Reacting to PSG 1-2 Man Utd


Manchester United beat PSG 2-1 in the champions league and Twitter hailed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a tactical genius.
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  • Mirza Akhtar
    Mirza Akhtar2 dager siden

    These lot pick the three stupidest tweets or comments about man united and then base a whole video around it lmaooooooooo

  • Anthony Carmichael
    Anthony Carmichael9 dager siden

    Laurence isn’t passionate enough because he’s not from Liverpool. Nuff said.

  • xXAdam-LFCXx
    xXAdam-LFCXx21 dag siden

    Then they go and lose to Arsenal 😂😂

  • Cascade L
    Cascade L22 dager siden

    Look how they try to find anything to undermine Man U, they talk more about the kit and Poch then the win itself. Clueless pricks

  • Durk_Zoovier


    16 dager siden

    Lmaooo sooooo wrong n so bad 😂😂😂

  • Cascade L
    Cascade L22 dager siden

    True Geordie is a bellend. Genuine. BELLEND.

  • Adnaan7 -
    Adnaan7 -23 dager siden

    LooL if you watched the psg game, united dominated the game in the second half when we conceded, he changed it to a diamond, doesn’t fit your agenda ig 🤣

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith23 dager siden

    Bunch of bitter bellends hating on United instead of supporting your British club against oil rich disgraceful little team that is PSG . Gtfo

  • Sir Alex Fuckerson
    Sir Alex Fuckerson23 dager siden

    So many triggered mancs LMAO

  • Gilsz WARRIOR

    Gilsz WARRIOR

    23 dager siden

    -got the time to have the username Ironic una mate😂😂😂

  • Edward Gilmour
    Edward Gilmour24 dager siden

    Has united in the title just to get some views rashford now propping up skint family's and some men NOlocal congrats

  • Arsham Aryana
    Arsham Aryana24 dager siden

    U lot are a b tec Juventus how u coming at United. Sooo one sided just change ur channel name to man united hate already

  • Raku
    Raku24 dager siden

    Bet they'll say United 5 leipzig 0 was a smash and grab

  • Nick G
    Nick G24 dager siden


  • Gamecrab101
    Gamecrab10124 dager siden

    I’m just waiting for Leipzig to see how they’ll react to it 😂



    24 dager siden

    They'll downplay it to a criminal degree

  • Zaki
    Zaki25 dager siden

    No one has become "I'm the guy". Both Rashford and Martial got over 35 goal contributions last season lol for a 21 years old and a 23 year old (at the time) that's absolutely world class. They both did better than Lukaku ever did at United

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta25 dager siden

    How does this video have more likes than dislikes? These takes are horrible. Clearly didn't watch the match between PSG and United. United outplayed PSG in the first half with back 3 working like a charm. Then Tuchel changed to 4231 from 433 in 2nd half and PSG were dominating. So Ole quickly bought Pogba on and changed to back 4 and we had a very attacking match where both teams created a lot of chances.

  • NemoDahFish
    NemoDahFish25 dager siden

    I dont think these two even watch football

  • Dalton De Souza
    Dalton De Souza25 dager siden

    Lol.. why is United in the title when a Liverpool fan also reacted to the Liverpool match? 😂

  • Anish Vyas
    Anish Vyas25 dager siden

    It was not a master class but u got to give him some credit

  • Jake Groanet
    Jake Groanet25 dager siden

    Can’t wait for them to undermine united 5-0 win Lawrence’ Var was helpful another penalty’

  • 19mikem95
    19mikem9525 dager siden

    Genuinely clueless about football 😂 to say united didn't beat PSG due to good tactics because they have fast strikers. PSG have fast strikers, why didn't they win? Typical southern Liverpool fan

  • Huvinesh Rajendran
    Huvinesh Rajendran25 dager siden

    well this aged

  • Olly Webb
    Olly Webb25 dager siden

    The agenda is mad

  • Austin Tunnacliffe
    Austin Tunnacliffe25 dager siden

    You can’t tell these lads have spent their entire childhoods hating Man Utd 😄

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob25 dager siden

    coming back after another masterclass from ole

  • Redguard Overall
    Redguard Overall25 dager siden

    Lawrence the biggest plastic Liverpool fan ever.

  • Mark Preval
    Mark Preval25 dager siden

    Can't wait for your reaction video to the Leipzig match. I'm sure you'll still find some way to attack Ole

  • Digonto Zahid
    Digonto Zahid25 dager siden

    this is embarrassing

  • CY5TV
    CY5TV26 dager siden

    Who’s here after man Utd 5-0 win so ole still not tactical manager??

  • Callum Dohertykennedy
    Callum Dohertykennedy26 dager siden

    Cant wait to see how they're going to try undermine united vs Leipzig



    26 dager siden

    Fam I just thought the same 😂😂😂😂

  • xCraft01 YT
    xCraft01 YT26 dager siden

    All i see is the saltiness from the 4-1 loss

  • Paradox
    Paradox26 dager siden

    Massive agenda given these lot clearly didnt watch the game properly. Stfu and don't comment on United games again you weirdos

  • Don N
    Don N27 dager siden

    Dyed beard looks odd

  • Jude SN
    Jude SN27 dager siden

    Ooof Newcastle fans Man u black and white UK n the champions league

  • kidus Abebe
    kidus Abebe27 dager siden

    8:05 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • joss crowshaw
    joss crowshaw27 dager siden

    These two genuinely don’t understand football and they have convinced everyone they do🤣

  • Fazzy 275

    Fazzy 275

    26 dager siden

    100% agreed

  • Guruganesh Hegde
    Guruganesh Hegde27 dager siden

    Virgil is the most overrated defender ever... Virgil is nothing in front of SERGIO RAMOS... Klopp is smoking cheap grass.. 😀 😀 😀

  • jaw tiks
    jaw tiks27 dager siden

    The united agenda is real, i mean after united ruined their childhood what else would you expect from these lot.

  • beatzshuffle
    beatzshuffle27 dager siden

    So by their logic, Liverpool won because Ajax played poorly

  • Alieu Ceesay
    Alieu Ceesay28 dager siden

    these two are deluded😂

  • OMistG
    OMistG28 dager siden

    They hate Man U so much just strait salty mfers

  • Darth Watson
    Darth Watson28 dager siden

    These two clearly love Utd.

  • Zak Turner
    Zak Turner28 dager siden

    United didn't hit on the break at all

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker28 dager siden

    did either of you even watch the United/PSG game. Shows your clueless agenda

  • Mecha Meister
    Mecha Meister28 dager siden

    reacting to highlight. worthless

  • Water Bottle
    Water Bottle28 dager siden

    So many manc twats didn’t like this one lmao

  • Connor Tatham
    Connor Tatham28 dager siden

    You can't expect a Newcastle fan and a Liverpool fan say anything positive about man utd 😅

  • Dan Palmer
    Dan Palmer28 dager siden

    Did you guys actually watch the United game? They didn't just sit back and try to counter at all. PSG equalised luckily so Ole made subs, changed formation and approach which led to a win, Ole does deserve praise sometimes guys.

  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas28 dager siden

    Ozil is absolutely not a philanthropist. He had fucking Turkish president Erdogan as his best man last year at his wedding. A man who has famously punished Turks for any sort of dissent and has re written laws to create what is effectively an elected dictatorship in the country.

  • Dylan Stanway
    Dylan Stanway28 dager siden

    Neither put there foot down both scored more goals than lukaku did really intelligent people you two

  • hhh
    hhh28 dager siden

    The agenda is real

  • Guðmundur Bjarni
    Guðmundur Bjarni28 dager siden

    Yeah wow great even take on teams guys...... Jesus christ this is just embarrasing listening to. Im not a Man United fan but cmon how are you gonna say that all shots were straight at De Gea when the shot was fantastic and the save too.. SMH!

  • NLV Films
    NLV Films28 dager siden

    Salty Dogs xD

  • Sean Keane
    Sean Keane28 dager siden

    You lot have an agenda against united

  • dylan 21
    dylan 2128 dager siden

    Literally wrong about everything ahah, Martial out scored both Lukaku's seasons last season fml

  • JB R
    JB R28 dager siden

    That Lawrence knows he needs to bash United undeservedly to get undeserved views should tell him which is the biggest club in England.

  • Dan Kerlin
    Dan Kerlin28 dager siden

    The salt from Lawrence is getting worse 😂

  • Hutchy
    Hutchy28 dager siden

    you just cant win.... did you guys even watch the united game

  • Alistair Penman
    Alistair Penman28 dager siden

    Liverpool lose VVD its season ending Man u - lose Pogba and Rashford last season then oles out of his depth... Just saying...

  • Ondrej Hrdlicka
    Ondrej Hrdlicka28 dager siden

    Really like your talks. It is great. Just to Özil. Yes, he supports Uygurs in China, that is great this support. They need it, because nobody talks about it and they are concentration camps. On the other hand he supports Erdogan in Turkey, which is just wrong if you look at what he is doing.

  • spar987
    spar98728 dager siden

    Might as well never talk about ManU since u guys hate them

  • Joe Dawson
    Joe Dawson28 dager siden

    Look I get it you don’t like united . But holy 💩 give just a little bit of credit for beating psg.

  • dev76164
    dev7616428 dager siden

    This what happens when a team deprives you of all your childhood joy.

  • BEASTmaster
    BEASTmaster28 dager siden

    I get it that utd jas ruined their childhood but seriously , this is f*cking bs

  • BEASTmaster
    BEASTmaster28 dager siden

    True goerdie is a clown , they both clearly hate utd

  • Will B
    Will B28 dager siden

    Love the office references Lawrence

  • Just No
    Just No29 dager siden

    Lol did these two watch the united game?

  • A.shakur
    A.shakur29 dager siden

    Crazy how Martial out scored Lukakus highest goal scoring season in the prem for united in his first season with Lingard and Andy Perry for half the season

  • Dan Gough
    Dan Gough29 dager siden

    I genuinely think these two are just taking the piss now. No credit at all. Ridiculous

  • James Elliott
    James Elliott29 dager siden

    Brian and Loz's united agenda makes me wonder whether all of their other opinions are invalid and total bullshit as well

  • James Elliott
    James Elliott29 dager siden

    Hahahahahaha the man utd agenda from these two is so obvious

  • Callum Robertson
    Callum Robertson29 dager siden

    United are forever rent free in so so so many heads

  • Henry Metschukat
    Henry Metschukat29 dager siden

    Jesus this is easily the worst true Geordie video I have seen, his sidekick can be unbearable at times...

  • Jack Bull
    Jack Bull29 dager siden

    Enjoy the content ... but clueless about United, the agenda is apparent

  • I Tokesalot
    I Tokesalot29 dager siden

    Can smell your hate through the screen. Utd living rent free.

  • ToasterDog 7
    ToasterDog 729 dager siden

    Ahhh... I love Geordie but it's hard to watch a lot of videos as a Man City fan

  • Limi Thonger
    Limi Thonger29 dager siden

    If anyone..."anyone" is trying to analyse games about football in general. Never take sides. Geez man..."Psg didn't play well" ? seriously ??? Just make this a Liverpool and Newcastle Channel already.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones29 dager siden

    Sat and broke on them? Did you not watch it? PSG dominated possession for about 20 mins was only 59% to 41%?

  • daquan94
    daquan9429 dager siden

    Why don’t you guys buy a gaff near ole and get a united kit already ?🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Altaf Norat
    Altaf Norat29 dager siden

    Mate this guy is soo anti OLE man is deluded and has no knowledge of football

  • Shubham Naique
    Shubham Naique29 dager siden

    You didn't even come out as a Liverpool fan untill they became title contenders

  • Shubham Naique
    Shubham Naique29 dager siden

    United agenda is clear

  • Evan Sherlock
    Evan Sherlock29 dager siden

    This is a review of games we haven't watched......

  • Razwan Iqbal
    Razwan Iqbal29 dager siden

    ‘Tactical masterclass’ = Didn’t mention the change of formation when pogba comes on at any point... (there’s more to say but I cba)

  • Levent Biber
    Levent Biber29 dager siden

    Im turning more and more against on ole and towards poch. The 3 lost semi finals and the poor league form for long periods are evidence against him. Youth, partially very fluent and good looking football with big wins are a straw for ole. Poch is just attractive like a hot blond with big titts tho 🤷‍♂️

  • Steven O'Crotaigh
    Steven O'Crotaigh29 dager siden

    Two bitter bastards 😂

    JENKO29 dager siden

    The level of saltiness in you two is brilliant 😂

  • Owen Wharton
    Owen Wharton29 dager siden

    Anyone else wish loz would just stop sucking Brian off 24/7 just hard to watch

  • MaTty_97
    MaTty_9729 dager siden

    Embarrassing analysis lads may as well tattoo I hate united on your foreheads

  • Mikan Yarou
    Mikan Yarou29 dager siden

    Love that Lawrence complains that Adrian is always labelled as shakey when he puts in a decent performance and then slates Solskjaer for beating a team with supposedly one of the best front 3s in world football... Geordie isn’t much better. the guys are both hypocrites. There is a lot to rib Man Utd about but that night was not a night to do it.

    MPBS-HD29 dager siden

    We didn’t actually counter attack PSG

  • Ryan Evans
    Ryan Evans29 dager siden

    Only these pair can react to united beating psg and slag ole off. I literally love all of their other content apart from when they speak about United

  • Ryan Evans
    Ryan Evans29 dager siden

    I don’t get why these pair hate United so much. If they actually watched the game United didn’t play counter attack, they literally out played psg

    MBVD FC29 dager siden

    Did you boys actually watch the game...?

  • Charlie
    Charlie29 dager siden

    A Liverpool fan will always downplay a united win ole changed the system the team played very well don’t know how anyone could disagree with that

    KEVIN CORBETT HILL29 dager siden

    Lol another united and ole masterclass

  • Ryan Higgins
    Ryan Higgins29 dager siden

    Unsubbed for being dumb.

  • Ryan Higgins
    Ryan Higgins29 dager siden

    These boys reading the comment section today like "we should remake this and be fair". Take stock of the like/dislike ratio

  • Ryan Higgins
    Ryan Higgins29 dager siden

    The hatred for united is distasteful. No credit given when credit is due makes people dislike you boys :)

  • R3G4N0
    R3G4N029 dager siden

    incredible bais against United. Everytime they loose you waffle on about how bad ole was, yet when they win you babble on about the quality players. Thats fine... Its not like Ole bought those quality players 🤔 It's probably just a coincidence that Rashford, Martial and Greenwould have all had record seasons... Oh and Ole is obviously tactically cluesless. He's only beaten managers like Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinio, Brendan Rodgers, Maurizio Sarri, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel. Oh yeah and Mauricio Pochettino. I just Cant Understand how you're so subburn to be able to put even a slight bit of respect on Oles name The state man united have been in for years, under mutiple champions league winning managers, so you're really talking out your arse. please challenege me if you think I am wrong.

  • Sidiq Sedi
    Sidiq Sedi29 dager siden

    No one should have this level of bitterness in them.