Referees Are A DISGRACE. | Spurs 1-3 Manchester United | Post-Match Review


Highlights of Paddock FC's first game in our league cup competition are ready to watch now. See why I got sent off on the touchline 🤬

Manchester United have beaten Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 in the Premier League today. A BIG win against Jose Mourinho's Spurs side. Fred, Edinson Cavani and Mason Greenwood got on the scoresheet for United. Let me know what you thought of the game in the comments.
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  • Slice of Life
    Slice of LifeMåned siden

    I'd love to believe we can catch City, but our remaining fixtures are proper shit, some real difficult teams left

  • Brian Walsh
    Brian WalshMåned siden

    Hope you’re doing alright pal 👍🏼

  • Bernaccian
    BernaccianMåned siden

    Cavani's goal was one of Denis Laws trademarks, we used to see week in week out, the other being the Bicycle kick.

  • Fras77
    Fras77Måned siden

    Hope everything is all right with you Howson!

  • beefybreaker
    beefybreakerMåned siden

    What a rediculous point , the difference between level 14 and prem is consistency , whoever said that needs their head checking

  • Faizal Kassim
    Faizal KassimMåned siden

    DEAN HENDERSON IN PREMIER LEAGUE - PL 8, W7, DR1, L0 |||||||| DAVID DE GEA PL 24, W 12, L4, DR 8

  • Sian Knowles
    Sian KnowlesMåned siden

    years ago we where promised that ex footballers would be trained and used as refs instead we have postmen and pe teachers ,go figure

  • Atharv Damle
    Atharv DamleMåned siden

    Love your content, Steph! Keep doing the good work! Also what a fkn result mate..

  • Bandit Baker
    Bandit BakerMåned siden

    It's not VAR that is at fault it's the numpties that are applying the decisions, it's as if there is now a rule that if anyone is touched in the face (and roles around like a soft tart) it's a foul. How anyone can look at the slight contact on Son's face and think that it was a foul is beyond me. Son should have been Red Carded for Simulation! End of!!! PS Jesse the best performance from a United player this weekend?????

  • Suman Chhetri
    Suman ChhetriMåned siden

    VAR damn

  • Zantana Ibrahim
    Zantana IbrahimMåned siden

    Scott committed a similar foul against Newcastle at home on Matthew Longstaff last season when we won 4-1 on Boxing Day. The “foul” led to a goal, and when the ref checked it he gave us the goal. What’s the point with VAR if you’re going to make a different decision on the EXACT same “foul” every single game smh

  • Ciaran Pollard
    Ciaran PollardMåned siden

    You’re right we haven’t lost against the current top six in the premier league.

  • dave evans
    dave evansMåned siden

    VAR was supposed to eliminate the clear and obvious errors that happened on rare occasions. In most games, VAR should not play any part.

    CHOCCY BARRMåned siden


  • Paul Haydon
    Paul HaydonMåned siden

    Ste let the diamond obsession go 😂😂😂 Great video though, really good analysis.

  • Paul C
    Paul CMåned siden

    Surely there was enough time between Scott poking son in the eye and the goal for spurs to get a tackle in and therefore the goal should stand

  • Rav Hirani
    Rav HiraniMåned siden

    Cavani this good at 34. Imagine if we got him at 24 jheez. Hope he stays one more year to experience fans in the stadium

  • Ger
    GerMåned siden

    If we weren't so attached to this club, and we looked at it as an observer, we would ask why the fook we don't have an electric number 7. The history of this club shows it is when we are at our best and you don't need to go to the scrolls to see it. Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo. This board need to get the finger out this summer.

  • Cult of Melkor
    Cult of MelkorMåned siden

    I can't be bothered to watch anymore until VAR is either stripped back to what it should of been, just for Maradona type incidents or just got rid of. Every match seems to be spoiled in some way by it

  • Gene Jen
    Gene JenMåned siden

    disregard the foul or Son's reaction, the referee is incompetent at this job at best.

  • Socceryusuf


    Måned siden

    Son dived but that's fine, it's that the red didnt see that he dived

  • Hunter
    HunterMåned siden

    This whole VAR bs is nonsense. What exactly is the limit for calling a foul on buildup play? I mean, should we start going back 1 min? 2? 5 passes? 10? Did he hit the guy on the face? Yes. What if he hit his shoulder? Is it a goal then? I mean this crap is getting so tired. The PL needs to revisit this whole VAR concept and put some limitations on it before it gets completely insane.

  • TheSoulTwins
    TheSoulTwinsMåned siden

    I hate to be one of those 'It wasn't like this in my day' types - but I have to say that the constant diving, falling down and rolling around like you have been shot etc is one of the most disgusting and disgraceful aspects of the modern game. If you ever watch matches from the 50's to the 80's [and even the 90's] you never ever see these kinds of dreadful behaviours. Essentially what Son did yesterday is CHEATING - so why don't referees and the Football governing bodies do something about it? I have total respect for Ole [and Roy Keane] for calling these CHEATING bastards out! They are ruining the game and perhaps football needs to take a good hard look at itself when fellow 'professional' [now there's an oxymoron!] footballers and managers not only condone but actually encourage these shameful practices. In fact, football needs to look at other sports [especially Rugby Union] to see how the actions of errant players is dealt with. And ironically how much respect Rugby players have for the officials and their decision-making during the game. The behaviour of players like Neymar and now Son thoroughly sicken me - they are obscenely over-paid for what they do but they are role-models to millions of kids. Isn't it about time they were forced to act responsibly and with some semblance of decency?

  • Joshua Budi
    Joshua BudiMåned siden

    United fan here. To be fair, Bruno went down and rolled all over the ground to win a lucky penalty against Granada last Thursday. You have got to be OK with that goal disallowed

  • Kevin Hunter

    Kevin Hunter

    Måned siden

    It would be naive to think that it doesn’t happen. However, the problem I had with yesterday (whether the decision was right or wrong) was that clearly Son was only touched by a fingertip yet he stayed down for at least three mins and needed medical treatment. That’s just embarrassing.

  • momaraziz
    momarazizMåned siden

    I get what Ole was trying to say but it came out a bit strange. Mourinho reacted because he needs to blame someone. He blamed his players last week. Needs someone else to shift the blame to for more dropped points.

  • Alan Koh
    Alan KohMåned siden

    Jose tried to talk about Ole’s comments on Son to avoid attention on his poor team management. Pathetic Failure. Past it. Bye bye, the Toxic One.

  • Nenad Radosavljević
    Nenad RadosavljevićMåned siden

    Ste is pretty. New trim makes him look 10 years younger. Being sober help as well.

  • Ishraq Qureshi
    Ishraq QureshiMåned siden

    Fred makes me question reality

  • Charles kwesi
    Charles kwesiMåned siden

    That build up play from bruno and fred is what we need to keep on doing to these sort of teams who make things difficult to break down

  • cyberman
    cybermanMåned siden

    Camavinga and Sancho in the summer would be so fudging awesome!!!

  • cyberman
    cybermanMåned siden

    If we win next week against Burnley, then we would have played the same amount of games as City. If both teams then have the same results in the next five games (5 wins for United, 3 wins and 2 losses for City) we would be two points behind City with one game left to play. How fun would that be?

  • Ace Sæntana
    Ace SæntanaMåned siden

    If you didn’t watch the game you can’t question ole as a coach in the second half the tatics were spot on

  • Hrishiraj Rabha
    Hrishiraj RabhaMåned siden

    I say this again Mason Greenwood is best United player after Paul Pogba. Imagine it was Rashford instead of Mason for the assist to Cavani. What Rashy would have done, taken a touch or two, tried to go past the player and on most occassion run onto the defender. And the goal, I don't think Rashford has the composure and touch of Mason even if he is 3-4 seasons pro.

  • Tanvir Islam

    Tanvir Islam

    Måned siden

    Disagree, Rashford is the better player. Mason is a better finisher. Mason has the potential however to be the better player.

  • cyberman
    cybermanMåned siden

    To be fair, I think Fred have only taken one or two of those long shots from outside the box this season. And they have been the correct choice, and on target. I think he's learned not to take a ridiculous amount of poor shots. That was last season (before Bruno mostly).

  • Eddie Mcquitty
    Eddie McquittyMåned siden

    Pogbas best match in a utd shirt.

    LARNXMåned siden

    Cavani might be the only player in our squad who knows how to properly head the ball (attacking wise), huge for us. Also did enjoy Henderson being proactive coming off his line quickly to clean things up. Pogba was just bullying some of those guys, great to see

  • Shega69


    Måned siden

    @Justin Butera that was against Brighton

  • Justin Butera

    Justin Butera

    Måned siden

    Mason had a great one against Granada

  • Dylan Sahajpal
    Dylan SahajpalMåned siden

    hope you’re feeling alright ste❤️

  • Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjamin
    Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjaminMåned siden

    Hope everything will work out for you Ste!!🙌🏽❤️

  • John Hemingway
    John HemingwayMåned siden

    Post match managers comments are mint 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bryn Gefferies
    Bryn GefferiesMåned siden

    Why are we always compensating for Harry 'Potter' Maguire 'The Fake Captain'? When he's a 80M, 100kg 15st 10.5lb Joker who can't Run! Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable' Man Utd type. Maguire & Lindelof are the worst defensive due at Man Utd for 35 years! So Yes, Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M or Koulibaly & Konate 80M. That would be Excellent Business!

  • Bryn Gefferies

    Bryn Gefferies

    Måned siden

    @omgwerockhard The feeling is With this defence WamBa, Bailly, Smalling & Shaw, 4 defenders who can defend, we would have given Man City a excellent run for the title but instead we are 12 points down than where we should be. Those semi finals, quarter final and group Stage we would have won them. We would have put that defence against any opposition out there and come out on top. We would have been possibly the top team in Europe with Pace, Power & Good Organisation. They are Man Utd type and better than Man City. The Oppositions out there must be laughing at us Right Now, that we allowed this to happen. A Missed Opportunity at present! The way we've treated Smalling was 'Criminal' and we are still paying the price up to this day. Ole & Fans owe him an Apology. Bring Back Chris Smalling 'The Real Captain' there's still 3+ years at the top, if not Konate would be an improved replacement!

  • omgwerockhard


    Måned siden

    Make 21 year old clones of vidic and ferdinand and play them :) need a faster partner with one of em. Its such a shame bailly is injury prone

  • Bryn Gefferies
    Bryn GefferiesMåned siden

    Steve, Your observation are better when you show your Graphics & Stats, otherwise leave it till you are more prepared, Cheers!

  • Sam C
    Sam CMåned siden

    Interesting point about Kane & Haalands styles of play and who they’d suit more

  • Darragh Burke
    Darragh BurkeMåned siden

    So, 21 is still coming 👀

  • thomla
    thomlaMåned siden

    The weird comment from Ole about Son not getting any food if it was his son can possibly be explained by a cultural way of speaking from Norwegian. It’s no ill intent, but a way to underline what you thought of it. Jose didn’t like it though and weirdly brought up a Portuguese saying arguing you should always feed you children. Kind of funny how these small cultural difference can create drama lol.

  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan ForbesMåned siden

    I think English refs need better training, they seem so unprofessional and political at times

  • Ant
    AntMåned siden

    From day one VAR was always going to ruin football and yet the absolute bellends who call them themselves pundits all supported it because they aren't fans and don't understand what the game means to us! All the emotion we used to go through when a goal went in is now gone because they can look at it for 5 minutes trying to find a way to disallow it. By the time the goal is allowed that adrenaline has calmed right down. VAR is a fucking joke and I'm done with football until something changes. Game ruined!

  • Rurkov [Atanamir Official]
    Rurkov [Atanamir Official]Måned siden

    Pogba for me he showed plays much better on LW or RCM than DM

  • Rurkov [Atanamir Official]
    Rurkov [Atanamir Official]Måned siden

    Well played lads showed character again refereeing was a laugh Son wasnt even near the ball, zero chance for recovery ref he is taking goal back cmon seriously

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark JacksonMåned siden

    Apparently, it's a common saying / threat in Norway that your kids go hungry if they do something wrong.

  • henrik kjølstad

    henrik kjølstad

    Måned siden

    Fuck no🇳🇴

  • Omo
    OmoMåned siden

    if we get a proper DM in the summer there's no reason why we can't play Pogba and Bruno as 2 advanced 8's like the way Pep used to with KDB and Silva. Just can't be done with either Fred or McTominay.

  • Thomas Gundersen

    Thomas Gundersen

    Måned siden

    Think Pogba works superb where he played today as well.

  • kkkarim
    kkkarimMåned siden

    Best game in a while, mentality is strong!!

  • david thomas
    david thomasMåned siden

    Honestly felt it for the lads when spurs scored, wasn't anybodys fault !

  • S G
    S GMåned siden

    If they want referees to be good, they really need to mic them up like they do in rugby. Creates accountability which will always improve standards. There's just too much protection of them now and the respect campaign was a joke. You earn respect it isn't given.

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    @S G you would think so right? I honestly don't know what the issue is. It's a job like any other surely. You need to work hard and be the best you possibly can at it if you have any self-respect.

  • S G

    S G

    Måned siden

    @Ant El ay but bringing them up to the standards of other sports surely doesn't go against anything a union stands for?

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    The referees union is ridiculously strong unfortunately. The FA are scared to touch them now. Remember when Stuart Attwell got demoted to League Two because of a string of horrendous performances? Nine or 10 years ago I think now. The referees union threatened the FA to withdraw ALL of their referees from every Premier league game if they didn't reinstate him within a season. It's a fucking joke.

  • Jake Driver
    Jake DriverMåned siden

    Tell you what, It isn't said enough but Ole's half time team talks are fucking mint. Not sure what he says to the lads but we came out in the second like an almost entirely different team.



    Måned siden

    @Ameya Gokhale brings a whole new meaning to the: Baby Faced Assassin name

  • Ameya Gokhale

    Ameya Gokhale

    Måned siden

    He gives them the hairdryer... For sure. You've heard it from Bruno and Scot, behind closed doors he will yell his top off

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    He plays the Rocky theme tune and dances around the dressing room throwing punches at the players! Lol.

  • managementrebel2
    managementrebel2Måned siden

    if that was a foul on son, the play before was a foul on rashford which was in the box. So glad we could pull off the win even when the calls were against us! C'mon United!!

  • Cen_tah_ree
    Cen_tah_reeMåned siden

    How did stev not remember that glorious cross on cavani's header .

  • G Jones
    G JonesMåned siden

    Some of the passing combinations were unreal today. Where has that been for most of this season???

  • J • Prod

    J • Prod

    Måned siden

    we only do it in spurts which i don’t get, it’s like ole instructs then to do it but they only do it sometimes

  • Keith Stitt
    Keith StittMåned siden

    Referees. Professional football needs to look at rugby and other sports. Clear communication and direct response to infractions using technology and communication with team captains. Football at grassroots and lower league levels needs supporters to learn the rules before criticising referees. Who would be a referee? People who love football but had to give up playing for various reasons and still want to be involved in the game.

  • Sinyama Dudu Mundia
    Sinyama Dudu MundiaMåned siden

    Nice haircut

  • Jimmy Jammy
    Jimmy JammyMåned siden

    Ole said it best. With calls like that, football is, "Gone."

  • jordan clayton
    jordan claytonMåned siden

    Jesse would be perfect for games against teams with high lines. Keep

  • Alvin Anis

    Alvin Anis

    Måned siden

    No sell, will get good money from him and it's better for his career that way.

  • Brian Pedron
    Brian PedronMåned siden

    Ste but Pogba slows things down when he plays in pivot.

  • Sebastian Lindell
    Sebastian LindellMåned siden

    Out of the current top 8 United have only lost 1 game in the league, and rivals say united are shit in big games, Nice one😃🤣

  • Thomas Gundersen

    Thomas Gundersen

    Måned siden

    Another interesting note is that we lost 3 out of our 6 first PL games - No pre season no fitness. After that we lost one. Home to Sheffield United when we got robbed.

  • Keith Stitt
    Keith StittMåned siden

    Team played with real grit and determination. Enjoyable match, some great interchanges of play and great goals. Scott shielding the ball, never a freekick. Disappointing behaviour by Son. Var has to be better.

  • andy ashworth
    andy ashworthMåned siden

    Fresh trim

  • Brian Pedron
    Brian PedronMåned siden

    Ince bitter as usual.

  • Utd4ever Podcasts
    Utd4ever PodcastsMåned siden

    5 words to my good friend Ste Howson: Class, class and fookin class!💪👏🍻🍻🍻🍻

  • RicardoLuke
    RicardoLukeMåned siden

    Pogbas half a foot taller than aurier. Little bastard face is elbow height for Paul.

  • ChrisLEE Masango
    ChrisLEE MasangoMåned siden

    Rashford gets fouled not given, Son dives like Lamela foul given and Cavani goal is cancelled... Spurs know how to con refs. Mourinho is just sour cause Pogba put in a high class performance.... Mason was exceptional tonight.

  • ChrisLEE Masango

    ChrisLEE Masango

    Måned siden

    @Simon Bennett True dat.

  • Simon Bennett

    Simon Bennett

    Måned siden

    +ChrisLEE Masango Don’t forget Martial getting sent off and Lamela not during the 6-1!

  • Alan Koh

    Alan Koh

    Måned siden

    Jose sack in the morning

  • Aldo Gjipali

    Aldo Gjipali

    Måned siden

    Yeah Mourinho had such an amazing player and done fuck all with him. People say Pogba hasn't been consistently good at United for 4 years. That is simply wrong and a big reason why people think that is that Pogba was injured for a whole season with Ole. Other than that he has been consistently great.

  • king mansa
    king mansaMåned siden

    😂😂😂 I loved how paul was fucking with sissoko.....he had a field day in those last minutes

  • Tetea Khiangte

    Tetea Khiangte

    Måned siden

    Mans was toying with Sissoko and Aurier😂😂 he's too good on the ball

  • Jason Fonseca
    Jason FonsecaMåned siden

    100% agree with Howson, at this moment there is confidence United can come back when behind, opposite to Van Gaal or Mourinho' s days

  • Ilir United
    Ilir UnitedMåned siden


  • Socceryusuf


    Måned siden

    Sonaldo DiCaprio

  • omgwerockhard


    Måned siden

    @Tendai Matambanadzo I heard Son got the new leading role as captain jack sparrow in the new pirates movie xD

  • Tendai Matambanadzo

    Tendai Matambanadzo

    Måned siden

    Var looked at it because Spurs players were baying for blood as Son was doing an Oscar winning performance of writhing in agony.Shameful!

  • Steven Kilgariff
    Steven KilgariffMåned siden

    You would off loved it Ste cavani can be seen saying faster get it in faster Greenwood s next cross was first touch quick in to the area cavani goal 😱😱😱 a thing off beauty especially after hearing rio and everyone saying he’s took him under his wing I tell theeeee hope your good thanks for all the content UTP

  • Александр Шепило
    Александр ШепилоMåned siden

    Lingard was loaned as a part of a plan, so WHU would take points from MUs top 4 competitors.

  • Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson

    Måned siden

    @Natal Kumar that sounds like a good idea mate

  • Zantana Ibrahim

    Zantana Ibrahim

    Måned siden

    Strategy 100

  • Natal Kumar

    Natal Kumar

    Måned siden

    True ,but we should agree to a loan move for Thomas Sucek and Lingaard and Garner . Garner and Lingaard should be loaned out for Sucek where our player is developed by them .

  • Ishraq Qureshi

    Ishraq Qureshi

    Måned siden

    What Chelsea did with Lukaku a couple years ago

  • cyberman


    Måned siden

    Pure genious!!!

  • Finn Horner
    Finn HornerMåned siden

    4-1 definitely should of been

  • Cian O' Sullivan
    Cian O' SullivanMåned siden

    Hope your alright Stephen

  • Shane Mcclean
    Shane MccleanMåned siden

    Team is almost reminiscent of oles attitude as a player , epitomised never giving up and to keep going and not knowing when your beat

  • Har Gusain

    Har Gusain

    Måned siden

    A proper response, showed why we are second. Trust the process.

  • Jay&Joe’sAdoptedSonBenjamin


    Måned siden

    I know right! Its great to see and in my opinion people are so blind if you dont see the progress Ole actually makes in our team

  • Devil red 7
    Devil red 7Måned siden

    Literally just put Andy Tate on stetford paddock saying 21 is on 🤣🤣 absolute donkey ffs

  • king mansa

    king mansa

    Måned siden

    😂😂😂😂💀 Andy is just passionate mate....he exaggerates sometimes

  • Ingo Du
    Ingo DuMåned siden

    Massiv win Great

  • Shubham Salunke
    Shubham SalunkeMåned siden

    Stev thank you for teaching me about football. I learnt a lot.

  • S G

    S G

    Måned siden

    @Cacaroach 18 ok so you must be one of them people that struggles to listen to others.

  • Cacaroach 18

    Cacaroach 18

    Måned siden

    So what has he taught you tactically? He just reads off statistics

  • S G

    S G

    Måned siden

    He simplifies it so well. Makes him sound more informed than most pundits which he probably is to be fair, he reads a hell of a lot.

  • Derek Hart

    Derek Hart

    Måned siden

    Big up Stev

  • om mk

    om mk

    Måned siden

    He's good isn't he? Not always right, yeah he gets things wrong. But he is an amateur that has decided rather than just spring uninformed opinions, has a go himself, learns and researches... better analysis for it. I get that Steve's personality winds people up sometimes but that's just how he is. Very passionate guy.

  • dogcatdogable
    dogcatdogableMåned siden

    The frustration with that decision isn’t just that it took away a beautifully worked goal, but that it sets a dangerous precedent. In 5-10 years players will be going down for feeling another player’s breath on their skin. Why did we bring in a simulation rule if refs are never going to seriously consider it? Son and Lamela have both conned refs against us this season with pathetic dives and they will continue to be empowered to do so as long as refs let them.

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    Honestly I never understood what was wrong with the clear system of Intent and Advantage. Was there intent in the challenge/foul/unsporting conduct? Did the player or team as a whole benefit from said offense? Pretty simple really. Easy for the dimwit refs to understand too and helped to highlight who the really poor refs actually were, as they didn't have a convenient scapegoat.

  • Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson

    Måned siden

    Spot on mate. VAR on goal situations needs to be adjusted to quickly checking on offside, handball did the ball cross the goal line. That’s it! No going back through the complete play like some kind of statistician. Completely slowing down and ruining the game

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    Well said. I've been saying it for a while now. I believe a big part of the problem lays with Klopps dig at the refs about how many penalties we have been awarded. They are now desperately going the other way with decisions in a failed attempt to appear fair and unbiased. Our referees are some of the worst in world football quite frankly, because they have very little to answer to in terms of authority and their union is rather strong.

  • Jimmy Jammy

    Jimmy Jammy

    Måned siden

    Son now joins Lamela as top class dirty players.

  • Guarin Magowan
    Guarin MagowanMåned siden

    Fred, Pogba, Cavani, Shaw, Henderson, Greenwood 😘

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    @Aldo Gjipali McTominay has potential, but im unsure if it will be enough to ever see him as a regular first team starter. More likely he will be another Nicky Butt.

  • GH


    Måned siden


  • Aldo Gjipali

    Aldo Gjipali

    Måned siden

    @Ant El i do think he needs replacing too. Tbf for whatever reason i have hope for Mctominay.

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    @Aldo Gjipali no I'm not disagreeing that point. He does work his arse off and I have given him a lot of credit for that for a long time now. But I just can't get past the fact that neither him nor McTominay are quote good enough to play that cdm role. Especially not alone. And that is stunting our attacking prowess.

  • Aldo Gjipali

    Aldo Gjipali

    Måned siden

    @Ant El the thing is I didn't think he did much wrong today apart from getting a bad booking. And that wasn't the only things he did right. As always he was very energetic and was popping up everywhere and he recovered the ball a few times. At the end of the day his main role is to be an interceptor and he did that well today. Of course its a matter of opinions too.

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr KiplingMåned siden

    Days going better now!!!

  • Brian O'Doherty
    Brian O'DohertyMåned siden

    Allo Allo...

  • Ant El
    Ant ElMåned siden

    Haaland, Saint-Maximin or Neto, Neves and Kounde. That for me would be a brilliant summer and put us firmly in the challenge for the title next season.

  • Thomas Gundersen

    Thomas Gundersen

    Måned siden

    If Pogba wants to stay and if we somehow could get him to play 80 % of the games instead of 50 % he should without a doubt be our priority (re) signing.

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    @andy ashworth I totally get what you are saying, but don't forget he would be the difference between having a proper right winger and having none at all. Which is, really, what we've had for the last 7 years now. I think Martial is done and I can't see Cavani staying on, so it looks like Greenwood will be taking up the number 9 position, unless we bring someone else in. I dont trust James as anything more than a bit part, bench player. Money being no object, id prefer Sancho or Chiesa on the right. But I think we are gonna be shopping in Aldi rather than Harrods this summer.

  • andy ashworth

    andy ashworth

    Måned siden

    @Ant El I agree with everything you said tbh. But when looking at attacking options it has to be ‘is this player going to make a difference in taking us from (hopefully) 2nd, to seriously challenging for the prem’, and for Saint-Maximin I personally don’t see the answer being yes. If it happens and I’m proved wrong great, but currently not convinced.

  • Ant El

    Ant El

    Måned siden

    @andy ashworth no I'm not. He's a damn underrated player who would shine in a better team quite frankly. Have a real good look at his performance today if you aint aware of his qualities. He's fast, great skill on the ball, can beat a man and can score goals. With budget in mind, he would be a good option. We have to be realistic here. I'd be shocked if the Glazers sanction 100 million in transfers this summer, let alone the 300+ million it would take to bring in Haaland, Sancho, Niguez and Kounde! P.s. don't even fucking mention Rice! A) West Ham want at least 70 million for him. B) He's worth about 35 million tops. C) There are better players out there with more experience for less money.

  • andy ashworth

    andy ashworth

    Måned siden

    Saint-Maximin are you high

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter HelmoreMåned siden

    var is ruining the game >>>>>>>>>you can't have arguments with your friends !!!!!!!!!!

  • xEB7 20x
    xEB7 20xMåned siden

    Son is a diving twat lost all respect for him