Reacting To Our WORST Videos (what were we thinking?)

We’re watching and reacting to some of the worst Smosh Pit videos we’ve ever made. Seriously, what were we thinking????
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    GODS HOAGIE11 dager siden


  • Jay does stuff
    Jay does stuff24 dager siden

    I only have one word... WOW

  • honeycats
    honeycatsMåned siden

    the 5867th video sht's actually real

  • Saif Nakhleh
    Saif NakhlehMåned siden

    I think Covid originated in the defy kitchen sink lmao

  • Connor Jensen
    Connor Jensen2 måneder siden

    Daddy needs his juice - Shane

  • Waldo Anderson
    Waldo Anderson2 måneder siden

    Daddy needs his juice

  • hollirichards
    hollirichards2 måneder siden

    Noah is such a baby. He was 19 during that one put it in my mouth video.. What a baby!

  • First Chanel to reach 1000 subs With 4 Vids
    First Chanel to reach 1000 subs With 4 Vids3 måneder siden

    Anyone remember when Keith kissed courtney twice in Disneyland lol

  • Will Jay
    Will Jay3 måneder siden

    8:28 DaVinci's The Last Supper

  • Bigfox3v
    Bigfox3v3 måneder siden

    Dude I was binging One Hour Song Machine last night! You guys GOTTA bring back the musical improv somehow, I LOVE hearing you guys do stuff like that. Plus the rest of the cast needs a bit of redemption for their poor participation in Keith's "Take Me to Church" moment at the end of ROBOPRAH. I LOVE THAT SONG.

  • Nicolas233
    Nicolas2333 måneder siden

    It's weird how its named WORST* but the pie one was probably a legend video

  • Jacob
    Jacob3 måneder siden

    I still say "daddy needs his juice" ironically. i love it

  • daft banna
    daft banna4 måneder siden

    Keith's hair is beautiful here

  • riley hietla
    riley hietla4 måneder siden

    They need to react to Smosh out of context videos

  • *_* Bookworm
    *_* Bookworm4 måneder siden

    I loved seeing Courtney confidently flirting with the camera at the beginning

  • Meredith K
    Meredith K4 måneder siden

    Wait , did you guys not like sleepover? It was one of my favorites!

  • redjoker
    redjoker5 måneder siden

    shut the fuck up kieth. no one cares seriously. fuck man

  • Dylan Frame
    Dylan Frame5 måneder siden

    I know this comment is just gonna get lost in here, but I'll just say it anyway. Watching you guys hang out and fool around and just being yourselves always makes me laugh and wish I was part of a group just like that. You guys are awesome.

  • Khalifa
    Khalifa5 måneder siden

    I think the reason noah finally took the pie to his face was because he saw keith targeting olivia so he sacrificed himself. T_T

  • Jeremiah Goff
    Jeremiah Goff5 måneder siden


  • Chals
    Chals5 måneder siden

    Pop is the right way. Soda is wrong!

  • Game Non-stop
    Game Non-stop5 måneder siden


  • Veronicz
    Veronicz5 måneder siden

    Honestly, the Pie Eating contest was one of my favorites. Shayne's commitment made it so funny (he may have taken the insane in Insane Pie Eating Contest too literally).

  • matt burton
    matt burton6 måneder siden

    Don’t give in Keith! It’s definitely pop.

  • Briley Baker
    Briley Baker6 måneder siden

    Yeah I’ll go watch smosh’s older videos because QUARATINE

  • Eel Kram
    Eel Kram6 måneder siden

    That owen Wilson video was one of my most memorable ones! I dont think it was bad 🤣

  • MissLyssa -
    MissLyssa -6 måneder siden

    Keith, don’t apologize for saying “pop”!!! It’s the CORRECT way lol

  • Forbes Corey
    Forbes Corey6 måneder siden


  • M Snyder
    M Snyder6 måneder siden

    3:34 Shayne said the word “quarantine” and I physically cringed... w o w

  • megan
    megan6 måneder siden

    Courtney just eating the pie is such a 2020 mood

  • Taryn Resseger
    Taryn Resseger7 måneder siden

    them calling pop soda drove me insane.

  • NuggetPlays
    NuggetPlays7 måneder siden

    Btw Courtney is hot still

  • DavidSFromThe216
    DavidSFromThe2167 måneder siden

    Watching this video right after eating lunch was a mistake

  • Elizabeth Zirkelbach
    Elizabeth Zirkelbach7 måneder siden

    Omg Why was Courtney literally me in high school

  • Im a weeb
    Im a weeb7 måneder siden

    Worst Videos? That Put It In My Mouth thanksgiving episode was my favourite Smosh video for a long time. I died everytime. And I swear I watched it at least 15 times.

  • smangko
    smangko8 måneder siden

    9:40 Why did she say "I love you so much"? To whom does she said that? Is it to Keith? Or to Shayne? But really, why did she suddenly says that?

  • unbudgingsalmon
    unbudgingsalmon8 måneder siden

    I also can't burp. Jessica from rooster teeth also can't.

  • EQUALITY thank you
    EQUALITY thank you8 måneder siden

    How did Keith's hairline make such a comeback?

  • Striker
    Striker8 måneder siden

    Worst vids but the pumpkin pie video was on like everyone’s list for favorite videos on the podcast

  • Sofia-Rose Gionomo
    Sofia-Rose Gionomo8 måneder siden

    Ok so Shayne wasn't very far off... I have nothing better to do so I added up all the videos on all smosh affiliated channels (including smosh games alliance and shut up cartoons) and at this point there are about 5,550 videos and that's not including the language channels, if not I think there's more that 6000.. So like he was weirdly close

  • Nayops 20
    Nayops 208 måneder siden

    8:15 Shayne - Noah was 7.... Btw Courtney’s hilarious and stunning like always♥️

  • Julia Andersen
    Julia Andersen8 måneder siden

    okay but that owen wilson video is still one of my fav smosh vids ever

  • amy
    amy8 måneder siden

    I completely forgot Olivia was apart of smosh since she hasn't been in videos

  • KeeblerElf
    KeeblerElf8 måneder siden

    My sister’s ex doesn’t burp, they were together for almost 2 years and she never heard him burp.

  • Cole Thiruselvam
    Cole Thiruselvam8 måneder siden

    Keith looks like mow town boutta give him $100 for all his songs

  • Penutty
    Penutty8 måneder siden

    Wow, this is pretty good

  • Jess
    Jess8 måneder siden

    that owen wilson video is pure gold, that should have got more views lol

  • Lilly Wolf
    Lilly Wolf8 måneder siden


  • Lilly Wolf
    Lilly Wolf8 måneder siden

    who is watching this in quarantine

  • Kylee Lockley
    Kylee Lockley8 måneder siden

    Dat afro though

  • Nicolas233
    Nicolas2338 måneder siden

    EXCUSE ME!! the pie episode is LEGENDARY lmao you seriously?! It's one of their best videos!!🙈

  • Mr. r3yaz
    Mr. r3yaz8 måneder siden

    React to funemployed

  • Eternal Fable
    Eternal Fable8 måneder siden

    That pumpkin pie video is my favorite of all time

  • Loyael
    Loyael8 måneder siden

    I thought those were your best videos, I was sooo fucking alone at the time and these videos were a blast

  • Becca Veber
    Becca Veber8 måneder siden


  • Becca Veber
    Becca Veber8 måneder siden

    Keith: ooooo yeah Shayne: *looks over curiously* Beyoncé?

  • Danko Hidalgo
    Danko Hidalgo8 måneder siden

    What's with Keith's wig?

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith218 måneder siden

    I wanna react to daddy getting his juice

  • SuneTheMairn
    SuneTheMairn8 måneder siden

    I still watch Smosh Lab, and everytime I wait like a little boy on christmas for Courtneys pun-joke :) Also I kinda miss PIIMM

  • Olver
    Olver8 måneder siden

    What did Courtney say at 1:15

  • b o r b
    b o r b8 måneder siden

    shayne laughing at himself for his daddy needs his juice joke had me rolling

  • mariah marks
    mariah marks8 måneder siden

    Did anybody notice that Noah look like bill Nye the science guy

  • Nich0l4s 2azon
    Nich0l4s 2azon8 måneder siden

    Olivia: AAhhHhhh! Don't you dare! I have f*cking milk! 😂😂

  • Madeleine Forner
    Madeleine Forner8 måneder siden

    That awkward moment - “kechupppp”

  • Amy Perkins
    Amy Perkins9 måneder siden

    keith's hair is amazingggg

  • Emily Le
    Emily Le9 måneder siden

    The squad’s mom is Sarah and their dad is Sonny

  • amyjo ziegler
    amyjo ziegler9 måneder siden

    Shout out to Sarah. But seriously I love those sleep over things do more plese

  • Grace
    Grace9 måneder siden

    The pie eating video is why I subbed ngl

  • bekla
    bekla9 måneder siden

    Shayne: "the kitchen got quarantined for a while" Me in quarantine rn: "hehe... :("

  • Rafael Marcano
    Rafael Marcano9 måneder siden

    It would be interesting to see a video of sarah commenting on the videos and things she “dealt” with the SMOSH back in the days.

  • Jocelyn Murphy
    Jocelyn Murphy9 måneder siden

    Why does Keith look like black Bob ross

  • Rare Key
    Rare Key9 måneder siden

    Old Smosh Pit is the best Smosh Pit

  • Annie Edison
    Annie Edison9 måneder siden

    U need a hair cut bro that Jackson 5 anti it

  • Cherie Barnes
    Cherie Barnes9 måneder siden

    Keith's hair is BEAUTIFUL

  • emma :D
    emma :D9 måneder siden

    nobody: 7:07 : all the boys having a burp contest

  • Sara Stotts
    Sara Stotts9 måneder siden

    I seen the actual video of too many Owen Wilson‘s

  • miguel freeman
    miguel freeman9 måneder siden

    Wow Smosh it all awesome awesome awesome!

  • Dkdk Rjrjf
    Dkdk Rjrjf9 måneder siden

    Wtf i just see 7:10 KSDKKDNDDKD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Space Pirate
    Space Pirate9 måneder siden

    Too many Owen Wilson's could've easily been improved if they had only said wow and wow Vancouver that's some nice grass

  • Azure Dragon
    Azure Dragon9 måneder siden

    This video literally just got out of an emotional dead space.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki9 måneder siden

    For Smosh it is 1.1k videos

  • Gracey Lee
    Gracey Lee9 måneder siden

    I want to see them do an updated clothes swap!!!

  • Dirt bug
    Dirt bug10 måneder siden

    You can see just videos of Anthony eating 14 years ago

  • Scarlett _Wings
    Scarlett _Wings10 måneder siden

    Olivia: “let’s play another game” Ads: “let’s not”

  • binnie binnie changbinnie
    binnie binnie changbinnie10 måneder siden


  • Cherried Angel
    Cherried Angel10 måneder siden

    0:15 is no one gonna talk about Keith doing that Ooh yEah, no? I did it for you.

  • anodandawave
    anodandawave10 måneder siden

    i haven’t heard “subscription box” in like 10 years 😅

  • Orchestra Kid
    Orchestra Kid10 måneder siden

    I absolutely loved that Bath Boys episode it was HILARIOUS 😂

  • Madmaximus
    Madmaximus10 måneder siden

    keith get a goddang haircut oh lord

  • Gracie Mae

    Gracie Mae

    10 måneder siden

    yeah ikr!

  • John Winklebottom
    John Winklebottom10 måneder siden

    Bro i legit j u s t watched that episode of iCarly

  • 28 Stab Wounds
    28 Stab Wounds10 måneder siden

    I'm like Olivia in that I can't burp. It happens sometimes but rarely. even if I drank a huge bottle of coke I would not burp I would just get extremely bloated cus my body can't release the pressure

  • Warai
    Warai10 måneder siden

    Is the Black Guy gay?

  • Shelby Dively
    Shelby Dively10 måneder siden

    I’m so proud of Keith! He finally got hair that might not make Noah die laughing

  • PhantomGender27
    PhantomGender2710 måneder siden

    Insane pie eating contest is just when you have a mental break down and your friends join in to confront you

  • Martin Golden
    Martin Golden10 måneder siden

    I was thinking the same thing Shawn was with the pie

  • Martin Golden
    Martin Golden10 måneder siden

    Are water system broke so we had to use are neighbors hose water in a home depot bucket for 3 days.

  • Joe Harrison
    Joe Harrison10 måneder siden

    Shane I just realised that your in the goldbergs

  • Bush For Brains
    Bush For Brains10 måneder siden

    I miss Noah, what is he doing?

    DABSIE10 måneder siden

    Keith is Cringe

  • Selina Matthew A-L
    Selina Matthew A-L10 måneder siden