Recovering a stuck roller


Using a shooting boom fork lift to recover a roller that rolled away down a steep hill and broke.


  • zdislaw zajac
    zdislaw zajac3 dager siden

    Witam jeste z Polski POLONIA bardzo podobaja mi sie twoje filmiki teraz pracoje w Holandi jak wruce do kraju to tez zajme sie czym takim jak ty pozdrawiam Sebastian

  • alvisa1
    alvisa14 dager siden

    Is that Turkeys I hear at the end?

  • Newporg
    Newporg5 dager siden

    I would have never have guessed a Zoom Boom would have enough power to pull something that heavy.

  • Danye Jones didn't kill himself.
    Danye Jones didn't kill himself.6 dager siden

    "nah it ain't breaking that chain" If this were anyone besides Camarata, that would be foreshadowing

  • James Zeschke
    James Zeschke6 dager siden

    That pallet crane you’ve got has been one of those universal tools everyone dreams of owning, man that’s one handy machine, a investment well worth it

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    Gaptooth Goblin6 dager siden

    Behind every busy man is a fit dog.

  • gullreefclub
    gullreefclub7 dager siden

    Brakes are a Freaking luxury, besides real operators don't need much less use brakes because they know time is money and the only thing hitting the brakes will do is slow you down and what good operator wants to be a pimple on the ass of progress.

  • Aaron Blanco
    Aaron Blanco9 dager siden

    We need a video on that Lull!!!

  • Kidd Lawn Care
    Kidd Lawn Care9 dager siden

    Wow, that lull didn't even seem to bog down. That is really a serious old well built monster.

  • J M
    J M10 dager siden

    Nice move,very smooth.

  • 1979 Augustine
    1979 Augustine10 dager siden

    the guy driving the packer would screw up a hand job

  • Patrick Wagz
    Patrick Wagz10 dager siden

    This channel has *"reverse click-bait"* He does the most epic stuff and he just puts a simple title of what ACTUALLY happened. Other channels....the dude will twist his ankle on a stick and he'll title it.... *"YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED: I ALMOST DIED (MUST WATCH)!!*

  • Tobias Dalen Hagen
    Tobias Dalen Hagen10 dager siden

    cooolnes bro keep on going

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A11 dager siden

    Good thing Andrew was there otherwise that roller would have become a permanent part of that down slope.

  • Smiile Ind.
    Smiile Ind.11 dager siden

    Nobody's gonna talk about that fall down the hill at the beginning? Okay lol. Anyways great video as always!

  • Chappy Tillman
    Chappy Tillman11 dager siden

    Tough rescue but great video .

  • shep husted
    shep husted12 dager siden

    wow the lull has some power!

  • Ad Pk
    Ad Pk12 dager siden

    I would have used my military helo to pull it out...but i guess your way works too

  • hydra314
    hydra31413 dager siden

    andrew seems like the friend you always want to have. Way to be there for your buddies Andrew! Keep it up.

  • D BOYZ samsam
    D BOYZ samsam13 dager siden

    The dogs were planning on biting the rope when they were almost finished 😂

  • Norman Buchanan
    Norman Buchanan14 dager siden

    now that must have been the real roller coaster ride 🤣

  • Bill Long
    Bill Long14 dager siden

    211 thumbs down, there are a lot of morons in this World...

  • Bill Long
    Bill Long14 dager siden

    Good thing no one got hurt. did they???

  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young15 dager siden

    sucks when they got no brakes😂😂😂

  • Noah Ellis
    Noah Ellis15 dager siden

    I never would have thought of using a fork lift to move that roller up that hill. Who knew how capable some pieces of equipment can be. Enjoyed the video 😊👍

  • Jack Garand
    Jack Garand15 dager siden

    Astonishing the forklift is that strong.

  • Dwayne Pennel
    Dwayne Pennel15 dager siden

    Pretty funny how friend asks Andrew to come help, then stands out of view for Andrew to do all the work. Wow!

  • Colton Blumhagen
    Colton Blumhagen16 dager siden

    Every NOlocal towing company: This job can only be done with a rotator. Andrew: Hehe. Zoom boom go zoom.

  • Colton Blumhagen

    Colton Blumhagen

    15 dager siden

    @Andrew Camarata Would've been cool video for sure.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    15 dager siden

    I wanted to get a video of that.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    15 dager siden

    I was far away.

  • Colton Blumhagen

    Colton Blumhagen

    16 dager siden

    @Andrew Camarata Damn you gotta hustle more! lol

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    16 dager siden

    I got a call for a flipped excavator today. But someone beat me to it.

  • Hoopazero
    Hoopazero16 dager siden

    anyone else think that looked like Fred Flintsone's car when it was on top again

  • Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey16 dager siden

    Can do attitude! A+ Cheers!

  • Parker Burton
    Parker Burton16 dager siden

    I'm confused when he said the guy was driving it and thinks the brakes went out any and every smooth drum roller like that that I've ever ran doesn't have brakes in fact they don't even pedals. There's a joystick you push forward to go forward and back to do the same the further you push or pull the faster it goes however if you want to stop you you just pull the stick back to the middle position as you're doing that it will automatically start to slow down. Plus if the supposed brakes weren't working why not pull it in to reverse. I'm thinking either the guy on it wasn't paying attention or didn't know how to operate it very well and panicked when he started going down hill. He's honestly pretty lucky it stopped like that because they are very top heavy and will roll. Im thinking the dude didn't know what he was doing since he thought it has brakes. Before you guys verbally assault I know they usually have a parking brakes other then that it's a hydrostatic motor you just stop giving it throttle and it will stop itself

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird19 dager siden

    Silly dogs, I love em!!

    WUDCHK19 dager siden

    I seriously had some doubt a telehandler could pull that, then Andrew proved us all wrong.

  • Farmer Tyler
    Farmer Tyler19 dager siden

    **Splits machine in half** Andrew: yeah that’s not too bad

  • Patrick Wagz

    Patrick Wagz

    10 dager siden

    It just broke for no reason.

  • Tim jefferson
    Tim jefferson20 dager siden

    bet that was a wild ride

  • Juan Gordon
    Juan Gordon21 dag siden

    hey bro what happened to levi?

  • victor ross
    victor ross22 dager siden

    so the :"initial job" was to roll dirt close to a cliff and because there were no breaks it couldnt be turned?

  • Robert Fulton
    Robert Fulton22 dager siden

    Nice to have a friends like you.

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    Rocky mountain high.... Rocky mountain

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    Vj Kekek24 dager siden

    Andrew u should come down to Mississippi and come get this 30 foot tall tree out my neighbors yard

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    Pradip24 dager siden

    In the beginning of the video,Please Tell us day/date/time/place/location/temperature to understand viewers easily.& will Enjoy

  • Wingnut Hammer Down
    Wingnut Hammer Down24 dager siden

    Wife : are you going to AA. Me: you mean Andrews Anonymous . Wife: if not I am leaving you! Me: ya ya ya after this is over . I think I am up to date . Plus Tony just called I think the AA group just got an excavator . I am an addict. Waiting for my next fix Andrew. Love the channel man!

  • Niclas Tengvall
    Niclas Tengvall25 dager siden

    Where are u my fridend? / Niclas ( sweden)

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    25 dager siden

    I am working on videos. Air plane ride video right now.

  • Prolific
    Prolific25 dager siden

    The wheels on the rescue were not moving. i would expect wheels to roll ;-)

  • Prolific
    Prolific25 dager siden

    stay awesome

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    Gaynelle Williamson25 dager siden

    I so enjoy your videos, my favorite boy scout!!!

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    *You are creative as always and are good at maintenance, but you need calm 👍🇺🇸😎🇸🇦*

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    Keith Mallory26 dager siden

    Part 1.

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    jason white26 dager siden

    Strong machine that pulled it out

  • Steve Henriksson
    Steve Henriksson26 dager siden

    You can save everyone and everything.

  • Dozer1642
    Dozer164226 dager siden

    Roller “got away” from him. Kinda like sayin, “the ocean got wet” or, “the pope got religious” He’s lucky he didn’t die.

  • OURv
    OURv27 dager siden !

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    24 dager siden

    Hate and lie filled anti- Trump video. Ignore this mutt. you KNOW the left is in trouble when they NEED to spam websites that are not political. That is very pathetic.

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    This is SnowRunner IRL

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    It'll buff out.

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    Foliage is amazing

  • David G
    David G28 dager siden

    New Subscriber here. Great videos. I noticed someone gets stuck from time to (forgive if I'm way behind in videos- I am) Can I suggest a truck to add to your collection of equipment? Find a auction M1090A1military dump truck. You won't be sorry.

  • Shawn McMorrow
    Shawn McMorrow28 dager siden

    One day Andrew's gonna go insane and the the 2nd Marvin Heemier

  • Morgan Noecker
    Morgan Noecker28 dager siden

    Andrew was born with a "No Fear" tattoo. Is there a roller in the Camarata vehicle line up, now? If he doesn't own it already, he should make an offer. AC will have that roller tip top, in no time. My man!

  • robryan
    robryan28 dager siden

    is there anything this guy cant do .good job andrew

  • Corey Gilles
    Corey Gilles28 dager siden

    Wow I thought that forklift would have some trouble pulling that back up that hill. Nope..

  • Rickie Williams
    Rickie Williams28 dager siden

    Wish you would make a video of whatever happened to the first crane.

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    28 dager siden

    December 1st.

  • Todd 53B
    Todd 53B28 dager siden

    Happens more than u think!love the channel andrew,hi from New Zealand

  • Dalton791000
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    The “well get it twice” was priceless.

  • ambrosebessette100
    ambrosebessette10029 dager siden

    Somebody explain to me how a roller gets away from a guy and ends up 100 yards down a hill?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

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    How'da thunk to use that machine for this job? Andrew. Piece a cake...

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    If you put a doggie in the thumb nail I will watch anything!

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    Andrew Camarata

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    This dog is like glued to me. So he will be in most videos.

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    1:10:01 in the new Borat movie

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    Drum must mt

  • Bob Berger
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    Dogs are like kids

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    You can see miles and miles my house too

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    Boom got power

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    My 67 year old mom is now addicted to watching Andrews video since I introduced them to her

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    What ever you do, but less than 15min is torture.

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    andrew to the rescue if the girls don't find you handsome at least they'll find you handy lol

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    Cody is such a goofy idiotic dog, I would've euthanized him a long time ago. There is no comparison to Levy.

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    nice job budds

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    I wish i had friends like you

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    Hello Andrew??

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    @Andrew Camarata help me Work with you in your Country I'm from India...

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    Now that's some very powerful hydraulics on your machine , thank's for the entertainment 😉👍👍🇺🇸

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    Awesome to watch!

  • Colin Riley
    Colin Riley29 dager siden

    Like watching an episode of thunderbirds and wondering which machine they will use to do the rescue. :-)

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    I love how he casually left the clip in of him slipping down the hill 😂

  • Angel Ponce
    Angel Ponce29 dager siden

    @andrew have you ever tried the roto tilt ?? i would like to see you use that attachment

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    28 dager siden

    I have not. I might get a tilt bucket some day.

  • Jim Vet
    Jim Vet29 dager siden

    Andrew, although you may know, but in the event, Diesel exhaust is a tested proven known Carcinogen, watching you working your dozer, being a retired operating engineer just a tad more than 50 years on heavy equipment both operator & HDR/W but being an HDR/W for much of the time, just saying, regulations require to have that exhaust pipe above the cab so as to clear it. by how much I don't know. anyone doubts, in early 1980's the feds were doing studies with the operating engineers breathing test that sort of thing, they actually came on to the job sit, back when Nuke plates were the fashion. some years later in one of engineers rags in the back listed all the operators who died of lug cancer year after year. 55 years & up, may of been some younger, just to know, sutt in general can be an issue when one sucks it in long enough, Back in the day when I was working on 10 wheelers auto car Peter Built all the tricks of those days: Brakes / Clutch work was the norm, all that black chard asbestos & highway carcinogen / oil residue's mixed in among the twin disk, I blue all that junk out with air, cough it up in the shower, bunches of that junk and never had a mask on, made brake bands, sanded and drilled the hole all that dust I was breathing in. I'll be 72 this Dec, my right lung gives me a rough time from time to time. I inhaled tons of exhaust, yet oddly the operators took the pounding, Enclosed cabs today, my self I like the open cab, just add a removeable tip. transporting, and of course don't forget to remove it before going through the door your way in to the shop. that would be an oops. that's the only real down side doing what we do and did, loved dirt jobs. and all that big iron. I put a huge jaw crusher one year, it was large enough to put a pick up truck down in it, blue granite, knocking it down to no3# there about. the earth shook for 50ft away all around. the high rollers were coming to see the operation. if you ever get in to busting real rock, a spaded bucket is the way to feed it, it's all that smaller gravels that make it work the best. Fish plate that hoe I seen you welded, both side, make so it goes up around that 90 to the high side of the frame, drilling holes isn't how it's done, 718 works the best. do both side, it's twisting it self off. You work those machines like no one else. I like the eye protection thing, I lost an eye on a job in Texas, 1971, didn't slow me down. just passing on what I know that might help out, as for scarp steal, the scarp yards have a devise, point & tells them what it's made off, not all scarp is steal, you want to sperate the scrap and have them shoot it, other wise, they could be talking you to the cleaners, some of that stuff is worth a bunch no matter what the price of scrap steal is. that hand held devise cost a bunch, my neighbor is a sales man for it, he travels all around the world pitching that thing. I never seen one that I know off. GOD Bless, I'll hold you up in prayer. amen...

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    it is what it is running on empty

  • Mc leean
    Mc leeanMåned siden

    0:15 hahaha 😂 tryna play that fall off with an edit i see 🤣😭

  • SuperKwame1
    SuperKwame1Måned siden

    Let Cody Pull this, you guy are not strong enough. Andrew!

  • Randy loosemore
    Randy loosemoreMåned siden

    hi andrew that was very very nice of you to help a friend to recover a his roller the went over the bankment /hill great job both of you and always great to see your dog codey so thankyou for this video and until next video i say bye for now from Randy from ontario,canada take care and please stay safe out there .

  • farm.central. ohio
    farm.central. ohioMåned siden

    Dang, that place is on top of the world. I know you live in a scenic area but I was looking at the view the whole time you were pulling that thing back up.

  • Mark Hottman
    Mark HottmanMåned siden

    2:52 Now we know how the Smooth drum roller rolled down the hill. It was one of those two screwball dogs 🐕 goofing around while behind the wheel. Way to go DOGS!

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael MurphyMåned siden

    I know everything i need to know ' coz lewi cody' told me so

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    DejvMåned siden

    How about your own roller that you bought a year ago? are you going to make a video about it?

  • Andrew Camarata

    Andrew Camarata

    28 dager siden

    yes, soon actually.

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    Bet that was a scary ride!! wow

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    I didnt think the boom lift would do it.

    GREEK GODSMåned siden

    love it

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    Beautiful fall colors. 👍 And great job, too! 😎

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    I have a new respect for sky track!

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    the amount of dry witted jokes in this vid under 5 min .... what a view tooo holy moly such a vista