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  • Bryce Strife
    Bryce Strife3 dager siden

    Love you guys💕

  • Malctonio
    Malctonio4 dager siden

    HA! The height of Corona, how naive you were Ian

  • Chayenne
    Chayenne4 dager siden

    2021lmao but Okay Are we just gonna ignore that Damien spoke German in the Beginning 😌😂♥️♥️

  • Faith El
    Faith El4 dager siden

    Courtney and shane has the same boots

  • Rachel
    Rachel6 dager siden

    Guten tag gamers is the best intro everb

  • Lyssie Vlogs
    Lyssie Vlogs6 dager siden


  • Val Violet
    Val Violet7 dager siden

    "peak of corona" aged poorly

  • Brady Thibeau
    Brady Thibeau10 dager siden

    Make a video where you all cosplay as Star Wars charters and shayne and Courtney have to be general grievous

  • Johnathen Brown
    Johnathen Brown10 dager siden

    This is my opinion but Olivia is a bit whiny good plaintive and she’s just not my favorite character in smashed by the way where is Anthony

  • Mary Bryant
    Mary Bryant14 dager siden

    6:40 - 6:45 be like: WOOOAHHHHHHHH OOOOOPPPSSSSS

  • Sophia Gergatsoulis
    Sophia Gergatsoulis14 dager siden

    My friends call me a crackhead

  • mmelon 17
    mmelon 1715 dager siden

    Ian and Dam-Ian

  • Bean
    Bean17 dager siden

    Shayne missed the opportunity to get the lightsaber to say “READ THE BIBLE”

  • Mitzi Engle
    Mitzi Engle25 dager siden

    Güten täg

  • xuanz lux
    xuanz luxMåned siden

    Is smosh still bought by defy

  • Ryry The Egg
    Ryry The EggMåned siden

    I almost cried when the lightsaber said “wheres Anthony”

  • fiend116
    fiend116Måned siden

    The "height of Corona"... Oh younger Ian you sweet summer child.

  • Pope
    PopeMåned siden

    Yo Courtney really said were not doing bumps LMFAO *If ya know ya know

  • me and my dogs
    me and my dogsMåned siden

    Smosh : making 2020 better since the beginning of time and also the start of 2020

  • battle drodi unit b1268
    battle drodi unit b1268Måned siden

    A ja ja guten tag guten tag

  • Bruno Fernandez
    Bruno FernandezMåned siden

    They were trying to kill Ian

  • Kei Tsukishma
    Kei TsukishmaMåned siden

    No one: Olivia: let’s throw shayne

  • Gerard Alrick Racines
    Gerard Alrick RacinesMåned siden

    @ 10:34 Straight up that is some hazing slap right there.

  • Jack Of Knives
    Jack Of KnivesMåned siden

    you should do a spelling bee-kini wax with harmonicas in everyone's mouths

  • Patty VanTine
    Patty VanTineMåned siden

    When Ian thinks that March was the height of coronavirus...

  • nikkijadesola23
    nikkijadesola23Måned siden

    9:45-9:52 Oh shit! Is this where they got the idea for the harmonicas for TNTL???

  • Ryan Epley
    Ryan EpleyMåned siden

    Okay is it just me or is the guy in the tiktok at 4:10 Patty Mayo?(the first guy to be more specific)

  • Omari J.
    Omari J.2 måneder siden

    9:00 I KNEW ITTTT!!!!

  • Gianski
    Gianski2 måneder siden

    Shayne’s sneeze sounds like “i eat shtt”

  • Brynna Moreno
    Brynna Moreno2 måneder siden

    me: *lives in Germany and knows a little german* Damian (idk if I spelt it wrong and if I did I'm very sorry): gutencag- me: GOOD DAY TO YOU TOO!! **happy as frick**

  • Rachel McNeill
    Rachel McNeill2 måneder siden

    Its funnier with friends

  • scree mcscree
    scree mcscree2 måneder siden

    "i like how we're doing this at the height of corona virus" oh bby boi you havent seen anything yet....

  • Abir
    Abir2 måneder siden

    5:23 omg courtney's last sneeze was sooooo cute :3

  • Casi !
    Casi !2 måneder siden

    hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 4:26 "at the height of coronavirus" ahhhhhh............

  • Norife Quiat
    Norife Quiat2 måneder siden

    5:16 shayne sounded like he said “I ain’t sh!t”

  • Mahayla Shanell
    Mahayla Shanell2 måneder siden

    Little do they know they are about to invest in hundreds of those harmonicas

  • Lil-ay
    Lil-ay2 måneder siden

    Courtney shall always be the most dangerous

  • TennoHack
    TennoHack2 måneder siden

    4:58 Option 1: I OBJECT!! Option 2: I EAT SHIT!! Now.. I don't know about you.. But i much prefer Option 2

  • TennoHack
    TennoHack2 måneder siden

    Smosh: Practices COVID-19 safety by switching to harmonicas for TNTL videos Also Smosh: 4:45

  • Randommm Louis
    Randommm Louis3 måneder siden

    Where’s Anthony

  • MakeupTroll
    MakeupTroll3 måneder siden

    Is this where they got the idea to use the harmonicas for try not to laugh?

  • Brandon Goodine
    Brandon Goodine3 måneder siden

    I like that they say at the end that in the video youtube picked they dont get hurt but the video NOlocal picked was eat it or yeet it where they're hurt the worst

  • Matt Katz
    Matt Katz3 måneder siden

    “I like how we’re doing this at the height of corona”

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson3 måneder siden

    shayne:sneeze's inreality:i eat shit! it sounded like it

  • Claire Robinson
    Claire Robinson3 måneder siden

    Damian will always be my favorite

  • Avery Skipper
    Avery Skipper3 måneder siden

    “Right at the height of coronavirus” oh, if they only knew

  • Alisaishere
    Alisaishere3 måneder siden

    And this is when they switched from water to harmonicas on TNTL.

  • Prince Kirito-Kun
    Prince Kirito-Kun3 måneder siden

    Lol so funny 😂

  • jazminestryder
    jazminestryder3 måneder siden

    How did I miss this? I died when Courtney just punched Shayne in the butt with the spoon. That was so mean! Lol

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C3 måneder siden

    Why is the intro and outro music the same one mythical kitchen sometimes uses thoooo

  • Karam OverRule
    Karam OverRule3 måneder siden

    Did Someone Find The Comment That Says: Fart Saber 😂

  • Nimalan
    Nimalan3 måneder siden

    Aww Ian shld have rickrolled them :(

  • GratedJaguar8
    GratedJaguar83 måneder siden

    "height of corona"

    LILY WALTERS4 måneder siden


  • Brother Hogan
    Brother Hogan4 måneder siden

    COVID alert brother

  • marvel dc boi
    marvel dc boi4 måneder siden


  • Gam3r_Play3r
    Gam3r_Play3r4 måneder siden

    "Where's Anthony?" I felt that.

  • cecep chaerudin
    cecep chaerudin4 måneder siden

    Thanks love ❤️

  • TheAvidNoodler
    TheAvidNoodler4 måneder siden

    "right at the height of corona" little did they know

  • Skaterkid 10
    Skaterkid 104 måneder siden

    5:00 was aewsome

  • ARGiammarco 27
    ARGiammarco 274 måneder siden

    Man.....what a difference 6 months makes

  • Mud Fox
    Mud Fox4 måneder siden

    Tik toks not bad and anyone who says that probably doesn’t have it

  • S C
    S C4 måneder siden

    4:58 it sounded like Shayne said “I eat sh*t.” I don’t know why you need to know this.

  • Out Dorothy
    Out Dorothy4 måneder siden

    Guten Tag Gamer und jetzt haben wir dieses Video heute

  • •Maria Sophia•
    •Maria Sophia•4 måneder siden

    “Lets throw shayne” 😂

  • Quatropus
    Quatropus4 måneder siden

    Really struggling for content, huh?

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo4 måneder siden

    "At the height of coronavirus" the rest of 2020...

  • Demoman
    Demoman4 måneder siden

    engulfed by the b l o b

  • GAMER 01
    GAMER 014 måneder siden

    Nothing: Germany Man sneezing: 4:59

  • Noobi gaming
    Noobi gaming5 måneder siden

    Fuck tiktok

  • sienna
    sienna5 måneder siden

    luv how they used larray’s tiktok for the first one

  • Yabikoko KVA
    Yabikoko KVA5 måneder siden

    youtube picked out eat it or yeet it and im lmao

  • Savag3 Salad
    Savag3 Salad5 måneder siden

    4:24 ooooff really in bad taste now iddnit 😬

  • Sue Bradley
    Sue Bradley5 måneder siden

    Ian:hi me:he brings so many memories of Anthony

  • Maggie Newsom
    Maggie Newsom5 måneder siden

    10:32 watch now then pause the vid and click on this 👇 10:35

  • molemagic
    molemagic5 måneder siden

    Yesss the height of coronavirus. That was the height

  • Blythe McKenna
    Blythe McKenna5 måneder siden

    This isn’t the height of corona it still hasn’t mutated yet America is still in stage one

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio5 måneder siden

    4:58, 8:29, 9:07

  • argo white
    argo white5 måneder siden

    10:33 is all I have to say

  • Jacko The Gamer
    Jacko The Gamer5 måneder siden

    It sounds like Shane said “I An’t a snitch

  • Cyrus McIntire
    Cyrus McIntire5 måneder siden

    I’m watching this again post-smosh quarantine and there really needs to be a part 2.

  • Toper_04 Hello
    Toper_04 Hello5 måneder siden

    Olivia is such a credy cat

  • Karam The God 654
    Karam The God 6545 måneder siden

    (Fart Saber)--> 8:42 😂

  • Jaycee R
    Jaycee R5 måneder siden


  • Wonkus Bonkus
    Wonkus Bonkus5 måneder siden

    Why is Olivia such a baby in this video? She's a badass in every other video.

  • Pest Chan
    Pest Chan5 måneder siden


  • Diya Talwar
    Diya Talwar5 måneder siden

    why does shayne standing up and screaming sound like him say "I OBJECT" in a weird way??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  • ThirstyCamel123
    ThirstyCamel1235 måneder siden

    Lol this was the height of corona

  • Douggie Fresh
    Douggie Fresh5 måneder siden

    The video that NOlocal picked out for me was an Eat it or Yeet it video😂 They would be in even more pain!

  • Noah Sharum
    Noah Sharum5 måneder siden

    When Courtney did the harmonica for the first time send the open into Pokémon for the 3DS

  • Golden
    Golden5 måneder siden

    *Alright son, swing this lightsaber and you'll uncover a secret message!* *8:31*

  • Golden
    Golden5 måneder siden

    *4:21** bro when this guy sneezed I just heard my grandma sneeze in the background XDDDD*

  • Vic Cromwell
    Vic Cromwell5 måneder siden

    Ian: where's Anthony Shayne: are comment section Like really dude I feel that. Love Shayne calling the fans out like that. Actually now would be a good time to say: if you miss Anthony so much fallow his channel. Seirously you can still support Anthony and still be a fan of Smosh Ian and Anthony aren't divorce parents fighting over custody of the children.

    ANDREA MARSHALL5 måneder siden

    I laughed so hard when Courtney hit Shane when Shane hit ian

  • nicholas snyder
    nicholas snyder5 måneder siden

    5:16 I eat shit

  • BeccaJane Bane
    BeccaJane Bane5 måneder siden


  • Basil Mohamed
    Basil Mohamed5 måneder siden

    I’m mentally sad

  • Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member
    Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member5 måneder siden

    Ian got an concussion

  • Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member
    Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member5 måneder siden

    Skullcrusher challenge maybe? Jk

  • PTXCeline
    PTXCeline5 måneder siden

    Shane: You look dumb Courtney: * confused harmonica sounds *