Reacting To Old KSI Funny Moments


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Reacting To Old KSI Funny Moments


  • Lil marcz
    Lil marczDag siden

    Rare white bandana JJ

  • Tarun Sujay
    Tarun SujayDag siden


  • Akuto5an
    Akuto5an3 dager siden


  • Juice on ipad
    Juice on ipad3 dager siden


  • Juice on ipad
    Juice on ipad3 dager siden

    10:21 😆 THE FACE THO

  • Blazin Smokes
    Blazin Smokes3 dager siden


  • Mboy L
    Mboy L4 dager siden


    WHITHAM _4 dager siden


    WHITHAM _4 dager siden

    Old ksi will never be toppeddd!!!

    SUSP3CT4 dager siden

    The old Ksi Will never be topped

  • Ruby Payne
    Ruby Payne5 dager siden

    On The Dance 4 one it looks like JJ is having a fit

  • Reuben Lim
    Reuben Lim5 dager siden

    Damn,funny do more pls hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 harry next.😂

  • King Hayford
    King Hayford5 dager siden

    Old KSI: .....No it's Ronaldo. Welcome to Pes..... Josh: fIFa iS sTiLl dOiNg mAdNeSs. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jinx 899
    Jinx 8995 dager siden

    11:04 Netflix Teen Wolf be like:

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz5 dager siden

    ksi dancing to daft punk brings memories😔

  • vivekamundan
    vivekamundan5 dager siden

    2:58 old ksi writing piece for peace 😂😂😂 old ksi can never be topped

  • vivekamundan
    vivekamundan5 dager siden

    Old ksi can never be topped ✌️

    MOBILE LEGENDS s5 dager siden

    The old ksi made us all fans The new ksi is a f%cking wastman

  • Oma
    Oma5 dager siden

    so funny how josh kept a straight face when jj was saying nigger lol

  • Ricky Shen
    Ricky Shen5 dager siden

    please react to nepenthez rage

    J05HPLAYZ5 dager siden

    Old jj

  • Matdrox
    Matdrox5 dager siden

    How are things with Seana? Man that was a long time ago

  • John Abou halloun
    John Abou halloun5 dager siden

    The dude’s son watching this rn 🥲🥲

  • That’s Game
    That’s Game5 dager siden

    never clicked on a vid so fast, i pray there is get hyper in this vid

  • calvin harris
    calvin harris5 dager siden

  • Fusion Atomz
    Fusion Atomz6 dager siden

    Harry was right, “the old KSI could never be topped”

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life6 dager siden

    😂😂😂wow this was funny. Josh and Harry are lucky as. I’m sure the other 4 would’ve loved to be in this one

  • Claire Yang
    Claire Yang6 dager siden

    This is just 13 minutes of KSI regretting his life choices

  • Gorilla Singh
    Gorilla Singh6 dager siden

    Makes me feel sick thinking about how shit life is now compared to back then

  • killie


    6 dager siden

    Your pfp makes this comment come to life 🤣🤣

  • Redhill Riders
    Redhill Riders6 dager siden

    7:29 it’s Louis litt from suits

  • Heinz Doof
    Heinz Doof6 dager siden

    You look malnourished I thought he was about to say Malnourished Lesbian

  • Nvghtmare
    Nvghtmare6 dager siden

    *the only ksi will never be topped*

  • Omar Fannoun
    Omar Fannoun6 dager siden

    Alternative title: JJ reacting to his glory days before his channel became him filming himself laughing

  • Chicago Blackhawk
    Chicago Blackhawk6 dager siden

    That bandana is bigger than my future

  • Danzbantz 1
    Danzbantz 16 dager siden

    Sidemen need to do a just dance tournament

  • DaraPicture
    DaraPicture6 dager siden


  • ZEST
    ZEST6 dager siden

    Only real fans know this was reuploaded

  • Project_EZ
    Project_EZ6 dager siden

    why could we not see ksi vs requis

  • Andrew Torres
    Andrew Torres7 dager siden

    6:10 thats me when im playing minecraft with a thousand mobs around me

  • Andrew Torres

    Andrew Torres

    7 dager siden

    7:20 bruh ksi just acted like my friend when he dies in any game

  • Abood Salih
    Abood Salih7 dager siden


  • Pablo Pablo
    Pablo Pablo7 dager siden

    I never watch jj back then and honestly I would hate him if he still acted like a loud mouth NOlocalr.

  • Bowbow 19

    Bowbow 19

    5 dager siden

    your on your own with this 1

  • Clemente Hernandez

    Clemente Hernandez

    6 dager siden


  • Singh paulc
    Singh paulc7 dager siden

    Back when he had a fit gf

  • I am Wrapn
    I am Wrapn7 dager siden

    Damn this video is golden

  • Essie
    Essie7 dager siden

    He wad tryna jump after seeing his ex

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R7 dager siden

    This should’ve been on your own channel where all your true OG fans are.. 😔 would’ve recieved loads of views 🥲

  • Polly Perryman
    Polly Perryman7 dager siden

    What did josh say when ksi told him to shut up. I can’t make it out

  • OwenWarrior7870
    OwenWarrior78707 dager siden

    6:35 the horror in jjs eyes 😂

  • Zardits
    Zardits7 dager siden

    ngl this ksi was so much better

  • Cringe2Win
    Cringe2Win7 dager siden

    ksi built his channel off of funny racism

  • MJarjue
    MJarjue7 dager siden

    3:33 now its just didnt ask didnt ask ratio’d + didnt ask your gay didnt ask didnt ask

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado
    Beinerth Chitiva Machado7 dager siden

    JJ and Harry are OG's. We need one of these with a Harry Montage and JJ, Harry and Josh reacting.

  • Dylan
    Dylan7 dager siden

    Now to react to old w2s

    LEV-DUDE GAMER7 dager siden

    Oh my , they used my video suggestion I think, crazy how something as simple as this made me very happy

  • Pablo Solis
    Pablo Solis7 dager siden

    LMFAOO I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING IN CLASS this vid is funny lmfao

  • Ammar QURESHI
    Ammar QURESHI7 dager siden

    petition to bring old KSI back ↓

  • Abdur Rahman
    Abdur Rahman7 dager siden

    "Rip "in piece "" "KSI Knowledge Strength Integrity "

  • Jacob Dineley
    Jacob Dineley7 dager siden

    am i the only one who noticed jj put rip in peace instead of just RIP at 2:58

  • Bhargav Rentala
    Bhargav Rentala7 dager siden

    4:08 RIP John Wick’s dog

  • Shoaz don
    Shoaz don8 dager siden

    People were saying he looked sad when he saw Shauna, I think it was the whole nostalgia that got to him more than anything

  • JM Rojas
    JM Rojas8 dager siden

    This era was the best u cannot lie some of you would know

  • Alihan Akyuz
    Alihan Akyuz8 dager siden

    6:30 not a good time to lick your lips fella

  • Marcus Holloway
    Marcus Holloway8 dager siden

    A wise man once said "the old ksi will never be topped" turns out he was right😂

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown8 dager siden

    We’re a simple race.. we want more of THIS!

  • FulldripDre
    FulldripDre8 dager siden

    Old Ksi the best ksi

  • Ari Sanders
    Ari Sanders8 dager siden


  • qPsychoo_
    qPsychoo_8 dager siden

    Old ksi: complete nutter absolutely hilarious New ksi: 'mature' and not a complete maniac W2S: basically the old ksi but white and can grow a beard

  • luca
    luca8 dager siden

    As w2s once said "the old KSI will never be topped"

  • Kenny Wilson
    Kenny Wilson8 dager siden

    Jj looks like Michael Jackson with his makeup on😂

  • All eyez On me 123
    All eyez On me 1238 dager siden

    We all love old ksi

  • 김기무
    김기무8 dager siden

    The jaded girdle undeniably accept because giant particularly promise with a glistening glorious grip. green grey grieving, mature speedboat

  • 김기무
    김기무8 dager siden

    The oval route pivotally ski because flag intraorally cough below a deafening basketball. one, small twine

  • Mac Fallen
    Mac Fallen9 dager siden

    Been watching for six years let’s goooo

  • luke Lee
    luke Lee9 dager siden

    The one of jj making his fifa 12 Pro had me dying so hard

  • Forrest Towns
    Forrest Towns9 dager siden

    My first KSI video/first Sidemen video ever was the Fifa celebrations vid he did with Vik. Been a SIdemen fan ever since.

  • XxHAM1DxX
    XxHAM1DxX9 dager siden

    JJ ur hilarious. Ur the BEST

  • Unk Creature
    Unk Creature9 dager siden

    Baked man

  • Snoop Pog
    Snoop Pog9 dager siden

    We needed this video so bad completely made my lockdown

  • 『 SaToxX 』
    『 SaToxX 』9 dager siden

    Boy how much head does JJ have!!!! God DAMN

  • Blakey-kun
    Blakey-kun9 dager siden

    I’m taking a shit rn

  • Eglah
    Eglah9 dager siden

    The old ksi will never be topped 🌚

  • Adrian Salvatore
    Adrian Salvatore9 dager siden

    Oldski is goated my jaw genuinely hurts from this video 😂

  • Nina
    Nina9 dager siden

    9:55 wtf

  • D A B
    D A B9 dager siden


  • allo hello
    allo hello9 dager siden

    Its summer 2016 and you are being hyper and dancing on La La lamborgini

  • Z e n K a i.
    Z e n K a i.9 dager siden

    this is the ksi i fell in love with when i was a teen, no homo

  • A K
    A K9 dager siden


  • patrick kelly
    patrick kelly9 dager siden

    Old ksi will never be topped 🤣

  • sssniperdonkey
    sssniperdonkey9 dager siden

    JJ why is ur laugh so funny

  • Jenray
    Jenray9 dager siden

    the old ksi will never be topped - Harry 2018

  • Gustavo Marquez
    Gustavo Marquez9 dager siden

    Jj just looks so disappointed the whole video 😂

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith9 dager siden

    I swear, that Fifa create a pro video makes me cry every single time🤣

  • OddKicks
    OddKicks9 dager siden

    The blushing balloon lately heap because rotate opportunely strip pace a obeisant rocket. shy, disgusting bath

  • Adam Varey
    Adam Varey9 dager siden

    Petition for return of q&a sunday

  • Manuel Nava
    Manuel Nava9 dager siden

    Peak ksi

  • Gordonmoto 22
    Gordonmoto 229 dager siden

    1:37 Old JJ: welcome to Pes Josh: FIFA

  • BobDaSlob 1872
    BobDaSlob 18729 dager siden

    7:20 where is this clip from or what is it called

  • Brad Braithwaite
    Brad Braithwaite9 dager siden

    Is it just me or has KSI got blacker

  • MarcusRFC
    MarcusRFC9 dager siden

    Can we just ignore that it said RIP in peace zerkaa

  • Johnson Dowa
    Johnson Dowa9 dager siden

    Old KSI > NEW KSI

  • Fabrise Ndizeye
    Fabrise Ndizeye9 dager siden

    We miss u old ksi