Reacting to the LUCKIEST Moments in Fortnite History...


Today I react to the Luckiest Moments in Fortnite History!
Hope you enjoy!
Thank you to @Fortnite Legion for providing most of these clips!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video where I reacted to the greatest snipes in fortnite history! In todays video we react to the luckiest moments in fortnite history! Hope you enjoy!
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  • Alex Queiros
    Alex Queiros19 minutter siden

    Sypher WHAT

  • Marbl 43
    Marbl 4351 minutt siden

    Once I hit two players out of a Choppa in a row and I randomly shot the Mando sniper and killed.

  • cigula
    cigula5 timer siden

    7:54 Ultra Instinct Goku

  • Lee Ash
    Lee Ash5 timer siden

    Trying to get famous off comments day 2 Pls make sure to sub

  • Xam Fn
    Xam Fn6 timer siden

    Box like a fish

  • Miłosz Miłosz
    Miłosz Miłosz9 timer siden

    POV: When you realise, that clip from 0:04 is fake, bc he killed player with a trap, not from no-scope.

  • SCORPS _787
    SCORPS _7879 timer siden

    My ? Is have u ever gotten so lucky sypher

  • FaZe_RichBoi
    FaZe_RichBoi10 timer siden

    I'm a og of SypherPK sits he had 1m subs and now look at SypherPK blowing up on yt keep ut the good work SypherPK

  • Sawyer TV
    Sawyer TV13 timer siden

    7:36 Tell me that's not Elmo

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez14 timer siden

    Did he just call letshe letshake

  • Naruto Uzimaki
    Naruto Uzimaki14 timer siden

    Plot twist: the guy that pulled his teammate from the sniper with a fishing rod was just trying to get that blue tack

  • PoeticNose47
    PoeticNose4715 timer siden

    Guess what you know the one where it is fatal fields and the ace skin I forget what it was called the funniest thing was I am the wild card I was so confused that day it was hilarious call me a liar but it was me

  • Matrix
    Matrix16 timer siden


  • Liam Bolger
    Liam Bolger16 timer siden

    Sypher u make my day keep it up❤

  • Gabriel Wilson
    Gabriel Wilson17 timer siden

    At the beginning he killed him with a trap

  • Evans Rockstar YouTube Channel
    Evans Rockstar YouTube Channel17 timer siden


  • Squidward Gamer
    Squidward Gamer18 timer siden


  • Evan luvs video games
    Evan luvs video games20 timer siden

    Yours was one of the best

  • Euan Thurnim
    Euan Thurnim20 timer siden

    1:08 do people still play stretched res?

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson21 time siden

    Bro u arent even a good content creator u give me cringe

  • Bray Bray
    Bray Bray22 timer siden

    I didn’t even know there was a player there in bush Are you still killed someone I don’t know how I did that

  • Fortnite cartooon D
    Fortnite cartooon DDag siden

    People:not taking fall damages from high Chica watching this video: 👁👄👁 WHATTT

  • Nargeeto
    NargeetoDag siden

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  • David Alfaro
    David AlfaroDag siden

    This is more entertaining then it should be

  • Casey kennedy
    Casey kennedyDag siden

    The first one was fake because there was nothing in the kill feed

  • Sam And gerig
    Sam And gerigDag siden

    Screw you spifer ur a bot u a fortnite kid like if u agree

  • Guillermo Almendarez
    Guillermo AlmendarezDag siden

    Me: whips out the bread at the park The Geese: 2:29

  • brad phillips
    brad phillipsDag siden

    2:01 y’all talking about the fall damage but the real shock is the fact that he had 0hp then got 50 for the elimination

  • rebecca snellman
    rebecca snellmanDag siden

    one time I fell off of salty and was at 1 helth

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew JohnsonDag siden

    This was so fast paced bro it caught me off guard

  • Brael Ashneel
    Brael AshneelDag siden

    How does not even what

  • eg gaming
    eg gamingDag siden

    I pickaxed an mech with a driver and a gunner somehow...

  • far amen
    far amenDag siden

    The aware texture phytogeographically bow because objective intrestingly harass without a mature check. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, stimulating meteorology

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex ReyesDag siden

    Its when he said the balls on that guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Mascorro17
    Andrew Mascorro17Dag siden

    The first shot was fake, bullet went into the sky, unable to hit someone, sorry to break it to y’all.

  • Electro Snakebite
    Electro SnakebiteDag siden

    When he asked why the “unlucky” clip was on there I was like... It’s just lucky for the other guy!

  • Aeae Aeae
    Aeae AeaeDag siden

    not a single person asked

  • Hunter Henderson
    Hunter HendersonDag siden

    subscribe to this freaking legend

  • Quaid Mcclellan
    Quaid McclellanDag siden

    Are we gonna talk about how we called fresh freshy

  • Djuan Brock
    Djuan BrockDag siden

    I swear syper makes me wanna play fn again

  • Hannah Hunt
    Hannah HuntDag siden

    Man I miss the light sabers Rip

  • Oshn_frostwizard
    Oshn_frostwizardDag siden

    Fun fact 5:41 was in the world cup qualifiers

  • Oshn_frostwizard
    Oshn_frostwizardDag siden

    First clip was a trap kill

  • EXÄ_DP8
    EXÄ_DP8Dag siden


  • Morgan Fry
    Morgan Fry2 dager siden

    Sypher:it’s tfue it really do be but he be txns

  • Plantain
    Plantain2 dager siden

    He didn’t change the name

  • Beamer Gaming
    Beamer Gaming2 dager siden

    Nate:The heavy sniper just needs to go. Heavy Sniper:Owh,So you have Chosen death

  • SambaTheGamer
    SambaTheGamer2 dager siden

    2:28 it’s not a real match all at the below the map

  • william christian
    william christian2 dager siden

    the first snipe is fake because nothing came up in the kill feed

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas2 dager siden

    Sometimes people can just be that lucky, bro.

  • Connor Does Gaming
    Connor Does Gaming2 dager siden

    Wish I could be lucky in Fortnite 😂

  • Rami Sawalha
    Rami Sawalha2 dager siden

    5:20 if you look you'll see he hits the edge of the launch pad I tried this in creative and I figured out that that takes out your fall so he survived now that is luck

  • Król Dragon
    Król Dragon2 dager siden

    Jebać PiS

  • Elijah bowens
    Elijah bowens2 dager siden

    I used to think mechs were trash

  • Eray Fedaimov
    Eray Fedaimov2 dager siden

    3:27 BULGARIA 🇧🇬 ♥

  • fhhhff fntbgitw
    fhhhff fntbgitw2 dager siden

    2:29 poland

  • ChostAlex
    ChostAlex2 dager siden

    2:26 rocket leafye ariel shot

  • RAWZ
    RAWZ2 dager siden

    I was so excited for his tournament but with online school tiring me out I fell asleep🥺

    IMPOSTER 12 dager siden

    5:03 is so se** ahhhhh pause it and seee so ahhhhhhhhh

  • Vishal M

    Vishal M

    2 dager siden


  • King Katana
    King Katana2 dager siden

    The dislikes are from the unlucky people.

  • Rox /:
    Rox /:2 dager siden

    Ever Notice nick eh 30 and syper ok are very attractive men 👉🏻👈🏻

  • Nirvaan Brijesh
    Nirvaan Brijesh2 dager siden

    one time i got 2 llamas in the football pitch in pleasent

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time2 dager siden

    5:20 that has happened to me at frenzy farm

  • Abdul wasay
    Abdul wasay2 dager siden

    I wish I was that lucky Well I think we all do

  • I’m a bot in Life
    I’m a bot in Life2 dager siden

    K k,

  • Kimberly Johnson
    Kimberly Johnson2 dager siden

    Time I got launched by cold gonna die

  • Christine Oakley
    Christine Oakley2 dager siden

    I got 2 mythic chest before

  • M4TTY
    M4TTY2 dager siden

    9:18 kekkobomba LUL

  • seth7410 seth7410
    seth7410 seth74102 dager siden

    once i9 found 3 on top in a squads match

  • Sharmaine Clarke
    Sharmaine Clarke2 dager siden


  • Sharmaine Clarke

    Sharmaine Clarke

    2 dager siden


  • Caleb Terry
    Caleb Terry2 dager siden

    3:33 u still don’t take fall damage from the umbrella

  • Steve Jones Films
    Steve Jones Films2 dager siden

    If you look at the difference from the likes and dislikes

  • Paula Sekirden
    Paula Sekirden2 dager siden

    The first one wasn't a noscope he got a trap kill at the same time he shot

  • Flouse
    Flouse2 dager siden

    3:30 um Jud?

  • Splshee boy bath Tub
    Splshee boy bath Tub2 dager siden

    That clip a 5:22 if u hit the side of a jump pad u have a chance of living

  • Esme cruz
    Esme cruz2 dager siden

    Hey sniperpk do you reply

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  • Enderboy B
    Enderboy B3 dager siden

    Hey great vid Good work Keep the good work up

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  • Zac Attack [Zachary Frieden]
    Zac Attack [Zachary Frieden]3 dager siden

    Mr. SypherPK or SniperPK, I sit with my mom when I watch your videos and she doesn’t like when you use the Lord’s name in vein by saying “Oh My God” she wanted me to ask you so I did. Please stop saying that.

  • Nigel Tenorio
    Nigel Tenorio3 dager siden

    Hi sypher

  • DR. Mystario
    DR. Mystario3 dager siden

    7:50 I heard a sheep :l

  • Diana Gallagher
    Diana Gallagher3 dager siden

    keep up the great work

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    Julius Madrow3 dager siden

    *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*

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    amen bro

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    AMEN fellow brother

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    @Spongebob haha

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    God bless you

    XZE-OMEGA3 dager siden

    0:14 "Allah just saved his life" Lol

  • Michael Concepcion
    Michael Concepcion3 dager siden

    My opinion on this video was that it was really fast and hard to keep up

  • tiger_ghost139
    tiger_ghost1393 dager siden

    Its not fall damage its land damage

  • Lucas Gill
    Lucas Gill3 dager siden

    Man hit a musty flick

  • Daniel O' Meara
    Daniel O' Meara3 dager siden

    I got killed in the heavy snipe Ken

  • Daniel O' Meara

    Daniel O' Meara

    3 dager siden

    Heavy snipe one

  • Liam Goede
    Liam Goede3 dager siden

    I’m the person ranger killed

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  • I vicini di casa
    I vicini di casa3 dager siden

    Look at MY trickshot video pls i did it on mobile

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    Jiah Roff3 dager siden

    1:31 here his voice

  • caloomm
    caloomm3 dager siden

    Can I get a shoutout

  • TheGuyWithTheMoustache
    TheGuyWithTheMoustache3 dager siden

    Sypher, at 1:58 in arena you get +50 healt for elim. After the rpg and the kill he was left with 50 hp, so he got a perfect timing kill

  • Harry Dougherty
    Harry Dougherty3 dager siden


  • UreFortniteFriend
    UreFortniteFriend3 dager siden

    3:25 he is bulgarian like me 🇧🇬

  • Deepz-_-
    Deepz-_-3 dager siden

    3:33 judex girlfriend lol

  • JGTHE45
    JGTHE453 dager siden

    Sypher Pk you should have a NOlocal channel named “Sypher Reacts” If you reading this use code SYPHERPK on Fortnite item shop