Reaction to Francis Ngannou’s knockout win vs. Stipe Miocic | UFC 260 Post Show | ESPN MMA


Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping break down Francis Ngannou’s win over Stipe Miocic to win the heavyweight title at UFC 260.
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  • joebridges187
    joebridges1879 dager siden

    Dana will find away to stop all this Nganno star power talk, Dana just ain’t having it!

  • joebridges187


    6 dager siden

    @Danny Sen I totally understand, I knew that before I typed it.

  • Danny Sen

    Danny Sen

    6 dager siden

    @joebridges187 i am sorry mate. I can not understand your english.

  • joebridges187


    6 dager siden

    @Danny Sen interesting,,,what does those fighters you name have in common,,,I know right. What I’m saying comes from a fighter, some one who might see these things in Dana. Your unnecessary defense of Dana, though odd seems to be based in “emotional”,,,goggle what Luke had to say. I guess you know more about Dana, than the employees. That NOlocal kid is lapping Dana, not even the great Conor can stop the show.

  • Danny Sen

    Danny Sen

    6 dager siden

    @joebridges187 i don't know what you are talking about. Dana is a successful business-mam who git the MMA sport to this much. And i still remember how he promoted, Brock, Ronda, Conor even they were not top level fighters because they were the biggest cash cows dana ever had. You say dana is afraid of Francis but that does not make any sense. Why would a company's chairman wants to get rid of his biggest profit earners??

  • joebridges187


    6 dager siden

    @Danny Sen ever hear what Luke Rochold or Rockhold had to say about how Dana couldn’t deal with certain fighters Alfa, Dana tries to act like a fighter,,,no,,,didn’t heared that,,,idk

  • Deepti Sinha
    Deepti Sinha18 dager siden

    A boxing match between Efe Ajagba and Francis ngannou would be great to watch.

  • Kelwin Cartagena
    Kelwin Cartagena22 dager siden

    Le rrompierin la geta

    WINNERSPORTSMåned siden

    The person who is now flipping through the comments, have a good day to you, friend)

  • Jonas Ezequias De Lima Lima
    Jonas Ezequias De Lima LimaMåned siden

    O moreno fez ele cair qui nem bosta kkkkk

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia FopsMåned siden

    Can only imagine Stipes panic after he scuffed the single, ending up with Ngannou on his back, throwing heavy leather.

  • Alccc Dettt
    Alccc DetttMåned siden

    Who de F is this loser Chael?

  • Shane Jumbo
    Shane JumboMåned siden

    Nganu is fully jacked

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouyMåned siden

    Can only imagine Stipes panic after he scuffed the single, ending up with Ngannou on his back, throwing heavy leather.

  • Bolia Fops

    Bolia Fops

    Måned siden

    Chael up to his player hating best again.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony SmithMåned siden

    Francis fought like a giant usman that night

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyuMåned siden

    I think once Francis stopped the the takedown and got to back side control, Stipe knew he was screwed.

  • soniyu ziuy
    soniyu ziuyMåned siden

    Can only imagine Stipes panic after he scuffed the single, ending up with Ngannou on his back, throwing heavy leather.

    AHANGARI YTMåned siden

    stipe took many shots



    26 dager siden

    @dueeh nyyu 🤣

  • dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu

    Måned siden

    Francis Ngannou will be Unbeatable! the only guy can beat him is Heavyweight Champ Henry Cejudo

  • Dont Mess with me
    Dont Mess with meMåned siden

    No one in the world cant take ngannou's punch? ask genedy golovkin.



    Måned siden

    He's 170 lbs. Ur joking right?

    MAHMOUD WAZIRIMåned siden

    Not that he is the Champion he can be patient in his fights and let the challengers come to him and knock them out.

  • soniyu ziuy

    soniyu ziuy

    Måned siden

    2:08 when U see that stank-leg, you know it's lights out

  • Golden PT
    Golden PTMåned siden

    *Uck sonnen and *Uck Bigsping.. You bet against Africa Stupid.

  • Grape
    GrapeMåned siden

    It seems like Bisping & Sonnen to told to pick Miocic.

  • Rather Not
    Rather NotMåned siden

    Miocic lost this fight on the weighing scale and not in the cage. End of.

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdanMåned siden

    It is said that "Iron sharpens iron" Stipe was an amazing champ and their precious fight forced Francis to get better. Respect to both men 🙌🏼

  • Big Schtick
    Big SchtickMåned siden

    Need to get some Asian representation to showcase real skills



    Måned siden

    Asia is a continent lol never seen a great "asian" heavyweight fighter. What's stopping them?

  • Illiad mcswain
    Illiad mcswainMåned siden

    He's like Brock Lesnar, but he can strike. The takedown defense is a different twist.

  • Dewayne Mizzell
    Dewayne MizzellMåned siden

    Back and to the left....JFK didn’t do well either.



    Måned siden

    @bilij pdan no way they do the rematch. Stipe is on the decline while Francis is still improving. Stipe can't take punches from francis and can't even take down the new francis. Why you wanna see stipe get more concussions? Stipe's best punch did NOTHING to francis. Come back to reality. That was not even a competitive fight. Stipe's track record also says he's turning 39 years old. Very old for a UFC fighter.

  • bilij pdan

    bilij pdan

    Måned siden

    caught, but will he get caught again? He’s track record says no, but we’ll see what happens. Rematch should happen.

  • Philip Temidara
    Philip TemidaraMåned siden

    Chael up to his player hating best again.

  • Alpaca Whisperer
    Alpaca WhispererMåned siden

    John Bones is gonna end up like chicken feed once the Predator's done with him

  • Reymer Laluyan
    Reymer LaluyanMåned siden

    It Should be Francis " The Kong" Ngannou.

  • A MAN
    A MANMåned siden

    Can we finally get another division from 206-230 then 230-260 super heavyweight

  • ID Travis Heinze v. Williston, North Dakota
    ID Travis Heinze v. Williston, North DakotaMåned siden

    Stipe threw the fight.

  • X Football

    X Football

    Måned siden

    I think his jaw disagrees

  • BILL Gaming15
    BILL Gaming15Måned siden

    Francis Ngannou will be Unbeatable! the only guy can beat him is Heavyweight Champ Henry Cejudo

  • archipiratta
    archipirattaMåned siden

    2:08 when U see that stank-leg, you _know_ it's lights out

  • GoldenBoy GB
    GoldenBoy GBMåned siden

    There is not a man alive that can take those punches. It was just a jab !!

  • otimmo
    otimmoMåned siden

    Running face first into punches, what the f*** you think's going to happen.

  • Vox Veritas
    Vox VeritasMåned siden

    Was this knockout racist?

  • Vox Veritas

    Vox Veritas

    Måned siden

    @J Rondo Yes.

  • J Rondo

    J Rondo

    Måned siden

    Ummmm? are you?

  • bose sebi
    bose sebiMåned siden

    I like how he falen with his leg turned invards, just like Cro Crop in one of his heavy loses.

  • Haris M.
    Haris M.Måned siden

    If you look at Stipes career, over 80% of Stipe's KOs and TKOs on top guys like Hunt, Overeem, Dos Santos, Werdum etc. were when he was 240 pounds or more. I think he should do like Tyson Fury did and put on some weight in the future.

  • Don Barbz
    Don BarbzMåned siden

    That jab he knocked Stipe down with would knock a hole in a bank vault! Geezus Krist!

  • StandNBang U Faka
    StandNBang U FakaMåned siden

    Idk why everyone is already assuming Stipe is done. He got finished in brutal fashion the first fight with DC. He took time off and found a way to win the rematches. This most recent fight with Stipe and Francis, in my opinion Francis looked to be getting a bit winded coming out to the second round. Much like the face he had their first fight. Stipe got caught, but will he get caught again? He’s track record says no, but we’ll see what happens. Rematch should happen.

  • Baba buyie Kaban
    Baba buyie KabanMåned siden

    Jon jones should immediately get down to 185 to forever avoid any possible encounter with Francis - as dana white appropriately pointed out...

  • Baba buyie Kaban
    Baba buyie KabanMåned siden

    Bisbang is full of comments when someone else is knocked out instead of his a&@! Francis is the scariest man alive in the entire world. Much love to Stipe anyway...

  • Matt S.
    Matt S.Måned siden

    Anybody know which tribe Francis comes from?

  • Manaakitia Rankin
    Manaakitia RankinMåned siden

    Dylian whyte thinks he can beat ngannou in a ufc fight hahaha

    GAO XINMåned siden

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  • Blue Wendigo
    Blue WendigoMåned siden

    At the time stipe see Francis defend the takedown so effectively...he knew he's defeat was imminent.

  • Learn Italian, Latin and English with Humaniores
    Learn Italian, Latin and English with HumanioresMåned siden

    Ngannou is destroying Jones

  • Learn Italian, Latin and English with Humaniores
    Learn Italian, Latin and English with HumanioresMåned siden

    Stipe was not with the right attitude, he looks asleep

  • Learn Italian, Latin and English with Humaniores
    Learn Italian, Latin and English with HumanioresMåned siden

    Stipe was to thin, look the first fith the difference was not so evident

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord BurlapMåned siden

    My reaction?.....Chael and Michael know as much or as little as anyone else who follows MMA....

  • sente kiwanuka
    sente kiwanukaMåned siden

    You knooow...I was never really a fan of either of these 2...but...they made a lot of sense! While I personally was sooo happy and proud of Francis...I felt for Stipe! He’s been a great champ and he’s also a really genuinely nice to see him beat up like that...was sad...but it’s the fight game...someone has to win and someone’s gotta lose!!! Mike B brought up a great point...when you see Stipe you don’t think of how big he is...unless he’s standing next to Daniel Cormier...who’s a sizey dude too...but Francis is another big guy!!! I liked Stipe as Champ bcus he was smaller and not as obviously Big and Powerful as say Francis or that other behemoth Lesnar...but he has Skill, Heart and a pretty good chin! Congrats to Francis...I wish both he and Stipe all the best in the remainder of their careers and Thanks to both and all of the other fighters for giving us fans such great fights to watch and learn from! Peace!!!🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿😇😇😇

  • merlinoner
    merlinonerMåned siden

    Sonnen and Bisping were both soo wrong in their predictions :)

  • Son Rayne
    Son RayneMåned siden

    Chael is one of the most annoying people on the planet

  • Moe Reese
    Moe ReeseMåned siden

    Whoa! Hold up! Mike Tyson would kill a man with 6oz gloves. Ngannou has power but, there are levels. Derrick Lewis has comparable power to Mike Tyson.

  • Realist Hmong
    Realist HmongMåned siden

    I’m so done with woke headliners.

  • Richard Ch
    Richard ChMåned siden

    stipe was 13 kilos less than francis a nonsense of weight that should not have left the ufc that is why the takedowns did not work apart from the fact that for the first time in the history of ufc they reduced the octagon for the convenience of francis what a coincidence not happy with that The black uses steroids that a new champion or nothing francis is a charlatan the biggest mistake of the true champion was to go so light that gave too much advantage to ngannou with the low weight agunato a number of blows and a stop to the face if they had heavy the same could not have stipe

  • Fred Hampton
    Fred HamptonMåned siden

    The Predator is.....scary

  • Red Alert
    Red AlertMåned siden

    I hope to see more Chael and Bisping on ESPN together. 2 absolute lads. 👊🏽✌🏽

  • Julio Mendes
    Julio MendesMåned siden

    If Ngannou keep improving is wrestling and doesn't rush for knockout he will stay champion too bad he does not use kicks often we could see a beautiful high kick from the left foot

  • Toluwani Benson
    Toluwani BensonMåned siden

    Cant still believe Sonen and Bisping fought

  • Yung Muskie
    Yung MuskieMåned siden

    Black fist of justice

  • Samantha Eichhorn
    Samantha EichhornMåned siden

    The Chael curse lives on! 😂😂

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo MatadeenMåned siden

    Bones is dead when he fights Francis

  • Ricky
    RickyMåned siden

    Chael, you’ve gotta have more common sense than this

  • Ricky
    RickyMåned siden

    stipe comes in nearly 30 lbs lighter than Ngannou. Did you think Francis would not work on multiple other disciplines of MMA

  • strangewayshere
    strangewayshereMåned siden

    Uncle Chael’s Curse strikes again.

  • Dutches Low
    Dutches LowMåned siden

    They were both wrong. That’s why you should always just watch the fight and make your own opinion.

  • JMombasa
    JMombasaMåned siden


  • Foxxx x
    Foxxx xMåned siden

    Stipe missed the fight totally...he just take it too easy

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous UserMåned siden

    Francis is an amazing fighter, It will be interesting to see how many title defenses he can achieve the HW division is brutal - today's champ, tomorrow's chump

  • biniam mersha
    biniam mershaMåned siden

    Ngannou might keep that heavy weight belt for long time.

  • Superpasi7
    Superpasi7Måned siden

    If he now also knocks out Jon Jones then it seems like Francis Ngannou is DC‘s personal Hitman



    Måned siden

    ur funny af bro

  • Richard Rogers
    Richard RogersMåned siden

    Wasn't a jab, it was across

  • Superpasi7
    Superpasi7Måned siden

    Its obviously Chaels fault

  • giveyou thebizness
    giveyou thebiznessMåned siden

    i said these two where the worst at predictions

  • Novus Trade
    Novus TradeMåned siden

    "Bisping fun on the side.Hypocrite.

  • Breezy YAN Blog
    Breezy YAN BlogMåned siden

    Great mind Francis, Great mind

  • Emil_S
    Emil_SMåned siden

    I’ll just say I respect Francis a lot. He is a good man. Unlike most of the trolls in NOlocal comments.

  • Ted Marley
    Ted MarleyMåned siden

    Always picking against Black Men. We are Black survivors. Good win Ngannou.

  • Roi Marion Uy
    Roi Marion UyMåned siden

    chael is laughing for cursing stipe

  • Doug Diamond
    Doug DiamondMåned siden

    The Chael curse strikes again.

  • Modest Modestus
    Modest ModestusMåned siden

    Kids in Africa Cameroon u said? Where your corrupt leaders massacring English speaking Cameroon asking for their total freedom from French speaking Cameroon.. All you carrying your heads up as African champions should advise all these evil leaders there to stop 🛑 killing people for asking to be free. You can't reason for African integration without addressing people seeking to be free from all these contraptions called nations as ongoing in Zoological contraption called nigeria, where the slaughtering machines remain busy killing Biafrans. It hurts and shouldn't have happened or continue to happen. What a wicked world..

  • J Vill
    J VillMåned siden

    Where is the actual video?

  • YES to anything that is.....Cool/Awesome/Spectacular/Great/Beautiful/Astonishing/Magnificent
    YES to anything that is.....Cool/Awesome/Spectacular/Great/Beautiful/Astonishing/MagnificentMåned siden

    When Francis Ngannou says he will fold you like a chair with one hand it’s a fact. 💥💥💥🤛🤛🤛

  • Alex Poole
    Alex PooleMåned siden

    Fedor would have got him to the mat.

  • Northmemphis48
    Northmemphis48Måned siden

    ESPN always Gets it wrong no matter the sport they are always over opinionated sport journalists ESPN houses athletes in are bias to those athlete and won't say much negative about them or there career

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStackerMåned siden

    "Imagine the power of the hips of Francis Ngannou" -Michael Bisping right

  • Emran Saleem
    Emran SaleemMåned siden

    The lush coal chronically snow because package adversely disarm including a incompetent salmon. useful, foolish streetcar

  • Babcolmx Abraham
    Babcolmx AbrahamMåned siden

    these 2 clowns predicted Francis to loose..

  • G Gg
    G GgMåned siden

    Stipe was considered the best heavyweight of all time not a single person has mentioned a rubber match.

  • Ditheroe One
    Ditheroe OneMåned siden

    ‘I can’t let you get close” - Chael Sonnen

  • DieterRoman Wicht
    DieterRoman WichtMåned siden

    screaming boys

  • chris Mal
    chris MalMåned siden

    Francis is like the Ubereem 3.0

  • Joseph Pedley
    Joseph PedleyMåned siden

    This just proves that black people are on a different level man hahahah

  • Daniel Hicks
    Daniel HicksMåned siden

    Dude just fought fricking Naganou, then Cormier 3 straight times and is 38 years old! then Naganou again! in succession all in brutal long long fights,where as Naganou in that same time span fought for a total of 2 minutes and is in his prime.

  • Jon
    JonMåned siden

    Props to Bisping saying “deefence” so the americans understand.

  • Dominic Stark
    Dominic StarkMåned siden

    You mongs, try not to put the result in the video title

  • Cdeeznuts
    CdeeznutsMåned siden

    So happy stipe got slept and can't hold up the division any more with his once a year fight schedule. Finally get to see some contenders fighting for the belt on the regular

  • X Football

    X Football

    29 dager siden

    Amen, happy he got ko’d. Now the division can move and stop this once a year stipe fighting

  • Kevin Jacobson

    Kevin Jacobson

    Måned siden

    It's not even Stipe's fault. It's a matter of what the UFC books. Plus, given how rigorous the first Ngannou fight and the DC fights were, Stipe needed some healthy breaks.

  • Orin Mancine
    Orin MancineMåned siden

    The jobless supermarket microscopically untidy because daniel visually join except a changeable fact. hateful, marked kenneth

  • Joe Slackjaw
    Joe SlackjawMåned siden

    Pay Jon Jones what he’s worth, We all want to see that fight ASAP!!!!

  • sehken
    sehkenMåned siden

    Please give us that Trilogy fight after Jones

  • M NRK
    M NRKMåned siden

    Tyson of mma.



    Måned siden


  • Rashaad Rabin
    Rashaad RabinMåned siden

    Stipe Loss to much weight Loss he's title Loss to a very good opponent Jones vs lewis winner Gets Francis ....

  • stallion xxx
    stallion xxxMåned siden

    So where oh where is Brock Lesner?? Brock lesner thought he was a bad mofo beating on mark hunt like that. Lets see him pick on somebody his own size.... hello? Lesner you there???? LoL