dont use it but i have my sister blocked from social medias cause it'll make me uncomfortable.

  • thatcow593
    thatcow593Måned siden

    Hasn’t followed yet?

  • Parker Brown
    Parker BrownMåned siden

    Kinda sis y he has a peach emoji over his sister

  • fatih ulusoy
    fatih ulusoyMåned siden

    and at this point where all the tictocks get worser...

  • yadira gonzalez
    yadira gonzalezMåned siden

    Not ganna lie but i can be her tiny

  • Jack Sharpe
    Jack SharpeMåned siden

    That room made COVID-19

  • clixz playz
    clixz playzMåned siden


  • Tk supremexx
    Tk supremexxMåned siden

    POV:your at half a million followers and alot of people that watch this video are gonna go follow you... but this mans doesnt even follow his own sister LMAO

  • Doms gaming
    Doms gamingMåned siden

    I feel the same for Alex

  • BlankUsername
    BlankUsernameMåned siden

    Absolute disappointment:

  • Cyrillic
    CyrillicMåned siden

    It’s been a month since the last twitch stream 😢

  • Jaxx Raider
    Jaxx RaiderMåned siden

    Minecraft character LmAo

  • Sheereel
    SheereelMåned siden

    man said lets look at some recent ones Clicks on a 2017 vid

  • angel Ashokkumar
    angel AshokkumarMåned siden

    Imagine Alex simping on her own sister

  • Random
    RandomMåned siden

    Are You Seriouly Not Following Your Own Sister? WTF?!

  • ItsOmen
    ItsOmenMåned siden

    8:14 :let’s see something recent Me: but that was 3 years ago??.

  • IMPUL53
    IMPUL53Måned siden

    Lol that's on ya'll if she famous coz of Adapt lol

  • Colton Salsig
    Colton SalsigMåned siden

    Bruh his reaction 😂

  • Deaththekid 668
    Deaththekid 668Måned siden

    She's too far Gone

    MAGOO CSMåned siden

    “ hopefully YNW molly claims it so when he gets out he’s bossed up” like what 😂😂

  • Equality Alex Playz
    Equality Alex PlayzMåned siden

    Brig my name is Alex dude what are the chances

  • Samurai & Vesel
    Samurai & VeselMåned siden


  • Jayden Flores
    Jayden FloresMåned siden


  • Tucker Fitzpatrick
    Tucker FitzpatrickMåned siden

    U almost exposed her kinda on the FaceTime beginning 😂😂😂

  • king fenyx
    king fenyxMåned siden

    yo i feel ya i have lil sis and they grow up so fast but we are here to mess up all there dates and not let them unders stand theas kind of song s btw im 11 yo

    LIFFTERSMåned siden

    She is like Dixie Dameli'o

  • Anthony Grimaldo
    Anthony GrimaldoMåned siden

    You're Face on the dirty tiktoks tho😂😂😂😂😂

  • Draco lol
    Draco lolMåned siden

    Half the time he seems so disappointed lol

  • Andrew McNeish
    Andrew McNeishMåned siden

    I love you adapt

  • sebastian enrique
    sebastian enrique2 måneder siden

    When he doesn’t follow hi sister LOL

  • killuahub 7
    killuahub 72 måneder siden

    her smile is contiguous it’s sooo pretty...

  • killuahub 7
    killuahub 72 måneder siden

    she’s sooooooo pretttyyyyy thoooo

  • Yuuzy
    Yuuzy2 måneder siden

    That thumbnail gave me the sweet home Alabama vibes.

  • leon ?
    leon ?2 måneder siden


  • applesauce 2136
    applesauce 21362 måneder siden

    s w e e t h o m e a l a b a m a

  • Alexander Rogers
    Alexander Rogers2 måneder siden

    lets all be honest she has a hint of charli d

  • spah艾
    spah艾2 måneder siden

    Oh never mined

  • spah艾
    spah艾2 måneder siden

    Adapt slide the numb

  • Ziya Hussan
    Ziya Hussan2 måneder siden

    His sis prolly follow james charles makeup tutorials

  • 215 DAVE
    215 DAVE2 måneder siden

    Anyone else find it extremely weird that he put a peach next to his sister

  • Liix
    Liix2 måneder siden

    4:31 that forehead tho

  • Tyler Wint
    Tyler Wint2 måneder siden


    CHAPS2 måneder siden

    steve thoo lov u bud

  • turtlebuttwinnner
    turtlebuttwinnner2 måneder siden

    Plot twis adapt is from alabama

  • Andru Prince
    Andru Prince2 måneder siden

    His face of disappointment lmao😂

  • Space Artic
    Space Artic2 måneder siden

    She looks like a minecraft character 🤣

  • RNQ Rampager
    RNQ Rampager2 måneder siden

    13:45. Me: watching in 2020

  • rec vr on RR
    rec vr on RR2 måneder siden

    Now things got extra intense when Jarvis watch this video

  • Osama Posted
    Osama Posted2 måneder siden

    Steve looked really sad when he was forced to move into that drug lords house🙁

  • SweptFn
    SweptFn2 måneder siden

    Him saying goodbye to corona beer 0:20 Corona Virus: Oh I'm just getting started.. I ain't leaving anytime soon...🤢🤢🤢

  • Erica Vargas
    Erica Vargas2 måneder siden

    Hey Alex I have a serious problem and I really need to talk to someone about it and I dont feel like I have anyone to talk to about this situation I'm going through..

  • Jaxon Armstrong
    Jaxon Armstrong2 måneder siden

    "There will be none of that", lowkey he sounds like your one friend's cool dad

  • OSLG Kapps
    OSLG Kapps2 måneder siden

    alex is the ultimate big brother "lemme check there's no boys in here"

  • Faze Drips
    Faze Drips2 måneder siden

    I been watching when a was 6 I am now 15

  • Orion Young
    Orion Young3 måneder siden

    ya rip melly

  • zx01 ._
    zx01 ._3 måneder siden

    bruh she is 16 and you are still letting her do that bruh i should have never watched this video i will catch a case

  • E Lozano
    E Lozano3 måneder siden

    I’m sorry,0 views on tiktok when she’s verified ?! 3:06

  • Nainoa Kapu
    Nainoa Kapu3 måneder siden

    “Back again with my first blog of 2020.” Bruh

  • E Lozano

    E Lozano

    3 måneder siden


  • Gabriel Wilson-Garcia
    Gabriel Wilson-Garcia3 måneder siden

    Bruh anybody else her when melly has his death sentence

  • Kaikane Pauole
    Kaikane Pauole3 måneder siden


  • Nathan Hammock
    Nathan Hammock3 måneder siden

    he said rona room it just hits different in 2020

  • John Merkss
    John Merkss3 måneder siden

    It’s only just 302.7k dumb ass

  • chance
    chance3 måneder siden


  • SF Epic
    SF Epic3 måneder siden

    You could tell he felt sad that she ain’t in any more vids

  • Just Me
    Just Me3 måneder siden

    jarvis girl got cake

  • Crypticz Ark
    Crypticz Ark3 måneder siden

    I like how he doesn’t like when someone likes his sister but when that one guy didn’t like her he was still mad

  • Football god Ashton
    Football god Ashton3 måneder siden

    I live in Arizona

  • Keleka Mile
    Keleka Mile3 måneder siden


  • R Jo
    R Jo3 måneder siden

    when she see it

  • R Jo

    R Jo

    3 måneder siden

    6:18 i dont understand either

  • Joshua Blackmon
    Joshua Blackmon3 måneder siden


  • hannah devera
    hannah devera3 måneder siden


  • Roj Atroshi
    Roj Atroshi3 måneder siden

    Call her pls

  • wavytheluvbug
    wavytheluvbug3 måneder siden

    Bro she gone make me act up

  • Sajke 13
    Sajke 133 måneder siden

    9 months later wap

  • Inferior Gamer
    Inferior Gamer3 måneder siden

    He was having a brotherly moment the whole video “Lemme check that there isn’t any boys”😂 I respect that though

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Muhammad Ahmed

    3 måneder siden