Ricky Gervais Humanity Official Trailer HD Netflix


Ricky Gervais Live - HUMANITY - A Netflix Comedy Special
Only on Netflix - 13 March 2018


  • Truth not opinion
    Truth not opinionÅr siden

    You know Europe is in trouble when Ricky Gervais starts virtue signalling, never did I see that coming. Standard capitulation like so many of his ilk! Oh well never mind, I'm off to drink some bleach!

  • Rudy Farr-Leander
    Rudy Farr-Leander2 år siden

    Robots are the future!! nolocal.info/have/video/pWarmZmgnIxqrZ4

  • Kurtis & Stuff
    Kurtis & Stuff2 år siden

    Saw this show live in Chicago, I loved it!!! Can't wait to see it on the TV!

  • ijansz
    ijansz2 år siden

    They were found within the same distance

  • Flumpf Telly
    Flumpf Telly2 år siden

    they float about blind stinging people in seas and no-one eats jellyfish with chips and mushy peas

  • doqille
    doqille2 år siden

    how many millions he got for this again? 20? 40?

  • Jordan
    Jordan2 år siden

    Why's the lighting so poor? Oh well. Been waiting for thisss.

  • AbnegationistExpress
    AbnegationistExpress2 år siden

    Yes get in!!!! Can't wait!!

  • Drosha
    Drosha2 år siden


  • Malcolm Powder
    Malcolm Powder2 år siden

    Whether it's a potato or a nut...it's a foodage.

  • MaximRausVC
    MaximRausVC2 år siden

    Ricky Gervais, the best comedian alive, it's sad Karl Pilkington never showed up in his show. Ricky is famous for the office and extras but after that it's karl. so where the fuck is karl?

  • Ben Ovenden
    Ben Ovenden2 år siden

    A Jamacia fella was swinging a fish round his head

  • Mr Blue Sky

    Mr Blue Sky

    2 år siden

    Ben Ovenden Da Trout Spinners

  • Robert Gettings
    Robert Gettings2 år siden

    Saw this in Leeds. Taking the piss out of Bruce Jenner for 20 minutes. Brilliant. My sides hurt when i left the place.

  • jamiewkfarrell
    jamiewkfarrell2 år siden

    Go back to podcasting.

  • Alexander Meyer
    Alexander Meyer2 år siden

    Saw the show live, it was great!

  • Miguel Mitchell Da Silva
    Miguel Mitchell Da Silva2 år siden


  • clarkenecro
    clarkenecro2 år siden

    Is It coming on Netflix Latinoamérica?

  • GhastlyCretin85
    GhastlyCretin852 år siden

    It would be spiteful to put a jellyfish in a trifle.

  • David S
    David S2 år siden

    Is it including UK

  • PogieJoe
    PogieJoe2 år siden

    Definitely gonna give it a watch!

  • Smurfy
    Smurfy2 år siden

    Yes yes yes yes

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    Anyone know if this is better than Science? Which was basically a one man XFM show with Ricky passing off Karl's thoughts as his own...? For the record I'm a huge Gervais fan, I'm not hating, I'm criticising the Science show... Also this is pretty much the comment I wrote before which got deleted.

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    2 år siden

    Well Gervais has got a fuck of a lot to live up to with this show. He's said feck knows how many times on his podcast that his first 4 shows were shit and this is the best and he finally feels like a proper stand up, so if this isn't 5 stars then he's gonna piss a lot of people off!!! Including me! Also I liked the first 3 shows so I find it a bit fucking cheeky him calling them shite and basically saying he wasn't giving it his all after I spent good money on buying them. Science I watched at at a friends and did NOT buy the fucking DVD, I just listened to the old XFM shows instead. Much more enjoyable!

  • mikewozere


    2 år siden

    I went to watch Science live and can confirm it was shit. Loved Fame though, so it's good to see he's reusing the opening of that show here.

  • Marc James
    Marc James2 år siden

    Glad this is coming to Netflix, when I watched him in Plymouth I was pissed and can't remember the show. 😂

  • Johnny Threefour
    Johnny Threefour2 år siden

    Pretending to be an arrogant out-of-touch star... and atheism. Never heard Ricky talk about those things before.

  • Zvonimir Leljak
    Zvonimir Leljak2 år siden

    I was in Texas the other week, I fell over and landed on my knees in a puddle.

  • Ben Ovenden

    Ben Ovenden

    2 år siden

    Wetknee houston

  • Mark Fitzgerald
    Mark Fitzgerald2 år siden

    Looks like all the other stuff (had to amend wouldn’t let me swear?)

  • Mark Fitzgerald
    Mark Fitzgerald2 år siden

    Looks like all the other shit

    JACK36AFC2 år siden

    Can’t wait for this

  • Doopy Doody
    Doopy Doody2 år siden

    Will Karl be there?

  • IDKFA Gaming
    IDKFA Gaming2 år siden

    simple if you love ricky and his stand up then youll love this. If you don't you won't. yes his humour and jokes follow the same vein as the rest of his comedy but I've seen humanity live and it's what makes him stand out from other comedians.

  • The Hopper Family Vlog!
    The Hopper Family Vlog!2 år siden

    This Guy is on FIRE!!!!! Got me pumped this morning, looking forward to drinking some wine and unwinding with his funny jokes on Netflix!! THANKS FOR THIS!!!🙏🙏🙏

  • Super Hans ✅
    Super Hans ✅2 år siden

    Yes and to pay for it they are removing The Office and Extras from Netflix, at least from the UK Netflix on the 30th of March.

  • Josh


    2 år siden

    NOOOOOOOO - I wanted to rewatch Extras

  • gilly
    gilly2 år siden

    It was average. Probably his best yet though.

  • Lucas Maximus

    Lucas Maximus

    2 år siden

    Totally disagree, Animals and Politics were both brilliant and frequently hilarious. Humanity was better than Science and maybe Fame. Joint 3rd best imo.

  • Dan Green
    Dan Green2 år siden

    I could eat a nob at night.

  • Elcustard


    2 år siden

    Why are them Jamaican men swinging fish around their head? (DS)

  • Elcustard


    2 år siden

    Noones talking about the fella whose skull fell out...



    2 år siden

    What does your cat do? Nothing. Stick mops on the end of its feet, now its helping out around the house

  • Mithereal


    2 år siden

    I reckon we'll blend... all our food

  • Bongo Fury

    Bongo Fury

    2 år siden

    I was still using my eyes even though I had them shut.

  • WholesomeAlexx
    WholesomeAlexx2 år siden

    Glad I renewed Netflix.

  • Guksack
    Guksack2 år siden

    I feel like we’ve seen these jokes before. I hope there’s more to this show.

  • CANNIBoy


    2 år siden

    These are his usual opening gambits. Simply setting the tone of the show. I’m sure there will be a laugh here and there throughout the gig.

  • Tom0


    2 år siden

    Guksack yeah seems they only included the banter he does at the start of his shows, not the best trailer

  • ArcanePath360


    2 år siden

    James' Karting Videos Thanks for the info

  • James Thresh

    James Thresh

    2 år siden

    Guksack I went to the show in Leeds, I'd heard the intro stuff that you see in the trailer before but it was different from then on 👍

  • etocadet
    etocadet2 år siden

    Joe Rogans “Triggered” is better. So is his podcast. I say that as an XFM fan of Ricky’s show.

  • moodini99


    2 år siden

    No, it isn't. Rogan is shit

  • Danny Stevens
    Danny Stevens2 år siden

    Or you could just watch it on NOlocal for free

  • ObviousToday
    ObviousToday2 år siden

    друзья забахайте субтитры к этому стендапу!

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze2 år siden

    Can’t wait for this one.

  • Bazza Von Kleist
    Bazza Von Kleist2 år siden

    If it's all about arse, why don't gays like a bit of tit?

  • Elcustard


    2 år siden

    The Australian picks two blokes. What’s the answer?

  • Dan Green

    Dan Green

    2 år siden

    ExploringwithDan Urbex man moth?

  • Dan Green

    Dan Green

    2 år siden

    ExploringwithDan Urbex this time last night I was packing socks Rita

  • Danny Stevens

    Danny Stevens

    2 år siden

    trixapete No

  • Danny Stevens

    Danny Stevens

    2 år siden

    Dan Green Wtf are you on about?

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez2 år siden

    Looking forward to it!

  • Terrence Smith
    Terrence Smith2 år siden

    Do you like the gays?

  • Jason
    Jason2 år siden


  • William Bodie
    William Bodie2 år siden

    Looks like more of the same😣

  • Yoona's Husband

    Yoona's Husband

    2 år siden

    I'm struggling to see the issue with that?

  • Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson

    2 år siden

    What is meant by this comment? Each comedian has a style (a voice). Of course it's more of the same.

  • moodini99


    2 år siden

    It sure does - which is a great thing. Can't wait

  • Ozghicman
    Ozghicman2 år siden

    So you're removing comments now?

  • J Murphy

    J Murphy

    2 år siden

    He doesn't do it himself you weapons

  • Tom0


    2 år siden

    The Kruxed lmao yeah hes a millionaire dont think hes sitting deleting comments

  • Jacob Anderson

    Jacob Anderson

    2 år siden

    Who are you talking to? Obviously Ricky has little to nothing to do with this NOlocal channel hahaha

  • bonnie43uk


    2 år siden

    heh, that was my first thought, I'm sure he's got a team to do that for him.

  • The Kruxed

    The Kruxed

    2 år siden

    If you really think Gervais is sittting at home editing and uploading videos to this account and deleting comments then I've some news for you.

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC2 år siden

    Lol asif my comment got removed! Didn't think you were into censorship ricky!!

  • Fingaz MC

    Fingaz MC

    2 år siden

    Well I've repeated the comment now. Shame as originally it was like THIRD, lol... I reckon he has something to do with the account, probably not in the same way that we do with our accounts but approving content etc. Especially when all the Learn guitar videos were going up, as well as back in the EARLY days of the channel.

  • moodini99


    2 år siden

    Ricky? Yeah, like he administers this video. You mean Netflix admin staff.

  • Josh


    2 år siden

    I doubt he personally logs in to his youtube account and does anything with it

  • BuFufilms


    2 år siden

    They reuploaded the video.

  • Ozghicman


    2 år siden

    Fingaz Mc mine too

  • MilkNoSugar
    MilkNoSugar2 år siden

    My numero uno Dream Dinner Party Guest. Him and his lovely partner, Jane (who also happens to be one of my favourite authors!)

  • Lucas Stoten
    Lucas Stoten2 år siden

    Saw this live in Toronto with my mum, and it was fucking hilarious!

  • Jake Twigden
    Jake Twigden2 år siden

    cant wait

  • The Man With No Name
    The Man With No Name2 år siden

    Is he a genius or bloke with hair

  • scampers
    scampers2 år siden

    if it was right the first time, it want meant to b right

  • Stacey Phelan
    Stacey Phelan2 år siden

    I want to watch it now!!! Your a genius Ricky 💋

  • Johnny Kilroy

    Johnny Kilroy

    2 år siden

    They're you go.

  • Elliot Bridgewater

    Elliot Bridgewater

    2 år siden