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  • TH3 L3G3ND R3D
    TH3 L3G3ND R3D16 timer siden

    4:43 is ahead of its time

  • Mason Turner
    Mason Turner22 timer siden

    The entire time they were showing everyone sign on the chocoladies side I was just chanting peamupbubber peamupbubber peamupbubber.

  • cooter mc scooter
    cooter mc scooterDag siden

    At 12:55 did Courtney say gimme that nword chocolate. 😂

  • Christian Taylor
    Christian TaylorDag siden

    shayne just looking like young leon from Resident evil he whole time.

  • Shrek
    ShrekDag siden


  • Forest Moon_wolf
    Forest Moon_wolf2 dager siden

    This is like my 100th time watching this video and I’ve realized that Damien and Shayne’s hair is matching style🥺💕💕

  • Tanay Satyawali
    Tanay Satyawali2 dager siden

    When smosh doesn't uploads so you watch old vids

  • tyler balfour
    tyler balfour4 dager siden

    I’ll never tell you Victoria’s Secret

  • Timezoan YT
    Timezoan YT6 dager siden

    8:56 They have mastered earth bending

  • Toxic Comics Studios
    Toxic Comics Studios8 dager siden

    4:43 2020 Election

  • Cryptic Enigma1116
    Cryptic Enigma11168 dager siden

    They lost because they shook with their left hand, it needs to be the right

  • Brian Lavoie
    Brian Lavoie8 dager siden

    Courtney and Sarah's business throw was like Defy Media.

  • Rebecca Roberts
    Rebecca Roberts9 dager siden

    So its shayne vs Courtney right lol

  • Avery Masters
    Avery Masters10 dager siden

    I love how he sees Garett walk in and just yells at him to leave. Years of eat it or yeet it have done things to him.

  • James Gibbs-G
    James Gibbs-G11 dager siden


  • Erika Arriba
    Erika Arriba12 dager siden

    I just realized that Courtney and I are the same in that we both throw/etc. with our non-dominant hand. I do pretty much everything with my left, except write. (Though I can write with my left, but it’s not as nice)

  • TatoTimez
    TatoTimez23 dager siden

    the chaos energy-

  • Adrian E
    Adrian E24 dager siden

    Shane telling Garret to get out of here made me cry laugh oh my god

  • Callee King
    Callee King24 dager siden

    This is about my 15th time watching this video and I have never noticed the tape on Shaynes sleeve...

  • Truman Sawyer
    Truman Sawyer24 dager siden

    I wish I could have Reese’s

  • Truman Sawyer

    Truman Sawyer

    7 dager siden

    @George Doty-Williams peanut problems

  • George Doty-Williams

    George Doty-Williams

    11 dager siden

    They don't sell them in your country?? Or do you have glucose problems?

  • desdemona l
    desdemona l27 dager siden

    12:59 shayne sarah friendship

  • Zach Knight
    Zach Knight28 dager siden

    This is the best video on the internet

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney Mitrecic29 dager siden

    Nancy is fluffing beautiful

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney Mitrecic29 dager siden

    I just want to give Damien a hug. Damien flare is being a wonderful human. Have a great day everyone!

  • Tony Minner
    Tony MinnerMåned siden


  • Zidan Khan
    Zidan KhanMåned siden

    Shayne: I demand a recount He predicted 2020 election

  • Bryce Strife
    Bryce StrifeMåned siden

    I love EVERY one of you guys! You help me be happy EVERY day!

  • Tifalope867
    Tifalope867Måned siden

    Wait hold up im the same as courtney - write lefty, athlete righty 😂

  • weakgamer_13
    weakgamer_13Måned siden

    16:29 that's cute asf

  • presshand stand348
    presshand stand348Måned siden

    Nobody: Courtney: “having a stain on her shirt:

  • Kiernan Henry
    Kiernan HenryMåned siden

    I'm the same as Courtney, write left-handed but athletics is right-handed. Idk why

    DAWN’S PROGRAMMåned siden

    I love that the boys were more happy that damien made the shot than the fact that they won

  • Eduardo Bone
    Eduardo BoneMåned siden

    4:41 Well, that didn't age well

  • Sean Meade
    Sean MeadeMåned siden

    My ad is a bored af episode

  • Taariq Saadiq
    Taariq SaadiqMåned siden

    15:55 Corner taken quickly...Origi!

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty EmeraldMåned siden

    Wow I didn't know _The Hersey's Co._ sponsors NOlocalr/ individuals

  • Amins Eldirawi
    Amins EldirawiMåned siden

    Tommy’s pep talks: 11:24 13:49 in case ur feeling down

  • Elvia Lopez
    Elvia LopezMåned siden

    Tommy looking like Diego Luna

  • Erika Arriba

    Erika Arriba

    12 dager siden

    I adore both of them so much

  • bekahme95
    bekahme95Måned siden

    Little did they know when they made, it would inspire soooo manyyy quotes

  • spinster
    spinsterMåned siden

    This was the episode that made me fall in love with Tommy, platonically.

  • Joshua
    JoshuaMåned siden

    courtney killing it in them yoga pants

  • Jesus
    JesusMåned siden

    Not a fan of Sarah

  • Charlie's sunshine factory
    Charlie's sunshine factoryMåned siden

    I was watching this and the music at the end was SO FAMILIAR to me, si i listened to it a couple times just to realize that its the instrumental of the Croatian national anthem lol

  • Jeskid14
    Jeskid14Måned siden

    this popped up in my recommendations. this is the last time we see the behind the scenes crew, right?

  • Charlene Cain
    Charlene CainMåned siden

    4:42 the 2020 election 😂

  • Jung Soo Park
    Jung Soo Park2 måneder siden

    I was genuinely happy at 14:30 some Shamien huggzy

  • Camryn Plemons
    Camryn Plemons2 måneder siden

    "I'm gonna go poop poop no no" gets me every single time, and I have no idea why

  • Kira Bonde
    Kira Bonde2 måneder siden

    Wait isn’t shayne allergic to peanuts?

  • albe yoacham
    albe yoacham2 måneder siden

    Shayne:"I DEMAND A RECOUNT!" Me: He kinda sound like someone in america, someone who isnt dressed in orange but his skin in suuper orange

  • Sayli Smile
    Sayli Smile2 måneder siden

    Courtney probably has stereoscopic vision problem because of her iris coloboma

  • Sayli Smile

    Sayli Smile

    2 måneder siden

    @Rianne Chávez it is not me who says it it is known in the literature it is quite simply an internal astigmatism as in the case of cataracts or macular pathologies

  • Rianne Chávez

    Rianne Chávez

    2 måneder siden

    @Sayli Smile Astigmatism makes sense for a lens or lid coloboma, but how could an iris coloboma cause it? A uveal hole wouldn't cause a misshapen lens.

  • Sayli Smile

    Sayli Smile

    2 måneder siden

    Don’t agree ! iris coloboma in addition to photophobia can cause astigmatism which can go up to 4 diopters

  • Rianne Chávez

    Rianne Chávez

    2 måneder siden

    Iris colobomas may cause photophobia, but rarely lead to visual impairment.

  • Katarina Milly
    Katarina Milly2 måneder siden

    hahaa croatian anthem playing in the backround

  • Hannah Jo Smithheart
    Hannah Jo Smithheart2 måneder siden

    This video is pure gold

  • AmBerger
    AmBerger2 måneder siden

    Who’s here listening to Shayne demanding a recount after the election 😂

  • TylerLeft
    TylerLeft2 måneder siden

    "I DEMAND A RECOUNT" does not age well

  • Adam Iskandar
    Adam Iskandar2 måneder siden

    i feels so bad for the 8 tht supported the chocoladys. mistakes were made.

  • Morrisa Henley
    Morrisa Henley2 måneder siden

    off topic... i wish my waist was small enough to put a headband on it.. Love these people though.

  • Joseph Rafiq
    Joseph Rafiq2 måneder siden

    Woo-aaah peamupbubber, it's tiiiime fooor cleeeeeeaning wooooooaaahhh ooooooooops

  • Terry Fries
    Terry Fries2 måneder siden

    Is it bad that I’m watching a resses video eating Twix

  • Miner0521 !
    Miner0521 !2 måneder siden

    I’m the same as Courtney I write left handed but I pitch and hit baseball right handed and shoot basketball right handed but I eat left handed

    DK GAMES2 måneder siden

    no one beats shane in anything

  • Matt Kong
    Matt Kong2 måneder siden

    Damien is the most supportive person here and Shayne’s strategy is just to demotivate.

  • Fabian Santos
    Fabian Santos2 måneder siden

    I can't believe how such a purposely blatantly sponsored video is so entertaining.

  • Samantha Nealy
    Samantha Nealy2 måneder siden

    Anyone else think all the crew members picked Sarah's team cuz she's their boss?? 🤔 Sorry ladies but I'm team PEAMUPBUBBER!!!!! 😘

  • Fay Nemesi
    Fay Nemesi3 måneder siden

    Have Courtney fricken Miller and boneless compete

  • Adam Campbell
    Adam Campbell3 måneder siden

    Nancy making everyone's day

  • hollirichards
    hollirichards3 måneder siden

    Bounces COUNT Tommy! Dang

  • Eleah Leng
    Eleah Leng3 måneder siden

    *is watching a video about Reese’s* *gets an ad for KitKat*

  • Jaja Buskin
    Jaja Buskin3 måneder siden

    Reese's are my fav candy. :D subscribe people

  • Kate Sullivan
    Kate Sullivan3 måneder siden

    The awkward movement when you get a KitKat ad when your watching a Reeces sponsored video

  • David Medina
    David Medina3 måneder siden

    Imagine Split, but starring Shayne and his characters

  • squasha 000
    squasha 0003 måneder siden

    shayne and damien are such true friends its really great

  • Nazri Azman
    Nazri Azman3 måneder siden

    MVP of the game!!! Shayne dude!! Epic throw!!

  • Dovah Dave
    Dovah Dave3 måneder siden

    For some reason I get the sense this video was sponsored

  • willfire official
    willfire official3 måneder siden

    I misspled "PEANUT HUMPER"

  • Pasqua Ninna
    Pasqua Ninna3 måneder siden

    I'm in!

  • RagFire Antunes
    RagFire Antunes3 måneder siden

    guys i think reese's sponsored this video

  • Dan Holder
    Dan Holder3 måneder siden

    One is for Peamub bubber Two for Tuba 3 for houuseeeee

  • Shelia Lopez
    Shelia Lopez3 måneder siden

    They should do this again but have a punishment at the end

  • Jon Carver
    Jon Carver3 måneder siden

    Go back to jumanji sarah

  • Hands_Up _Im_Happy
    Hands_Up _Im_Happy3 måneder siden

    Shane's elbow on the last throw was totally over the table. But gg

  • Kermitthefwog 098
    Kermitthefwog 0983 måneder siden

    i love how nobody believed in shayne but look now

  • Alex Pott
    Alex Pott3 måneder siden

    Nancy is a G for that

  • saraitave
    saraitave3 måneder siden

    Oh my god Courtney is left handed! Meeee tooooo. I’m also left hand dominate but use my right hand for everything else

  • Tien Shinhan
    Tien Shinhan3 måneder siden

    Shayne Midorima'd it!

  • Noor Nash785
    Noor Nash7853 måneder siden

    Bro I saw too much orange in this video,my blue carpet turned orange

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose3 måneder siden


  • CEM MacCheyne
    CEM MacCheyne3 måneder siden

    What I would've done for the business ladies was scream mossletoph while throwing

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A3 måneder siden

    16:40 Shayne has the biggest 2020 mood

  • The Kombat Panda Show
    The Kombat Panda Show3 måneder siden

    Damien seemed so down watching Shayne eat the chocolate. He just wants a piece. Love you man. Also would love to see Shayne and Damien do a gta video on twitch sometime. Would love a chance to game with you guys. Not expecting or trying to get in a video just think ya’ll would be fun to game with.

  • Pasqua Ninna
    Pasqua Ninna3 måneder siden


  • Pasqua Ninna
    Pasqua Ninna3 måneder siden


  • Shadow Rizzy
    Shadow Rizzy3 måneder siden

    Shayne was hilarious in this video

  • Curtis Rich
    Curtis Rich3 måneder siden

    Boop boop, no no

  • Bailey Eilers
    Bailey Eilers3 måneder siden

    I really wanted Damien to jump into Shayne’s arm at some point

  • Robin Ibañez
    Robin Ibañez3 måneder siden

    You can tell who has played the most beer pong

  • falcon75
    falcon753 måneder siden

    I think baman and piderman who have something to say about that team name XD

    HACK ARC3 måneder siden

    9:37 hear Damian saying "Diamond" In japanese anime accent😂

  • Swayzo Crazo
    Swayzo Crazo3 måneder siden

    Anime video games lmao

    ABDUL HADHI3 måneder siden

    This is funnier than try not to laugh.

  • harry's heart shaped glasses
    harry's heart shaped glasses3 måneder siden

    Nancy is so pretty ☺🥺😂