Real Time Detailing of a Beautiful Lexus RX 350! | Full Paint Polishing Tutorial and Exterior Detail


Polishing paint doesn't have to be something reserved for professional detailers, so in this video I'll go through all the steps to properly and safely polish paint, as well as do a full exterior detail on this beautiful Lexus RX 350!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Boar’s Hair -
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Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
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Adams Tire Cleaner -
CarPro DLUX -
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  • Out House
    Out House6 dager siden

    So we’re you using drying towels buffing off the polish and wax?

  • Antonio Gutierrez
    Antonio Gutierrez9 dager siden

    Fantastico. Muchas gracias por tus enseñanzas

  • Jay Abril
    Jay Abril9 dager siden

    Does anyone know the link or product he uses for the polishing? The link to the polisher does not work as well as the item name on amazon :/ Would help out a lot if someone could show me!!

  • jbs919 1
    jbs919 110 dager siden

    I started practicing paint correction on my own car recently and I notice it is kind of hard to get the compound off my car after I do a few passes. I am using a griots orange correction pad and Maguire's ultimate compound. I have tried priming the pad with the compound and it makes a little difference as well as dropping the speed to 3/4 on the DA polisher but i feel like I am using too much compound with the result i am getting. Any tips if I should try a new compound or pad, or mix in water or a pad conditioner?

  • одинокий волк
    одинокий волк18 dager siden

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  • Joseph Crispe
    Joseph Crispe22 dager siden

    Do you find that washing vehicles out in direct sunlight can dry up the soap/foam/water and cause water and soap marks?

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    Love the videos. Excellent quality.

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  • Scott Nak
    Scott NakMåned siden

    Thanks for the great tips. Just bought an rx350. I think you just saved it a few swirl marks. Just wish I knew some of this on my old black G37.

  • Margaret A GodfreyT
    Margaret A GodfreyTMåned siden

    Love this channel ❤️ as well , these are very informative

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    I’ve got bits of stuff in the visible part of the well of the door where the glass sits. Any clue on how to get that out without taking apart the door.?

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    Anthony PiacitelliMåned siden

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    jeremy o'sheaMåned siden

    I ordered your foam cannon, that you use . Just wanted to know how you adjust your cannon to stay adjusted perfect, the adjustments don’t stay but I’m still able to spray a perfect foaming . Just wanted to know if you have any ideas ... “I like it a lot” mine swings on the end of my pressure washing gun.. thank you for your time!

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    lycan1936Måned siden

    Not sure if you've answered this or not. How many coats of wax do you put on cars you detail and do you need to apply more coats to the hood and roof since they're more in direct sunlight/heat?

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    So a post-it note would be about 3.6 thousands of an inch thick, which is about 91 microns (25.4 microns per .001")... if you remove 4 microns per paint correction you could do it 23 times before removing all the clear coat.... If my math is wrong please correct me.. Question? Does the paint depth gauge give you the total thickness of the base coat and the clear coat, or can you determine the thickness of just the clear coat??? Thanks for the video

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