Recreating TikTok Lifehacks BUT BETTER

We see your crazy TikTok hacks, and they're okay... but we can make them BETTER!
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  • Jonah Hansen
    Jonah Hansen2 dager siden

    Shayne:It works ;)

  • Eldritch Lemon
    Eldritch Lemon3 dager siden

    He should have used yhe blow torch in the knife

  • Eskandar Lodin
    Eskandar Lodin3 dager siden

    Waterproof it and shayns is better.

  • Ripper Racer
    Ripper Racer3 dager siden

    Should have blow torch the knife

  • Erin Booth
    Erin Booth4 dager siden

    5:50 when shayne said it’s not a problem who else thought of simplynailogical and troom troom

  • Naruto Man
    Naruto Man4 dager siden

    If only they knew about 2020

  • Braden Price
    Braden Price5 dager siden

    this is probably the reason we were cursed with 2020

    JACK_MOON8 dager siden

    Who else is watching this in 2021

  • Jose David Villanueva
    Jose David Villanueva11 dager siden

    Good thing they said don’t do this because I don’t own a blow torch

  • save tiktok
    save tiktok13 dager siden

    I'm here in 2021 in from the future

  • Mary Seitz
    Mary Seitz13 dager siden

    i want a friend like this

  • iyuhu 69
    iyuhu 6914 dager siden

    I think they geniuses

  • willi just willi
    willi just willi14 dager siden

    its first day of 2021 and i not playing they look exactly like 2 main character from Dick figure the movie

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar15 dager siden

    happy New year

  • Lydia Achab
    Lydia Achab15 dager siden

    “Not if you value your eyes” - I love that

  • Katelyn Scarlett
    Katelyn Scarlett19 dager siden

    damn January 2020.what a better time maybe?

  • Jackson Rump
    Jackson Rump26 dager siden

    Are they always stoned?

  • The PlayBots
    The PlayBotsMåned siden

    Oh no... right before everything went to hell, it all started here with Damiens chaotic neutral chaos

  • daniisaurushax
    daniisaurushaxMåned siden

    If the meal was from last night why is there ice in the sprite? 🤔🤣

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty EmeraldMåned siden

    More Hacks Please

  • Jaiden Gulati
    Jaiden GulatiMåned siden

    "happy new year'' ... thanks guys.

  • Kenothe2ndChannel
    Kenothe2ndChannelMåned siden


  • SaladFish
    SaladFishMåned siden


  • Rodrigo Opazo Iturriaga
    Rodrigo Opazo IturriagaMåned siden

    wow, this is from before

  • Anthony Swinarski
    Anthony Swinarski2 måneder siden

    Why is it legal for Shayne to own a blow torch

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark2 måneder siden

    "i've got a bad case of butter hands" wtf Shayne, you missed the perfect opportunity to say butterfingers

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark2 måneder siden

    i choose the butter one for two reasons, one: butter, 2: ARSON BITCH

  • JONS :D
    JONS :D2 måneder siden

    4:14 the sound made it even more hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Elise Lenertz
    Elise Lenertz2 måneder siden

    Please tell me why this is literally a Smosh out of context video but on the smosh channel-

  • EG Arts
    EG Arts2 måneder siden

    Bro it's captain American and the winter soldier 😎😂

  • Funstorm Kidz
    Funstorm Kidz2 måneder siden

    We need to bring this back

  • Olyvia Perry
    Olyvia Perry2 måneder siden

    Give us more!!!

  • mohammed touseef
    mohammed touseef2 måneder siden

    This episode gave me so much of Beavis and Butthead vibes

  • George Prokopiou
    George Prokopiou2 måneder siden


  • Agus-Van
    Agus-Van2 måneder siden

    AN ARCTIC TERN...someone has been watching whose line

  • Abir
    Abir2 måneder siden

    6:00 the filemanager itself was so mizarble that it tried for a s*cide attepmt

  • Abigail Staples
    Abigail Staples2 måneder siden

    13:54 is great

  • Koji
    Koji2 måneder siden

    dont click read more (; i said dont.

  • my life
    my life2 måneder siden

    what a waste of food

  • Mari Rainbow
    Mari Rainbow3 måneder siden

    We need merch that says "it works, it works, don't worry about it."

  • Chase Medina

    Chase Medina

    2 måneder siden

    Nah we need Wooaaahhhhhh ... Ooops merch

  • GregoryMcCheese
    GregoryMcCheese3 måneder siden

    I sat on a potato and now its gone

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee3 måneder siden

    Damien reminds me of Willy Wonka for some reason

  • MakeupTroll
    MakeupTroll3 måneder siden

    "This is... the worst thing... we've ever made" That salad segment is legit my favorite thing Smosh has ever made

  • Eric Kelliher
    Eric Kelliher3 måneder siden

    Imagine how hopeful they were at the beginning at the year...

  • Ramah Bell
    Ramah Bell3 måneder siden

    “ you won’t ever change! 😊” October 2020 lol everything has changed 😭😭😭

  • Cameron Taylor
    Cameron Taylor3 måneder siden

    🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗🥗salad 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • DQÇtØR
    DQÇtØR3 måneder siden

    Honestly one of the best videos on NOlocal 😂😂

  • DoOmKiTTy 95
    DoOmKiTTy 953 måneder siden

    Sarah sounds so sick of their shit 😂😂😂 I love how chaotic Shayne and Damien are 😂 never change

  • MotleyNerd
    MotleyNerd3 måneder siden

    The last one is why TikTok deserved to be banned

  • Zak Hersi
    Zak Hersi3 måneder siden

    Shane and Damien are Anthony and Ian 2.0

  • Beebye21
    Beebye213 måneder siden

    The best new duo

  • Ayden Hymel
    Ayden Hymel3 måneder siden

    Shaynes high pitched laughs and Damiens little chuckles are so cute

  • Cadence Diep
    Cadence Diep3 måneder siden

    lowkey wanna see them do period life hacks

  • Robert Morson
    Robert Morson3 måneder siden

    I didn't know that Damien was a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  • Casey Carson
    Casey Carson3 måneder siden

    How dare they say happy new year...

  • Epic Nerd40,000
    Epic Nerd40,0003 måneder siden

    I know what you're here for 7:11

  • Clareonox
    Clareonox3 måneder siden


  • Caylen So
    Caylen So3 måneder siden

    Look at that *EVEN DISTRIBUTION*

  • Jessica Trace
    Jessica Trace3 måneder siden

    when shayne dropped the file folder I DIED

  • Vika Yakimov
    Vika Yakimov3 måneder siden

    That happy new year did not age well

  • Jughead Jones
    Jughead Jones3 måneder siden

    Anyone wanna explain why the McDonald’s is a day old?

  • Chase Medina

    Chase Medina

    2 måneder siden

    Cause they got it the day before

  • Jamila Noel
    Jamila Noel3 måneder siden


  • Atticus
    Atticus4 måneder siden

    who remembers back in January when things were ok?

  • Corban Grogan
    Corban Grogan4 måneder siden

    Damien and Shayne videos are the highest tier of Smosh videos

  • Macaroni and Cliches
    Macaroni and Cliches4 måneder siden

    I wonder how they got away with not blurring that

  • Macaroni and Cliches
    Macaroni and Cliches4 måneder siden

    Damien, making no effort to stop Shayne: No, Shayne. Don't do it.

  • Matthew Sas
    Matthew Sas4 måneder siden

    something is very wrong with the two of them

  • Colleen Paige
    Colleen Paige4 måneder siden


  • Jacob Stringham
    Jacob Stringham4 måneder siden

    "WOOOOAAHHH OOOOPS?" Gets me every time

  • Samantha Sosa
    Samantha Sosa4 måneder siden


  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria4 måneder siden

    “Don’t make resolutions” Became more accurate than ever lol

  • YaSa
    YaSa4 måneder siden

    By the time i got hot water the butter is already warm

  • YaSa
    YaSa4 måneder siden

    7:50 or u just put the phone on top of the charging block

  • Ab S
    Ab S4 måneder siden


  • Liam Wilkinson
    Liam Wilkinson4 måneder siden

    Little did they know what 2020 was holding in store for them..

  • Amanda Nachman
    Amanda Nachman4 måneder siden

    burger but wet

  • Sprite Cranberry
    Sprite Cranberry4 måneder siden

    They didn't know what would happen

  • Elissa Kixen
    Elissa Kixen4 måneder siden


  • Jurnee B
    Jurnee B4 måneder siden

    They are truly best friends

  • Neppu Neppu
    Neppu Neppu4 måneder siden

    Shayne got a canon straw full of BREAD to destroy your kingdom

  • camRen Edits
    camRen Edits4 måneder siden


  • Alex Bukalski
    Alex Bukalski4 måneder siden

    When Damian buffered because Shayne tried to straw bread:|

  • - Avierite -
    - Avierite -4 måneder siden

    Shayne: It’s holding, see it’s holding see it’s holdi- Continues to drop the files:

  • TheOnionQueen
    TheOnionQueen4 måneder siden

    🥙 dating hax

  • TheOnionQueen
    TheOnionQueen4 måneder siden

    Not a happy new year in fact

  • willi just willi
    willi just willi4 måneder siden

    i come back again and i serious they look exactly like main characters from Dick Figure movie

  • David Fowler
    David Fowler4 måneder siden

    This u I s the greatest video I’ve ever watched

  • The Fantastic Four
    The Fantastic Four4 måneder siden


  • Nikodem Nowacki
    Nikodem Nowacki4 måneder siden

    Life better-er-ers!

  • PufferINC
    PufferINC4 måneder siden

    Imagine Shayne's witch laugh in your basement, when the lights go out. 7:30

  • No No
    No No4 måneder siden

    0:43 The fools, if only they new...

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator4 måneder siden


  • Josh Gordon-Sharman
    Josh Gordon-Sharman4 måneder siden

    Damien: also happy new year! Me in thought: oh no no no it’s not

  • SparkysBarelyMusic
    SparkysBarelyMusic4 måneder siden


  • Ceaser Zeppeli

    Ceaser Zeppeli

    4 måneder siden


  • Grim Fish
    Grim Fish4 måneder siden

    Little do they know 2020 sux

  • Rosie Giannitto
    Rosie Giannitto4 måneder siden

    Who is here when corona virus 🦠 is here

  • Faith Pham
    Faith Pham4 måneder siden

    Damien and shayne’s quarantine life hacks?

  • Pigs Rul3
    Pigs Rul34 måneder siden


  • Maria Domińczak
    Maria Domińczak4 måneder siden

    That's my new favourite video

  • haidy a. nassef_
    haidy a. nassef_4 måneder siden

    Happy New years. don't make resolutions you'll never change 😅is the best thing I've ever heard