Ricky Gervais - HUMANITY - clip1


Ricky Gervais Live - HUMANITY - A Netflix Comedy Special
Only on Netflix - 13 March 2018


  • He1senburger
    He1senburger27 dager siden

    I almost suffocated on the last bit.

  • Ric Stix
    Ric Stix4 måneder siden

    He is brilliant. Gets funnier with age. Couldn’t sleep the other morning so ended watching Humanity at 3am. Woke the whole household I was laughing so hard

  • Florencia Ristagno Roca
    Florencia Ristagno Roca4 måneder siden

    smart, brave and funny. best standup I've ever watch. Regards from Italy

  • Xenomorph Biologist - XX121
    Xenomorph Biologist - XX1215 måneder siden

    Why can’t more people be like this guy

    JONATHAN THOMPSON6 måneder siden

    Really you sorry scumbag? You're going to scam people out of their credit card numbers to watch humanity then not let him watch it? You just got real unfunny to me!!

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall8 måneder siden

    Thank you for this, good good stuff.

  • Maurizia Burlando
    Maurizia Burlando9 måneder siden

    Greit Ricky!!!

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans11 måneder siden

    This bit is brilliant 😂

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand HanitizerÅr siden

    "it's like being mugged by mice" lmao

  • Freak-Boy
    Freak-BoyÅr siden

    I hate people too

  • BFKC
    BFKCÅr siden

    He's definitely completely verging into the "lazy fat old f*ck" genre of comedy, which is almost entirely comprised by him and Patton Oswalt, and which is characterized by tired, self-indulgent talking with a strong focus on gross bodily details. (Women usually excel at the latter, however that is another topic and baffling in and of itself.)

  • You Poyou
    You PoyouÅr siden

    Ricky... Watching your Humanity show on Netflix actually hurting me physically. How!? you might ask. I'm at home recovering after a hernia surgery on my abdominal muscles, so it hurts a lot as soon as I start laughing. My favorite part starts 26 minutes in, from the "Three reasons why I don't want to get my own kids" routine, reason number three! You even start laughing a little yourself when you are visualizing how funny your acting must be looking for the audience, haha. Brilliant! Watched it over and over again. It's worth the pain. :D Greetings from Sweden

  • Sergio Yeyo
    Sergio YeyoÅr siden

    Exactly what i’m thinking when a friend shows me a picture or video of their kids doing something trivial as if they discovered a cancer cure.

  • MarieCarro
    MarieCarroÅr siden

    I have never related as much to Ricky as I do in this very clip! I don't even like children, yet people still show me pictures

  • The Tube
    The TubeÅr siden

    Sorry to inform you. This show was recorded in front of an empty auditorium and canned laughter was added later. Takes away the fun does it not?

  • Orfa iarumas
    Orfa iarumasÅr siden

    Just saw this, just opened up a Twitter account, and I'm going to ruffle a few feathers on it. If Any of you PC/SJW extremest are looking for a reason to get offended come find me at "suckaphatwun" boy am I going to have a lot of fun bending you over and ramming it up dry.

  • Xeno-Life
    Xeno-LifeÅr siden

    Ricky gives me hope to mankind when I see him ! Then I go out ...

  • Nico Torino
    Nico TorinoÅr siden

    Poor dog, being beaten and skinned alive. Well, at least it wasn't raped.

  • Just Ari
    Just Ari2 år siden

    Seen on netflix yesterday: F-E-N-O-M-E-N-O (phenomenal)! Kisses from Rome.

  • Joe Smoke
    Joe Smoke2 år siden

    Is he funny..?.. not when you see through him

  • MadeinPortugal
    MadeinPortugal2 år siden

    asshole, why you post as full show and then only show small clips?

  • Emmanuel Rosas
    Emmanuel Rosas2 år siden


  • Arc Kocsog
    Arc Kocsog2 år siden

    George Carlin had similar parts in his sketchs about "people who ought to be killed".

  • Jarod Gordon

    Jarod Gordon

    År siden

    Arc Kocsog and also in "Child Worship".

  • Isabel Bell
    Isabel Bell2 år siden


  • Dhritiman Sen
    Dhritiman Sen2 år siden

    the KING is BACK

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen2 år siden

    It is probably the best I have ever seen from a stand up comedian. The Caitlin Jenner roast was by far the best roast I have ever seen. The rest was so smooth and every second perfect. I genuinely love Ricky. He is the opposite of down to earth because he is aware and down to earth people can be cunts. Acting like they aren't richer than the entire audience combined.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle2 år siden

    Watching Humanity yesterday reminded me how great a stand-up comedian Louis CK is.

  • Nature, Creativity, Humanity
    Nature, Creativity, Humanity2 år siden

    Great stuff

  • Scott Geoffrey
    Scott Geoffrey2 år siden

    The only bit I didn't like was his anti Brexit joke, he seems to forget over half of his audience voted to leave lol

  • heee1000
    heee10002 år siden

    1:03 😂

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK2 år siden

    Watched this ,heard it all before ,used to funny once...rinse and repeat

  • Niki Wonoto
    Niki Wonoto2 år siden

    it's really sad of how even most of the people commenting here still don't get it (oblivious), nor understand that this is not just simply a mere only joke or stand-up comedy; but more importantly, Ricky is actually telling the deeper truth & reality that sadly only very FEW smart (& real brutally honest) people will understand & admit everything that he said.

  • George Jensen

    George Jensen

    2 år siden

    He thinks that you need to be intelligent to understand it because his standard for intelligence is very low. He doesn't understand that not everyone is as thick as him, his family and/or mates.

  • russellpushon


    2 år siden

    did sound propa 'emperor's new clothes'ish when i read it though

  • russellpushon


    2 år siden

    although to be fair i re-read your comment and your referred to the people commenting on this video not his fans in general

  • russellpushon


    2 år siden

    its pretentious because its suggests your part of some special elite that truly understands the underlying points and relevant contexts of his stand up when a lot of his fans actually do

  • James Allen

    James Allen

    2 år siden

    Yes, I understood the joke.

  • jootai
    jootai2 år siden

    Very disapointed with the Humanity special 80% of the show was repeated in talkshows.. Conan, Fallon and so on..

  • Odd Lojik

    Odd Lojik

    2 år siden

    Where, pray tell, to do you think we practice our jokes? Wanker.

  • russellpushon


    2 år siden

    its all new to me cos im english and only hunt out those programs when norm macdonalds on them, but im with you. i fuckin hate comics rinsing all their stand up material promoting it. your a fuckin comic! wing it on the chat shows so your not repeating yourself, its lazy as shit

  • vitalic
    vitalic2 år siden


  • Koen G
    Koen G2 år siden

    Head like a FUCKING orange

  • Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly2 år siden

    looks worth downloading.im sure netflix have already paid you.

  • David J Thomson
    David J Thomson2 år siden

    I'm watching the special right now, but why in the heck is the audience blacked out, if there's even an audience there?

  • Rudy Farr-Leander
    Rudy Farr-Leander2 år siden

    Robots are the future!! nolocal.info/have/video/pWarmZmgnIxqrZ4

  • StrayGamer
    StrayGamer2 år siden

    Fuck sakes... now i have to subscribe to netflix because i have to see this!

  • Prehistorik Caveman
    Prehistorik Caveman2 år siden


  • Sonny Cee Playlist
    Sonny Cee Playlist2 år siden


  • Marko San
    Marko San2 år siden

    my unlce is the 3rd one, he always look at other people children photos waaaaay too long its creeping me out

  • Kiki
    Kiki2 år siden

    I FUCKEN DIED LAUGHING!!!!! The whole thing is so funny!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kasia
    Kasia2 år siden

    this man is a genius

  • Kskskdjdjd Jfjfjf
    Kskskdjdjd Jfjfjf2 år siden

    Ricky Gervais is the bomb 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown2 år siden

    I detected a joke in poor taste, the army are on their way!

  • Ding Bat
    Ding Bat2 år siden

    awesome show

  • Jordan Vail
    Jordan Vail2 år siden

    Not saying this is bad but that laughter is really sweetened

  • Krentist the Dentist
    Krentist the Dentist2 år siden

    The joke I did the most laughing at was the analogy he used where he says 'thats like walking into a town square, seeing a notice on a notice board for guitar lessons and then saying BUT I DON'T FUCKIN WANT GUITAR LESSONS'.

  • DoctorMeatDic
    DoctorMeatDic2 år siden

    Well that was piss poor. He hasn't been funny for ten years now.

  • vitalic


    2 år siden

    your opinion is wrong

  • David Davesby

    David Davesby

    2 år siden

    DoctorMeatDic you’ve reported your mother for harassment?

  • DoctorMeatDic


    2 år siden

    reported harassment

  • David Davesby

    David Davesby

    2 år siden

    that's a horrible thing to say about your mother

  • DoctorMeatDic


    2 år siden


  • Ed Pedal
    Ed Pedal2 år siden

    This is the clip I wanted to send to my friend!...

  • mak11t
    mak11t2 år siden

    For anyone whose seen the rest of this on Netflix “Ah, ah wake up.......oh.........DEAD! What a fucking waste of time”

  • WrathOfWarZ


    2 år siden

    This bit had me laughing so much. *drops* *kicks* lmfao

  • Sidhaant Verma

    Sidhaant Verma

    2 år siden

    I cried and laughed at the same time.

  • Jack Colby

    Jack Colby

    2 år siden

    Best part for me.

  • Jimmy Watson
    Jimmy Watson2 år siden

    Gutted, he spent five minutes on the baby joke when I saw him in Bournemouth and it was only 20 seconds on Netflix. Definitely cut :-(

  • Mark M. Smeltzer
    Mark M. Smeltzer2 år siden

    An awesome stand up... worth the 7 year wait for sure!! #GervaisMoreOften

  • waxpants
    waxpants2 år siden


  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee2 år siden

    I wanted to go to the San Francisco venue but the CHEAPEST seats were $100, which is RIDICULOUS and ASININE. (and more than a little bit SAD) But that's why he's worth $90 million. So it's Netflix for me, as usual, and everyone else who can't afford to spend a few hundred dollars+ on ONE night's entertainment.

  • Ivo Poblete
    Ivo Poblete2 år siden

    Has anyone noticed that Ricky's Office is being taking away from Netflix two days from today, the 13th?!

  • MikeT
    MikeT2 år siden

    Love his visuals, that bit where he discards the body that doesn't match the photo, great touch

  • DLJ


    År siden

    I never noticed that on Netflix!

  • Boris Müller

    Boris Müller

    2 år siden

    MikeT he’s always been good at those little touches. Like when he played an elephant in Animals.

  • Lucas Boyd
    Lucas Boyd2 år siden

    Funny, funny, funny

  • music is good
    music is good2 år siden

    Loved it. This kind of comedy keeps people grounded.

  • theforsaken


    5 måneder siden

    The Tube no it’s not I was there during recording. You don’t even know do you lol.

  • The Tube

    The Tube

    År siden

    It's fake comedy! The laughter is pure canned. Can you not recognise it?

  • Akhil Raj
    Akhil Raj2 år siden

    Hehe ...mans a genius ....

  • Jan Slovioček
    Jan Slovioček2 år siden

    He better start coming up with Standup specials every year!

  • tonyspoetry
    tonyspoetry2 år siden

    Can’t wait for this.

  • Krzyzstof Polecat
    Krzyzstof Polecat2 år siden

    Funny but if he were talking about puppies I'm pretty sure he'd be a bit more earnest about it

  • theawecabinet
    theawecabinet2 år siden

    I do this. Do you do this as well? Yes. You know that thing, do you do that thing as well? YES You know when this thing happens, do you feel like that as well? For fuck's sake YES Ricky. Observational comedy.

  • the great pineapple
    the great pineapple2 år siden


  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression2 år siden

    "Only on Netflix" And torrent sites 😉

  • Nott A Problem UK
    Nott A Problem UK2 år siden

    All the people on here saying he stole this from Karl Pilkington are delusional. None of what he says here in terms of the structure of the joke, the wording, delivery etc remotely resembles anything Karl ever said - the similarity starts and ends with the fact they both don’t like looking at photos of kids. Who does? It’s like saying that because Gervais once did some jokes about religion, any comedian that ever jokes about religion in the future will automatically be ripping him off, regardless of the joke. It makes no sense!

  • ISetYourFaceOnFire


    År siden

    @Jimmy McCallum And merchant...people always fucking forget steve.

  • Miscellaneous


    År siden

    McLovin What a load of bullshit... Similar concepts of comedy do not constitute as “stolen” Otherwise, majority of what comedians say are not original and are all rehashed...

  • S Zhou

    S Zhou

    År siden

    yes also I'm sure ricky owns the intellectual property of everything karl pilkington said

  • Nott A Problem UK

    Nott A Problem UK

    År siden

    GBHanny8 I’ve listened to all the old XFM shows. Multiple times. This routine wasn’t stolen.

  • Paddy .Cook

    Paddy .Cook

    2 år siden

    @FifeHanny I know what you mean, I started listening to the old xfm shows a few years ago, and was amazed at how much I recognised from his stand-up. Some bits, like the 'goats for Africans donation' were more or less verbatim KP observations, and others, such as 'Humpty Dumpty' were based on conversations where either Steve or Karl contributed a large proportion of the funny lines. It wouldn't be so bad if he credited them with providing material, but he seems to have gone in completely the opposite direction. At his talk at the Oxford Union, he referred to "when *I* wrote 'The Office'", effectively removing Smerch from consideration.

  • Soviet Cosmonaut
    Soviet Cosmonaut2 år siden

    Release date?

  • mrlozmoore


    2 år siden

    my birthday, the 13th March ;-)

  • ArcanePath360
    ArcanePath3602 år siden

    Best thing to do to stop people showing you their kid photos: Just look and say "Can I get a copy of that"? They won't show you any more.

  • Orfa iarumas

    Orfa iarumas

    År siden

    Ooo!!! Can I get a copy of that, you know for later so I can have a wank.

  • Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers

    År siden

    @Pete g given its don3 just for joke and no harm.

  • Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers

    År siden

    @Pete g holy shit thats funny. I just imagined a person doing this and the look of the person showing the picture. Gosh how funny is that.

  • Pete g

    Pete g

    År siden

    @Boris Müller or just lick your lips

  • Pete g

    Pete g

    År siden


  • Hello hello hello !!!!
    Hello hello hello !!!!2 år siden

    Head like a fucking orange!!

  • WeirdCity
    WeirdCity2 år siden

    Should have called it society (you've cornered yourself in). What's the next one "Space".

  • Mythagoras
    Mythagoras2 år siden

    He looks a bit older than he did in his last stand up special back in 2010

  • Vicki Orr

    Vicki Orr

    2 år siden

    What a stupid thing to say.

  • Menty


    2 år siden

    How will we ever get to the bottom of this mystery?

  • expressrobkill


    2 år siden

    Are you somehow unaffected by time, like some kind of god.

  • Sam P

    Sam P

    2 år siden

    morecrows gta thats because hes 8 years older? thats how the ageing process works.

  • Raymond Comeaux
    Raymond Comeaux2 år siden

    Cannot express how FUCKING HAPPY I am for this!!

  • Clinical
    Clinical2 år siden

    She's f-ing beautiful😂😂😂

  • Katie -
    Katie -2 år siden

    Ooooooh! On Netflix! Yay!

  • greimalkin
    greimalkin2 år siden

    I like kids

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee2 år siden

    Same old stolen material from his mates.

  • WollongongWacko


    2 år siden

    So if you've seen the whole thing yet, Steven Lee's point is spot on.

  • TheDGAF06


    2 år siden

    +WollongongWacko haha, put him in a wheelie bin and went to Blackpool.

  • WollongongWacko


    2 år siden

    Call me dicky anders farting for five minutes in a wheelie bin, but I agree.

  • steed


    2 år siden

    you're an idiot. play record

  • manchester is red
    manchester is red2 år siden


  • etocadet
    etocadet2 år siden

    Ricky “I love socialism but I hate my entitled family” gervais.

  • SuettiJimi
    SuettiJimi2 år siden

    I hated you, but then I loved you. It's only been 2:04.

  • Antoni Czujwid
    Antoni Czujwid2 år siden

    How good is he

  • Kailash
    Kailash2 år siden

    Funny because it's true😅

  • Salem
    Salem2 år siden

    Show me if she goes missing lol

  • akAsha6E6D


    2 år siden

    had me on the floor...

  • Simon Simon
    Simon Simon2 år siden

    Great Stand ! Thank you.

  • Jordan
    Jordan2 år siden

    Lol @ when it goes on too long.

  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas2 år siden

    This is great.

  • andpand99
    andpand992 år siden

    Saw this in london, his best yet, top form right through.

  • expressrobkill


    2 år siden

    yea saw in newcastle, it was just so funny.i was just happy to see him live for the first time but it was great.

  • WollongongWacko


    2 år siden

    andpand99 is it true that Steve and Karl were whispering their old material from behind the curtain? Jk, thats awesome.

  • Fabio Alves Show
    Fabio Alves Show2 år siden

    I love this guy

  • Carluuchio
    Carluuchio2 år siden

    :D whoop!

  • William Gleed
    William Gleed2 år siden

    Amazing 😂😂😂

  • Dan K Reed
    Dan K Reed2 år siden


  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko2 år siden

    Stealing from karl, *and steve, good work dude. I'm twenty two minutes in, and every bit so far, is material from their xfm show. I finished, its just xfm jokes (nme, bbc2, podcasts), I feel vindicated.

  • Padda Badda Bing

    Padda Badda Bing

    År siden

    Not even just this specific bit though, he has used so much Karl material, even in his newest show after life

  • Superintendent Chalmers

    Superintendent Chalmers

    2 år siden

    Hey hey hey... Don't be mean to Wollongong here... Ricky's comedy bits are inspired from internet retards of this magnitude.

  • russellpushon


    2 år siden

    you cant steal karl's joke if karl wasn't joking

  • Liberté Egalité Fraternité

    Liberté Egalité Fraternité

    2 år siden

    Every comic ever.

  • David Sutton

    David Sutton

    2 år siden

    Isn't that how comedy is developed? Someone saying they don't like looking at their sisters kids is not especially funny. That's the bit Gervais added. All you are saying is that he developed comedy from a situation that was not inherently comical. that is what is called being a comedian. I'm puzzled you struggle so much with very basic concepts.

  • halfhigh
    halfhigh2 år siden

    mugged by mice, hahah

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh2 år siden