Replay: The first 2020 presidential debate on CNN

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face off in the first general election presidential debate of 2020 from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
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  • TheeHype
    TheeHype2 timer siden

    it feels like joe is actually talking to us he really ask how do we think were trump is giving reason after reason and just assume what we want/need

  • m a x w e l l b r o w n
    m a x w e l l b r o w n3 timer siden


  • No_discussion___
    No_discussion___6 timer siden

    Here’s the deal

  • cynnelle
    cynnelle6 timer siden

    Show, that is what America likes...they vote for the best showman

  • jackie evans
    jackie evans14 timer siden

    Open discussion folks Trump is only correcting Biden's lies Chris stop cutting the President off needs to get his points out Give him a break Trump has worked on many things while trying to being impeached This debate is great Biden slurring his words again No Joe we know you're the lier Correct him Mr President Joe Biden 47 yrs of nothing

  • Angel M. Bouchard
    Angel M. Bouchard19 timer siden

    Ignore the polls and trolls! Vote too big to rig! Vote country over party! Vote too save democracy in America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Biden/Harris 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRACK YOUR BALLOT!

  • j b
    j b21 time siden

    How come Joe and Nancy are the only American names you here from the democrat party?

  • Jisun Mudd
    Jisun Mudd23 timer siden

    As a Korean American. I truly thought about who do I want to vote for as our next president of this beautiful country. I am a fact finder and I don't belong to any party. I do believe in action speaks louder than words. I was watching President Trump's Rally today and realized something. Why is this president working so passionately every day for this country and for the people? What is his motive? He don't need money, He sure doesn't need fame. At his age he could live a very peaceful and amazing life without this drama in his life. Why??? I came to the conclusion that the only reason is that he really loves his country and the people. I remember watching David letterman show a long time ago. He came out as a guest. Everyone wanted him to run for president. He told the reporters that he will one day if our country needed him. I can't find one motive why he is taking such an attack from all these people and media. Especially his family endures so much of attacks from everyone. In the other hand, I don't dislike Joe Biden. But I truly feel that he does not really want this position. He is not showing up to convince me why he is a great leader for a choice. Also, I don't like when someone keeps changing his position on the agenda. I can't trust someone who changes his mind all the time on what they are willing to do for this country. I feel as though action speaks louder than words. I trust the action of a person ... not just words. I like a person who delivers what they say they do. Words are cheap and has no credential without action. I feel like we need a leader like President Trump to stand up to China and North Korea dictator. President Trump is a different kind of person. He is transparent and authentic. I like that about him. No one is perfec,t but I do believe that he sincerely care for our beautiful country and fighting to keep America great. This to me is the great character of a president and in any leader. I do wish both of them a great election. May God bless us all. I hate no one. I am just a regular American citizen who is practicing freedom of expression. It's ok if anyone out there doesn't agree with me. I still respect your decision. I don't hate you. I am simply making my choice based on what I see as right for me. May you be blessed and others be blessed by you.

  • Tunir G.Lundmark
    Tunir G.LundmarkDag siden

    I just have one question is this a presidential debate or a comedy show??

  • Manuel Aguirre
    Manuel AguirreDag siden

    Trump is a known Racist Scum Bag. American Warriors Kill Nazis in WW2

  • Jake Spur
    Jake SpurDag siden

    Tump is delusional o purpose. He knows he is headed to jail and will plead insanity

  • Shazam
    ShazamDag siden

    8:08 - 8:16bro what 😂😂😂

  • Manuel Aguirre
    Manuel AguirreDag siden

    Trump has shown that he's a total lying careless disrespectful and most of all a racist scum bag he did not denounce RACIST "America is a Country of IMMIGRANTS" period American Warriors killed Nazis WW2.

  • Gman W
    Gman WDag siden

    Now I know who is responsible for the newly introduced mute button, they should call it the shit button.

  • Filter Free Radio
    Filter Free RadioDag siden

    2020 Presidential Debate Unnecessary Censorship

  • marlee glenn
    marlee glennDag siden

    'Mask good'? Trump has the brain of the hulk lol. Trump bash lol!!

  • Mohamed Nezami
    Mohamed NezamiDag siden

    If Trump losses, he can come and rule Saudi and Iraq, he would look good wearing these royal crowns and Army uniform with 100s of fake medals, like the ones now worn by Arab tyrants.

  • feelpadma
    feelpadma2 dager siden

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  • Heart Angel
    Heart Angel2 dager siden

    Unbelievable, many Americans chose this man as their president. Biden will win this election easily by getting 350 electoral votes.

  • Martin Herrera
    Martin Herrera2 dager siden

    47 years as congressman, 8 years as Vice President and ZERO accomplishments...

  • Sài Gòn
    Sài Gòn2 dager siden

    MR. TRUMP is great

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Dam lie Trump you only pay 750.00dollars Trump has got a china bank account plus Trump have paid. Over 200,000 dollars to china for taxes dumb ass Trump

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    You need to stop your dam lying low down sorry Trump

  • KajunKirk
    KajunKirk2 dager siden

    Was this seriously 3 weeks ago? Seems longer.

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Joe is protected his supporters and his self but you lying Trump you don't care about spreading the virus and your supporters don't care about their self's either

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Trump is spreading the codiv19 cause Trump is the virus spreading

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Smack lying Trump in his mouth

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Trump you think that you are so smart but you not smart you are stupid and so dumb fool

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    You is a dam lie Trump joe do know what to do but you don't Trump

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    You dam no good sorry lying ass Trump tell more lies bastard

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Put dutch tapes on lying Trump mouth then he would be quiet

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Shut the fuck up lying Trump

  • Nancy Franks
    Nancy Franks2 dager siden

    Stop talking with your dam hands lying Trump

  • Zhan Gao
    Zhan Gao2 dager siden

    Shut-up man 3: far from basement

  • Motivated Matthew
    Motivated Matthew2 dager siden

    taxes are still old school. taxes used to be used to make the king rich. taxes should be used not to pay politicians until they are filthy rich, they should be going to medical help and education and things that keep americans alive and progressing. i should also be able to pick what my taxes go to, like a checklist every year when i do them. if something goes under that taxes pay then it isnt important to americans. i dont like giving money and people do dumb shit with it or pay a corrupt politician. meanwhile, i can go to jail if im not paying them.

  • CoolDJ Carlos
    CoolDJ Carlos2 dager siden

    This debate was a disaster.

  • Noiela
    Noiela3 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣i can't 😂

  • Dennis Jiosne
    Dennis Jiosne3 dager siden

    Trump, " I'm taking my ball and going home"

  • AlmaMG MG
    AlmaMG MG3 dager siden

    Trump does not have a plan for the next 4 years, all he keeps repeating is what it is being done lasts years, which by the way most of the "good things" have been placed and set for him from the government before him. Soooo he is "saying nothing".

  • Mary Hakachaba
    Mary Hakachaba4 dager siden

    Next time please allow the V/president to go first so that he can finish his statements and last the president cause he enjoys talking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💙

  • Gênesis Macedo
    Gênesis Macedo4 dager siden

    Joe biden 😍😍

  • Jamie Craighead
    Jamie Craighead4 dager siden

    I miss Jim Lehrer

  • F Arn 27
    F Arn 274 dager siden

    F... you

  • Kathryn Glasson
    Kathryn Glasson4 dager siden

    im scared for america

  • Kathryn Glasson

    Kathryn Glasson

    4 dager siden

    also why the heck does trump blink five thousand times a second

  • KathrynPieta
    KathrynPieta4 dager siden

    Everybody needs to stop flinging dirt at each other and identify the problems and get to work on the solutions. Thank God for the mail and trucking workers all over the world keeping a primary source of items still within our reach.

  • Na Na
    Na Na4 dager siden

    Ok Zaza

  • Jana LIN
    Jana LIN4 dager siden

    *America* : The debate we all where waiting for *The rest of the world* : That is more entertaining than Netflix and every comedy show at the Same time😁

  • Kathryn Glasson

    Kathryn Glasson

    4 dager siden

    @Jana LIN 😭😭

  • Jana LIN

    Jana LIN

    4 dager siden

    @Kathryn Glasson LMAAOOOO HAHSKDKDLFLF💀😭

  • Kathryn Glasson

    Kathryn Glasson

    4 dager siden

    im american and this is the funniest crap ive seen in a while. im scared for america 😂😂😂😂

  • Edu Calil
    Edu Calil4 dager siden


  • Challenger 28

    Challenger 28

    4 dager siden


    MUSICTEACHER20124 dager siden

    Why do people wear mask? answer?

  • Hala mohamed مصرية بالغربة
    Hala mohamed مصرية بالغربة4 dager siden

    Amarcan fire

    MUSICTEACHER20124 dager siden

    Trump Vs Covid....Biden vs H1N1

  • 01gharcya rodrigues
    01gharcya rodrigues4 dager siden


  • Danny Balint
    Danny Balint4 dager siden

    This is interesting

  • Dino Danny
    Dino Danny4 dager siden


  • Holly W

    Holly W

    4 dager siden

    Where are the childrens parents????

  • Dino Danny
    Dino Danny4 dager siden

    answer Joe

  • Dino Danny
    Dino Danny4 dager siden


  • marmac
    marmac4 dager siden

    not only did, the donald, oversee the ripping away of even breast-feeding Children, from their mothers, but over a dozen of those women that were ripped away, then had their uteruses ripped out of their bodies, some of those doctors! His presidency has not only been abominable, but Highly Criminal!

  • marmac
    marmac4 dager siden

    Trump was basically telling people - man, if you would vote for me, especially for a 2nd Time - then you would vote, for ANY BODY!

  • Steven Lloyd
    Steven Lloyd4 dager siden

    Hitler was a socialist.

  • Francis Moscato
    Francis Moscato4 dager siden

    What they should do with these debates is: 1) build some plexiglass booths for each politician to stand in so everyone can see them completely. 2) Have a microphone that can be turned off by the moderator when that politician starts to talk too much like when he interrupts the other politician when he is giving his answer to a question. 3) The plexiglass booth should be sound proof and set up so he can't be heard until his mic is turned on. Enough of this rude interrupting !

  • marmac
    marmac4 dager siden

    Chump sure did make a point, especially to the so-called "swing states" like Pennsylvania, etc, that Joe wants to eliminate oil production. Nevermind that this would be very gradual if it ever fully ends... but those people could be re-trained and given first rights to all the new jobs in renewable energy. AND, they'd surely live alot longer therefrom!

  • marmac
    marmac4 dager siden

    It was revolting the way chump continued to change the subject(s)! And calling the ACA a "socialist" plan.... frankly, we already have lots of socialistic type programs - social security and medicare, to name a couple. Bottom line, affordable healthcare should be available to EVERY ONE! and, it should not be tied to Employment! He wants to end coverage for millions, during a stinking PANDEMIC!

  • marmac
    marmac4 dager siden

    Its as if Chump is daring people - that if you vote for him - you would literally vote for ANYBODY - like Hitler anyone!

  • EX Democrat Amber
    EX Democrat Amber4 dager siden

    Pres Trump and Biden did well but The 1994 Crime Bill will hurt Biden A lot and same with Obama/Biden putting Kids in Cages.. The Economy is starting to make a V shape while we are in a Pandemic Just imagine when things settle down.. Biden has had Plenty of time (ALMOST 5 DECADES) TO make a Difference but he didn't..Voting for Trump Otherwise we are in BIG Trouble...# America will turn into Venezuela 🇻🇪 Under Biden..Biden will Raise our Taxes...How else is he going to pay for the New Green deal.

  • Mark H
    Mark H4 dager siden

    And people vote for people as dumb as these two? WTF? I have zero respect for Americans, these two are almost brain dead. Way too old to be of any use.

  • PainBlame
    PainBlame4 dager siden


  • Google Assistant
    Google Assistant4 dager siden


  • Michelle Isamana
    Michelle Isamana4 dager siden

    Joe has no idea where he is

  • blackhawk2429
    blackhawk24294 dager siden

    Obama Health care failed.. Me and my wife can't afford to pay $1,000 every month.

  • Didaskalos Tellus
    Didaskalos Tellus4 dager siden

    Jeffrey Toobin said he could not be there but would be watching from home while "pulling" for Biden

  • Didaskalos Tellus
    Didaskalos Tellus4 dager siden

    Biden has memorized answers for a week now. Will he keep them in order?

  • krystalseeker 99
    krystalseeker 994 dager siden

    im only here cuz i need to do a project for my civics class...

  • David Clausen
    David Clausen5 dager siden

    Only democrat moderator's who hate Trump how BIAS !!! Why cant they have one democrat and one Republican share asking questions which would be fair ??? Because their RIGGED and these deep state tools think we don't see it !!! They should be questioning the moderator for being BIAS in the first place !!! Wallace should be disqualified for his Trump derangement syndrome !!!

  • Ronbison Rachel
    Ronbison Rachel5 dager siden

    How much taxes did you report? Joe Biden "I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line," Bobulinski said. "The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist-controlled China," he added. Bobulinksi also said that he believes that the Chinese involvement in the deal was "political or influence investment" on their part, and that "Hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese."

  • Cuba corazón
    Cuba corazón5 dager siden

    Cuban Americans for Donald Trump

  • Cuba corazón
    Cuba corazón5 dager siden

    CNN fake news

  • yeorng phach
    yeorng phach5 dager siden

    Thanks for tests me all dear

  • Luis Yael Mejia Hernandez
    Luis Yael Mejia Hernandez5 dager siden

    americans: this is horrible. rest of the world: COMEDY mexico: 0_0u

  • WorstCalamity


    4 dager siden

    I disagree. It's so sad and alarming and infuriating at the same time I can't even watch it. Definitely not comedy to me, we're too dependent on the States. Also, I don't want any country to have a shit political system and leader. Nobody deserves that. My condolences to all Americans, seriously. It's really tragic comedy at best.

  • Rubber Tire
    Rubber Tire5 dager siden

    CNN sucks assholes

  • tyler wood
    tyler wood5 dager siden

    this is when trumps poll numbers went from 42% to 40%

  • Chris Chalmers
    Chris Chalmers5 dager siden

    I don't support Trump at all what's so ever....But I do agree with him on one thing...I think schools and places should be open...I think that shutting the country down, is just a bad idea...

  • Gift Neha
    Gift Neha5 dager siden

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  • The Story So Far
    The Story So Far6 dager siden

    The president and the candidates must engage with the public and tell them what physical change there policy’s will bring to there neighbourhoods. Once a plan and policy are created for sports and parks buildings and start up business help and a time plan is given to the public then America will increase its national agenda as its good to have direction and solid change.🤘🏽🕉

  • Owen Herry
    Owen Herry6 dager siden

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  • John Snow
    John Snow6 dager siden

    why their ages are 70+s?is there no other people can lead the US?

  • Gary Conner
    Gary Conner6 dager siden

    Trump just over talked Biden during the whole debate.discusting person Trump is.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu6 dager siden

    They should’ve zapped trump every time he interrupted.

  • JAKAKA Channel
    JAKAKA Channel6 dager siden

    This would be better if there are a lot of people booing but since covid is here...

  • Bedelli
    Bedelli6 dager siden


  • umOsiris
    umOsiris6 dager siden


  • Drmicky141
    Drmicky1416 dager siden

    a President that can't and won't play by the rule says a lot about how he manages his personal affairs ie. tax

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    6 dager siden

    "Its like water if you wanna know the truth"......

  • Anon 1
    Anon 16 dager siden

    I don’t have a strong political affiliation towards either but why won’t they let Trump defend the allegations they make against him? I’m so confused?

  • Kim Wilson
    Kim Wilson7 dager siden

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  • John Bell
    John Bell7 dager siden

    I know I am biased but Joe did ace it but the bar was very low. Trump goes mental if somebody laughs at him, that was Bidens' biggest gun in his armoury. Being calm lets the bully just seem weak. Trumpski still rises to the bait if someone mentions his taxes, we now know that he is $400m in debt and still won't show his taxes. Can you think of a reason why Joe puts his tax returns online - yes, you can see them, just google it - and bankrupt tax avoider Trump just refuses, Why?

  • John Bell
    John Bell7 dager siden

    I still think that covid donnie knew he was infectious and purposefully went there to infect Joe.

  • Ng Lian chuan
    Ng Lian chuan7 dager siden


  • Ng Lian chuan
    Ng Lian chuan7 dager siden

    Live现场直播malayu用车谋杀我!这个过程叫挑战要战争!把所有malay在Europe给警告go home or die

  • Ng Lian chuan
    Ng Lian chuan7 dager siden


  • Ng Lian chuan
    Ng Lian chuan7 dager siden


  • Ng Lian chuan
    Ng Lian chuan7 dager siden

    这些吃屎the fly都是sarawakian!;很快就被自己人消灭!他们抢劫他们饭碗!