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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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  • Jeremy Christopher
    Jeremy Christopher2 dager siden

    I would have cracked up if you had tried to blow those giant chips off with a compressor 🤣

  • james case
    james case4 dager siden

    I'M FROM SPOKANE! would love to bump into Will

  • Isaac Evans
    Isaac Evans6 dager siden

    The average safety factor of the parts these guys make has to be like 15

  • Peter August
    Peter August10 dager siden

    They literally forge everything, but when they have to displace a cubic meter of steele, they rather cur it haha

  • FlyinRaptorJesus
    FlyinRaptorJesus11 dager siden

    Cant believe that 10.5" round weighs 3100 lbs

  • Real American
    Real American13 dager siden

    I’m sorry, did the scale indicate that 10.5” round stock was 3000 lbs???

  • Commissar0617
    Commissar061715 dager siden

    well, now you gotta make damascus using the shavings

  • That_Guy
    That_Guy17 dager siden

    That's an on/off rare earth magnet, not an electromagnet.

  • Sw4y
    Sw4y17 dager siden

    6:28 The amount of power this machine has is incredible

  • Truzze
    Truzze22 dager siden


  • Mr. Jones1113
    Mr. Jones111323 dager siden

    Maze balls... Good job Will!

  • Al-Ameer
    Al-Ameer24 dager siden

    i watched the whole nordvpn ad and i dont regret it 😂

  • IceDragon978
    IceDragon97824 dager siden

    The Shaper, man. Never seen anything like it.

  • Ger 13 NunYah
    Ger 13 NunYah25 dager siden

    So cool lads.

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan26 dager siden

    No wonder those dies were so heavy...

  • Corey Mac
    Corey Mac27 dager siden

    Jason has some awesome tools! I love watching old tools being refurbished.

  • Andrew Winn
    Andrew Winn27 dager siden

    can i marry will pls

  • butterzzz13
    butterzzz1327 dager siden

    Been watching this channel for around 3-4 years, and I love seeing how far it's come!

  • Josh N
    Josh N27 dager siden

    Loved that shaver machine, super cool.

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders27 dager siden

    That was an awesome machine. Going to miss you on the channel Will.

  • Bow 3
    Bow 328 dager siden

    This is so cool. Two of my favorites channels to watch.😎😆😆👍👍👍👍

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson28 dager siden

    I always LOVE the editing on these videos!

  • The_Original_Ryu
    The_Original_Ryu28 dager siden

    i would like to see y'all try to make a Damascus pattern that spells out your name, or a bar of Damascus patterns that has all the letters in the alphabet

  • Chris Winder
    Chris Winder28 dager siden

    Is there any chance i can get one of those Blued Shavings from the die cuttings they look so cool. I know its likely a slim chance. but it would be awesome. Ill pay.

  • Fierce Firefly
    Fierce Firefly28 dager siden

    please try a Damascus from shavings

  • Alan Mc Cabe
    Alan Mc Cabe28 dager siden

    Just so you know, a radius edge profile is known as a fillet, whereas an angled edge is called a chamfer. Love the videos well done guys

  • Slone
    Slone28 dager siden

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Will's shop is right next door to the one of Alec?

  • Forge20
    Forge2028 dager siden

    I know y'all have some accents, but it's CHamfers, with the CH as in CHamp, not SHAMfers with the CH as in SHAM.

  • Harmsy's Basement
    Harmsy's Basement28 dager siden

    "Amazeballs." I think Isaiah might be a sl1pg8tr fan.

  • Larry Bair
    Larry Bair28 dager siden

    You’re the fresh, young face on the Limey show. You have to stay!

  • Larry Bair
    Larry Bair28 dager siden

    You definitely can make Damascus with these shavings!

  • Tommy Paraftsis
    Tommy Paraftsis29 dager siden

    Okay but those close up slow-mo shaper cuts...🤤🤤

  • equinox project
    equinox project29 dager siden

    A slice of that round stock would make an awesome Euler's disk. Look it up.

  • Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall29 dager siden

    When will leaves is he going to start his own NOlocal channel

  • Dillon W
    Dillon W29 dager siden

    Canister Damascus from those colossal chips!

  • Phil Townes
    Phil Townes29 dager siden

    6:45 That depth of cut!

  • andrea augelletta
    andrea augelletta29 dager siden


  • Youssef Hartha
    Youssef Hartha29 dager siden

    Part 6

  • Jack Hollowell
    Jack Hollowell29 dager siden

    Will, why are traveling across multiple states during a pandemic that is only getting worse? I love you guys but you need to be aware that you are influencers and set a better example. My first ever down-vote on this channel. Convince me otherwise Will.

  • Shahow
    Shahow29 dager siden

    is the shaper heated or is that just from the friction of the cut?

  • Anonyme Person
    Anonyme Person29 dager siden

    Love to see the warrior poet society Tshirt on Will :)

  • sn0tkore
    sn0tkore29 dager siden

    Ugh, come on will, it's a fillet not a chamfer.

    BRRAAIINNSS29 dager siden

    Forbidden potato chips

  • Adam Wynn
    Adam Wynn29 dager siden

    Me when I first saw that huge motor: "Wow. @BigStackD would have a field day with that thing!"

  • Machi R
    Machi R29 dager siden

    Att Alec and Will: have you heard of annular cutters??

  • Noah Nipperus
    Noah NipperusMåned siden

    What you guys doing with them golden chips? Canister Damascus?

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel PierceMåned siden

    Those shaper chips are insane!

  • corey mccold
    corey mccoldMåned siden

    Can you guys do 1 last vs before will leaves?!?!?!

  • Gaming Fruguy
    Gaming FruguyMåned siden

    I get the use of the shaper to get the dies to their intended shape, but could they not have been cut down more to save on time on the shaper?

  • Juan Czearrough
    Juan CzearroughMåned siden

    Can I have about a half dozen of those ENORMOUS chips? I'm thinking wind chimes!

    GREEK GODSMåned siden

    love it

  • Soggy Bottom Forge / Joe
    Soggy Bottom Forge / JoeMåned siden

    Will are you going to have a NOlocal channel and continue with videos, or just on IG?

  • david kukes
    david kukesMåned siden

    Should research the patent office for how the pullies are set up or what size you require if they have any information on the machine

  • ractorc91
    ractorc91Måned siden

    Social distancing clearly doesn't mean much in America... After all, you can't catch the virus from people you know, right?

    ANDREW SARGENTMåned siden

    How long will the dies last, and are you still going to do vids with alec steele some times

  • jon Q
    jon QMåned siden

    I like that the guy who has one of the best antique bandsaw renovations I've seen is helping out with this project, seems fitting.

  • rat illecebrasque dubitantium
    rat illecebrasque dubitantiumMåned siden

    Will is such a laid back fucker compared to alec

  • darwin Mounsey
    darwin MounseyMåned siden

    Definitely the coolest machine that has been used on the channel! The shaper is amazing!

  • Bacon Bits
    Bacon BitsMåned siden

    That shaper is a badass machine

  • Pat Booth
    Pat BoothMåned siden

    I mean shaper is fun and all but wouldn't it be so much more efficient to cut or drill to remove the majority of that material first? Why would you do it all that way instead?

  • Tobias Kolb
    Tobias KolbMåned siden

    best crossover ever

  • jayhawk184
    jayhawk184Måned siden

    ddude this was awesome i did not know that was possible to shave metal like that incredible! great episode guys! this has been my favorite series so far so cool!

  • Josh Clark
    Josh ClarkMåned siden

    Just curious... how much does something like that giant piece of metal at the beginning cost?

  • strange tamer
    strange tamerMåned siden

    So odd to see metal “whittled” like soft wood 6:29

  • DIY Band
    DIY BandMåned siden

    Really appreciated 11:47

  • ww3sabiture
    ww3sabitureMåned siden

    lewistown you say lol i live here in lewistown montana small world lol

  • Robot Prophet
    Robot ProphetMåned siden

    Like a hot knife through butter.

  • steve bosson
    steve bossonMåned siden

    make wind chimes with the shavings

  • dwmsanders
    dwmsandersMåned siden

    that NordVPN ad was insane XD

  • Hate ForAll
    Hate ForAllMåned siden

    Would have loved to listen to some shaper noise!

  • Marvin Zimmermann
    Marvin ZimmermannMåned siden

    Damn shapping is just like a fast cnc machine on a porn scale😍

  • Guy Smiley
    Guy SmileyMåned siden

    Shapers are so cool. For people wondering, the reason they're not really used in production shops anymore in favor of mills is the saying "you can make anything you can imagine on a shaper... except a profit". They just take too much time compared to what you can do on a mill and labor is a giant expense these days.

  • mcjzrzk
    mcjzrzkMåned siden

    shaper chips damascus? anyone?

  • petegalvs
    petegalvsMåned siden

    Was that piece of steel really 3100 lbs??? Or did I miss a decimal place?

  • Ian frogman
    Ian frogmanMåned siden

    use them metal shavings for some crazy Damascus

  • Cody Manring
    Cody ManringMåned siden

    Thanks for those close up shots so satisfying 👌

  • Tee Simon
    Tee SimonMåned siden

    Is the shaper blade hot or is that smoke from a lot of friction? BTW...your editor/music guy and I could for sure be friggin BOYSSSSSSS. Lmao love how EVERY time there's a snare hit in a song or a bass kick, your hammer smashes something, or whatever 😂😭 timing is 👌👌👌👌

  • Zoke101
    Zoke101Måned siden

    Imagine making canister damascus from those shavings? :O

  • Albrat Gaming
    Albrat GamingMåned siden

    Cool to see that Fireball tools has the same type of shaping machine we had at my old workplace. One of the best machines for just ploughing material off a oversized chunk of material. The have a large diversity of usage as well. from just ripping material all the way to smooth surface finishes with the right cut and settings, our shaping machine could make a better finish than the surface grinder we had (on non-hardened materials. also the grinder was clapped out and worn )

  • Nomad Furry
    Nomad FurryMåned siden

    Hey Will. How about making a few knives out of all the left over metal shavings? I think that may make a awesome video.

  • ryan mills
    ryan millsMåned siden

    Shaper porn ❤️

  • Jonathan Osborne
    Jonathan OsborneMåned siden

    This video’s thumbnail gave me anxiety 😐

  • Peter August
    Peter AugustMåned siden

    For me entire Life is was like "Who would need a shaper? this is nothing but a bad version of a mill!" Now I am looking for shapers in my area on google...

  • hpcrewsmith22
    hpcrewsmith22Måned siden

    If there’s one good thing about Alec having series that are around 30 episodes and several months is that we get to keep Will longer

  • Lalitha Venkat
    Lalitha VenkatMåned siden

    Bro please send your email I wanna send you one photo about locket it is pretty good

  • DeadlyJamTart
    DeadlyJamTartMåned siden

    I'd love to see them make damascus out of those huge chips

  • JC8JRI
    JC8JRIMåned siden

    New energy, WELCOME

  • Jason Aguirre
    Jason AguirreMåned siden

    Parking-lot Hooligans...I didn't know Montana had a seedy underbelly but you dodged a bullet there Will...

  • Gehrig Bock
    Gehrig BockMåned siden

    You should try to forge the shaper shavings.

  • kosan krazy
    kosan krazyMåned siden

    Should send the chips to Peter brown

  • Dr.Cosmar
    Dr.CosmarMåned siden

    Every time I see a shaper doing work I think something is broken. My brain doesn't get it. It understands what's happening, it just doesn't accept it's happening.

  • Dylan Schmidt
    Dylan SchmidtMåned siden

    If you put fireball in the title I would've watched sooner

  • Jacob
    JacobMåned siden

    Best sponsor skit

  • TheFurriestOne
    TheFurriestOneMåned siden

    That visual bit to describe the VPN was great! XD

  • Samsonian
    SamsonianMåned siden

    Shaper: “Metal...GET OUT ME WAY!!!” Tool steel: **gulp** “okay sir.”

  • Wint3rsmith


    28 dager siden

    I read that with a Scottish accent

  • Shooters101
    Shooters101Måned siden

    Looking good guys!

  • Kim Watchman
    Kim WatchmanMåned siden

    You should of pulled off the bell ends. Use a gear puller to pull the bearings off. Rubber mallet to smack the shift to get the housings loose. Put on new bearings (heat ) to slide on easily. Reverse order to put put together. So ur motor will run practically new.

  • C R
    C RMåned siden

    I spy a Grimsmo Saga! Nice!

  • mizuki kazama
    mizuki kazamaMåned siden

    Can someone explain it to me, does “shaper” needs coolant or some sort of liquid that constantly flows or its okay to just spray cutting fluid now and then?

  • hangugeohaksaeng
    hangugeohaksaengMåned siden

    I like Will's voice over @9:20.